Holly and I, our second time together


I rang the bell and waited for Holly to let me in. She greeted me with a kiss and a dazzling smile. This was only the second time we had been alone together, on the first occasion a week previously we had been feeling our way with each other literally and figuratively. The first meeting had flown by as we connected so well. For this second meeting we had already discussed some plans. “How are you feeling?” Holly asked as she led me into the bedroom and started helping me out of my clothes. “Cold and bursting,” I answered still shivering. “Mm… I can see your cheeks and ears are red from the cold wind. Don’t take too long to warm up, I’m bursting as well!” grinned Holly. “Damn,” I exclaimed. Holly looked at me quizzically. “More precum in my pants,” I explained, “I’ve been dribbling like a teenager all morning every time I think of you and me.” Holly beamed, “That’s so hot. I hope you have got a spare pair or you will be going home in a pair of my knickers.” “I’ve got a change,” I answered as more precum leaked into my soaking briefs at the thought of going home on the train wearing a pair of Holly’s extremely sexy knickers. I finished undressing and showed Holly the extent of the dampness in my underwear. She smiled a very sexy smile and made to start undressing. I shook my head, “Allow me,” I said. Holly put her arms above her head, which showed, off her goddess’s body to the maximum. I lifted her tight clingy dress up over mersin escort her head and stood back to admire one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. With her all over tan and sexy black lace bra and knickers, Holly could arouse the dead. I gazed longingly at her perfect little breasts before unclipping her bra and then slipping her knickers down and off. I deliberately knelt down to free her knickers from her feet. This brought my eyes level with her beautiful shaven vulva. I just love looking at Holly’s exquisite little slit and delicate labia, which are as beautiful as a small flower. Everything between Holly’s legs is small very feminine and perfectly formed. We lay back on the bed, kissed, and cuddled for a few minutes. “Better go to the bathroom before I wet the bed,” announced Holly and we went hand in hand to the bathroom to carry out the plan we had discussed earlier. Stepping into the shower, we stood as close together as we could. I gently fingered Holly’s labia, which parted willingly to let my finger penetrate her slick vagina. As Holly took my penis in her hand she said, “Tell me when you are about to start and I’ll join in.” My penis was only semi erect due to the pain and pressure in my bladder but it still took about ten seconds to release my flow. “About to start,” I told Holly, saw, and felt her relax her muscles. As my pee flow started I felt a warm gush on my hand as Holly’s mersin escort bayan flood poured all over my hand and wrist and down our legs, I was mesmerised by the sensation and then felt Holly working my stream of pee up and down her legs using my cock like a fire hose. All too soon, Holly’s flow finished but mine went on and on to Holly’s obvious pleasure. Finally, we looked at each other with a mutual expression of awe like two kids who have just seen a very clever magic trick. We were both lost for words but Holly’s expression said it all, I could see that she had been as thrilled as I. Silently we washed and rinsed our lower bodies. I helped Holly out of the shower and gave her a loving kiss and hug. As I released her, I let out one loud word with great feeling. “FUCK,” I said releasing a wave of emotion. Holly gave a shriek of laughter because I rarely swear; but sometimes that one word says everything. “Fuck,” I said again with a long exhale. Holly hugged me, “That was so erotic, such a huge turn on” she said. “Fantastic,” I agreed, “I’ve never done that before, a finger in a girl’s vagina while she is peeing.” I remembered the eager look on her face when I had suggested it. “It felt great,” Holly assured me as we made our way back into the bedroom, “you know I have never let a man pee on me before.” I felt honoured and flattered that I was the first. We lay close together on the bed recovering escort mersin from the thrill, caressed, and kissed. Then with a wicked look, Holly slipped lower down the bed, after kissing my smooth shaven scrotum worked her way up to my hairless groin, and took my penis in her mouth. Holly gives head better than any girl I have known. As Holly straddled me, the light caught her sweet little breasts, which hung, swung, and bobbed in rhythm with her head. Holly doesn’t believe me when I tell her that her breasts are beautiful, she thinks they are too small but I think they are just perfect for her slender frame. I made Holly look down at her perfect little orbs swinging free in the light and I think she understood what I meant. Holly slid down the bed and started to rim my anus. Holly’s tongue is skilled and delicate and I just lay back and enjoyed it. After a minute or two, Holly changed from tongue to finger and slowly and gently massaged my anus prior to slipping her finger inside and touching my prostate. The precum was flowing profusely as Holly massage my prostate while her soft sexy wet lips moved up and down my penis. I don’t know how I didn’t come but somehow I didn’t. Holly looked up at me; she was the most perfect sight with my penis in her mouth, her breasts swinging free and her curvy bum high in the air. “69,” I said and Holly beamed. We rearranged ourselves on the bed with Holly on top giving me great oral on my penis. I looked longingly at Holly’s petite delicate lady bits. Holly really is the prettiest girl down there; even her bum hole is small and pretty. I started by gently licking her perineum before moving up to her anus: slow and gentle, I know just how she likes it.

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