I Have A Boyfriend?


I scanned the isles as I looked for something to buy. I was probably going to get out of the store with only gum but I just wanted to be late. My stupid uncle had kept me waiting for around fifteen minutes, so I figured I’d get payback and make him wait for me too. Whenever it was someone else doing the favor, he would arrive thirty minutes early then chastise them for being late.

I looked around the cereal aisle. There was a familiar face but I wasn’t in the mood to converse, even though she was. I said hi in passing and then realized that I didn’t want any fucking cereal so I moved to the dairy isle. There were a few people in the isle. The whole store actually didn’t have a lot of people in it at the time. It came as a surprise, usually it was survival of the fittest in here.

I picked up some milk and started reading the bottle just to kill time. I wasn’t very focused on it, so as soon as I detected movement, I looked up. Some big guy with a mohawk a few yards in front of me was putting something back on the shelf. Fuck my uncle for putting me in this position, I was bored as hell.

Still looking at the man in front of me, I turned my gaze away when he turned his face my way, but not before I noticed how his eyes lit up when he saw me. Did he know me? I was about to find out, because he started power walking in my direction. He wasn’t exactly power walking, but given that it was a total stranger, it seemed ominous.

“Hey babe,” he said, rubbing his hands on my cheeks. Oh no, he’s gay too? Or is he just pulling my leg.

The next moment his lips were on mine. I froze, having never kissed a guy before. I’d only thought about it on nights when my mind was feeling adventurous. I was quite upset that this strange guy, handsome as he was, had stolen that first kiss though. It was only a peck but it was definitely unwarranted.

I avoided freaking out and thought maybe I could see what the hell was going on with him.

“Uh… Hey?” I said, visibly and completely confused. He looked genuinely happy to see me. I knew it was a practical joke, but by whom?

“You’re back early,” he said. Back from where?

“I was just getting some extra food for you, even though the fridge is already packed.”


The man was a strange character. At face value he looked like a hippie, with an oversized sweated over his big body and an obvious affinity to drugs given his behavior. His mohawk was on point though. I figured he was high, no way a sober person would just come to a total alien and act as if we were married.

“I’ve already eaten,” I said trying to play along. He looked relieved for a second and tried to hide a sigh of relief.

“By the way who are you?” I asked.

“Look I know the new labels are hard to get used to, but I’m glad to be doing this. I’ve got a good feeling about it,” he said. Never before in my life had I ever been so confused. I’m sure my facial features at that point were just one big question mark.

“Let’s get out of here then, I’ve got a few blunts left over!” he said cheerfully. What the hell? I would’ve said no but the thought of scoring free weed may have changed my mind. For whatever reason I was especially craving it, so much that I’d bought some that morning. I had bought only a few to last me less than four nights though, so more for free meant more for free and I wasn’t going to pass up the offer no matter where it came from, especially noticing it’s effect on him. I too wanted that out of the world experience.

“Okay but no kissing alright? I’m taken,” I lied. He blushed and slapped my forearm playfully. Whatever drug he was smoking, I really really wanted it too.

He led me by the hand and we got out of the store with no purchases made by either of us. I followed behind him, hand still in his. The way he was pulling me, I felt like I was a reluctant kid being dragged to school, so I tried to catch up with him. I’m not famous but I wasn’t going to look like a fool in front of the hidden cameras filming this.

I was impressed by his conviction as he led me to an apartment building, and then to an actual apartment. I entered behind him, fully expecting a camera crew and Ashton Kutcher to be inside laughing his ass off, but it was empty. My mind tried to think of an explanation, but everything going on slowed down my thinking.

“Are you confusing me with someone else?” I finally asked.

“Come on,” he laughed at me, “I think I know my own boyfriend.”

One would think you do.

I slowly scanned the modest apartment. Everything looked normal enough, wooden coffee table, a TV, nice brown sofas, but to my utter surprise no hard drugs around. I checked myself out in the mirror to see if it was still me and I hadn’t woken up in someone else’s body. It really was me, so what the hell was happening?

“No blunts in sight,” I commented, wanting to get high before I bolted. My craving had really overtaken my judgement, I shouldn’t have been in that apartment to start with. My frugality had led me istanbul travesti here, I knew I could have bought more weed if I wanted to. I kicked myself as I waited for his next move.

“What’s the hurry,” he asked slowly. “We’ve got all day.”

He crept closer to me and raised his elbows to rest on my shoulders, linking his fingers behind my head.

“I missed you,” he whispered.


I had to bolt, but could I just push him away and run? Yes, but I didn’t. Not after coming this far for my free weed.

“Missed you too,” I said, lying my face off, even going as far as lightly touching his waist.

Now give me my weed please.

His face was so close to mine, and I kicked myself again for my part in ending up here.

“Toke bro,” I said hoping to remind him how he got me to come here. He smiled.

“Later,” he whispered, closing his eyes, ready for the kiss. Fuck me!

To hell with it I guess, I thought. Nobody I knew was here to see me engage in gay shit anyway. Or at least that’s what I thought.

I pushed my face forward and closed the little distance he had left between our lips. He was trying to be sensual, but he was damn hungry, like he hadn’t seen me in forever. He actually hadn’t seen me in forever but, you know what I mean.

I pushed him away again, back in my state of confusion.

“Ok what is going on right now?” I asked again.

He was beginning to get annoyed, but so was I, but for different reasons. I was annoyed out of pure confusion, and he was annoyed because he was horny and I wasn’t giving him what he wanted.

“Look I’m sorry I got upset with you for leaving,” he said running his hands over my chest. “I fucking missed you though, and I just want to show you how much I missed you,” he whispered in a sultry voice, his hands lowering to my belly.

That didn’t help. I was even more confused. Especially since I was beginning to get a boner. It was a confused boner, like when a professor was explaining some difficult concept and your mind drifted to easier concepts like sex and then you got a boner. That sort of boner.

This wasn’t an easy concept though.

His hands caressing my chest didn’t make the boner situation any easier. That and the way he was looking at me so intently. I enjoyed the attention just a little bit though, especially since at that time I had been single for eight months.

“Did you get high without me?” I suddenly asked, changing the topic. He expression softened and he giggled.

“Maybe just a little bit, I didn’t think you’d be back so soon so I figured it would have worn off when I saw you. It has for the most part.”

He definitely was more than “just a little bit” high. And unfortunately I was starting to get more that just a little bit aroused by his strange behavior.

“I know you missed me too, I can see it in your eyes,” he said. We looked each other in the eyes. The look in his eyes and the way they focused told me he was being honest about being a just little bit high, but the way he was acting said something else. Why else would he be ready to have sex with a total stranger, and be calling me his boyfriend?

“And I can feel it somewhere else too,” he said suddenly reaching for and grabbing my dick through my pants. I wasn’t fully hard on account of all the confusion and him being a guy but he was definitely beginning to pique my interest. Distracted by him jerking slowly through my pants, I didn’t notice him closing the distance between our faces again.

He didn’t hesitate to shove his tongue into my mouth and for a second I froze and that allowed him to do what he wanted. After several seconds of these strange new feelings, I involuntarily moaned into his mouth, mainly because of the sensation of his hand on my dick. He moaned right back at me and I couldn’t help it but I started find his low moans sexy. I didn’t know what to think of myself. The change was swift and sudden, like breaking a piece of uncooked pasta. Was I still in it for the weed? At least I could check “become a gay prostitute for weed” off my bucket list.

Finally deciding to deal with all the other feelings later, I let the lust take over and pulled him into me, shoving my tongue into his mouth and my hands beginning to wander around his back. He moaned, and I moaned back, enjoying the results of the pleasure I was giving him. He stroked my cock through my pants, and finally began to undo them. The pants came off in a hot second, and my hard cock couldn’t even spring up before it was in his hand.

“Fuck,” he moaned jerking me off. “You really missed me huh?”

I couldn’t miss a stranger but my new goal since I had come this far was getting off.

My affirmation came in the form of a grunt, because the feeling of someone else’s hand on my dick was one I hadn’t felt in a while. I wasn’t sure yet what to do to him, so I slowly undid his own pants, surprised by the sight of my own cock so stiff in front of this male stranger’s body.

He pushed my hands away istanbul travestileri and undid it for me, revealing his hard cock to me. I was supposed to be turned off or even scared, but I found myself staring at his hard cock, enamored with it’s power, and my own power in getting it to this state.

“Okay babe quit staring you’re making me self conscious,” he blushed. This guy is kinda cute, I thought. Kinda hot actually.

I kicked myself internally for going that far, I was just supposed to be enjoying a quick get off. That was it, but still.

He took his jeans all the way off to reveal his strong muscular legs with those thick thighs, then took of his tank. He had a nice body, a hot body actually, now that I had momentarily crossed that line. The type of body I wished to have myself but was too lazy to work for. He was a bit defined but not over the top, and I found myself staring at his buff chest. Mine wasn’t at all defined, just the body of someone who is marginally in shape.

I kicked off my pants too, then he helped pull my tee shirt up over my head. Now here we were, naked and obviously both enjoying it by the looks of things. And he I was, naked with a guy for the first time, no hint of shame or regret. He was staring at my hard body. Our cock were touching at the tips and almost equal in size, but I had him beat in both length and girth. But only but a little bit.

“Damn baby. You were working out for this moment huh?”

I was puzzled, I worked out probably twice a week. I looked down at my body, and I hadn’t noticed it before but I had actually bulked up a little bit over the past month.

His attraction to my body renewed my energy.

Since licking nipples isn’t a new concept to any sexually active person, that’s what I did to him, making him moan as I swirled my tongue around the sensitive brow little circles. He held me by the shoulders, then pushed me back towards the wall behind the couch and followed me there. A second later he was kneeling in front of me with my cock in his mouth. I tried to find somewhere to hold on for dear life as he worked his magic, and ended up with my hands on his shoulders, gently fucking his face.

“That feels so fucking good babe,” I moaned, now completely into the role play.

“And your cock tastes fucking great,” he replied before getting back to work. Now completely immersed in the experience, I took the bull by the horns and shifted my hands to his neck, where I held his head in place as I face fucked him.

He was completely in heaven, and his moans of pleasure were getting me close to the edge. Thinking I was about to cum, I paused. He took this as an opportunity, and retracted his hot mouth from my cock and stood up in front of me. We faced each other, no words being said.

“Your turn,” he said, switching our positions and pushing me down by the shoulders until I was on my knees. That was enough to get me away from the edge.

I’d never done this before, and I was nervous but also surprisingly so excited as I watch his hard cock throbbing and just an inch from my lips.

“Quick question first,” I said holding up one finger. “How good am I at this on a regular day?”

It was an usual comment given the position we were in but I was hoping he would pan “my” usual performance so that I could at least compete.

“Hmm,” he wondered comically, “you’re alright.”

I couldn’t tell if he was being serious or just joking, but I didn’t care, I could compete with “alright”.

I stared at the hard dick in front of my eyes, for so long that he eventually started pushing his hips forward. I was afraid to choke on it because it looked so big, but seeing as I had made it this far anyway, I pushed away the last bit of inhibition I had and opened my mouth wide. The wet head hit my tongue and at first all I could taste was his precum.

He moaned at the initial touch, and he didn’t stop moaning as I licked the head dry, squeezing more contents out before eating them up. I opened wide again and pushed my open mouth into his cock, wanting to see how far I could take him. I took about half of him down, then pulled my mouth back and tried again with renewed vitality.

He was moaning softly as I experimented with his body, and it made me feel better about my efforts. I bobbed on his cock a couple of times, then let it out and went for the balls. I was going to make the most of my experience since I didn’t know if it was going to be the last one. He groaned loudly as his balls played around with my tongue, and again when I reinserted his cock into my mouth.

I held my head in place with my lips around his cock and waited for him to fuck my face like I did him. Taking the hint, he place one hand at the back of my head and the other one on my chin and started going to town on me, gagging me with his cock as he fucked my face mercilessly. I already regretted giving him the permission to do that, but I couldn’t stop him as my mouth was full of cock and it had weakened every other part of travesti istanbul my body except my own dick. The prideful part of me enjoyed the way his hard cock filled my mouth up because mine was bigger than his.

“You ready for my cum baby?” he asked.

“No,” I replied honestly through my full mouth. He obviously didn’t hear what I said because right then I could feel his cock reaching orgasm and spasming right inside my mouth. He cried out as he released endless jets of cum into my mouth, most of which I was forced to swallow as his wholesome cock didn’t leave me with many options. He held onto my shoulders as the orgasm reached an end. My own cock was painfully throbbing and no way was I the only one getting a belly full of cum.

“I’m about to cum,” I announced before I forced him back onto his knees and tilted his head so that my cock was in his face. Ready for my load, he stuck his tongue out as I jerked my cock in his face. In a few seconds, I cried out as the first spurt of my cum his him in his face, making him close his eyes. I directed my cock into his mouth for the rest of my load and deposited it right in there. He took it all like a champ and swallowed it all, save for the one he wasn’t supposed to swallow because it was in his face.

After the intense orgasm, I tried to gather my thoughts. I was still horny as hell and my cock was still half hard. Clearly so was he, as his cock was already at full mast. I left him kneeling there and moved further into the living room, putting my hands at the top of the sofa and my head down as I tried to think.

That didn’t feel bad at all, so far the whole experience has been a perfect 10.

“That was crazy babe,” he said as he wrapped his arms around my body from behind, letting me feel his hard cock on my ass. He dry humped me a little bit, but I already knew that that wasn’t going to happen.

“You ready for this cock babe?”

I didn’t answer him, and instead I turned around and voluntarily crashed my lips into his. I couldn’t help myself, he was a beautiful man. We made out like that for a minute, and I could feel my cum lubricating the contact between our faces. My hand reached into his face and I rolled my thumb on a spot of cum.

“This was just to show you who’s boss today,” I told him. “And this too.”

I maneuvered around him so that in less than a second our positions had switched and I was the one humping him, pleasuring myself with my hard cock sandwiched in-between his legs. I repeated his first question right back at him. He laughed and moaned at the same time.

“You’re so wild today baby,” he chuckled. Whoever this guy thought I was must have been the most vanilla person on earth. To be overtaken by someone on their first try.

“Maybe tomorrow I’ll let you fuck me,” I said, knowing his loser boyfriend would probably be back by then.

I went around the couch, took a seat and started jerking myself off.

“Come here,” I said looking up at him. He took his time getting to me, and when he did I noticed he had fetched a bottle of lube and it was in his hand. I extended my hand out to him for the lube.

“First eat my ass,” he said as he bent over in front of me, his ass a few inches from my face. It was hairy with a little knot. The smell of it wasn’t at all what I expected. It was hyper masculine, and I found it intensifying my ever increasing ecstasy. I pushed my face into his ass and just smelt his sweet manly aroma as I palmed his humongous hairy cheeks. Though a bit scared, I figured this experience hadn’t let me down yet and finally stuck my tongue out towards the little knot. He moaned as the wet tongue finally touched his sensitive area.

I flicked my tongue around his asshole, trying to find the best way to give him the most gratification. He moaned, but it was me who wasn’t satisfied with his moans. Changing my technique, I started using more surface area of my tongue to completely lick his asshole. The new technique gave me exactly what I desired, which was wild grunts of pleasure from my partner.

Breaking my own boundaries that I hadn’t even set, I tried to see if I could get my tongue inside his ass. Only a bit more than just the tip of my tongue could enter, but that was just what he needed as his grunts and groans intensified. Finally satisfied, he lifted himself of me and got ready for the next part. I had to admit I was the one kinda disappointed as I was getting off on hearing his grunts and eating his ass.

He squeezed some lube onto his fingers and lubed his ass up, then squeezed some on my cock, jerking me off to spread it around evenly. The feeling of his hand jerking me off made me think I was going to cum before we’d even fucked.

“Come on baby get to it already,” I groaned impatiently. He laughed as he positioned himself on top of my cock. He chose a position where we were face to face, and I was still surprised that he still hadn’t recognized that I wasn’t whoever he thought I was. I hoped he wasn’t going to recognize mid-fuck and throw me out before I got my rocks off.

“So sexy,” I whispered as I observed his ass eat up more and more of my cock little by little. At that point it was too late to deny that I was completely attracted to the guy. The guy whose name I didn’t even know. The guy who is A GUY.

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