His Sweet Slave Pt. 1


This is so wrong but it feels so right. Sitting on my boss’ chair with my legs spread apart, my skirt hiked up, and my black panties pushed aside as I glide my middle finger across my slick labia shouldn’t’ be happening right now. I’m clutching onto the suit jacket he left behind, bringing the custom tailored blazer to my nose and inhaling deeply, which only deepens my lust for him. There are a lot of handsome men at the firm, but Laurence, the attorney that I assist, is by the far most attractive one to me. Not because of his inviting facial features or fit body, but because of his warm, gentle eyes and good aura.It’s been over an hour since he left the office and even though I’m supposed to be sorting through his documents, arranging them by client, I’ve found myself heavily distracted by the thought of him ravaging me. Using me. Owning me with his mind and body. Surrendering to his beautiful green eyes that possess me every time he gazes at me. And when he says my name in his intoxicating, masculine voice…I swear my nipples get so hard and my womb throbs for him.“I wish you could come inside of me, Laurence,” I moan out loud as I finger myself harder. “I need to feel your hot seed deep inside of me. Use me as your little whore.”“It would be my pleasure to do that.”I stop touching myself and my entire body freezes upon hearing Laurence’s voice. This can’t be happening, I think to myself as adrenaline and fear surge within my body, rendering me immobile. I hear his footsteps approaching me, his leather shoes clicking against the tile floor, and I swear that I’m about to have a panic attack. Until he stands right in front of me and stares directly into my eyes, his soul penetrating my own.“I’m so sorry, sir,” I gush out as I quickly stand up, my face flushed from nervousness. “I shouldn’t have been here. This is wrong. So wrong.”He continues to stare at me; I can feel his potent gaze flickering up and down my scantily clad body, and I’m not sure whether I should feel embarrassed or aroused. Until he takes a step forward so that there’s only a few inches separating us, making me gasp. His close proximity to me is making my chest clench with relentless desire. But when he brings his mouth to my right ear I and feel his hot breath tickle my earlobe, I gasp and shudder.“You don’t want just any random man’s cum inside of you. You want mine specifically. Correct?”I am shaking all over in complete disbelief and arousal, but I manage to nod. “Yes. That is correct, sir.”“Well then,” he whispers into my ear, his delicious voice sending more heat to my core. “Here is what we are going to do. Tomorrow you’re going to the clinic to get tested. I will do the same. We’ll wait for the results. If they’re both negative, and if you are on birth control, I will make you my little creampie whore. I’ll give you all the cum you want. I’m a heavy cummer too, so you’ll feel every drop of my warm seed inside of your tight little pussy. Does that sound good?”I literally sway from his words and moan. “Yes, sir.”“Good girl,” he says gently. “Tomorrow I want you to look good for me. I see the way you hide your beautiful body underneath all that armor. Ignore the other men that stare at you. They won’t do anything to you.”I gulp, loving the way he is taking control of me but in a respectful and gentle manner. “Yes, sir. I will.”“And keep calling me sir. I will reward you very nicely for that.” He takes a couple of steps back and smirks. “We shall discuss your limits tomorrow. But for now, I want you to go home and get some rest. It’s late. Everyone has gone home. I want my fellow colleagues buzzing about you when you come to work tomorrow.”“I won’t disappoint you, sir.”He grins. “Good girl. I knew you were a good girl all along. Now go get some rest, baby doll.”**I do as I’m told. Until now, I’ve always worn loose blouses with no hint of cleavage, loose business pants and appropriate flats. Minimal make up to attract less attention. Today, though, I’ve opted for the sexy secretary look. I’ve let down my long, wavy auburn hair, which is usually tied up in a ponytail; the wavy, rich strands cascade down to the middle of my back, making me feel so feminine. I’ve put in my contacts and put on more makeup than usual for work, which highlights my ocean blue eyes, high cheekbones and inviting, soft lips. I would have never thought of using this glittery black eye shadow to work before last night, but I want to make Laurence proud. That’s why I decided on my ruby red lipstick as well. Along with my low cut blouse that shows off my cleavage thanks to my Victoria’s Secret push up bra, I look like a little librarian nymph, perhaps. And the short pencil skirt with sheer black stockings and garter belts add the perfect touch to my revamped look.Because of my new appearance, I decide to get to the office earlier than everyone else to avoid the stares of disbelief and surprise. When I get out of the elevator and into the office’s suite, beylikdüzü escort I notice light spilling from the end of the hallway from a door that is ajar. I hear the fast, superhuman typing and I know that it’s Laurence. The man gets little sleep and works like a machine. He does it to support his kids, though. After he separated from his ex-wife, he started focusing on his work more. Still, even when he is arduously reading a document or speaking with clients on the phone, I can feel the sadness and disappointment hanging heavily on him. It makes me want to hold him and kiss his handsome face all over.But I can’t do that, even now. I will just be his sweet escape. Just like hardworking people go on trips to the Caribbean or Mexico to escape the mundane repetitions of their lives, Laurence will be using my body as his personal escape. His form of vacation. Away from the thoughts of his looming divorce, two toddlers that depend on him, and the constant demands of his job. And that is okay. Because that is exactly what I want, too. To give him that escape and distraction.The typing stops as I make my way down the long hallway, my high heels clicking against the tiled floor. I know he sensed me before I even got out of the elevator. Laurence is extremely intuitive. It’s part of the reason why he’s such an amazing attorney. He listens to his gut, his intuition, even when others have told him that he is gravely mistaken, and he always ends up being right. Just thinking about his beautiful, intense eyes centered on me as I approach his spacious office is enough to make me shiver. But I take a deep breath before I finally reach his door that is slightly ajar and open it before entering his workspace. I feel my throat constrict before I force myself to meet his gaze, which I can already feel on me, and when I do, I find myself aching internally at the emotions dancing on his handsome face: surprise, pride, and primal desire all rolled into one.“Good morning, sir,” I whisper meekly. “I hope it’s okay that I arrived a little earlier. I didn’t want people gawking at me. Well, unless it’s you, of course.”When he doesn’t say anything, I start to panic. Maybe he is deciding that he doesn’t like my outfit or that he is no longer attracted to me? But then I see his lips part and the undeniable lust palpitating from him and it takes everything in me to not rush over to him and beg him to ravage me, use me in any way that he wishes.“Come here, Ruby,” he gently whispers.I quickly do as I’m told. Again, if another man were trying to boss me around like this, I’d tell him to fuck off, hard. But with Laurence, it feels so right. I love it. I feel enthralled, empowered. Even though he is the one I am obeying.Once I am by his side behind the desk, I struggle to remain still, since he is gazing at me so intently. His gaze roams my body, but he is mostly staring at my eyes. He seems mesmerized by them. Held captive. He rolls back his Italian leather chair and when I see the large bulge straining against his beautiful black bespoke suit, I feel as if I’m about to faint.“Come sit on my lap, sweet girl,” he says. “Face me and straddle me.”I feel like I’m about to implode from lust. I carefully straddle him on the chair, though, and when my panties touch his crotch, I shiver and moan sharply. I set my hands on the chair for balance and when he places his large, beautiful hands on my supple hips, I gasp. I can’t believe that this beautiful, kind man that I’ve lusted over for so long is touching me, staring at me avidly as if I’m the most beautiful woman on Earth…“Look into my eyes,” he whispers.I do as I’m told. His breathing turns a little ragged and his grip on my hips intensifies as I feel his hard cock twitch underneath my black satin underwear. Despite my supple cleavage on display before him, he doesn’t take his gaze away from my aquamarine eyes.“You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen,” he whispers. “From now, you’re not allowed to wear glasses. Understood?”“Yes, sir,” I hastily say.“Good girl. I wish we didn’t have to wait for our results. I’d fuck you all day in here, filling up your little cunt with my warm seed. I’d make you my little cum slut, my little secret whore. Does that turn you on, hearing me say those words?”I shiver violently and gulp. “God, yes it does, sir. I love it when you talk to me like that.”“You will love my cum. I don’t mean to sound cocky, but it’s true. I am mostly on a vegan diet. I consume a lot of fruits and vegetables. Rarely any meat or dairy. A man’s diet affects the way his cum tastes. Did you know that, my sweet girl?”I shake my head. “No. But I can’t wait to be your little cum guzzling whore.”He growls and lowers his hands to my ass, which has gotten nice and firm from the daily jogging that I’ve been doing. “You want to swallow my cum, too? Feel it gush down your throat and become a part of you?”I can’t help it; I bring my mouth to beylikdüzü escort bayan his left ear and whisper, “Yes. Hopefully you will be fucking my throat when that happens, with my head hanging off the edge of the desk. Your balls rubbing my nose. My pussy drenched from you throat fucking me.”“Fuck,” he mutters as he pushes his hips up, rubbing his hard, throbbing erection against my wet panties. “You are such a good girl. I want to see my cum glistening on your beautiful face, though.”“You can do whatever you want to me, sir.”I can’t help it, I start rocking against his erection, rubbing myself greedily against his straining cock. His response is to slowly lift up my skirt, exposing my firm, cute ass, while his lips trail down to my neck, brushing the sensitive skin with light kisses. His large, lovely hands roam my ass and when he slips his hand underneath the black satin panties and lightly rubs my tight little opening, I moan so loud.“I want you in my ass, sir,” I shakily whisper. “I want you to fill me up with your cum there, too.”“Such a hungry little girl,” he growls against my neck. “Since you are such a great secretary and such a sweet girl, I will give you all the cum your little heart desires. I am assuming you enjoy anal?”I stiffen a little, and he notices because he quickly takes away his finger from my ass. “I wasn’t properly prepared for it. I’ve only done it with one man. But I know I can enjoy it. Especially with the right person.”“I’m sorry you weren’t properly trained. Most men are so irresponsible and dense.” He pauses and kisses my neck, sweetly and lightly. “After work, I want you to go to the adult store and buy some anal lube. Also buy a small anal plug. I will give you the money for it.”“That’s not necessary, sir. I can buy those things myself.”“I won’t take that as an answer,” he says firmly. “I want you to get a good one, nothing cheap. I want you to start with your finger first. Lube it up and slowly slip it inside of you while you watch a sexy video. Understood?”“Yes, sir.”“Excellent. I would ask you about your limits, but I am rather distracted right now and I don’t want to forget. So I will ask you to email me your limits today, okay?”I nod. “Okay, sir.”“God. I just want to bend you over my desk and fuck you so hard. I bet you would come so hard. Wouldn’t you, my sweet little slut?”I tremble at his words. “Yes, sir.”“You are so wet for me. I can feel it. I’m dripping pre-cum as well. I want you so bad. No, I need you.” He groans. “But first, I want to watch you finish what you started yesterday.”I gulp. “You want to watch me come?”“Yes. I want to see your body trembling and surrendering to pleasure without any restraint. Pretend that I’m not even here. Pretend that you are alone, fantasizing about us, just like you were yesterday. I won’t even touch myself. I’ll just watch.”“I’ll come so hard with you here, though, sir.”“Good.” He grins. “Now stand up, my sweet girl, so I can sit down on the couch and watch you fuck yourself in my chair.”I quickly stand up on my wobbly legs that feel like jelly and step aside so that Laurence can walk over to the couch and sit down. Taking a deep breath, I exhale slowly, trying my best to ignore the fact that Laurence, the man starring in my erotic fantasies and desires, is about to be my silent, eager spectator as I fuck myself. Rolling the chair back, I make sure to give him an advantageous view of my sexy outfit and close my eyes as I spread my legs and begin to touch myself all over.“Mm, Laurence, I need you touching me, sir,” I say out loud as I squeeze my full B cup breasts through my white blouse. “I need you so badly.”I imagine him saying, Show me how badly, baby, so I do. I slowly unbutton my blouse, exposing my black push up bra, and hike up my pencil skirt. Even though my eyes are closed, I can feel his heady gaze on me, drinking in every move that I am making. I moan as I wander my hands down to my legs, my palms grazing the garter belts and satin smooth stockings. I want him to see the most intimate parts of me, though, so I make sure to hike up my skirt all the way up to my waist and lower my bra until my breasts come into bare view. I slowly bring my hands back up my petite body and moan as I squeeze my bare breasts. My breath hitches as I softly squeeze my nipples between my thumb and index fingers, loving the sharp, delicious flickers of pain.“I need your hard, thick cock inside of me, Laurence,” I whisper as I wander my right hand down my body. “I want to feel your cock throbbing inside of me, my wet pussy wrapped tightly around it. Squeezing it like a vice.”When my right hand reaches my panties, I rub my slick wetness over the fabric, heightening the sensation of pleasure for me. I shiver and moan in heat as my finger caresses the damp panties, which are getting wetter with every touch. I imagine my finger as Laurence’s tongue, and that thought sends a slight tremor escort beylikdüzü through me. I cannot wait any longer; with haste, I slip my hand underneath my panties and begin to furiously finger myself. I am drenched in arousal, and my finger makes squishy, sexy sounds as I fuck myself deliriously. Usually, I would take my time to masturbate, slowly fingering myself until the pressure becomes too much and I come ten minutes later.But I find myself on the brink already. I can’t hold back as the pressure builds and builds in my womb until my thighs are shaking and my breathing is ragged and I am bucking against his office chair like an animal in heat.“Oh my God, I’m going to come,” I say in a frantic whisper. “I’m coming.”My pleasure is so raw and blinding that I forget about Laurence in the room, watching me intently. The orgasm forces a tiny scream from me, and it feels like I’m melting from raw pleasure as I succumb to the divine waves of ecstasy. My fingers are flooded with my release and I start to finger myself again, desperate to come again for Laurence. I hear the footsteps approaching me so I stop touching myself and open my eyes. When I see the possessed look of hunger on his handsome face, I moan and fight the urge to continue touching myself.“I’m sorry, Ruby,” he says in an urgent tone. “I can’t help myself. I need to see you up close while you succumb to pleasure. I want to look into your eyes as you orgasm. Will you come again for me?”I whimper at the mere thought of him gazing into my eyes as I fuck myself. “Sir, if you do that, I will squirt so hard.”He groans. “You can squirt?”“Yes. I can’t control it, but you turn me on too much.”“Drench my chair in your cum. I want to see it spilling down your legs. I want it on my floor. Don’t hold back.”“I need…”I blush. Even though this all feels so natural to me, and it may appear like I’ve done this before, I haven’t. This is all new to me. But I need that extra…push. That extra touch that Laurence can give me with his beautiful hand wrapped around my neck, squeezing lightly. That would surely make me gush. Yet I find myself embarrassed to ask him. Even a little ashamed.He crouches next to me, smiling softly. “What do you need, my beautiful girl?”I gulp before I say, “I need your hand around my neck. That way I will squirt for sure.”“Of course. Like this?”He wraps his right hand around my pale, soft neck and lightly squeezes the sensitive area, making me gasp. More wetness floods my core and I nod vigorously.“Yes, sir. That feels so good.”“Good. Now finger that drenched little pussy for me, Ruby. Fuck yourself hard and don’t worry about making too much noise or staining the chair or the floor. Look into my eyes and make yourself come.”How could a man be so sexy? I’m surprised that I haven’t imploded yet from the sultry, visceral heat between us. When we actually have sex, how are we not going to break furniture and bother the neighbors, wherever we are? But I don’t think about that. Instead, I focus on Laurence’s hand around my neck, slightly adding pressure as I swiftly take off my underwear and spread my legs even further apart. I fuck myself hard, the wet, slippery sounds of me fingering myself echoing throughout the silent room. I no longer feel like Ruby, the quiet, discerning secretary with the secret, sensual and kinky side. I feel like a woman possessed by lust, and instead of feeling shame or embarrassment, I feel like an erotic goddess. I growl as I slap my left breast with my left hand and thrash against the chair violently, completely surrendering to the mixture of delicious pain and pleasure that my body is experiencing.“Talk dirty to me, sir,” I whisper. “Please.”He brings his mouth to my ear and growls lowly, making my hips buck and my cunt throb. “I love seeing what turns you on. How deliciously dirty you are. How much you crave to be used and dominated. I can’t wait to fill that wet little fucking pussy with my hot cum. Fill you up over and over until it’s spilling out of you and dripping onto the floor. I’ll make you get down on your knees and lick up every spilled drop. You would like that, wouldn’t you, my dirty little whore?”I scream in absolute pleasure and buck against my hand as I come so violently, my cum gushing out of me, trickling down my inner thighs and slipping down my legs. I gasp when Laurence lightly pulls my hair and growls into my ear again, making me whimper. I am shuddering all over from the aftershock of ecstasy.“Come again for me, my sweet girl,” he whispers urgently. “Pretend that you are bouncing on my cock and I am biting those beautiful nipples of yours and slapping your ass. Drench me in your cum.”I scream out his name as I come again for the second time, only this time so much more gushes out, dripping down to the tiled floor. I convulse on the chair uncontrollably and Laurence hisses in my ear, prolonging my intense orgasm.“I’m going to come so fucking hard inside your wet pussy. Our cum will mix together and it will drip down my cock, all the way down to my balls. I’m going to empty myself inside of you, Ruby. Over and over. Marking you as mine.”**I was wise enough to think ahead and bring an extra pair of underwear, which I obviously have to use since the ones I had on got ruined.

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