Hook, Line and Sinker


By the time I see Jim at weekends I am at truly craving for him hook, line and sinker. That’s how I think of him actually and he well knows it and I love him so much. I am ‘hooked’ on him, love to feel his ‘line’ and especially his ‘sinker’ when he gives me the deep fucking I have been waiting for all the week.

We have a meal which I have cooled ‘specially for him, lot’s of red meat to give him the energy he will need and that special red wine to follow as we sit snugly together on the sofa watching a self made blue movie, which we just love to watch again and again as a prelude to the night to come.

I snuggle into his shoulder as I soon feel his hands find me the way they always do so sensually, unzipping and searching, so teasing and wonderful as he clicks the handset to the parts of the movie he wants to see first. Me really enjoying the feel of his hand massage my credentials, knowing this will be the start of a wonderful weekend with Jim.

“That is absolutely divine seeing you doing that to me. Pete” he says as he watches intently a frantic cock sucking scene. It was so sensual doing it for the camera and I put my all into it, stretching back that so gorgeous pink and red knob and licking his p-hole with the very tip of my tongue, clutching the strong stiff shaft and squeezing frantically as I went to it and tasted the knob in my tongue, wrapping it around that beautiful orifice and guiding it deep into my busy mouth as I sensed the sheer izmir escort earthiness of his big pungent raised cock, how wonderful to feel the gentle pressure as he moved it in and out of my mouth moaning all the time – and the so divine and exclusive taste of him as I hungrily sucked it deep into my throat, feeling and cradling his so firm balls full of cream for me to enjoy as I wanted him to feed me.

“You make me go crazy then you ask me that” Jim breathed, looking intently at the screen, “I just adore the way you suck end release my foreskin to give my plum the most wonderful sensual experience.”

“Then let me do it to you now as you watch okay?” I asked and he was quick to respond. Levering that beautiful handful of sheer unadulterated stiff and very tempting cock for my perusal. After he’d madly downed his jeans and gorgeous black tight briefs which I loved to see him in so much, asking him if he brought a spare pair to go back in because he knew darned well I would want to keep his soiled ones to keep me going on some very stiff wanks during the time he was away.

He smiled; “How can I forget Pete, and here is a little present too” and he held his fresh sucked cock to the crotch and smothered with some really wonderful rich white cum I could ever wish for.

I sighed and he looked at me with that certain hungry look, grasping the back of my neck and pulling my head downwards again to afford that alsancak escort delicious cock I could never ever get enough of as I started to deep suck again for all I was worth, to take my ‘line’ to the full and to the brim as I felt his balls slap under my chin. To feel that wonderful extremity lodged full into my mouth, teasing the entrance to my throat was a sheer pleasure I would never like to miss when we are preparing for the ultimate fuck.

He writhes back in his seat, legs wide open as I tackle his balls and lick between his cheeks as I tease with my finger tips, sniffing him there and enjoying the scent of him so special and wonderful, I look forward to his fucking so much and know it wont be long the way we are going, but we so like to enjoy the foreplay so much when I simply just let go and urge him to open even wider as I suck and suck him and hard lick those balls – hearing him moan and cry out for more.

I glance at the screen and see he is looking at the scene where he has me bending over his lap, enjoying watching him nudge and stretch my ass cheeks so wide, there was I getting worked up watching myself, especially seeing him start to rim me like that, it was delicious to feel but to see too, that is so real! with his finger tips inserting one finger and then two, stretching my hole with some lubrication to prepare it for the length of his cock.

“You know something you have a beautiful buca escort ass, let’s do some now Huh, drop ’em for me Pete and let’s see the goods I am aching for?”

With the taste of him deep in my throat now I did what he wanted, feeling the itch in my ass then, I stretched across, my ass naked and pronouncing for him, I wanted just to be all ass for him then, wanted for him to tease and rim me, to slap me till red and numb, to finger me up until my hole was well and truly ready to take his deep probing cock inside, until I felt the so wonderful feeling of his ‘sinker’ cream spurting into me, and then taking it out of me, plunging into my mouth again to give me the wonderful deep sensual and intimate pleasure of tasting his cream as he then squirted some over my face.

It was so lovely and there he was doing the same on screen, then he gave me some more sound spanking with the outstretched palm his hand matching those on screen. That was just the start of a really sensual night of lust and love, the touch of his lips on mine after he had just sucked me deeply between my cheeks to heaven, the taste of his fingers after he had finger fucked me, the delicious sensation of the heat of his strong spurt over my ass and face, licking it off and feeling the sensation of it dripping down into my throat.

There could be nothing more intimate than that and when Jim retuned Monday evening upcountry I was left with the wonderful memory of what we had been doing most of the weekend, then to look forward again to the next weekend which always seemed just as fresh as the previous.

But my aches would be satisfied the whole week through with the scent and taste of him as, each night, I pressed his briefs into my face and entered that special heaven we both shared.

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