I Make Believe I’m a Cuckold Ch. 04


This is the fourth and final chapter. You should read the others first. This chapter contains a scene of incest between two adults.

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Friday would be our last day visiting the Seattle Field Office, so on Thursday Nancy and I spent the afternoon on our laptops at the hotel, preparing slides and spreadsheets for our visit report. We got all of our dreaded paperwork done despite Nancy twice ordering a break so that I could eat her pussy in the bedroom.

She had become quite a fan, even when it did not involve “forcing” me to “clean up” after a bull had inseminated her. Nancy had also started calling me her husband or referring to us as married, even when there was no one else there. Something vague and hard to define was happening between us, and I’m not sure what to call it. If we were children, I’d say we were “playing house”.

Thursday night we had dinner with Cameron and Jordan at their apartment. Our Wednesday night frolic with them had lasted all night and turned into a four-way sleep-over. We were all looking forward to a repeat, although we told them in advance that we needed to sleep at the hotel our last night in town and would have a self-imposed midnight curfew.

Jordan was a terrific cook and threw together a delicious light meal. Cameron was the house wine expert and served several glasses of both red and white wines to pair with the food. We were all enjoying the meal and the company so much that I decided to let my guard down: I confessed that Nancy and I were not, in fact, a married couple.

This naturally led to a wide-ranging discussion about kinks, and role-playing, and keeping a relationship “fresh.” They seemed puzzled why Nancy wanted men she picked up to think she was married. She tried to explain the separate thrill that was “cheating and getting away with it.” She told them that we were going to maintain the fiction 24/7 now, with or without an audience.

They were both single men and had questions for us about marriage and divorce. Because Cameron was completely straight, and Jordan was unambiguously gay, they’d never before shared any physical intimacy. Screwing me and Nancy side by side last night was the only shared sexual experience they had, and they’d enjoyed it a little bit.

They thanked us for introducing them to a previously unexplored area of their own different sexualities. They both hastened to add that it wouldn’t change the sexual incompatibility that made them possible roommates. Nancy, always a bit quicker than I am, told them that in the beginning, she and I had our own sexual incompatibility that made sex between us unlikely. Until it didn’t.

It was Jordan who impishly said that perhaps if they dressed me up in ladies lingerie Cameron would be willing to push the envelope a little bit. He said he would help Nancy shave my body hair like we had discussed the night before. Jordan added that Cameron often boasted he had quite a collection of abandoned panties and bras in his “trophy drawer.” Nancy and the boys could dress me like a woman with those.

So, off to the bedroom I went. Cameron stayed behind to clean up while Jordan and Nancy took me into the bathroom for my “makeover.” By the time they had finished with me, I’d been smothered in depilatory cream and rinsed, then shaved. Finally, they dressed me in a bra and panties, and lightly shaped my eyebrows. Of course, they had no wig, but Nancy contributed generously from the cosmetics in her purse. Donna had never looked better!

We hadn’t really thought this through. We discovered right away that Jordan was initially less interested in me now that I looked vaguely feminine, yet Cameron hadn’t yet decided I was woman enough for him to get over his homophobia.

It was up to Nancy to get things going, so she started calling me her lesbian girlfriend “Donna” and ordered me to eat her pussy. (Again. My mouth muscles still ached after eating her to climax twice this afternoon.) Nancy then made a big show out of pinching my nipples and ordered “Donna” to suck Cameron’s cock.

I sensed that I would need to urge Cameron on. I told him that I had lost my girlie virginity a few nights before when Paul Terkin had “made me a woman.” I then put my head near his and whispered to him “I’m not a man anymore, Cameron. Not really. I have a little penis but I’m sort of a woman now and just want men to give me their dicks. I know you’re new to this and aren’t comfortable yet, but may I please ask you to let Donna suck your beautiful penis for just a little while?”

He remained motionless, but I took that as a willingness to proceed and slithered down his body. I sucked one of his nipples for a few seconds and then very slowly lowered my face into his crotch, taking half of his cock into my mouth.

Cameron Mecidiyeköy Escort had severely trimmed his flaming red bush of pubic hair back to a low-pile carpet. His manly scent was still powerful, but nuzzling the base of his cock and under and around his balls was much more pleasant for me. He quickly erected, which seemed like a good sign that I was now sufficiently girly in his mind that he was aroused.

“Cam,” Jason said, “can I show your girlfriend Donna about anal sex?”

Cameron had his head back and his eyes closed, enjoying the fiction that a woman was sucking him off. “You stay away from her pussy, but you can do anything she lets you do to her ass.” I knew what he meant. Pretending I *had* a pussy helped him enjoy the blowjob he was receiving from “Donna.”

Jordan got plenty of KY Jelly on his finger and slowly opened my anus. Despite the pounding my ass had taken before, it was fairly tight. A second very lubed finger spread me wider. Then some KY was pushed into my bottom, his fingers made two or three augur-like movements, and Jordan was ready to teach Cameron’s new girlfriend what anal sex was all about.

I played my part, raising the pitch of my voice and pretending to be a woman. “No, I’ve never had anything there! You can only fuck my pussy.”

“I’m not sticking my nice clean cock into that slutty cum-hole, you skanky bitch. Who knows how many diseased dicks have been in your cheating pussy. We’re doing this my way, into your virgin asshole.”

I trembled with delight as he gently inserted his rigid fag-tool up my rectum. Jordan’s dick was exactly the size I liked best – long enough to fill my rectum and bash my prostate, but not such a monster as to go all the way through to my bowel. He moved in and out slowly, which I also preferred, but right at the end of his insertions, he made a point of smashing his pubic bone against my buttocks as he drove in that final inch. This rough physicality punctuated the end of each tender stroke. He drove me crazy with lust. Slow, gentle, bang. Slow, gentle, bang.

Jordan had my “Goldilocks cock.” Not too big or too small or too thick; none since has ever been quite so perfect for making me squeal while curling my toes and dumping my jizz into the bed linen.

“I confess I miss the tiny extra thrill of thinking we were making him a sissy cuckold,” Jordan said.

Cameron chimed in that making love to Nancy the night before while thinking her husband was impotently watching was the wildest thrill he’d ever had. “Next woman I look for will definitely be married.”

They exchanged a few more remarks about the now-dropped “slut and cuck” role play Nancy and I had performed. “How about you, Don?” Jordan asked. “Don’t you miss being a cuckold?”

I did a bit. Sex with my “wife” Nancy contained a frisson of depravity that sex with my coworker lacked. The contempt of the men she seduced had given me a dirty thrill.

Nancy, sitting quietly, reached into that big purse of hers and took out her iPad. A wicked idea had occurred to her.

“Don?” She called my name and I lifted momentarily off of Cameron’s generous erection to look her way. “I think you’ve been a bad husband tonight, Don. You’ve been the bestie-best girlfriend I’ve ever had, and you’re a special nice girlfriend for Cam. But you haven’t been a very good husband, have you? You forgot to FaceTime with Sally. Remember her, your *real* spouse? She would love to see your underwear now, wouldn’t she? If she knew you were being such a good woman for Cam, wouldn’t she want badly to see you?”

Nancy and stared at each other for just a second, but I knew what she was suggesting. I wasn’t a very smart guy. Hell, not even a guy at the moment, what with dicks at both ends fucking me like a tramp. But I wasn’t such a dimwit that I failed to realize that Nancy was asking me to make a decision that would affect the rest of my life: who was I, and who did I wish to be?

I paused one or two more seconds and then silently nodded my head. Nancy grinned wildly and pushed a few icons. Within seconds, we heard that annoying boop boop tone FaceTime makes before the other party accepts the call. When Sally did pick up, we had audio but no video and I heard my wife hushing someone else in the room with her. Nancy told her we had no video, and in another 10 seconds, my wife’s face appeared.

“I wasn’t expecting a call this late Nancy. Is Don OK?”

“Your husband Don’s not available now, but my girlfriend Donna is. A really nice young man fucked me senseless last night, so Donna is saying thank you. She’s got a mouthful of his dick right now and can’t talk, but here, take a look.” She pressed the icon to switch the camera.

My wife was silent for at least five seconds, which felt like an eternity to me at the moment. “Oh Don, you look so beautiful like that. Will you dress like that for me when you come home? I just love your brassiere. Does it hold your little man boobs snugly in place? Nancy, who is that other man with the beautiful hard cock fucking my husband?

“I’m Jordan, ma’am. Nice to Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan meet you. Thanks for letting me use your sissy’s asshole.”

“Hi, Jordan. That’s so great for you guys. The top half of my husband is a cock-sucking female named Donna, and the bottom half is a sissy faggot with a tight asshole named Don. Hope you guys are enjoying this. My husband is such a hot whore for cock; I’m learning more about him every day, it seems.”

“Sally,” Nancy said, “Cameron just told us that last night was a teensie bit more fun for them because they thought Don was my cuckold husband. They’re a little disappointed to think that Don *isn’t* a cuckold. Can you think of anything that would cheer them up?”

“Oh, Cameron, that’s so sweet,” Sally replied. “Fucking a cuckold’s ass is so special. I almost wish I was a man so that I could know how good it feels to just fuck the manliness right out of a cuckold. To turn the shell of a man into a sissy while its wife watches, and doesn’t mind losing her husband, because he was never really a man anyway.”

My wife continued, “Right, Donna? You were only making believe you were a man. You knew deep down inside, or way up inside might be more accurate, you knew way deep up inside your faggy ass what we all know about you. It was so hard to pretend to be a man, and now you don’t have to, and that’s all thanks to Nancy making you pretend to be a cuckold.”

I trembled, ecstasy and humiliation washing over me in equal measures. Sally had always known me better than I knew myself. There had always been a woman inside me, and if a man went inside my body at either end he would find her and release her.

Sally finished by saying, “Everyone says Donny did a great job pretending to be a cuckold. But from now on it will be so much easier, you worthless sack of shit. Here, Donna Elliott, look at this.”

Then, to someone off-screen, she said: “take this and flip the camera.” The next thing I saw was the head and torso of Brad Rogers, the young guy who worked in our mailroom, shirtless and sweaty. He backed up a few steps and pushed the button to flip their camera, and there was Frank Malone plowing Sally’s cunt doggy-style on her bed.

I completely stopped sucking Cameron’s cock as I stared, shocked, at the tablet. Sally’s thin face and messy hair suggested she’d been actively fucking my colleagues for some time tonight. As Frank picked up the pace and resumed pounding my wife’s crotch forcefully, her whole body jerked forward and rocked back, but her small A-cup breasts barely moved at all.

Brad found a way to prop up the iPad in Sally’s bedroom and then moved around into view a second later. He was completely naked and brought his substantial erection next to my wife’s mouth. Of course with her head in constant motion, he couldn’t get my wife to suck him just yet, so he just slowly stroked himself.

“This is a “Neapolitan, Don. You know that ice cream with slices of vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate? I’m the vanilla, and Sally’s fantastic holes are the pink strawberry, and Brad here is obviously the chocolate. If you stick around a few more minutes you can watch Brad and I show you how we make a Neapolitan for your lovely horny wife.”

And with that, Frank withdrew his cock from my wife’s pussy and lay down on the bed. Sally wordlessly mounted him, sinking down on the full length of him with a satisfied groan. She humped up and down a few times to get herself settled, then stopped and leaned forward over Frank, kissing him passionately. Brad slathered lube on his coal-black shaft before entering Sally’s obviously experienced anus with his own satisfied moan. Only Frank watched me. Brad was reaching around Sally to maul her little tits and vigorously pinch and pull at her nipples while sliding in and out of her anus. He bit her shoulder, hard, and she screamed some weird kind of pleasure.

Then the blissful face of the woman I’d married faced the camera again and spoke to us. “See, Cameron, Don and Nancy told you half a truth. The wimp with your cock in his tonsils *is* a cuckold after all. Mine. He has always been my cuckold, he just never knew it.

“See, Don, why I never complained about all your traveling? Your friends take such good care of me when you’re gone. You and I are going to thank them appropriately when you come home. Not just Frank and Brad. Although Frank is my best helper who comes right over before you’ve even had time to board the plane. I love his cock between my legs while you’re still sitting in the departure area. We pretend he’s a first-class passenger, and he always boards right away, before you do. So many men in your office have been so helpful when you’re away. I guess I should make a list for you when you get home, so you can thank them personally one by one. The way you’re thanking Cameron and Jason right now, I guess.”

Jordan’s cock pulsed and throbbed in my ass. When my ring clenched down on it tightly he exploded inside me. I could feel his dick buck and ejaculate his first load of the day up inside me as my sphincter nibbled at his penis Escort Mecidiyeköy as if trying to chew it.

As Jordan settled down and ceased moving, Cameron blew his load into the front of my mouth, where I could relish the flavor. As I swished and then swallowed gratefully, my own worthless little cock emptied my prostate gland all over Cameron’s leg.

“Make sure the worthless faggot cleans up his mess, Cameron,” Sally said. “Tell him to lick his worthless fairy juice off of your body.

Then, just before Nancy ended the call, Frank Malone said, “Love the girly underwear, Boss. Brad and I can’t wait for you to come home. We’ve been talking to your slut wife here about how much fun it would be to do this with you for once.”


The two or three months after my Seattle trip was the most exciting time of my life. At home, Sally and I opened up to each other in every way, and we accepted each other for who we really were. Sally was now free to be a promiscuous whore with a ravenous appetite for cock, and I could live openly as a submissive cross-dressing bisexual bottom for dominant men and women. At home, we never slept together and we rarely slept alone.

Frank and Brad enjoyed taunting me while I sat in a chair in Sally’s bedroom watching them just fuck the shit out of her, sometimes quite literally.

Despite the big talk, however, Frank barely ever let me touch him. He says he’s just too much of a man for “bi cucky shit”. Like Cameron had once been, Malone was averse to anything vaguely gay or bi that would compromise his self-image.

Only if Sally asked would he lay back on the bed, legs over the edge, and let me kneel between his knees to suck his cock. I had to promise not to touch him, or even speak during these blowjobs, so as to allow him to pretend that it was a woman cleaning the pussy slime, or worse, off of his penis. Once in a while, when I performed wearing a brassiere and panties, he would reach down while I sucked and pinch my nipples.

I was astonished to learn, one at a time, which of our friends, neighbors, relatives, and co-workers had fucked my wife behind my back all these years.

I think the one I least expected was my father, a 68-year-old accountant with a bad knee, upon whom my wife had been bestowing regular blow-jobs every time we visited my parents at Christmas. These had started years ago after she accidentally bumped into him coming out of the shower one night and his towel slipped to the floor.

Sally told me that the old goat had quite an erection before he dropped the towel, but that he was limp as a noodle 20 minutes later when he slipped into bed with my unsuspecting mother. Sally said his annual cum shots are still her favorite part of the holidays.

I’m sure they’re Dad’s favorite part, too. According to my wife, my dad got a kick out of calling me a clueless cuckold while my wife bobbed her head up and down on his grizzled dick. She said he loved to make her say insulting things about my own smaller endowment while nuzzling his balls.

Sally said his cock really was twice as big as mine and wondered from whom in my family tree I had inherited my shrimpy penis. Sooner or later she hopes to seduce my two brothers, too. This year I am going to watch, and see if I can suck my old man myself. Just thinking about sucking the sperm that made me from the cock that planted me gets me hard as a rock right now. It would be even more fun if I did it in front of Mom…

There were at least six men in my office who had been visiting my home whenever I was on the road. Frank Malone was the closest thing Sally had to a steady boyfriend. He has a key to our house and comes over any time he feels like it. He may be around for a long time; too, because of all the men she has, he is clearly Sally’s favorite.

I toss and turn in bed many nights unable to sleep as I watch them have sex on my iPad. Sally set one up in the bedroom sort of permanently and wants me to watch and listen to most of her romps if I am not included. Frank is quite an athletic lover and tosses Sally’s skinny body around like a rag doll as he fucks her. Many of his performances are choreographed for my discomfort, and he keeps up a running commentary of degrading things to say about me while he services Sally’s insatiable body in front of the camera.

I haven’t seen as much of Nancy as I would like now that she and Brad are living together. I get invited to their apartment about twice a month to join them for a threesome, but now that she has a steady man she doesn’t travel anymore. She continues to be kind and tender with me, even though the nights I sleep over Brad spends most of his sexual energy on, or in, me. Thank God Brad is the anti-Malone. He just adores “bi cuck shit”.

He loves to tease her that I suck his dick much better than she does, and I work hard to make that true. I have to say that one of my most pleasant experiences is when Brad eats his own loads out of my abused anus after fucking me. Nancy flat refuses to do that, the selfish whore, even though she makes me eat hers, from whichever hole Brad unloaded in. Brad enjoys dressing me up in ladies’ lingerie and fucking my lights out. Personally, I think he’s almost as gay as Jordan, just deep in his closet, and I don’t mind a bit. Nancy’s tired old cunt can use the rest, those weekends I’m sleeping over, and she has no trouble getting off when I eat it.

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