How My Husband Learned to Satisfy a Woman – Part 3


After that intense experience with Joshua, she shamelessly and fully surrendered her body to him.  He had her move on top of him so she could pleasure her with a reverse and forward cowgirl.  Afterward, he put her head on the floor with her back against the side of the bed, her legs in the air.  Facing her, he placed his feet alongside her head, held onto her ankles, and began pushing down into her pussy from above.  He brought her to a couple more orgasms in this position. He demonstrated his strength with a few other unique positions standing with her in front of him with her legs around him, pushing her back against the wall.  Another was with him holding her upside down, which allowed her to suck his cock as he licked her pussy. He thought for a moment, then said, “I want to try to do something that I consider rather extraordinary.  You seem to be open to some experimentation so I will do something completely different with your body tonight.” He had her look him in the eyes as he explained, “I want to do this with you as only a few women will trust me enough to do this with me.  I think you are about the right size, and you are playful and open-minded enough to try this.” He lifted her high above his chest, slowly slid her body down his bulging chest muscles and his ripped abdomen, holding her stomach while she moved her hips back and forth until she was fully impaled on his massive 10-inch thick cock. “Now, I will let go of you with my hands slowly and you will balance on my hard cock that is fully embedded in your pussy.  You will be held up with just your pelvic bone at the front of your vagina as it will be riding on my cock.  Trust me on this.  You won’t fall, as I’ll catch you if you lose your balance.  Are you ready?  OK, spread your legs and arms out to your side; nothing is touching me except your pussy which is tightly holding my cock.  Now, I’m going to let go of you with my hands, and both of us will lean back slightly.  Good!  Your legs and arms are spread, now I’m going to let go of you with my hands, and you will be balanced and held up only by my hard cock.  One, two, three…” His hands let go of her.  She felt her entire body weight being supported on the inside of her pelvic bone at the top of her vagina.  It pressed hard, was a little uncomfortable, but was tolerable for a short time.  She looked at him with amazement when she realized she was balancing on his cock with only her pussy and vagina holding onto him.  She tried to reach the floor by extending her toes but couldn’t reach it. She waved both hands over her head and howled, “Yippee!  Ride ‘um cowgirl!” He laughed at this comment from her.  He slowly counted to thirty seconds, then grasped her by the waist, lifted her up and off his cock, then lowered her leaving her standing on the floor. “How did you like that?  I’ll bet you’ve never done that before.” “OMG, that was phenomenal!  I was scared at first, but I was surprised that we could actually do it once I was balanced.  I’ve never had the full weight of my body held by my pussy.  Wow!  I’ll never forget that experience for the rest of my life.”  Over the next couple of hours, she realized she had never been with any man with the muscular strength and massive cock that could give her the sexual intensity that she was enjoying at the moment.  After a few hours more, the many different things he did to her were so intense that it became grating on her nerves, and fatigue was starting to be evident.  As the evening went on, she regretted stating that she would stay with him no matter how intense it got.  He didn’t take his erect cock out of her after he got all of it into her now fully stretched-out vagina.  His cock was only out of her wet velvet cock sleeve for a few seconds when they changed positions.  Whenever he could, even after she told him to do other things to her, he would push into her deep posterior fornix with every thrust.  When she was on the verge of telling him she needed to call it quits, he grabbed her from behind by her hips, slammed his huge cock entirely into her vagina, and roared, “I’m going to cum!  I’m going to dump my cum as deep in your pussy as I possibly can.” Holding her hips tightly against his pelvis, he rammed everything he had deeply into her, causing her to scream.  An eruption went off from deep inside his body, launching several huge jets of cum that pulsed with considerable force ricocheting around her vaginal fornix, completely engulfing her cervix and filling her entire vagina in every space around his cock. Experiencing his forceful firehose ejaculation sent her into another intense series of body-shaking orgasms.  He collapsed on top of her for a few moments.  He was spent and limp.  It looked like a gallon of thick white milk as his Ankara escort cum poured out of her extremely well-used and gaping vagina when he eventually pulled out.  She lost track of how many orgasms she’d had that night and thought there wasn’t a way she could have ever counted them.   Finally, she got strength enough to move and she exclaimed to him, “I’m so sorry, but I’ve got to stop.  I’m very sore, and I’m getting to where what you are doing to me is not pleasurable anymore.” She reached down and found her inside pussy lips were not only sore, but they were bleeding.  The inside of her vagina walls were also raw and bleeding, especially around the opening.  Unexpectedly, even her clit was sore.  She held her hand up to show him the blood on her fingers, “See, you’ve given me such an unbelievable experience tonight that I’m bleeding from my pussy lips.”  He was surprised because he thought they had used enough lube to prevent this from happening. She pulled herself off the bed, went to the shower, and gingerly cleaned up.  She dressed and told him, “You are an incredible and amazing stud.  I’ve never even heard of anyone as good as you, or anyone that can do what you did to me tonight.  But, I’m sorry I can’t go on anymore.  You are too much for my body to take.  Your sexual performance is completely over the top.  I can’t handle your super deep penetrations, which have made me sore everywhere in my pussy, even very deep inside.  However, I will say that I am very impressed by your phenomenal endurance.  Thank you for showing me what is the most intense sex I’ve ever had.  I’ll never forget this night.” She gave him a huge hug and kiss, said goodbye, and walked out of the hotel and to her car.  She got home at about 4:00 AM, crawled into bed, and quickly fell asleep, entirely and thoroughly exhausted. She took the remainder of the weekend to lay around the apartment and recover, and it took until Tuesday night for her soreness to subside and be able to wipe herself without hurting.  She indeed found out that there really is an upper limit to how much pleasure (or was it torture) she can endure.  She will remember that night as mind-blowing but painful and not something she thought she would do again anytime soon. When Ryan got home on Sunday afternoon, he gave her a mischievous knowing smile and asked if she had had a good time with Joshua. She rolled her eyes and said, “That man is one unbelievable stud.  His cock is amazing and huge.  He is tremendously strong and has incredible sexual stamina and energy.  We did things that I didn’t know could be done.  He showed me there really is a limit to what amount of sexual stimulation I can withstand.  It was 3:00 in the morning on Saturday morning when I had to tell him that I had to stop as I was getting very sore and bleeding from all his pumping and pounding into my poor pussy. Ryan chuckled and said, “That’s great!  That’s what I wanted him to do to you.  I had hoped that he would show you that there is an upper boundary to what you can withstand.  I hope you are satisfied now that you don’t want the guys who can do the most to you during sex as your life partners.  I hope that helps you put your sexual demands in perspective with other guys like me in the future.” 7th Weekend – Unfortunately, Matt called Lydia and told her that he had to cancel his trip to see her this weekend as the project he was working on needed some extra help, and he needed to be there. She was extremely disappointed and let him know how she felt about not seeing him since she had planned it all week. After he hung up, she decided that she would surprise Matt at the base since she didn’t have anything else to do.  At least she hoped she could get one of his wonderful kisses. She made the hour’s drive and arrived at the front visitor’s center of the military base.  She got out of the car and walked inside.  She told the guard that she was looking for Lieutenant Mathew Briggs.  She told the guard that he should be working somewhere at the base over the weekend.  He asked for her identification to check the terrorist watch list to ensure she wasn’t on it.  He joked and said he would be amazed if her name came up.   She watched as the guard couldn’t find her information in the database, then he made a call, waited for someone to check something on the phone, spoke for a minute, then hung up.  He walked back to her.  He returned her identification, then said, “I’m sorry, but Lieutenant Briggs is off every weekend and is not here on the right base now.  He will be back for his scheduled shift on Sunday afternoon.” What he said surprised Lydia as Matt had always told her that he worked every other weekend, but now she finds he was off all weekends and wasn’t Ankara escort bayan on the base.  She felt that she had been lied to and was very unhappy.  She thanked the guard, turned around, and drove the hour back home, getting more upset with Matt the closer she got to her apartment.  Back home, she contemplated what she should do for the weekend.  Then she remembered Todd, the groomsmen from their wedding.  He had told her several times if she ever found herself alone for a weekend, he would promise to make her weekend one that she would never forget. She knew there would be no special commitment from him, and he didn’t expect anything from her either.  She rationalized that after Matt had stood her up for the weekend, and maybe he was with another girl, she had the right to have revenge with an old fuck buddy. She called Todd.  “Are you busy for the weekend –tonight and tomorrow night? “For you, I will always be available.  Are you taking me up on my offer from the last time we saw each other? “I want to see if you were just teasing me or if you were serious?” “Babe, for you, I’m as serious as a heart attack!  Of course, but by the time the weekend’s over, one of us might need to call for an ambulance.  I promise to give you the most intense sexual experience I possibly can.   I hope you are ready for something incredible.” “Sounds delightful!  Please come to my apartment.  I’m alone for the weekend, and we have it all to ourselves.” She gave him her address.  In thirty minutes, he rang the doorbell.  She opened the door dressed in one of her short teddies, showing lots of legs.  He exclaimed, “You look even better than last time I saw you.  Wow!  Your body is begging to be fucked.  I see you exceeded my wildest dreams tonight.  I can’t believe I get the next two nights with that luscious body.” He closed the door behind him.  He gave her an intense kiss and said, “I can’t wait to have you.” She guided him by the hand into the bedroom.  She immediately dropped to her knees, unbuckled his belt, pulled out his familiar cock, and started to suck and lick it.  He moaned and reached down and loosened the ties on the shoulder of the teddy she was wearing. After a couple of minutes, he pulled her up and said, “Babe, don’t make me cum yet.  I want to make this last.  I’ve got a full weekend to enjoy your luscious body, and I want to savor every moment of it.” He pushed her teddy off her shoulders, and it silently drifted to the floor. He picked her up in his arms and headed for the bed.  He dropped her on it and quickly stripped her panties off.  He dove into her shaved pussy lips and gave her an intense licking.  After one good orgasm, she rolled him over and got on top of him, where she grabbed his cock as she lowered herself onto it and started riding him.  The rest of the night was spent in every position possible, but mostly she was on top of him, on all fours, or him riding her in the missionary position.  When exhausted, she cuddled up to him, pulled his strong arms around her, and fell asleep.  They started again mid-morning and kept up the passionate sex until noon.  They showered and dressed to go out to eat at a nice Mexican restaurant they knew.  Then drove around the city, looking at the new high-rise buildings.  They spent the evening watching a movie at her apartment.  Then they started their sexual performance in bed, giving each other the intense sexual movements and actions they had enjoyed the night before.  Somehow, towards midnight a different uneasy feeling began to set into Lydia’s mind.  Everything about this sex was nice, but she realized there was no meaning to it.  It was just sex, for sex’s sake.  She began to realize that she missed making love to Matt.  Todd noticed this mood-setting in over her as he found that she wasn’t responding to his actions like she had been doing. Todd asked, “OK, what’s wrong.  You have become silent and withdrawn.  I’m having sex with you, but you are not reacting to anything I do.  It’s like your mind is somewhere else.  Tell me if I’ve done anything wrong or if I’ve upset you in any way?”  “No, Todd.  You haven’t done anything wrong, and I’ve immensely enjoyed these evenings with you.  I don’t know exactly what I’m feeling, but sex seems to have gotten unexciting, and I can’t seem to get back into the proper mindset with you.  I’m so sorry.  I never thought this would happen.  Why don’t we just go to sleep and see if I can feel better about this in the morning.” “OK, Babe, whatever you need.  Let me at least cuddle with you while we sleep.” He moved up to spoon her.  They pulled the sheet over them and drifted off to sleep with his hand on her breast. In the morning, when he woke up, he found her awake, silently Escort Ankara staring at the empty wall with tears streaming down her beautiful face.  He knew that this didn’t make for a good day together.  She wouldn’t tell him what the problem was, no matter how he pried.  He also knew that whatever was going on with her, he couldn’t solve it.  So he kissed her for what he knew would be the last time and let himself out of the apartment.  She missed Matt. 8th week -The Wednesday night lovemaking session scheduled between Lydia and Ryan. Their last try to see if they could work things out sexually for them.  Two months after Lydia said she was not going to put up with Ryan’s poor lovemaking any longer. There was a strangeness between them.  It was like trying to have sex with someone you didn’t know.  They got into bed and he started kissing her, rubbing her back and legs, and caressing her breasts and stomach.  He tried several things including licking and sucking her clit and fondling her breasts.   He didn’t get much of a reaction from her.  She just laid there.  She tried to enjoy it.  It seemed apparent that he was getting no reaction from her at all. She realized that she is just not mentally into sex with Ryan.  Her heart just isn’t in it.  Her brain kept comparing Ryan to Matt and even Joshua.  She remembered what they had done to her over the past couple of weekends.  She was disappointed in herself and how she was reacting to Ryan.  She didn’t achieve an orgasm even though Ryan was trying hard and demonstrating all the things that he had learned.  He was tremendously better than he’d ever been before.  But still not satisfying for her.After about two hours of trying, she finally calls it quits and says, “I’m sorry Ryan.  Really I am.  I still care about you but I can’t enjoy sex with you.  I just don’t feel the spark with you as I do with other guys.  Because of this, I’m realizing now that I need more.  I’m asking that our marriage be an open relationship.  I will find other men to satisfy my sexual needs.” For the first time in their marriage, their discussions got completely open and honest.  They were straightforward with each other.  They both started laying their feelings out clearly for the other person.  They talked and compared experiences and feelings of what had happened to both of them over the past couple of months.  They explained what they learned and found out that they both want in a sexual relationship and a lifelong partner. After they concluded talking, Ryan surprised her with a decision he’d made.  “Lydia, I have found a new woman that enjoys my lovemaking just the way I am now.  I really don’t have any desire or need to come back to you and our relationship.  I will be moving all my stuff out of this apartment and into my new girlfriend’s house over the next couple of days.” “If you want to know, my girlfriend is Melissa’s daughter.  She joined us for the last four weekends in an assortment of three ways that Melissa put together.  My new girlfriend has orgasmed several times per night with me and couldn’t be happier.  I will be filing for a divorce as soon as possible, probably by Friday, because I want to be with my new girlfriend now.  I really feel that this woman is the one I want to spend my life with.  I’m truly sorry that this marriage didn’t work out.” Lydia responded, “I am sorry too!  I know we went into our marriage thinking it would be much different than it ended up being.  It wasn’t the wonderful happy-ever-after life I had hoped it would be.  I wish you the best of luck, and I hope you are truly happy with your new girlfriend.” She realized that she wasn’t feeling any jealousy or a sense of loss.  It was more a feeling of relief.  She honestly felt pleased that he was moving on with someone that brought him happiness.  She thought that she was probably going to tell make the same decision if her relationship with Matt will develop further.Now that Ryan wasn’t in her life any longer, she decided she needed to push the courtship with Matt to the next level and see how far it can go. The 9th weekend: The following weekend, when she met Matt at their prescheduled time at their regular hotel, she walked into the lobby.  Matt smiled and gave Lydia a quick non-passionate kiss on the cheek, grabbed her arm firmly, and led her to a corner table in the lobby area of the hotel.  They both sat down with him across the table from her so he could look directly at her.  There was a briskness apparent between both of them Matt started, “It’s apparent that we’ve got to get a few things answered right here and now. Lydia snarled back to him, “Yes, and I’m going to start.  You have always told me that you work every other weekend. When I drove up to your base, and they tried to find you, the guard said you are off every weekend, and you weren’t on the base. They said that you would return for your shift on Sunday afternoon.  Why did you lie to me and say you were working when you clearly weren’t?  Have you been seeing another woman on the weekends you are not with me? 

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