House Guest Ch. 02

Group Sex

Please read House Guest Ch. 1 before reading this story. Thank you – Author

The next morning, while the whole family was eating breakfast, Vicky came in to the kitchen she was wearing a robe and underneath it was the white negligee she was wearing from last night, she then sat beside Joey. While they were eating Joey can’t keep the image of his aunt Vicky, stroking those creamy thighs of hers, out of his mind causing a big bulge inside his shorts. When Vicky crossed her legs her robe dropped to the sides and it again exposed those creamy white thighs Joey had been dreaming of since last night.

Joey could not concentrate on eating his breakfast because he kept on stealing glances at Vicky’s creamy thighs. Joey’s horniness grew when at times Vicky would slowly rub those thighs with her long manicured fingers. Vicky was oblivious to the effect her body and innocent gestures was having, on the young man beside her, all the while she was just talking to Joey’s mom and dad. As breakfast was finished Joey’s mom and dad rushed to the office and just instructed Joey to clean up and wash the dishes. But Joey could not stand up just yet to clear the table because he still had that boner inside of his shorts he was too embarrassed to let his aunt Vicky see his raging hard on so he made up an excuse that he just clean after he finishes his pancakes. So Vicky volunteered to clear the table. When Vicky finished clearing the table she excused herself and told Joey that she would just take a bath and she then will go to her appointment. When Vicky had already gone out of the house Joey went to his room and the scent that Vicky left was seducing Joey so he quickly took off his shorts and then looked for his aunt Vicky’s worn panties, inside the hamper he found a pair of white cotton bikini panties and when he smelled it the scent that emanated from those worn panties gave his hard on another boost of energy so he wrapped the panties around his cock and then jerked off using Vicky’s panties after a few minutes of jacking off Joey came and his sperm filled the crotch of Vicky’s panties. Gaziantep Anal Escort After resting for a while Joey threw the panties back to the hamper, took a bath and went to school.

When Vicky returned from her appointment that afternoon she found out that everybody had gone out. She thought that it was a good time to do her laundry so she got the hamper and carried it to the laundry room and when she was sorting the used garments inside she got hold of her panties that Joey used to jerk off. She examined the crotch and felt that it was wet and sticky so she smelled it then she assumed that it was a man’s cum. She then thought who’s cum was on her panties she then remembered that Joey was the only one left in the house when she left so it must have been his. At first Vicky got angry and was contemplating on telling Joey’s mom. But after thinking it over for a few minutes, Vicky got excited and then she thought to herself “Why don’t I teach this young man a lesson and tease the hell out of him?” And with that thought Vicky threw her wet panties aside and returned to her laundry.

That night Vicky thought of a plan to tease young Joey. She called Joey who was watching TV in the living room in to her room she asked him if he could put the new curtains his mom bought for her. So Joey went and got a ladder and then proceeded to install the new curtains, then Vicky excused herself to go to the bathroom to change. After a few seconds Vicky returned just wrapped in her towel, Joey almost fell from the ladder as he saw the object of his fantasies in such revealing attire.

“I have to call someone!” Vicky told Joey

Joey’s eyes was transfixed on Vicky as she sat down on the bed with her legs slightly apart giving Joey a peep at her creamy white thighs. Joey’s eyes almost popped from their sockets when Vicky laid on the bed and lifted one leg on the bed, her towel opening slightly at the crotch area and presenting Joey with an adulterated view of her panty covered pussy. Joey could make out the outline that was carved by the slit of Vicky’s pussy. Joey could feel his hard on coming so he tried desperately to conceal his hard on from his Aunt Vicky but to no avail his ten-inch cock was just impossible to hide. So Joey tried his darndest best not to look in the direction of his Aunt Vicky but Vicky’s creamy white thighs and the occasional exposure of her panties was impossible to ignore.

As Vicky was making the call she could feel Joey’s lustful eyes following her every move especially down there between her legs. She made sure that Joey could see her panties as she stayed in that position for quite some time. After a few minutes Vicky glanced up at Joey and caught him staring at her but what caught her attention was the tent that was formed in front of his shorts. Sensing that Joey was really very uncomfortable in this predicament she sat up and then crossed her legs thus ending the peep show.

Vicky then returned to the bathroom and she laughed at herself.

“Serves him right!” She murmured to herself

But she thought about Joey’s hard on and she imagined how it would look like without the fabric covering his cock. Then she felt a sudden arousal inside her pussy but she immediately dismissed the thought and then took a cold shower.

When Vicky got out the bathroom and went to her room Joey was already gone and had the curtains already installed. So she closed the door and prepared to get dressed but the room seemed kind of hot. So Vicky opened the windows so that some fresh air could come into the room. Unknown to Vicky at that moment Joey was hiding behind the bushes in front of her bedroom window. After opening the windows Vicky removed the towel that she was wrapped in, and let it fall to the ground, which left her only in her lacy white panties. Joey, who was silently watching her, trembled upon seeing the leading lady of his fantasies naked from the waist up. Vicky, who was about to apply lotion on her body, was startled when she heard quiet shuffles in the bushes by her window so she glanced in its direction and saw Joey’s head slightly exposed. She was about to scream but thought otherwise, she will treat Joey to a little tease show.

So Vicky sat on her bed, which was in front on the windows, and then poured an abundant amount of oil on her hand and then she rubbed it gently and seductively on her body. First on her arms then on her neck and to Joey’s quiet pleasure she started to apply some oil on her voluptuous breast, but instead of just applying it on, Vicky made it a point to seductively massage her soft bosom making occasional glances at the direction where her young spectator was positioned. Vicky would pinch and pull her nipples, which solicited soft moans from her. A few minutes of this and Vicky was beginning to get aroused herself, she was getting excited not only by what she’s doing to herself but also in knowing that someone was watching her doing her private things. As Vicky continued to rub her, Joey could not help but to yank his enormous cock out of his pants and started to masturbate.

After a few exciting minutes Vicky laid on her bed and then spread her legs apart then started to run her fingers on her thighs. Then she slightly brushed her pussy through her panties and, after a few innocent brushes; her hand lingered on her pussy and made light, circular stroking motions on her pussy. This scene was just too much for Joey as he jacked off his cock vigorously without regard of being caught. Vicky after hearing the rapid ramblings of the bushes decided to stop the show. As it would make Joey even hornier and he had to relieve himself some place else without the benefit of her peep show, so Vicky stood up and then closed the blinds abruptly ending her own peep show. Vicky returned to her position on the bed and then imagined Joey holding his cock and jerking him off. Those thoughts sent shockwaves to her pussy so that she took off her panties and then started to rub her pussy and then fingered herself imagining Joey’s cock until she reached an earth pounding orgasm. After collecting herself, Vicky questioned herself “What am I doing?”. She could not comprehend her actions she was getting turned on imagining a boy just old enough to be her son. This young boy awakened her long dormant passions towards sexuality.

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