i want that house – a fantasy tale


i want that house – a fantasy taleCassandra stood staring out the kitchen window at the view across the country side , it was her second viewing of the house , she had viewed it a few days earlier with her husband and they both fell instantly in love with it .at the first viewing they instantly offered the asking price but the estate agent said he would let the owners know but as there was still two more couples to view the house that week he said he couldnt take house of the market incase they beat their offer .cass was gutted as she didnt want to loose the chance of getting the house , it was perfect for her husband and herself but they just couldnt up their offer.at the second viewing she tried every trick she could think of to get dave to remove the house from the market , her favourite skinny jeans , black ankle boots , even a low cut blouse topped of with the best uplift bra she had , even openly flirting with him had no effect . she knew what she had to do , she wanted this house and she was going to get it so as dave waited up stairs while cass done her final inspection of the house she started to prepare herself to get the house.her 3 inch heels clicked on the wooden stair case as she headed upstairs to find dave and as she walked into the master bedroom where he was as he turned to greet her he nearly stumbled over at the site in front of him .gone was her skinny jeans and blouse and she stood before him with her hands on her hips , her pony tailed hair let down and stood wearing her black ankle boots topped of with black stockings and suspenders and black matching bra and thong knickers.’Cassandra what the hell are you doing , ok i think you should go and get dressed again , you shouldnt be doing this ‘ dave protested but ignoring him Cassandra walked slowly towards him with her hands on her hips , she smiriked to her self as she saw him edge backwards away from her til his back was against the wall and she was right up against him .again he protested her behaviour which she ignored , standing inches from him , her heels making her tall enough to look straight into his eyes and as she reached out and slowly run her hand down his tie she felt his body flinch , ‘you see the thing is dave , your a business man and im a business woman , the only difference is you do your work in an office but i dont , i want this house dave , we tried it your way and i didnt get what i wanted , i like to get what i want so how its my turn to do the dealings ‘ she said .again he flinched as she slowly undone his tie , the whole while he kept repeating her not to , even as she began to undo his shirt until it was fully open and she reached in with both hands and laid them on his big hairy chest , ‘relax dave youll like how i do my business ‘ she whispered as she stared into his eyes before slowly running her hands over his big warm chest , at one point he reached up and tried to stop her but he didnt put up much of a fight as she carried on , every so often using her nails slowly over his skin as she worked her hands down his chest and without warning she unclipped his trousers and he let out a gasp as his trousers fell to the floor before she removed his shirt and he stood there not knowing what to do .’all you have to do dave is make two phone calls , cancel the other viewings and the house is mine’ she said as she allowed one of her hands to slowly run its finger nails down over his body and onto his pants but deliberately missing his crotch .he let out a small aksaray rus escort gasp as her hand slowly run around his thigh but continuing to deliberately avoid touching his cock , he was still protesting but not as much now , wither it was because he had realised she was ignoring him or wither it was because he had finally began to enjoy it she didnt know and didn’t care . she was pressed up against his chest , his breathing was getting heavier , she could feel a large but soft lump in his pants push into her groin , her nipples were already fully enlarged and ached inside her bra squashed up against his chest .her two hands now fully on his chest again without speaking or warning she slowly begand to squalt down and again allowing her finger nails to gently scratch his skin as she got lower and lower until she was squatting looking directly at his crotch .she could tell from the bulge he wasn’t hard but looking up at him they made eye contact , his eyes were a mixture of shock and nerves as he stared back at her .’ would you like me to take your cock out Dave , i bet you would , i bet you want me to take your cock out and suck it for you , would you like that Dave , your cock in my warm wet mouth , feel my tongue on your shaft ‘ , she could feel his body tense up again , his breathing still getting heavier as she reached out and on one movement dropped his pants revealing a soft thick cock . she was more than happy with the contents as she heard his groans from above as she held his thighs to steady herself as she squatted on her heels she leant forward and began to gently kiss his belly , his thighs , everywhere but his cock , deliberately she avoided it , teasing him more and more as one hand reached down onto the floor and finding his shirt her hand soon located his mobile she had felt earlier in its pocket . her kissing was close enough to him that she felt his hardening cock rub against her cheek and without looking up at him her hand held up his phone to him , she continued to kiss his body and breath heavy on his cock so he could feel her warm breath .’ok what if i cancel one , would that be ok Cassandra , theres little chance your offer will be topped then’ he stuttered out but she ignored him for a second and finally looking up at him she whispered it would be a start and she watched as his shaking hands stumbled with the phone as he dialled a number and she smiled at him as he heard a voice on the other end and Dave tried to keep his composure as he apologised to the lady that the house was now of the market and her viewing was cancelled . cass could tell the other person was trying to ask questions but Dave was in no mood to answer her as he made as quick an apology as he could and hung up . he stared down at cass squatting before him , neither spoke before cass tilted her head slightly and supporting her self using his thighs at first she put out her tongue and gave a short lick over the head of his cock then in one movement she took him into her mouth and slowly slid her mouth fully down the instantly hardening shaft until her nose was against his belly , she heard him let out a large groan and she loved how she could feel him getting hard in her mouth and with in a couple of full deep sucks his cock was proudly erect as she continued to give him a handless blow job .her hands gripped his thighs as her mouth worked slowly but firmly up and down his shaft , a couple of small gags and she felt her aksaray rus escort bayan warm wet mouth soak his cock .finally after a few moments of the slow blowjob as her mouth neared the end of the cock she sucked hard on the head of his cock and with a pop the cock popped from her mouth and she giggled as it bounced around in front of her face before she slowly began to rise up until their faces were right against each other and they could feel each others warm breaths on their faces .it was almost like the one was daring the other to make the next move , she liked the unsure nervous look in his eyes but that was all about to change as without warning she felt one of his big warm hands grip one of her buttocks . he stared her straight in the eyes , ‘you want this house , you have to earn it Cassandra , a quick blowjob doesnt get you this place , how much do you want it ‘ . she liked the change in his character . before she could even answer the hand on her buttuck pulled her tight against himself , she felt his warm wet erection squashed between their bellies before his other hand gripped her other buttock and she let out a little yelp as his hands gripped her and he spun her round and she stood with her back to the wall and he as now in charge . their mouths still hovered in front of each others but they still hadnt kissed , ‘ so how do i prove how much i want this place then Dave ‘ , she whispered as they stared into each others eyes .his big hands still gripped her bum as the only house in the room for a few seconds was their heavy breathing as each waited for the other to speak before feeling one of his hands move on her bum and in two tight jerks cass let out as gasp as his hand gripped her string from her pants and with two firm pulls she felt the elastic stretch and finally snap and her knickers ripped open and stayed on only buy her waist , ‘ this will do for starters ‘ he said and before he had even said any more they both moved their faces in and the moment their lips met the room was filled with nothing more than pure a****l lust as he lifted her of the ground by her bum she wrapped her legs around his big waist , her arms around his neck , their mouth locked in a passion of French kissing as their tongues quickly probed each others wet mouths .what followed was 10 minutes of frantic wrestling and a****l lust as each groped firmly at each other’s bodies , their mouths locked together as they rolled around the sellers bed and at one point knocking into the bed side table and neither caring as they knocked the sellers items to the floor . finally they paused to get a breath and ended up with cass sat on daves stomach as she wiped her hair away from her face as they both panted for breath , his hands slowly caressed her stomach before travelling upwards and gently squeezing her bra covered breasts .’you owe me a pair of knickers’ , she panted and without replying he caught her of guard as with one tug with both hands he ripped her bra at the centre gore and as the two bra cups flew to either side his hands cupped her ecposed breasts firmly . her bra hung down at her sides as neither spoke as Dave groped her breasts , she had planned to tease and withhold sex from him to make sure she got her house but her arousal had long past that point and she slowly lowered her body down his until she felt his hard cock beneath her . she deliberately teased him by running her wet pussy up and down his cock shaft rus escort aksaray .’give me your pussy and earn this place cass’ she groaned , she thought for a second , she still wanted to tease him but it was to late as she lifted her self up on her knees she reached down and taking his cock in her hand she held it upwards and she was beyond the point of wet where she would have had to rub his swollen head against her pussy and getting the angle right both lovers groaned as she lowered herself down onto his erection . it was a good 6 inches but the extra thickness taking her breath for a second as she felt her pussy stretch for him until she sat on his lap his cock fully within her.they both held the position enjoying the sensations , she could feel his cock twitching and was concerned he we wouldn’t last long .Dave reached up and took cass’s hands to support her as she began to rock back and forth on him , not fucking him but grinding herself onto him , she leant slightly forward onto his hands to allow her clit to be massaged between their bodies and she has already enjoy a small tremor of an orgasm .’thats it girl , work my cock , show me how much you want this place , make your hubby proud when i ring him and tell him yous have this place , come on harder girl , you can do better that that , work my cock ‘ . his digs were only encouraging her more as she quickly picked up the pace and as she gripped his hands she was soon grinding as hard into him as she could and the effects were more than enough to build back up another orgasm as she groaned loudly as the orgasm took over her Dave let go of her hands and as she fell down onto his body she wrapped his arms tightly around her waist and pulled tightly onto her and began to now thrust up in to her , each thrust bringing a gasp from cass as the orgasm hit her , she didn’t expect it to be as big to the point her lowered body began to twich and she held him tightly as it subsided , her face buried deep into his neck as she gasped for air , she felt his hands gently run up and down her back making her twitch more but she was to exhausted to do anything as she gently guided her of him and she rolled onto her back on the bed as he got up .feeling a trickle between her legs she reached down and looking at her finger tips covered in his cum , in all the excitement of her own orgasm she hadn’t realised he had orgasmed to .Dave stood at the side of the bed getting his breath back as he looked at cass lying their in her ripped bra and knickers , stockings suspenders and high heels. she watched as he picked up his mobile and she smiled at him as he took a deep breath and told the girl in the office to remove the house from the market as he had sold it to cass and brian.as he hung up he got up onto the bed on his knees and with one hand literally dreagged cass towards him , she was exhausted and could resist as his hand gently took the hold of the back of her head and her face was presented with his now semi erect cock which was place into her mouth instantly filling her with the smells of herself and his juices as she began to slowly suck him she looked up just in time to see his place the phone to his ear , ‘ hi brian its Dave the estate agent here , after my meeting with cass today im pleased to inform you that the house is yours , no your welcome , its been a great pleasure dealing with yous’ . he said before hanging up and looking down at cass with his cock still in her mouth .his cock was now fully soft and he reached out and rubbed the wet cock around her mouth and face .’congratulations cass , looks like youve got your house , oh but one thing , i still have to sign the papers to complete it . so why dont you go run us a shower , the owners arnt back til tomorrow night , i haven’t finished with your pussy yet ‘………………

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