Hmong sister-in-law


Hmong sister-in-lawThis story is 100% true of how I fucked my Hmong sister-in-law.So the story starts when my wife and I go and visits her older sister and brother-in-law. My wife’s sister is 2 years older then her and a very beautiful women I would say. A lot of people would say that from behind my wife and her sister are the same person, beautiful body and fit. I am not going to lie I have always fantasizes about fucking her and how different she would be from my wife. It turns out that it finally happend on that night. We had just arrived at my in-laws place on Friday afternoon, and Nancy(sister-in-law) was at outside trying to get a tan. Vince(brother-in-law) was already starting up the grill and started drinking before we got there. Vince and I get along great he was like an older brother that I never had. When ever we get together everyone would always get drunk and have fun. I took in our laugage and put them in the guest room and joined Vince outside while my wife got changed and joined her sister.After the meat was cooked and beer was done we all went inside to have dinner. When dinner was done my wife had asked if we were going to go out tonight and party like we always do. Nancy said no lets just stay in and have some drinks and relax tonight we have a big day tomorrow. We were going to do something for my mother-in-law for her birthday. So I agreed and told them that I am going to run to the store and grab some more beer and liquor. Vince said he was going for a shower and would see me when I got back. My wife said that. She was tired from all the driving we did today and wanted to rest. Nancy said she wanted to tag along because she has to pick up some stuff for Tomorrow and if I don’t mind she would go with me. So we got on the road and went to a liquor store and grabbed some beer and liquor. Nancy then asked if I could take her to a supermarket to grab some stuff. So we went there and she asked if j could just stay kayseri rus escort in the car while she goes and grabs it real quick. I told her I need to grab some stuff too so I went into the store also. While shopping around I grabbed some chips and a deck of cards. When coming to the check out line I saw that Nancy was already there in line so I went up to her and said her let me pay for what you have after all you guys are always helping me and Paige(wife) out. She kept refusing but then handed over what she had. When we got back it was near 9:00 PM, my wife was taking a nap and Vince was watching T.V half drunk already. I woke my wife up and we started drinking and playing card games. Nancy and my wife are very opened to each other about the sex lives and even more when they are drunk. Nancy asked Paige does your husband ever satisfy you before he goes to sleep while having sex. Paige told Nancy that we barely have sex because everytime we fuck I would want to keep going for hours and hours at a time. So on average we fuck about 3 times a week and yes he satisfies me everytime we fuck. My wife ten asks Nancy the same thing but the answer was different and Vince said that he tries to but he just can’t seem to keep it up long enough. By this time everyone was drunk and talking nonsense to each other.Vince got angry and told Nancy that he is going to bed and they will talk later. He then got up but filled down, so I had to help walk him to there room. When I got back the girls were still chatting about this sex stuff and laughing and giggling a lot. I said ok enough lets get back to playing games and finish this bottle of liquor and go to bed. We finished the bottle of liquor and stopped playing cards. I got up and started walking to our room when my wife said Nancy is knocked out I can’t get up myself. So I picked up my wife and took her to our room. By the time we got to our room kayseri rus escort bayan my wife was already sleeping. My wife is not a strong drinker and she would pass out and not be up until tomorrow if she has had too much. I went back to the living room and shook Nancy to try and wake her up so that she can go to bed. She didn’t budge and as I was going to pick her up I notice that her nipples were hard as heck. I looked at her body for about 30 seconds and realized that she had no bra on. I the. Tried picking her up and I am not going to lie here I grabbed her boobs and squeezed them. I thought to myself if she wakes up I can just tell her I was picking her up to take her to her room. As I was squeezing them I got hard my dick basically almost popped out of my shorts. Then I moved her tank top up which let me see her naked boobs and were they nice. I started licking and sucking on her nipples, she started to moan a little bit and I moved away. When she stopped moving I started up again ten all of a sudden Nancy opened her eyes and said did you enjoy sucking my nipples. I was so shocked and scared, Nancy could probably see it in me. She then said don’t worry I wanted you to do this that’s why I got Vince and Paige so drunk that they would not hear us. She then put her hand down my shorts and started strocking it and said wow it’s pretty big for being a Hmong dick. My dick is not big compared to an American guy dick but it was pretty big for an Asian being at 6 inches long and 1.5 thick. Nancy then said Paige told me you were big and she was right. You are a lot bigger then Vince he is only probably 4.5 inch long and about an inch thick. This is why you can satisfy Paige. Nancy then pulled my shorts down and started sucking my dick and licking it. She pushed me down on the side and took off her shorts and panties and got on top of me. I told her stop this isn’t right I’m sorry I rus kayseri escort should have never started this I love your sister and Vince like a brother. Nancy said this doesn’t mean you don’t love them you are helping me satisfy my needs I don’t want to go to another men to get satisfy but if you don’t I will have to go. She said this can be our secret no one ever has to know and you can help me everytime you guys come to visit.She the put my dick right up the her pussy lips and sat right down and men was her pussy tight it felt like it hasn’t even been touched yet. She rode me and for about 5 minutes and said wow you last so much longer and it’s so great OMG it’s good your dick feels so good. I started sucking her nipples and started pounding her back. We stayed in that position for another 1 minute or 2 and I told her to turn around so I can fuck her doggy style. She replies I have been married to Vince for 5 years now and we have never done that. He just wants me on top or do re stationary position. I told her to shut up and turn around when she did I stuck my dick in and she gasped and started moaning again asking for me to fuck her harder and harder. I fucked her for about 5 minutes that way and flipped her over and said I am going to fuck you this way so that I can look into your eyes while I cum in you. I started pounding her harder and harder and as I was about to cum she said stop I’m going to get pregnant if you don’t. I told her I didn’t care and I came inside her pussy. I got off and she came and hugged me and said thanks for that she hasn’t cum in long. I looked at her and said I’m not done yet she looked down and saw that u dick had gotten hard again. She then said wow Paige was right you do go for hours at a time. She then turned around and said. Let’s keep going then stop making me wait for your dick. So I fucked her for another 2 hours that night and everytime we got the chance to fuck we did.I fucked her everytime we would visit, eventually she got pregnant and then we tried anal. To this day we are still fucking but neither my wife or her husband know. Luckily when she gave birth the k** looked like Vince and not me. To this day everytime we get the chance we would fuck and she would still always tell me how much she loves my dick.

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