Hot Wired


“Gordon Electric,” said Melanie, picking up the ringing phone. “Okay. Let me write down the address. Yeah. Okay. They’ll be there between nine and ten tomorrow morning.” Melanie hung up the phone and came into my office with a sheet off a pad. She handed it to me.”

“They need the whole house rewired,” she said. I told them you’d be there between nine and ten tomorrow morning.”

I looked at the note. “Yeah, okay,” I said. I put the address in the in-basket on my desk, and went back to figuring out how many switches and outlets I needed to order.

“Are we gonna get together tonight?” asked Melanie, lingering in my office.

“Yeah, sure,” I said, “we’ll go out for a bite to eat around six.”

“And then we’ll go up to my place,” she finished.

“Right.” I started playing with my cock behind the desk, knowing I was gonna get laid tonight. Melanie was a hot fuck. And she really loved my cock. She loved pulling down my zipper, and feeling into my boxer shorts through the fly, and stroking my hot meat until it was real thick and hard, and then she’d work it out through the flyhole. At this point she would get down on her knees in front of me to worship my piece. She would start licking it up and down, working her salivary glands to get her mouth dripping wet, and then clamp her hot jaws around my dick, letting it slide back over her tongue. She would crouch low so that her throat was in a long straight line from her mouth, and she would push on my ass to get me to work my dick past the mouth, way down deep into the hot clutching cavern of her esophagus. She would have liked it if I had shot my whole load down her throat, but I didn’t want the evening to be over so quickly. I had a couple of hours of fucking left in me. Then we would get on the bed, and I would plow her hot pussy in every position that had ever been tried by man. She just loved getting fucked, and I was only too happy to oblige her. And she knew very well that secretaries were a dime a dozen, and could easily be replaced. She knew her very livelihood depended on her talented mouth and cunt.

“Okay, you can go.” I waved my hand dismissing her from my office and went back to my calculations.

I was a boss who knew how to take good advantage of the employees. Gordon Electric had been my father’s company, and he trained me from an early age in everything electric. He knew one day I would take over the company. And of course, being my father’s son, I was immediately admitted into the union.

When dad had had enough, he and mom retired to Florida where he could play golf every day. And then the business was mine. Over the last few years I had developed a hiring strategy. I had had several secretaries, whom I kept until I got tired of their cunts, and now it was Melanie. I didn’t know how much longer she would last. I was starting to get itchy pants again. Lusting for something new. Of course, she thought we were on the threshold of an engagement, that very soon she was gonna be Mrs. Ernie Gordon. But hell man, no way. I just let her think that for my own convenience. I was used to using people, and it was fun. And it was profitable.

The three guys who worked for me were virtually my slaves. I paid them very little and treated them like shit. Stupid motherfuckers. And there was nothing they could ever do about it. I had it all planned out.

They were all illegal immigrants who wanted to stay in the country. And guess what? They didn’t have their green cards. I could pay them whatever I wanted, and treat them however I wanted, and there wasn’t diddly shit that they could do about it. And they were all terrific trained electricians. Trained back in the old country by skilled craftsmen.

First there was Paddy from Ireland. He was about thirty-five years old. Real tall with shaggy red hair. He was a big handsome powerful guy, with a hot temper. Those giant paws of his could do the most amazing things with copper wire. I think he was wanted back in Ireland for almost beating his wife to death in a drunken rage when he found out she was screwing the butter maker. I loved to curse him out and watch his delicate white skin flush into a hot pink, as he tried to control his anger, and struggled to keep from beating me, his boss, into a pulp.

Rafael was from the Dominican Republic. About twenty-seven. He was tall too. But lean. And he had a swarthy complexion. There was something shifty about his eyes. I didn’t quite trust him. I think he had been running a drug ring on the side back home, and had escaped in the nick of time before the authorities closed in. So he couldn’t go back. He was trapped here with me. With me abusing his sorry ass. I say that only figuratively. My abuse was strictly emotional. I loved to watch his handsome face try to remain impassive as I was telling him what a stupid fuck he was, that he had shit for brains, and everything he did was lousy. None of this was true, but it was my way of keeping him under control. Letting him know who was boss. Me.

The third member of my beloved little trio was Dmitri. The same age as Paddy. He had come over from mother Russia, and was on the hideout from the Russian mob after he had tried Esenyurt Escort but failed to take over a department store conglomerate in Moscow. His ass was grass if the mob ever found it. Of course I had no intention of turning him over to the mob, but I made sure he didn’t know that. He was a big hairy Russian bear. The biggest of the three. I think six foot six. And he was covered from head to foot with thick curly black hair. I think under all that beard was a handsome face. But who would ever know? Still, when he smiled, and those strong white teeth gleamed at you, you sort of got the idea that he was irresistible to the ladies.

I got on the loud speaker and called the three of them into my office from the factory, where they had been rewiring a snazzy red Mercedes which was now blue, and which had come into my possession in a strange way a couple of weeks ago, but you don’t need to know about that.

They shuffled in and stood there in front of my desk, looking at me with those stupid hangdog expressions. I told them about the job we had for the next morning, and that they were to meet me here at eight thirty and we would go in the truck. They didn’t answer. They didn’t say a word. They just looked at me. And when they saw I was finished, they shuffled back out. Stupid shits.

After work I took Melanie out for hamburgers at the diner. Then we went to her apartment and did the whole bit, with her digging my cock out through my boxer fly and going way down on it. Then, of course, we got on the bed and I pussyfucked the bitch upside and downside and all around side. Then I pulled out.

“Aren’t you gonna come?” she asked in surprise.

“Oh, I’m gonna come all right,” I told her. I’m gonna give you a hot shot up your ass.”

“Oh, no,” she refused, shaking her head. She pushed me away, and hit at me as I grabbed her.

“Oh, yes,” I insisted, slapping the bitch across the face. “Tonight you’re gonna take it up the ass.”

She started to cry, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I flipped her over and climbed on top and began digging the point of my angry cock into her virgin butthole. She kept crying all the time I slammed in and out of her, and she was still crying when I released my hot load up her back channel. I pulled out and went into the bathroom to wash up. I got dressed and as I was heading out the door, I turned to her sobbing form on the bed. “Be in the office by eight thirty,” I advised her. She looked at me tearfully and I pulled the door shut. Women are such pussies. She gets hysterical over a little anal action. Nobody hated having anything in their ass more than me, but I wouldn’t be lying there crying over it. And it was a real good way to show her who was ‘boss’.

The next morning, she’s sitting primly at her desk, like nothing ever happened the night before. I saw Paddy coming toward my office.

“Paddy, you big dumb shit. Get the fuck into my office,” I called. He slumped in and stood before my desk. “Sit down, asshole,” I said, pointing toward one of the small straight back chairs. He sat down on it uncomfortably. He was much too big for it. “Where are the others?” I asked.

“How should I know?” he asked.

“Don’t fuckin’ get high and mighty with me, or I’ll fire your ass and turn you into the authorities. Got that?” I asked pugnaciously.

“Yeah. I got it,” he said, smiling grimly. I didn’t know what he had to smile about.

Next came Rafael, the lamentable Latin. “Buenos Dias, estupido,” I said to him. (Good morning, stupid.) I had learned that in high school.

“Buenos dias,” he muttered and took another chair in my office. He and Paddy started giving each other mysterious meaningful looks. I wondered what that was all about.

Finally, the last of the terrific three got here. Only ten minutes late. I would fire his sorry ass, if I weren’t making so much money on it.

“You made it, Dmitri,” I said coldly and sarcastically.

“Da,” he said. I knew that meant yes. Stupid asshole couldn’t even say yes in English.

The three of them were now exchanging those annoying mysterious looks.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Vot are you talking about?” Dmitri asked innocently.

“Those looks you keep giving each other.”

“Now sure ‘n you must be imagining things,” said Paddy. “We don’t know what the hell you’re talkin’ about.”

I think he knew all right, lying bastard. I was the one who didn’t know. But I wasn’t going to make a big thing out of it and press it any further. I handed Paddy the address and the keys to the truck. Let him drive. Why should I have to?

“This is where we’re goin’?” Paddy asked in his husky brogue.

“That’s it,” I affirmed. He showed the other two the address, and they all nodded and started exchanging looks again. This was really maddening. Something was going on.

We got in the truck and Paddy drove to the house. It was amazing. This foreigner drove clear across town and found the right street and the right house without ever asking a single question. That should have made me suspicious right there.

“You been here before?” I asked.

“Aaahhh, no. No.” Esenyurt Escort Bayan he said. “Ain’t never been here.”

We got out of the truck and picked up our cases with all our gear in them, and walked up the path to the front door. I rang the front doorbell. Nobody came.

I rang it again. Nobody came. It seemed like the house was deserted. You couldn’t hear a sound.

“Let me try,” Paddy suggested. I moved out of the way and let him have a go. He was pounding on the door with one hand, and with the other he was taking a key out of his pocket. And he opened the front door with it.

“You have a key?” I was absolutely amazed. I didn’t know what was going on.

“But who lives here?” I asked.

“We do,” they all said. And before I had a second to react, Rafael and Dmitri smashed into me and sent me sprawling into the front hall. I tried to get up, but they all jumped on me and restrained me. I was putting up a good fight, but I was no match for Rafael and Dmitri together, who were slapping my face and tying me up while Paddy locked and bolted the front door with a million chains.

I noticed that all the locks on the door needed keys—from the inside.

“What are you doing?” I screamed “I’m your employer. How dare you. Let me go right now, and maybe I won’t fire your sorry asses. I’m your fucking boss.”

“You were our fucking boss,” Rafael parroted me. “Now you are our fucking prisoner. Your ‘boss’ days are over, senor.”

I was starting to get frightened. I wondered what these guys had in mind for me. My god. I needed to get to a phone and call the police. This was looking real bad.

“Carry him up to the blue bedroom,” said Paddy. The other two grabbed my trussed body and started hauling it up the stairs. When we got into the bedroom they tossed me on the big bed.

“Now we’re gonna have to untie your hands, for a couple of minutes to undress you,” Paddy explained as if to a child. “If you behave nice, everything will be fine for you. But if you give us any trouble…. Well. You’ll find out for yourself.”

I decided not to chance it. They took the rope from around my wrists, and I started massaging them. There were big red marks there. Then they started to strip off my shoes, my socks, my shirt, my pants, my undershirt, and yes, finally, my boxers with the flyhole that Melanie stuck her hand through. Why the hell were they taking off my clothes? I didn’t know what was going on.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked. No answer. “Why are you taking off my clothes?” No answer. When I was totally undressed, they took out a bunch of chains and handcuffs. The bed was a fourposter. They threw me on my stomach and cuffed my left hand to the left top post. They cuffed my right hand to the right top post. They cuffed my left leg to the left bottom post. They cuffed my right leg to the right bottom post. I was spread out like a rolled piecrust with my naked ass facing the ceiling.

“I remember you like to be clean,” said Paddy. “Am I right?”

“Of course, I like to be clean,” I snapped at him.

“Don’t get fresh with me, boyo,” and he started slapping my tender asscheeks. I was rootching around on the sheet. My ass was stinging like hell. As if that wasn’t bad enough, now Rafael started pounding my poor bottom. I saw a gleam in his sneaky eyes. He was getting off on this, the creep. Dmitri looked on enviously and finally elbowed Rafael aside so that he could get in his own licks with that enormous left hand of his.


My poor bottom was really hurting now. How dare they do this to me!

“Let me ask you again, boyo. And this time I want a civil answer. Do you like to be clean?”

“Yes,” I answered in a small timid voice.

“Good,” said Paddy. “Because we’re gonna make sure that you’re very very clean.” And with that he left the room. I could hear water running in the bathroom down the hall. It took a few minutes, but then he came back, and he was holding a large red enema bag. And you could see that it was full to the top.

“Please, no,” I pleaded. “Don’t do that.” I couldn’t stand having anything in my ass. Once when I was a child, my mother had tried to take my temperature rectally and I had totally freaked out. Now that my hole was about to get penetrated, I was feeling sorry for what I had done to Melanie.

“You haf to be clean,” said Dmitri. “You don’t want not be clean.”

“Dmitri,” Paddy said, handing him the end of the long hose with the mean looking plastic white tip. “Do the honors.”

“No. No. Stop,” I cried. “Not that. Please not that.” I was really crying, and I kept trying to move my ass away from that invading plug.

“You godda keep still, or you really gonna get hurt. I might tear ass if you keep moving like that,” Dmitri advised.

He had distracted me just look enough for me to slow down, and I felt the plastic moving through Escort Esenyurt my sphincter. “AAAARRRGGHH,” I screamed in discomfort. “Take that out of me.”

“Okay. Is in. Open it up,” Rafael said to Paddy. Paddy unclipped the metal stopper, and suddenly I felt a flood of hot water gushing into my ass. I screamed.

“It’s hot. It’s too hot. You’re burning me.”

“It ain’t too hot,” said Paddy. “It’s just right. I tested it on my wrist.” The fucking bastard. I just lay there with that hot stream flooding into my intestines, crying all the time.

“What a baby. What a pussy,” said Rafael.

“I always knew so,” said Dmitri, nodding at him. Finally the bag was empty, and I needed to get rid of that water and fast. “Let me go into the bathroom,” I begged.

“Nah. You ain’t done yet.” Paddy reached under me and started pressing on my belly. “Nah. You can take a lot more,” And he went down the hall to the bathroom again. I heard the water running. He was refilling the damned enema bag. When he returned to the room, they gave me another gutbath. I ended up having three. I was so full of hot water, I thought I was gonna explode, but they stuck a black butt plug up my ass and made me lie there for ten minutes with the water sloshing around inside me. “AAAGGGHHH.”

Finally they took me down the hall, and stood there watching, while I noisily expelled the liquid. What a relief! My face was sweating. Finally when I was empty they took me back to the bedroom and refilled my colon with more hot water.

“We got to make sure you are really limpisimo (immaculate),” said Rafael in his accented English, mixed with one Spanish word.

“We like clean,” added Dmitri.

I guess in another hour I was clean, because the enemas finally stopped. I was still lying there chained up with my ass in the air. Then they gave each other those looks again, and they were starting to strip off their clothes.

“What are you doing?” I asked. No answer. Suddenly a very large and very naked Paddy was kneeling in front of my face on the bed. He had white white skin with a covering of fine red hair. And the hair around the cock, which was staring me in the face, and around his balls was a flaming orange. He was pulling up and down on his enormous penis. And it was getting bigger and bigger and stiffer and stiffer. Even now I wasn’t absorbing what was about to happen to me. I didn’t want to know.

When the prick was very big, and very thick and very stiff, he grabbed my hair and forced my mouth over it. “Suck on it, you bastard. Suck on my big thick red-headed Irish prick.” And he forced the big thing into my mouth where I choked on it. I was doing all I could not to throw up. He was using my hair to work my jaws up and down on his male sexual organ.

“Your turn,” he said to Rafael, who took his place and stuffed his big bronze hard-on into my mouth. My attention was so focused on the cock in my mouth that I didn’t realize what was coming next. I felt Paddy crawl over my ass, and I felt his sucked wet dick hit my buttcheeks. He pried them open, and began spitting into my hole, and working the spit in with his fingers. Then I felt the wide blunt head of his knob hitting my tender protective door. I couldn’t take that big thing in my ass. No way.

“No,” I screamed. “Please not that.” Rafael jammed his prick back into my mouth and cut off further protests. The orange-fringed very white cock was breaching my border and invading my virgin territory. Now it was moving in. Oh god. And I had thought a rectal thermometer was bad. This big mother was crawling up inside my hole, and it was hurting. It was hurting like a motherfucker. I started sobbing again, as Paddy began to plow in and own of me. In and out. In and out.

And then this strange thing happened. I felt the pain start to ebb away. And after a few minutes it was gone. And now I just felt the big hot cock massaging the tissues of my rectal walls. It was starting to feel a little good.

“He starts to like it,” Rafael observed. He pulled out of my mouth and let Dmitri take his place. Dmitri had the biggest gnarliest cock I had ever seen in my life. It was like a giant redwood. He forced my lips over the knob. It was too much. My jaws had never been spread so wide. They were aching me. But did I have any choice in the matter? Excess spit was pouring from the corners of my mouth as Dmitri fucked it. And when he shoved it back into my throat, I thought, “This is it. No more air. I’m done for.” But I kept sucking, as Paddy kept fucking. He was stretched out over my back, holding my sides, and riding me like a pony as he worked his white elephant tusk into my hole. But damn. It was feeling all itchy and good back there. And his prick kept hitting against something in my ass that was just driving me up the wall. I felt a slight burning sensation in my cocktube, and thought I might shoot. Yes. I was going to shoot. It was coming out the eyehole in my dick, my white hot cum, and my ass started to vibrate around Paddy’s pounding prick, which I could feel swelling inside me, and Paddy was spurting out gobs of thick white cream which I could feel coating my asswalls. I felt satisfied, and ready to go to sleep, but I forgot that there were two more cocks that would want to gain entrance into my holy chamber. Paddy pulled out with a soft audible plop, and I felt cream running out of my hole for a second, until Rafael stopped it up with his rust-colored rammer.

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