His Willing Victim


His Willing VictimFear would have made me speechless, were it not that I had already lost the ability to speak. My eyes desperately tried to pierce through the intense darkness; the gag that had been placed in my mouth making it impossible to call for help. I was tied to a wooden chair which was pressing against my back in a way that was far from comfortable.The rope that bound me was digging into the tender skin of my wrists, making it not at all tempting to struggle and increase my discomfort that way. To my surprise my unknown captor had at least allowed me the relative safety of my clothes, the same ones that I had been wearing before I opened my eyes and found myself here. That brought me to my next question. Where was I? Perhaps more important than that, why was I here? As far as I was concerned, I had no real anomies. Granted, I didn’t have many people that qualified as friends either, but that wasn’t an explanation for the situation that I now found myself in.I studied psychology at a nearby college, usually avoiding everyone around me as much as possible. I supposed this made me stand out a little, considering that psychology is all about interacting with others, but certainly not enough to make me the victim of a psycho. I wasn’t neurotic or paranoid, just shy and much more comfortable when I wasn’t the centre of attention.This resulted in the life I now lived, studying diligently during the day and writing erotic fiction during the evenings. Yes, I suppose writing down thrilling fantasies that I knew I would never experience when my peers were dancing the night away was somewhat sad, but it was what I had learned to enjoy most.I heard footsteps. Faint at first, but soon they came closer until I heard the unmistakable sound of a key turning in the lock. Bright light blinded me, the several moments it took for my eyes to adjust leaving me trembling and frightened. “Nina.” His voice was deep, sensual with a hint of a British accent that someone with less keen ears would probably not have noticed. “Do you know who I am?” I frowned, his tall muscular figure finally coming into focus as my eyes stopped watering. I guessed him to be a little over 6 feet, slim with lean muscles that were Hard to miss through his tight black t-shirt. He was wearing dark jeans and his feet were bare. Wavy brown hair, high cheekbones and chocolate brown eyes that made him the dream of every girl in college gave him plenty of reason to be confident about his looks. Oh yes, I definitely knew this guy. His name was Luke and he was the most popular guy in college. He was also an arrogant jerk and I couldn’t stand him. For a while I had liked him, I had even been attracted to him and he had been the face behind several of the men in my stories. But his arrogant behaviour and his sick need to play mind games with everyone around him had made him much less appealing. Luke smirked, shoving his hands into his pockets and trying to look casual and relaxed. But he couldn’t fool me that easily. My psychology classes had taught me many things, one of them being to always watch the eyes. It was that slight hint of insecurity that betrayed him. But right now that information wouldn’t help me at all. I was still wondering why he brought me here. As if he had read my mind, he ran his fingers through his hair and smiled at me. “You’re probably wondering why you’re here.” He said, making it sound more like a statement than a question.I nodded my head, still unable to speak because of the gag. “Oh.” He mumbled, as if just realizing that he was the cause of my inability to reply. Quickly he took a step towards me, removing the gag from my mouth before resuming his earlier casual stance. “What the fuck are you doing, creep?” My voice sounded like I hadn’t spoken in days. I supposed it was because I was so thirsty; my lips dry from lack of fluids and the gag. “Oh come on sweetheart, don’t be so rude.” He caressed my cheek, brushing his fingertips down my neck and pausing at my collarbone. “I think we need to have a talk.” Hell yes we needed to have a talk. In fact, I would prefer to be the one talking, preferably to insult him in various creative ways. But something told me that it would probably not get me out of here any sooner if I pushed my luck this early. So I nodded, waiting for him to tell me what in the world was going on. Luke didn’t say anything at first. He took something out of his pocket and held it in front of my face, his satisfaction painfully obvious as I stared at the object in question. . It was a flash drive. It was my flash drive, to be exact. That by itself wasn’t very shocking or a reason to panic. It was the digital proof of my late night activities that caused all colour to drain from my face. I was so fucked.”You obviously know exactly what this means.” He smirked, putting the flash drive back into his pocket. “Will this make it easier to be patient and be a good girl?” I could only nod, my heart pounding furiously as I tried to think of a solution. But I had no brilliant idea. All I knew was that no one could ever know this about me. I wanted to remain the invisible shy psychology student, and Luke had the key to either ruin my quiet life or leave it the way it was in the pocket of his jeans. I had to convince him to either destroy the flash drive or give it back to me. But how could I do that?”You only have to be a sweetheart and do what I want. After I am done with you I will get rid of this and everything will go back to the way it was before.” He smiled, his hand warm through the soft fabric of my top as he placed it on one of my breasts. “I am sure it is needless to say that you will not tell anyone about this. Wouldn’t it be horrible if I had made a copy of the content of this flash drive and your erotic stories would show up somewhere?” He didn’t have to say anything else. I knew exactly what was on that flash drive. I knew that I would do literally everything to keep this from being shown to the public.”Alright, I am glad we understand each other.” He untied my wrists and ankles, walking back to the door and locking it once again. “From your stories I know that you are not as innocent as you pretend to be.” My cheeks turned a rosy pink with embarrassment and I lowered my eyes. He knew everything about me. He knew what I thought about when I touched myself and he knew what turned me on. HE could play my body like an expert and I knew that he would take advantage of every piece of information that I had so carelessly given him access to.”Stand and strip.” He commanded, taking a seat on one of the black suede sofa’s that were positioned in the corner of the room. The room looked like a basement, much like one that I had described in one of my earlier stories and that he had probably read along with the rest. I hesitated, slowly slipping one of the spaghetti-straps of my top down my shoulder and doing the same to the other strap. Then I pulled the top over my head, my long honey-blonde hair cascading down my now bare back as I let the piece of clothing fall to the floor. My kitten heels and tight jeans soon followed, leaving me frightened and vulnerable in my black satin lingerie. The idea of showing him my naked body scared me, causing my heart to beat fast as I contemplated what to do. “Nice show. Come on, or do I have to turn on my computer?” he asked, pointing türbanlı giresun escort at the laptop that occupied the other sofa. I shook my head, reaching behind me and unclasping my bra while avoiding his intense gaze. His eyes seemed to burn on my skin as my bra fell to the floor, exposing my small yet firm breasts. Finally I took a deep breath and quickly stepped out of my panties, as if it would be less embarrassing if the moment didn’t last very long. But removing my panties had been so easy compared to the way I felt now, standing in front of him and feeling him look me up and down.”I knew you wouldn’t disappoint.” He stood, shoving my clothes aside with his foot. “You won’t be needing these for a while.” Luke grinned at me, his dark hair slightly tousled and his chocolate brown eyes pools of raw desire that sent shivers down my spine. He pulled his t-shirt over his head, tossing it in the general direction of my own clothes that were s**ttered across the concrete floor.Despite my fear and humiliation, I couldn’t ignore the effect Luke had on me. He lifted my chin, forcing me to look at him as he locked eyes with me. “Do you know why it is very convenient that you are a dirty little masochist?” I shook my head, not even bothering to protest. He had read my stories. He knew that pain got my pussy dripping wet and he would use that to his advantage. “It is very convenient because I will enjoy hurting you very much.” He smiled at me, winking before pointing at the chair that I had been tied to. I wasn’t sure what he had in mind, but from his obvious excitement I was pretty sure that it was bad. “Bent over the back of the chair and do not move under any circumstance.” I did as I was told; gripping the chair tightly as if it would make this less bad. I heard him move behind me, taking items out of a plastic bag that I had noticed when I looked around the room earlier. The chair was just low enough that I could bend over the chair and still be somewhat comfortable, though I doubted that would last very long.I was right. A sharp sting as he hit my ass with something that I thought felt like leather. It wasn’t a belt; it wasn’t painful enough for a belt. A riding crop? I didn’t know. Suddenly I wished I had more experience so I at least knew what he was doing. He continued to spank my ass, never hitting the same spot until my behind felt warm and my usually creamy-white skin had probably turned a rosy pink. Though it hurt, I couldn’t ignore my tingling clit and my nipples that had become hard with arousal. Pausing every now and then to rub my sensitive skin he caressed my thighs with the leather, moving closer and closer to my lips which had become slightly swollen with my excitement. I didn’t want to like this, I wanted him to stop and let me go. But a part of me wanted Luke to continue. The secret part of myself that I had only allowed to express itself in the stories that I wrote. The part that for the first time in my life I couldn’t ignore. A soft whimper escaped my lips as the leather hit my ass with more force; I knew that it had left a red welt by the way it burned. Again and again, a soft caress followed by a cruel slap, the pattern never the same so I had no way to prepare for the pain and the way my pussy clenched as my body craved release. But it would be a while before he would give me any release, if he would at all. This wasn’t for my pleasure. It was only for his own satisfaction.Every muscle in my body tensed as he teased my opening with the crop, circling my swollen clit. The tip of the crop was covered in my juices, I felt humiliated that my body was reacting this way to what he was doing to me but my arousal was hard to ignore. A scream of pain brought him the satisfaction that he was craving as he slapped my pussy hard with the leather. It burned but Luke gave me no time to regain my composure. Another slap, right against the sensitive area of my clit this time. I whimpered and tried to close my legs so I could protect my sensitive lips and clit, but he only chuckled and forcefully spread my legs even wider. My pussy felt like it was on fire by the time he put the crop down and told me to sit on the chair. My sore skin protested as I obeyed; the wood rough against my ass and my humiliation complete as I felt the wetness between my legs.He retrieved several more items from the plastic bag, his lean body glisteningwith sweat as he towered over me. The world went dark as the cool fabric of the blindfold took away my sight, leaving me shivering in anticipation. He gently cupped one of my breasts in his hand, brushing my nipple lightly with his fingertips. “I know that you are enjoying it. Your body is telling me exactly what you want, so just let go.” He whispered, his breath tickling my neck and causing me to let out a soft moan. Soft lips now replaced the fingertips, caressing, teasing my nipples. His tongue caressed my nipple, his teeth brushing my sensitive skin. The warmth of his breath, the intensity with which my body was pleading for more… I had never felt anything like this… I had been furious before, but now I could barely remember why this man had disgusted me so much. The softness of his lips disappeared, along with the teasing touch of his teeth against my sensitive flesh. Suddenly he pinched my nipple, the pain coursing through my body and leaving my pussy craving him inside me. He pulled my nipple; another whimper escaping my lips as he attached what I thought was a clamp. I had never seen nipple clamps and I definitely hadn’t ever felt them being used on me, but something told me that it was exactly what he was doing to me right now. It hurt a lot at first, especially when I felt his fingers brush my breast again and he increased the pressure some more. He did the same to the other breast, making it just a little tighter which added to the strange sensations that coursed through my entire body and left me somewhat breathless.”These are tweezer clamps.” He told me, as if giving me an explanation of what he was doing to me would make me feel like I had a choice in the matter. “I can increase the pressure as much as I want to.” I honestly didn’t really care about what he was saying at that point. I wanted him to stop, I had never asked for this. But something had changed. Even though my mind was still struggling, my body had accepted its fate and was now lost in the way he worked every sensitive spot so expertly.The velvet black of the darkness that surrounded me caused me to feel somewhat disconnected from my own body. The clamps on my nipples sent a sharp ache throughout my entire breasts, but after several moments the pain faded to a dull ache that only seemed to make all the other sensations harder to resist.Part of me hated this man. Part of me hated his chocolate brown eyes, the arrogant way with which he carried himself. But he had managed to break my defences. The flash drive wasn’t even the main reason anymore why I offered my body to him so willingly. It scared me more than I would ever dare admit.Suddenly I felt his teeth graze my earlobe, the tip of his tongue teasing me with a gentle caress. “I think it is time to start.” He whispered, his breath tickling my ear and his warm lips pressing against my temple. His voice was low, sensual and yet it managed türbanlı giresun escort bayan to send shivers down my spine. Time to start? Had everything that had already happened only been an appetizer? What other sadistic games had he planned for me?I heard him take something else from the plastic bag. Every muscle in my body tensed up, my pussy clenching and craving him inside of me. A soft buzzing filled the room.Before my mind had fully processed the sounds and its many implications, a whimper escaped from my trembling lips. He pressed something against my clamped nipples, causing me to arch my back despite the uncomfortable chair that I was seated in. “What…?”My question came out as a soft whimper, vibrations causing my overly sensitive nipples to tingle and ache. I honestly wasn’t sure how much longer I could take this torment. Or… was it torment? Could more pleasure than my body could take, actually be classified as torment?His only response was to increase the vibrations, soft lips brushing against my neck. “Let go…” he advised me, his teeth grazing my skin, sending shivers down my spine. The ironic thing about this whole situation was… that I had already let go. I had given my body to him the moment protests had turned into whimpers, disgust had turned into pleasure. Now all I could do was try not to cum before he allowed me to… and he hadn’t even touched my pussy yet.Just when I felt like I couldn’t take any more, the vibrator disappeared from my clamped nipples, beginning its agonizingly slow way to my aching sex. It was still turned on, causing my pussy to clench, silently begging for more sensations, for release.But he was far from finished.”Stand, slut.”His voice had changed. He was no longer casually stroking his own ego with every word he said, or every little thing he did. His voice was low now, a velvet caress of desire and authority to which my body obeyed without a second thought.I stood, my arms wrapped around my body, the instinctive reaction to protect my body with my arms more to ease the vulnerable, slightly frightened feeling than it was to protect myself. I felt him come closer, was prepared for his hands on my body, his lips against my neck. But he only pulled off my blindfold.I blinked, light replacing the somewhat soothing darkness that I had actually gotten used to by now.I couldn’t get away from this anymore. Not when Luke, or even his blackmail, were no longer the things that actually kept me from trying to run. No, it was much, much worse than that. It was my body that had betrayed me, and I could only follow.I shivered, my bare feet coming into contact with the cold concrete as I made my way over to the large sofa, my eyes down. The sofa was a lot more comfortable, its pillows soft against my sore body as I obediently lay down, my thighs pressed together in a last, feeble attempt at modesty. My clamped nipples rubbed against the sofa, the pain this caused strangely arousing.Something soft brushed against my left foot. I gasped, my mind desperately searching for an explanation. What was that? What was he doing? I had expected him to touch me, hurt me, and even fuck me. But my feet?He continued, softly caressing my foot with whatever he was using on me. I closed my eyes, sighed contentedly. This felt nice. I still didn’t know what it was, though. He softly slapped my foot with the object, followed by more of the soft, soothing caresses. This was so different from the spanking, the clamps, even his demanding tone, so full of authority. This was soothing, it made my body relax, my mind no longer tensed for his next, unpredictable action.Soft taps against my feet, gradually increasing in force. I had never thought of my feet as a part of my body that could feel very pleasurable during anything erotic, but despite my disbelief, I couldn’t help but enjoy it.The soft yet firm touch of the instrument he was using made me think that it was a crop. But the other crop had hurt, how could this one be so pleasurable?He gently worked his way up my legs, caressing my thighs, tapping them gently like he had done with my feet. The closer it came to my pussy, the more my body started pleading for him again. I wanted him, his fingers, his lips, his teeth and his tongue. I wanted to feel his cock press against my sex, hard and firm… so close to entering me but waiting… waiting until he decided that I deserved him.My body, totally unprepared, tensed as the crop hit my sex, harder than the other taps against my thighs had been by far. He had soothed me into a false feeling of safety. Now though, I realized that I wasn’t safe. I wasn’t safe at all. He could still do whatever he wanted to do to me, and I would take it.”Spread your legs please.” I did as I was told, exposing my pussy to him as I spread my legs. I knew that my lips would be slightly swollen with arousal, my clit small but more prominent than usual.”Such a good little slut.” I only whimpered. I melted into his touch as he caressed my sore behind with warm hands, raking his nails over my sensitive flesh slowly, agonizingly. He placed one hand on my lower back, brushing the fingertips of his other hand softly across my ass, his teasing touch making its way to my pussy. I knew that I would be wet, my lips glistening, but I didn’t care anymore. I wanted him to see what he had done to me. I finally accepted that my body wasn’t mine, not right now. It was his, only a willing victim of his touch, his demand. I was content with that.More gently than I had expected, he pressed his fingertip against my sex, my tight wetness enveloping his finger as he pushed a little harder. My pussy clenched, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before my orgasm would course through my body, too forceful to be delayed much longer.He let out a soft moan, running his hands all over my body, his fingers finding my breasts and clamped nipples.”This will hurt, but it will be good. You will see.”I tensed, I wasn’t sure what to expect. When he slowly started to decrease the pressure of the clamp I gasped, the blood rushing back to my nipple. It hurt, a soft, desperate whimper escaping my lips. He did the same to the other nipple, the warmth of his lips soothing them one by one as he sucked on them gently. “I want to touch you, please.”It was only a hesitant request, words that had left my mouth without a second thought. I didn’t expect him to let me touch him, but he seemed to like it.”Good girl.” He told me, his voice a soft, passionate caress. My body was glowing with pride, which surprised me. Why did I feel like I had done something good? Why did my body react to his approval so strongly? He was getting into my head… and I let him.He wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me to him, his lips finding mine in a delicious, passionate kiss. I moaned, closing my eyes, my lips melting with his, our tongues caressing each other, soft yet passionate, firm yet gentle. This was better than the crop, it was better than the clamps and it was better than the vibrator. Despite the way he had forced me to be here, I now wanted to be here. I was able to lose myself in this kiss and I never wanted it to end. His teeth lightly grazed my lip, his tongue more forceful now, more demanding. I wrapped my arms around him and ran my hands up and down his bare back, türbanlı escort giresun feeling the warmth of his body as he pressed against me. Against my better judgement, I lightly raked my nails across his back, my body half on top of him now as we continued to kiss. He was still in charge, part of me knew that… but he didn’t need to create distance, or tell me not to touch him anymore, to make that clear.Finally we stopped kissing, slightly out of breath, my body tingling. I could see that it hadn’t left him without a reaction, either. His dark eyes were full of lust, an intense desire that made me hold my breath for a moment. His hair was messy. I wanted to run my fingers through it, kiss him again… but he had other plans.He stood, turning his back on me, and I wondered if it was because he needed a moment to compose himself. He wanted to always stay in charge, that was clear. Maybe he felt like he couldn’t do that when his emotions were so obvious on his face.When he looked at me again, his face was calm once more, impossible to read. He held something in his hand, his eyes locking with mine as he returned to the sofa. “Spread your legs please, show me how slutty you are.”I blushed, my cheeks turning a soft rosy pink with embarrassment as I did as I was told, spreading my legs as far apart as I could in my sitting position. He smiled, a playful, teasing kind of smile that made my heart pound furiously and my nipples become hard once again.He gently pushed me back down on the sofa, my legs spread, my sex vulnerable and exposed. His fingertips brushed over my slightly swollen lips, making his fingers slick with my arousal. “Don’t be scared.” He whispered, butterflies erupting in my stomach as I nervously waited for what was about to happen.I felt something cold against my pussy and moaned quietly.”I am going to put a toy inside that tight cunt.” He told me, teasing my pussy with the toy, which felt smooth against my sex. It was a little cold, though the warmth of his hand and my wetness soon changed that.”You are going to keep it inside of you. It will not fall out. Understood?”I nodded, arching my back slightly. He teasingly slid the egg inside of me, circling my clit with his fingertip and covering it in my own juices before removing his hand.”Kneel, on the floor, hands behind your back.”I obeyed; the desire to look at his face too strong to keep my eyes down as I awaited his next command.Luke sat on the sofa, looking down at me as I remained kneeled before him.”Suck.”It was all he said, but I didn’t need any more encouragement. He removed his jeans and boxers, his cock hard, drops of pre-cum glistening at the tip.I positioned myself between his legs, the concrete floor cold against my bare knees. It didn’t matter though. I wanted to taste his arousal; I wanted to give him everything I possibly could.I opened my mouth, my tongue caressing the head of his dick, a soft moan escaping my lips as I tasted him for the first time. I knew that he wanted me to take him in my mouth, but he would have to wait… just like I had to when he was touching me. I might be the one who was kneeled on the floor, I might be the one being blackmailed and being dominated here… but right now, I was in charge, if only for a little while.I caressed his cock with the tip of my tongue, teasing, exploring. My lips pressed against the head, soft, warm as I continued to find out where he was most sensitive. I could see his muscles tense as my lips made their way to his balls. I kissed them, using my lips and tongue on them until he let out a soft, desperate groan. “Suck.” He repeated, grabbing my hair and forcing me to take his cock in my mouth. Suddenly my whole body arched and I moaned around his dick, going from teasing to desperate. The toy inside my pussy had begun to vibrate, right against that one spot that could get me to cum within minutes. “If you don’t keep it inside your cunt you are not going to cum at all.” He growled, pulling on my hair as I obediently continued to suck, my tongue caressing his firmness, his taste filling my mouth.I could see that he was close, his muscles tense, his eyes half closed. But he wasn’t the only one who was close. I doubted that I could keep from cumming long enough to let him cum before me.”If you cum, slut, before I allow you to…” he paused, a low sound of pleasure escaping his mouth. “If you cum, without my permission, I will make you cum 9 more times, and I doubt you realize what a beautiful torment that would be.The toy inside me continued to vibrate, stopping from time to time, and continuing the moment I started to calm down a little bit. He held the remote, playing my body when he wasn’t even touching me better than I had ever been able to by myself. My eyes locked with his as I felt his cock twitch inside my mouth, his orgasm not far. “I am going to fill that slutty little mouth and you will swallow.”I whimpered, not sure if it was out of desperation or lust. My body trembled, waves of pleasure so close, yet so extremely far away. Even my orgasm was no longer my own. It was his to give, and I would take whatever was given to me.His entire body tensed, his lips slightly parted as he groaned, his pleasure apparent in everything he did. He was still pulling on my hair, using my mouth now, his cock causing me to gag slightly when he pushed a little too forcefully. “Such a good little cum slut.” His cock filled my mouth, his taste everything I wanted. My body ached for release, barely able to keep from letting go.”Cum for me whore.”The words had barely left his mouth but I was already lost in the pleasure that I had been desperately seeking for so long. Warm sperm filled my mouth, my moans becoming one with his sounds of pleasure as he filled my mouth and I swallowed. My pussy clenched around the toy, and I was lost in so many sensations that I had never felt so intensely before.When the last waves of intense pleasure finally started to fade, I looked at Luke’s face. His eyes were closed, his features now soft and gentle. “Good girl, you did really well.” He told me, opening his eyes and meeting my gaze. “Clean please.”I obeyed, careful because he was so sensitive now. A few drops of his cum had dribbled out of the corner of my mouth as I tried to swallow everything, and I looked at him, unsure if I was allowed to use my hands to clean it.”I like seeing my cum on your face…. I will have to do it more often… For now though, go ahead and clean it, but only with your tongue.” I blushed, feeling humiliated as I cleaned the cum away from my cheek, while he was watching me with a slight smile playing on his lips.”Come here little one.”I stood, my body aching, my heart still beating faster than usual. He took me in his arms, caressing me, kissing me gently. He slowly took the toy, my pussy clenching around his fingers as he teasingly removed the toy.He took care of me, rubbed soothing oil into my skin, which was sore from the crop and the way he spanked me. I felt safe, soothed, and strangely calm. Now there was no adrenaline coursing through my body anymore, I could feel how tired I was. Luke seemed to see it too, because he wrapped an arm around me, softly pulling me against his chest where I leaned my head against his shoulder. “Thank you Nina.” He whispered, running his fingers through my long hair. “You were amazing.”I sighed contentedly, my eyes closed. The muted light of a very early morning caressed my face, causing me to slowly open my eyes. I was no longer in the basement, and Luke was gone; my heart still pounding. I could feel the wetness between my legs.I knew that some day I would have to make my stories more than just stories. I just had to find the right person to guide me.

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