How to Whip a Woman


The trail of the missing women had led Amanda to a creepy run down mansion. Being the local newspaper’s lead investigative reporter at the young age of 25 had gotten Amanda into trouble before and she wondering if this was one of those times as she opened the large heavy wooden door.

The door creaked with a sound that almost told visitors they need to turn back. Amanda stepped inside and slowly closed it behind her.

“Hello. Anyone here?” She said trying to sound confident and assertive when on the inside she knew she wasn’t.

Her voice echoed down the long hallways and rooms of the abandoned mansion. She slowly made her way towards the first room on her left. She was in awe at the expansive library that was nearly completely covered in cobwebs and dust.

Amanda’s vision caught something out of place on the wooden table in the center of the room. A single leather bound book was laying on the large hardwood table’s surface. It was unlike the rest of the room. The leather cover was clean with no dust and seemed almost new and untarnished.

She stepped closer examining the book. She opened it and read the cover page. “How to Whip a Woman.” She said aloud as chill bumps ran up her spine.

She stopped stunned on the 7th page. A pencil sketch of a beautiful naked woman in bondage and being whipped covered the left page of the book. She read an excerpt from the page beside the image: “The soft feminine form was designed to give pleasures to men. The tender flesh of a woman is never more alive and on fire immediately following the strike of a whip or cane. Watch as a true slave to the lash will squirm her body seductively, begging not just for another lash but for her soul to be owned by the whip.”

Amanda slammed the book closed. Something about reading those words had caused her to feel an uneasy nervousness about the mansion and where she was. She looked down at the seemingly harmless leather book and reopened it flipping deeper into its pages. She paused on a page midway through the book and studied the pencil drawing. It was almost as if she recognized the poor damsel in distress. She looked closely before reaching for her cell phone.

“There is no way.” She said aloud flipping through pictures of the missing women on her phone. She stopped at a picture matching the pencil sketch. “She disappeared three weeks ago. It can’t be.” Amanda said comparing the two faces.

The pencil özbek escort sketch showed a naked woman spread eagled and bound. Heavy metal shackles pulled her limbs in all directions. The woman’s inner thighs and pussy mound were streaked in lines from a whipping. Amanda read the pages text. “A cat-o-nine tails whip can be applied to even the most sensitive places. It’s strands can be the bringer of such pleasure and pain. A true painslut will beg for the kiss of the cat.”

Amanda couldn’t help but flip to the next page. Her jaw dropped seeing another familiar face from the photos of the missing women. She flipped again and again through the pages until stopping on sketch matching the most recent disappearance. She was in shock as the naked woman was bound and displayed. Whip marks covered the bare back and ass of the helpless woman.

“How is this possible? She disappeared less than two days ago.” Amanda said as her fingers shook touching the top corner of the next page. She didn’t want to turn it but at this point she had to.

Amanda stared at the drawing. “This isn’t possible.” She muttered. She looked down at a sketch of her own naked body. Her small 5’2″ frame was bent forward in a harsh strappado tie and her ankles spread by harsh ropes pulling them apart. She looked closely at the multiple strands of rope that encircled her wrists and ankles. There was something so erotic about the position and how she was the subject of the art.

She could almost feel the cool air of a dungeon room caress her naked skin as the ropes held her body immobile. She felt herself becoming slightly aroused at the scene of her helplessness. She at least could see no signs of whipmarks on her pencil drawn body. She reached her fingers again to the corner of the page flipping to the next.

An identical image flashed onto the next page except this one had a long, snake like, whip impacting the rear thighs of Amanda’s body. She looked at her facial expression on the drawing as it screamed for mercy. Amanda felt so strangely aroused that she slipped a hand under her jeans to rub her clit through the thin fabric of her panties.

Again flipping the page she could now see a welt from the previous blow. She looked again to see her face, but instead of fear or terror she recognized the look of lust on her own eyes. She turned page after page to see the scene play out. From somewhere mecidiyeköy escort in the darkness the whip decorated her thighs with welts and marks to the cries and moans of her mouth.

Amanda had slipped fingers under her panties and slid them inside her as she watched the first whip blow to her small hanging breasts. The image had the whip impact coming up from underneath. The majority of the blow landing squarely on her hanging tits and the tail of the whip slamming into her back. Amanda dropped to her knees as an orgasm hit her so hard. She panted and moaned on the dirty dust covered floor as she slowed her breathing trying to regather her composure.

When she looked up she was surprised to no longer see the book or table. She was no longer in the library but in a dark lightless space. She looked back down to her kneeling legs and realized her jeans and shoes were gone. She felt the cool air of the subterranean room chill her now exposed nipples. Amanda tried to cover herself as she realized all her clothes were missing.

Suddenly behind her a loud “CRACK” could be heard. She jumped to her bare feet and began running in the dark, away from the sound. As she ran she could hear the sound again and again behind her. Eventually she stopped panting for air. She could see a dim light ahead and made her way there.

She stopped shocked in awe at what the torch light illuminated. Two metal rings in the floor were attached to long strands of rope. An identical rope seemed to hang down from the ceiling. She knew this place. It was from the sketch. Amanda shuddered realizing this is where she would taste the whip.

Something deep inside her submitted to her fate. She knelt down between the ropes and placed her hands behind her back and leaned forward. She felt the ropes move by themselves. In seconds they had wrapped multiple times around both her ankles. She felt more rope winding it way around her wrists she held behind her. Soon the rope was pulling taunt, as she found herself pulled to her feet with ankles spread wide and her wrists lifted high to the ceiling. Soon her shoulders were stretched to their limit as her spread feet barely rested flat on the cold stone floor. She realized that she was identically matching the pencil sketch of her from the book. She knew what would come next.

From the darkness she heard the sound of something cutting sharply through the air. “CRACK” The azeri escort whip impacted Amanda’s rear thighs as she let out a blood curling scream. She had little time to react as another harsh lash cut into her backside. Again and again the blows elicited screams from the naked and bound Amanda. She was panting and sweating from the harsh torment but it had stopped.

She moaned and pleaded with the darkness. “Please… stop… you don’t have to do this…” her mind suddenly remembered the next sketch from the book. It was too late as the bullwhip cut harshly, slamming into her perky hanging tits. The tail of the whip wrapping around her breast and striking her back. She let out another scream as the blow was repeated again and again.

What seemed like hours of torment and pain ended as quickly as it began. Amanda was left to pant and moan as her body was streaked with the welts from the harsh bullwhip. She watched as the same book from before was lifted and hovered into her view. It opened and pages were flipped through finally reaching her page. She saw in full view, her body drawn in her bondage and covered in whip marks. She read the writing that accompanied her image.

“If done correctly a pain slut will become highly aroused during her torment. This is the best time to use her body for your own pleasure. The harder you beat her the more aroused she will be. The marks you give her she will proudly wear as you take pleasure from her body. Use your cum to soothe her broken and beaten flesh.”

It was all true of course. Her body had responded to the whipping in an unusual way. Her pussy was drenched in her nectar and begging to be filled. She was the pain slut the book had written about. She knew what would come next.

She felt cold ghostly hands grip her welt covered ass cheeks and spread them lewdly. Soon a similar cold member brushed against her sloppy wet lips. She wanted to feel the member, she needed to feel whatever it was deep inside her. She turned her head and begged the specter “Please… take me…” Amanda felt him push and penetrate her roughly.

Amanda shot up from her bed. “How long has my alarm being going off?” She groggily said reaching for her phone. Shutting off the alarm her mind instantly went to the mansion and the whipping. “Was it real?” She asked herself as she ran to the bathroom and discarded her t-shirt and shorts. Her white creamy flesh was without blemish confirming that what she had experienced was just a bad dream. Amanda showered and got ready for the day. As she was grabbing her scatchel for work she noticed a leather bound book hiding under the bag. She gasped as she opened the first page to see the title. “How to Whip a Woman.”

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