Horizontal Dance Ch. 01

Big Tits

Edited by Singularity

The music in the club is loud that it makes my heart beat like that of an animal running for it’s life. The waves of sound radiating from the speakers hit my skirt, and it vibrates with the music; I vibrate with it, dancing, one with the music. The rhythms fill my veins and saturate my blood and I’m high on adrenalin.

Suddenly someone grabs my hair, pulls it back, and bites me savagely on the neck. My scream is drowned in the surrounding blanket of sounds and the people around me take no notice. Then I’m being spun around by firm hands around my waist, and I look up and face my Master. With raised eyebrows he studies my outfit – from the colorful make-up on my face to the black toe nails peeking out from my stilettos. When he is done inspecting me, his mouth forms the word “slut”. Smiling wickedly, with eyes glittering down at me, he holds my head firmly between his hands and he leans down to attack my lips.

The kiss is hard, wet and demanding – I love it. My knees start shaking immediately, his emotional power over me is that intense.

Obviously he is aware of it, since his lips turn into a self-confident smile when he watches me shiver as reaction. His hand moves down over my back to reach my ass and he digs his fingers into my flesh. To silence me, he forces his tongue deep into my mouth. At the same time his fingers start to caress the crack between my ass cheeks.

“No panties, cunt?”

I stare up at him, breathless, and shake my head. His hand moves over my hip to the front of my dress, and without warning he shoves his hand between my legs and pushes two fingers into my cunt. The instant his hand touches me, I forget about everyone else on the dance floor. I can only focus on his eyes. I am locked in place, unable to move or look away while his fingers move around inside me.


I hear his words through the mist of my arousal, and I swallow.

His voice is firm and inpatient in contrast to the fingers which seem to have all the time in world to explore my inner walls. Then he flicks his thumb over my clit.

My eyes grow bigger and I cling to him, sobbing into his mouth. The orgasm hits me fast and hard, and my muscles start squeezing around his fingers. I am to absorbed by the feelings to actually feel embarrassed, I don’t really care. But the expressions my face reveals show how surprised I am – which seem to please my Master.

When the cramps begin to fade away, he pulls his fingers out. But my body is screaming for more.

“Well, look at that. Now I’m all sticky.”

He doesn’t have to say more, just standing there and holding his hand before my face.

Hungrily, I stick out my tongue and suck His fingers into my mouth. While my eyes drown in His, I let my teeth scratch over His fingers as I suck them clean. My mouth is filled with the sweet taste of cunt. He takes back His fingers and looks at my blushing face. I open my mouth to talk, but my voice chokes and I have to clear my throat twice, before I can speak.

“Thank You.”

He nods and looks around, trying to catch a glimpse of the friends I had arrived with.

“It’s a pleasure owning you. But let’s go now. This is not Betist the kind of dance I’ve got in mind.”

He spins me around and slaps my ass hard, so hard that I trip and stumble forward.

“Loosing balance that easily today, eh? New shoes, drunk or is it just my presence?” he chuckles while he catches me from behind and starts leading me through the crowd to the exit.

I can tell he is in a teasing mood, and I can feel his smile against my neck.

“You…it’s always You.” I mumble with a humble voice.

I look over my shoulder to see his face, receiving a soft smile in return. But then suddenly, his smile vanishes. He smacks his forehead in a bock annoyance, and his eyes grow in disbelief.

“Oh no, I forgot something! Stay still, little slut.”

I freeze where I’m standing, while different thoughts rush through my head. I should have known better, with Master being in a teasing mood. Of course, he won’t limit himself to only verbal teasing. At the same time I feel him lift my skirt from behind, and something cold presses against my cunt lips.

“Relax and let it in,” he orders.

I feel the dildo push my labia apart and force its way in.

“Spread your legs a little bit more.”

I’m leaning my head against my chest in concentration, and I spread my legs. My mouth is wide open and I am breathing fast. He is thrusting it in and filling me up. It feels like I’ve just been filled with ice, and I wonder how he got it so cold. There is no need to order me not to drop it, as my cunt is squeezing tight around it, trying to accept the length and wide of the intruder.

“Okay, I doubt it will escape now,” he whispers into my ear.

While I’m still gasping for air, he moves to stand in front of me. With a soft hand, he lifts up my chin and forces me to look at him. A wide, playful smile lights up his face.

“Do you know what, love? I think I’ve changed my mind. I am in the mood for dancing. May I have this dance, my lady?”

I stare at him, unable to hide a grin. I feel like anything but a lady with a dildo, his dildo, in my cunt and making it impossible for me to walk normally.

Without waiting for an answer, he covers my small hands with his large ones and he lifts them over my head. Then he starts rubbing his hips against mine, playful at first and then demanding. Instinctively I start rolling my hips towards his, every move reminding me of the dildo.

“Good girl. You know I love watching you dance. You can better than that.”

Taking a deep breath, I throw my head back and look up at the ceiling. His hands are groping my hips and body while I let myself focus on the music. Soon I feel my heart and blood pulsing with the same beat and at the same pace. With my hands in my hair, I start swinging my body, tempting him to take me to the next level. His eyes are on me and he is undressing me in his mind, and making me naked. I can tell. The dildo is not cold anymore, yet it’s in the way every time I squirm or shake to the music. I lower my hands to caress my breasts, and to fondle his hands; and then moving one hand down between my legs to touch myself.

His eyes leave me to watch something behind me. Betist Giriş Worried that I have lost his interest, I start dancing more provocatively until someone pokes my shoulder.

“Lilith, there you are!”

My hand leaves my crouch as if I was burned. I spin around and give my friend a smile, forcing myself to act normally even though I’m busted doing a dance that only belongs in ones bedroom. He eyes me down to my feet, and then up again. A shiver goes through my spine as I look at him.

“Nice moves,” he says with a little laugh. I can’t really tell his mood, but he seems amused.

Blushing under silence I hear a low growl from Master as the only answer to the comment. My friend turns his attention to the tall man behind me, and gives an apologizing smile.

“Sorry, Tristan. No offence.”

Embarrassed enough to want to escape through an invisible hole in the ground, I do the only thing I can and wait for him to reveal what he wants. Though quietly, I thank unknown powers that it wasn’t my brother interrupting us.

“We are moving,” my friend says to break the awkward silence. “Are you guys coming along?”

Master takes a step forward so he can press his erect cock against my ass.

“Thanks, but we are heading home,” I mumble down to the floor.

“Haha, I could see that,” my friend laughs.

My face turns even redder, and I look down at the floor. I hear him still laughing when he walks away and disappears in the crowd. Slowly I turn around and look up at my Masters face. He strokes a thumb over my blushing cheek.

“Okay honey, want to continue where you stopped? Or do you want to take a turn on the scene?”

I shake my head, looking at him with a nervous posture, begging. The whole situation made me very uncomfortable, and now I feel ashamed of my behavior.

He rolls his eyes, takes my hand and leads me out from the disco.

“Gees, you are easily upset. I will punish you for this. What now?”

He peers at me as I stay by the door, hesitating instead of jumping into the car.

I don’t dare to look at him when I mumble a low “How?”, while nodding towards the seat.

“I’m not in a hurry; I can wait till you have figured that one out, smart girl.”

Biting my lips hard, I reach to grab the headrest with one hand and the dashboard with the other one. Then I slowly try to sink down onto the seat. I can feel my cunt contract as a reaction as the dildo dig in deeper. The seat feels lower than usual, and I wonder if Master arranged it like that before picking me up. It takes time and effort before I’m finally sitting on the seat in the car. I have little sweat pearls over my lip, my hands are wet and it feels like the dildo is all the way up to my stomach. Just when I’m taking a deep breath of relief, it starts vibrating. I let out a short scream in surprise, and stare at my Master. He laughs at me, starts the car and drives us out from the parking lot.

The trip home is pure torture. Master is a very good driver, but this time he makes a series of short, sharp turns so I am being thrown either against him or the window. Accelerating and stopping is even more painful as it makes me lift up from the seat and then land hard with the vibrator hitting my cervix every time. By the time we are finally at the house, dried tears of strain have cover my face.

Master looks at me and gives me a comforting smile. Then he reaches forward and licks my lips before he pushes his tongue in. I taste blood from biting my lips too hard.

“You did good, cunt.”

While gathering my strength to get out of the car, I watch him go around it and open my door. He offers his hand, and when I grab it he helps me get out. My cunt is sore and aching, and I groan with pain when climbing the stairs to the front door.

Once inside he tells me to take a shower. His voice is soft and understanding, and he lifts his hand to dry away the tears on my cheeks. I look up at him and see him watching me.

“Spread your legs, darling,” he orders and at the same time his hands moves to my hips. Firmly he squeezes the flesh as his hands move over to my ass cheeks and the crack between them. He pulls out the vibrator in a slow, skilled move and I breath out in relieve.

Once in the shower, the hot water is healing and refreshing. I enjoy the feeling of silky skin under my wet fingers. When I come out, Master is sitting on the bed, talking on the phone. He hangs up and comes up to me, grabs my towel and drops it on the floor.

Left naked, I feel my nipples grow hard and I’m aware of the wetness between my legs. Then he closes my eyelids with one hand and pushes me down on the bed. Before I know it, he is naked and on top of me. My hands start exploring his strong body, feeling his muscles tense under my soft fingers loving touch. I doubt I ever will grow tired of feeling the strength of steel under the smooth skin. Without further play, his hand goes directly to my crotch and he grins when he discovers how wet I am.

“You are so easy to trigger.”

While one finger moves into my cunt, his other hand grabs a fistful of hair and forces me to bend my body in a bow with hips and chest up from the mattress. At the same time I feel his mouth plundering mine.

Dizzy with lust, I squirm against him, hungry for his attention.

“Hands over your head. Now.”

With my heart beating fast, I move my hands up and stretch out my body.

Under silence my Master immobilizes me in the bed. He locks leather cuffs around my wrists, and locks those to the iron bars of the bed. My ankles go the same destiny and it doesn’t take long before he is done. Then he pulls back and orders me to move. Confused I look up at him.

“How, Tristan?”

“Just kidding. Dom humor.”

A tight little smile is on his lips, and he makes me close my eyes again. Then I feel how he attaches a blindfold over my eyes.

Then, without a warning, the next thing I know is the familiar feeling of his throbbing cock touching my inner thigh. I sob with excitement and try to lift my hips against his hand. The contact with the palm of his hand is short, before I’m left with only cold air surrounding my body.

My senses are focused on him. Wondering what he is doing, what he is thinking. I’m laying still. Then he thrust himself all the way inside of my cunt. I give out a loud scream in pain and surprise.

“Shut up, or I’ll have to gag you.”

He holds still for a few seconds, waiting for me to get used to the cock filling me. Then He slowly starts moving…

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