His Understanding Sister -Part 4


Helen Elwood was still unsure about whether to accept the suggestion from Sharon and Ian Dempsey or notIt was now Wednesday morning, and Helen certainly wanted to continue her sexual relationship with Ian and was not averse to having sex with Sharon, but the idea of a threesome with a brother and sister still troubled her.She would have to let them know her decision soon, but first, she had an interview for a job, house cleaning for Ruth Davies. Helen needed a job, because, just over a week ago, she had been sacked from her previous job when her employer, Ian’s wife, caught Helen and Ian fucking.The interview with Ruth went well, and money and hours were agreed upon, then Ruth had one more question, “You left your previous job, can you tell me why that was, Helen?” asked forty-six-year-old Ruth.After a moment’s hesitation, fifty-eight-year-old Helen replied, “I will be honest with you, the lady that I worked for caught me having sex with her husband.””Oh, thank you for your honesty; I do not have a husband but I do have a wife; should I be concerned about you with her?” asked Ruth, smiling. She was finding Helen to be quite attractive.”Is she sexy?” laughed a relaxed Helen, in response.”I would say that she was very sexy, but I think that I will employ you anyway,” said Ruth, who would not have minded having sex with Helen right there and then.”Thank you, Ruth; may I call you Ruth?” responded Helen.”That is my name,” replied Ruth, as they shook hands, and kept physical contact for some time.Helen was to start work the next day. She was suddenly finding the idea of sex with women, something that she had almost no experience with, to be attractive, with the bisexual Sharon fancying her and now the lesbian Ruth seeming to hit on her.She had never bursa escort been involved in a threesome, either, but as she wanted sex with both of the other two participants, then maybe it was not such a bad idea. She allowed her wanting for sex to override her doubts about the brother and sister interaction, she decided to text Ian and say that she was up for it.’Hey, got the job, I start tomorrow. I want to meet you and Sharon for sex when it can be arranged, xxx,’ Helen texted.’Great that you got the job, and great that you are up for the sex, we will sort out when xxx,’ responded Ian.Ian was so pleased that Helen had said that she was interested in the threesome that he sent Sharon a text at work to tell her; she was thrilled, too. Ian also heard that he was to go for an interview the next day for the job that his mate had told him about. Things were looking up.Things improved, even more, when Helen sent Ian another text asking if she could come round to Sharon’s house for a fuck now because she was so fucking horny, Ian replied yes, and he assumed that Sharon would not mind.It was already mid-afternoon when Helen arrived at Sharon’s house, but Helen’s husband, who had no sexual interest in her, was working late. It was quite possible that Helen would still be in the house when Sharon got home from work, but that did not seem to matter, as all things sexual involving the three of them were already thrown wide open.”Oh Ian, I am feeling so horny lately,” said Helen, after she and thirty-nine-year-old Ian had had their initial kiss on Helen’s arrival.”Seeing you today is a real bonus for me,” replied Ian, his hands on Helen’s buttocks.”I hope Sharon does not mind me being here today,” said Helen, who had had a fucking and a spanking from bursa escort bayan Ian the previous day.”She does not know, but I am sure she won’t mind; she is thrilled that you are up for sex with her and for the threesome,” replied Ian.”Yeah, I am still getting my head around you and your sister fucking each other, but I am looking forward to going to bed with Sharon,” said Helen, before she and Ian kissed again.Helen had gotten Ian’s trousers undone as they kissed, she was then massaging his cock through his boxers, “This cock of yours is getting a lot of work, what with me and your sister,” said Helen.”Yeah, and very enjoyable work it is too,” replied Ian, undoing Helen’s blouse.”It seems like your cock is ready to go again,” said Helen, now with her hand inside Ian’s boxers, stroking his erection.”Is your cunt ready to take it?” asked Ian, fingering Helen’s vagina through her trousers and knickers.”Very much so, baby; Mmm,” responded Helen, as Ian continued fingering between her legs.”Take your trousers and knickers off down here, then we will go to bed,” said Ian.”Anything you say, sir,” laughed Helen, getting out of her trousers and knickers, as Ian removed his trousers and boxers.The couple, naked from the waist down, went up the stairs with Helen in front, getting her arse played with by Ian.In the bedroom, Sharon’s spare room, they took off their upper clothing, and then landed on the bed, kissing and caressing. Ian eased his penis into Helen’s cunt once again, and their latest fuck commenced.It was a long fuck, with Helen cumming hard as Ian’s cock slid in and out of her sticky cunt.They had several position changes before Ian ejaculated into Mrs Elwood’s cum soaked vagina.”You are such a great lover, Ian,” said Helen, as escort bursa they lay cuddling.”It needs two to make a great fuck,” answered Ian.”Or three,” laughed Helen.”Yeah, or three; we will have to get that sorted,” replied Ian.”What time does Sharon get home?” asked Helen, a little while later.”Um, within the next half hour,” replied Ian, looking at the bedside clock.”Will she mind if I am still here?” asked Helen, not concerned but curious.”Ha, I don’t think she will mind as much as Suzanne did,” replied Ian, referring to his wife catching the two of them having sex the previous week.”I would hope not, especially if she wants to go to bed with me,” said Helen.Sharon came home slightly earlier than normal, and the first things she saw when she entered her front door were Helen’s trousers and knickers and Ian’s trousers and boxers, discarded on the floor. At least she assumed that they were Helen’s.”Ian, have you got a guest?” Sharon called up the stairs.”Yeah, Helen is here; hope you don’t mind,” Ian shouted back.”It was my idea, Sharon,” Helen called out.”Oh, was it?” said Sharon, going up the stairs, and briefly making Ian and Helen think that Sharon might be upset about it.Sharon entered the room in which Ian and Helen were, to find them naked on the bed. Ian’s relatively limp and very sticky penis indicated that they had had a good fuck.”It was alright, Helen coming today, wasn’t it, Sharon?” asked a concerned Ian.”Of course, but I imagine she came more than once,” smiled Sharon, getting very horny.”Oh, I did,” replied Helen, kissing Ian.”Yeah, I know the feeling,” said Sharon, standing admiring the two naked bodies.”I want to get to know Helen a bit better, you can watch if you want, Ian,” said Sharon, starting to remove her clothes.Ian looked to Helen for her agreement or otherwise, to what Sharon had planned. Ian got her response, “Shit Sharon, you are one hot and horny bitch,” said Helen, her face bathed in smiles as she got onto her knees and moved towards Sharon.

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