I Am The Party


I have to admit I’m a little queesy and nervous driving this morning. It’ll be a big day for me. I’m so grateful for your kind invitation, and for all the trust and friendship behind it. I am assured by your having shared this story with Ray that we all know and like the plan for the next few hours. I am assured of safety because you know the sexual histories enough to make this invitation to us with confidence.

Still, I’m a little light-headed as I pull into the hotel parking lot and find it pretty full of cars. I find a space way back from the road and walk in a side door. My knees are weak. Nice place. I’m breathing a little fast. The halls and lobby are full of conference-goers, the ground-level rooms with meetings. I’m high (from hyperventilating?) with some strange euphoria I’ve never felt. I float through the crowd and past the front desk and find the stairs up to the room number you phoned to me about 15 minutes ago. The stairs and hallway are empty, as are most rooms on this floor.

So you’re going to share me with Ray, and Ray with me…. Great idea! You even sent us both party invitations! I love it! Funny how you had to write the hotel address under “Bill’s ass” on the line that says “location.” Funnier even how you took some naked pics of me to include with Ray’s invitation, just so he could make up his mind if he’d like to make this party or not. I guess he does! Sorry Jim, I know that photo session made you horny and was a little agonizing for you since you kept your promise to Ray about having sex with no man but him. But it will now pay off for you, as it enticed Ray here today and gave us the opportunity to plan for today. Plus I’m sure the memories of watching me cream in my own hand that day have been getting you hard ever since.

You rented a classy room too, for which I’m grateful. I don’t know if you split it with Ray or not. Me being the youngest –and destined to be spindled between the two of you– I didn’t ask. My contribution will be a wet mouth and fevered open ass. I’ll pay in sweet vulnerability, in opening myself completely to new and exotic experiences in my most unprotected softest places….

I knock on the room door and you let me in, slipping a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door, then chaining it shut. Put some Coltrane or Miles Davis on a boombox on the floor by the door. Set it to repeat. All anyone will hear coming out of this room is a little jazz.

The room is warm already –thanks for turning up the thermostat. You introduce me to Ray, we say “hello.” Now here we are, meeting for the first time. Funny how I’m really not embarassed. Jim, you know how to put me at ease and did a great job in the discussions leading up to today. I shake hands with Ray and we don’t say much else as we all settle back into the room. “He’ll be fine,” I think, and he seems to think I’ll be fine for him. I’m not thinking so straight now anyway so I don’t analyze much. I am in an almost dizzy state and my underwear is wet with cum already. Thinking about this all week has put me in an altered state of consciousness. I feel my pulse in my kneck and hands and dick.

“Sorry I’m a few minutes late, guys. I guess I was a little inefficient in getting here.” It’s true I’ve been lightheaded about this, even giddy. No point in confessing my pants have been cummy with anticipation for a week, since the moment you invited me. I can’t sleep because I’m hard all night, and wanking by myself never satisfies the hungry emptiness in my bottom, the aching in my buttocks, or the curiosity in my mouth and throat….

Nice to see you guys have already showered. You are both in untied robes, bathroom mirror still steamed. I showered just before leaving the house. But I know you do want to see and smell me sweat a little. Don’t worry, that’s how I’ll be by the time you’ve fully shared me with Ray.

You catch my eye and we silently agree to begin right away.

“Bill, can I show you to Ray?”

“That’s why I’m here, Jim.” I’ll answer your questions but I’m not going to say much else for the İstanbul Escort next hour or so. All philosophy has left my head and I feel like a cake about to burn, unless I can be saved with lots of creamy frosting between my layers and smeared on my face.

You turn to Ray and say “Ray, I want to present Bill to you.” I’m so intoxicated with hormones that I can’t even hear what he says. He must have consented….

Ray sits in a comfy chair he has positioned for his prefered vantage of the presentation you will make. I walk into the center of the room about 6 or 8 feet away from Ray’s chair. You take my clothes off. Show me to him. Touch me naked in whatever ways you want, show Ray what you have brought to him. Stand next to me or behind me and guide me into various positions, turning me around slowly for Ray to see me from all angles. Touch me only with your hands right now, just enough to accentuate any angle or position or feeling you want to show. Position my arms and torso in a range of poses, I’ll tense various muscles to feature all my limbs and body as I model for him.

Already there are 3 very hard dicks in the room. I will model my naked body in slowly moving graceful motions, also taking various stil poses. Ask Ray if there are any poses he’d like to see. I’ll take them, but you might accentuate it all by pulling my ass a little open for him to see, by floating my nuts in the palm of your hand for him to see, by running the tip of your finger lightly up my cock to flick a drop of my clear dripping goo onto Ray. Yup, I’m real.

You say “Ray, look at this ass I brought to you. Let me get it ready for you. Then I want you to fuck it in total depth and pleasure. Ok Ray?” He answers affirmatively.

“Is that okay with you too, Bill?”

“Yes, Jim, please give my ass to your friend. Thank you for sharing him with me so I can have 2 dicks in me at once!”

Now make a pile of pillows in the middle of the bed. I’ll lay down with my belly on the pillows, ass raised up. Ray’s chair is positioned so he can look right up my ass but also a bit of the side view so he can see my whole body legth too, and the side of my face when I turn my head that way.

So now you get down to making me ready for Ray. I’m laying on my belly on a pile of pillows. I raise my arms high towards the headboard and stretch my arms and back and ass and legs, tensing and relaxing my muscles. Now you pull my legs apart and begin slowly kneading my buns in your hands. Show Ray how you can contort my hole into different shapes. Show how my butt is trembling with excitement at being slapped and watched and expected to fully absorb his hard penis! Feel free to tell Ray how much he will soon be able to stretch my butthole with his cock. Talk dirty to him about how I can be used today. Treat my ass like something yours to give him. Spread it open and show it off. I like it and my trembling and shaking are just my sweet abandon to receiving massive cock today. Both of you, please make full use of my special state at this moment!

To start, that means spank me. I’m spread-eagled on the bed, ready for my ass-spanking. Make it pink. Give me quick slaps that crack the air enough that Ray knows my butt is stinging. Ouch! Alternate cheeks as you slap one, then the other. Make it hurt just a little. Slap hard with a sideways motion from the center, so each spank spreads my pale crack open the other way. Make my buttocks sting so they will prepare for the salve of Ray’s pelvic slams. Spank and squeeze my buns in a way that informs them of their imminent, deep-fucked fate.

Invite Ray to come up for close inspection now, to be sure he really wants to run his cock up and down my crack and then ream my asshole with his full throbbing length. As he watches close, spank me harder than ever, stinging slaps that make my ass bright pink and shocks the hole open one direction then the other. Its okay if either of you wants to put a pinky finger in my butthole to play between spanks. Just first get the finger wet from the tip İstanbul Escort Bayan of my dick, or the tip of one of yours.

I’m sweating as I tense and release my muscles from fingertips to toes in this spread-eagle exhibition of my ass. Run your fingertip over the stingy pink cheeks, watch to see if your fingernail can write his name in cooling white on my spank-blushed bottom. At least finger-play with the color a little between hard sideways spanks. Make it sting so a creamy cock can relieve it soon.

I am now trembling and shivering and sweating in stingy heat and anticipation. The hair on my legs and arms is standing up, crying out for a big dick to part my ass and fill it. No doubt I am moaning, hair in my hands and eyes closed, my raised and pinked fanny grasping in the air for a thick heat stick, only to be slapped down again, opened a little more with each spank to make the desire worse and worse. I absolutely must be deep-fucked ASAP, if I had only one wish in the world at this moment it would be to have my asshole stretched and creamed. Now pleeeeease!!!!!!

Now turn around so that you are also facing Ray. Point my anus directly at him. Spread my legs for him, pull open my buns to expose my pale crack and quivering hole. Hold my ass open for him and take his penis in your hand and run it up and down my fanny crack. Put the paper knife in the Vaseline and put a big glob on my hole. Now guide Ray’s penis into my opening, but only putting the head in and out, merely playing with my entrance, greasing it up as Ray begins enjoying my feverish internal temperature. Encourage him to go in and out slowly, probing and stretching my anus a little more with each dip. Pull my fanny open for him, give my ass to him.

Now I will open and relax my butt fully so Ray can slide his cock completely into me. Hold my buns spread so his pelvis can feel the slight sweat in my crack and see the whiteness never exposed to light. Once he’s completely inside me and begins to find his rhythm, ask if that’s good and if he can handle the rest himself. Once he doesn’t need you to help him with my ass anymore, come sit on the bed so I can press my face into your lap as he cornholes me splayed out with my limbs in 4 directions. Listen to the sound of his pelvis slapping my buns, slowly accellerating. See my body move with his force. Put my ears in your palms and my hair in your fingers and pull my face down so your cock slips deep into my mouth.

Wow! I’ve never had a cock in my mouth before! It’s so thick and long and hot! Just to size it up I immediately push it in as deep as my throat will allow, then draw back to not gag. So now that I know what I’m dealing with, I back off and just press the tip of your cock as hard against my flat tongue as I can take. I’ll gradually lick the head wider and wider and more down the shaft, parting my drooly lips with the head and then running the head down my tongue as my lips slide down the shaft. Again I’ll bang the back of my throat against your drippy cock head a few times before drawing it back out to kiss the head between my lips again.

Of course its not so easy for me to lick and suck you with graceful motions. Ray is forcing my buttcheeks wide open and pushing his cock completely into my ass. He’s bumping my whole body into motion. When he fucks me hard, the force slams through my anus and buttocks and ripples up my back and forces my throat deeper around your cock. So this is deep-throating with a little rear-end power-assist…. I think I like it!

The two of you see each other over my naked spread and cocked body between you. Work together now to find a rhythm so that you both thrust into me at the same time. Ray ass fucks me hard into your crotch, so you’re face-fucking me deep. Sandwich me with cockthrusts and pelvis! Spindle me as a lathe would a piece of soft wood turning on 2 cocks. Ray can’t see my eyes-shut, happy-face full of cock, content with a stuffed ass, but at least he’ll see your smiling, intent face, and he’ll smell my ass and sweat Escort İstanbul full of his dripping dick. You can’t see my ass spread and stretched full, but you hear my cheeks slammed and my gooey hole being reamed and stretched. These are the conditions of your receiving my first blow job. Its a scene you will remember for the rest of your life. Please cock my throat and mouth and face accordingly.

You are both free to ejaculate into me as deeply as you like, whenever you want. I don’t mind it right away if one or both of you can’t hold back. I don’t mind if you both cum at the same time to fill my anus and throat with hot cream at the same moment for me. Thrust in from both directions at the same time and let me feel hot cum in my throat and anus as they are maximum stretched deeply! Or I don’t mind if instead one of you cums first but the other wants to keep going. I’ll keep pumping him off with my ass, and sucking you off with my mouth, for as long as either of you like, even if the other just leaves me dripping and gooed at the other end. Maybe you want to see your cum run out of my mouth or down my hair and face as he continues to stretch, fill and pound my ass. But whenever you do finally cum in my mouth, I will hold your nuts and slurp it all down for a morning snack. All the while keeping the pumping rhythm with my fannyhole to suck Ray off with my Vaselined pleasurehole.

If you prefer to cum in my ass, then you’ll just have to wait your turn, passing the time in my mouth until Ray has buttered my buns so the cream runs out my ass. I want you to watch me take him, watch him receive the gift of my ass that you presented to him, watch me receive the gift of his dick cumming in my butt just how I’ve been needing it. Let him take his time and if he wants to inject it deep and then keep it in there for awhile you’ll just have to wait your turn. His cum running out of me will be your lube, if you must have my ass today. But, if you can’t wait, then notice how I am deepthroating you and sucking as hard as I can, panting and out of my mind with stretching my whole wet mouth around your pulsing stick imminent with cum explosion. Such hard choices for you….

You must decide now if you’ll be coming in the back of my mouth or in my anus. I can tell you have chosen my throat. So be sure to get your cock head as deep as possible into my gaggy hot spot and explode the hot stuff in me. Keep thrusting and spurting as long as you like, I submissively suck and swallow with grateful satisfaction. As you finish cumming, keep your cock deep against my tongue, please don’t pull out right away. Let the aftercum trickle down my throat and over my tongue and out between my lips too, let me mouth you while you are still hard. I’ll lay motionless and just keep the hot wet gob squeeze on you until you finally pull out.

Okay boys, you’ve both had your fun and I’m soaked in cum to prove it. But my dick is throbbing hard and runny wet after dripping so long without attention or relief! I’ve practically cum already but no orgasm. Now show Ray how I cum. Do it with any combination of your hands and mouth that you desire. But don’t rush it. Give me a little of the sexual torture by teasing it without making me orgasm. Show Ray how my cock looks and works. Show him the ways you’ve thought of making me cum. I’m on my back, maybe sitting up against some pillows behind me. My stomach muscles tense and release as you spread my legs and stroke me with fingers or lips. Be sure Ray can see all the cum running out of my butthole as you bring me over the edge and I cum where you point me. Keep stroking until I have stopped cumming, until I gasp and push your hand away.

Now just let me lay here on the towel with cum running out of my ass, mouth and penis. Give me a few minutes to catch my breath and find a normal body temperature again. You guys shower and dress and just leave me in a pile of panting cum-soaked recovery. Once you’re both done, I’ll take a hot shower and squat my butt clean and rinsed, shampoo the cum out of my hair and gargle hot bathwater.

When I come out, I’ll dress in front of you. I don’t know why I enjoy being naked in front of you, even being exhibitionist since I just met Ray, but I do enjoy you both watching me dry off and getting dressed. Maybe because I want you to want to fuck me again someday.

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