I “Went Black”: No Quitting

Big Tits

Lavar wouldn’t let me “quit”.

I moved from Norfolk. I got orders to D.C., taking on a position at The Pentagon working for some big wig civilians that worked for the Department of Defense. I’d worked my ass off while on sea duty in Norfolk, chasing qualifications, working long hours taking care of fellow Sailors, just staking my claim for all sorts of opportunities the Navy had to offer.

“Been a good while since you hit me up. You’re not living in that apartment no more? What’s the matter, you deployed, and couldn’t reach out to me,” Lavar asked via text.

I increased my grind to enhance the chance to leave Norfolk, and ultimately Lavar, behind. When he messaged me I’d been six months removed from the threesome we had on the balcony, as that day taught me how much of a versatile slut I really was, and I needed to escape that role.

“What did I do that was so wrong that you went ghost on me? What happened? Did I eat that ass too good? Did I make you cum too hard? Or was it me fucking you, and you actually enjoying it to the point you were screaming like a banshee? Whatever it was, it got you so shook that you disappeared from the frame completely. If I did that much damage, I apologize,” he said to me. “I don’t even expect an answer. I just wish you well, mijo, and the next time I see or hear about you, hopefully you’ll be donning a khaki uniform.”

I didn’t respond, instead focusing on life in D.C., trying to gain my footing on the professional side, earn my degree in business, and leaving the life I had in Norfolk, in the past.

D.C. would turn out to be a breath of fresh air, so to speak, for military and political figures were plentiful, as well as the influence of being a “mover and shaker” of the world. Working at The Pentagon afforded me occasions of networking, doing community service, and other items of interest that not only enhanced my professional profile with or without the Navy, but gave me another ounce of humility in my path through life. Add the fact the men were an upgrade, stretching from Fredericksburg to Baltimore, for you had your rich, influential, big dick types, to the middle aged, retired, chubby bottoms that couldn’t get enough as they outnumbered the tops. I’d charmed, hit on a few, but I was still trying to get right after Lavar slutted me out and had me temporarily abstain from any activities with dudes until I was completely rid of him in my system. A year later, I got another message from him:

“Hey there. I’m coming up to D.C. next weekend, actually Landover, to hit a football game with some friends. I’d like to see you.”

“How’d you find me Lavar,” I asked.

“Son, you’re all over social media. You post when you visited Ben’s Chili Bowl, when you went to the African American Museum, when you’re hanging on U Street. Oh yeah, I’m very familiar with D.C. because of you, LOL,” he responded.

Social media can be the aid to your own undoing at times. He told me we didn’t have to engage in sex, and that he’d come to my place to pick me Göztepe Escort up so we could link with his friends and relax in the exec suite at Fed Ex Field, watching Dallas embarrass the home team. Thing was, for over a year I hadn’t touched anyone and now wanted desperately to have sex. Problem was with Lavar it was more than sex: it was a damned movie.

“You know damn well you want to do more than watch the game,” I said.

“You know, papi misses you,” he messaged as a caption to a photo of him, no head or facial hair included.

I could admit that Lavar had a glimmer, a glimmer that had me looking at his photo salivating all over again. I’d lose reception as he messaged me while I was heading home from work on the train. I just cut off my phone for the remainder of the ride until I made it to my stop, as I was losing juice anyway. I got off at my stop and walked up the escalator, then powered on, seeing Lavar tried calling me. 11 missed calls. I went back and forth with reaching back, settling on waiting for him to try and contact me again as I struggled with getting back involved with this talented man. I made it to my apartment, showered, then put on my robe when my phone went off again.

“So you text me, then you’re ducking my calls,” he asked via message.

“No, I got caught up in the tunnel, and lost reception,” I told him.

“I know how The Metro works, son. I once was stationed in D.C., too. Are you really willing to close the chapter on what we had,” he asked me. “I invited you in my home, put my tongue in your ass, and my dick in your mouth, and vice versa. Face it baby, you can’t quit me even if you really wanted to. I won’t let you,” he messaged. “Let’s talk like men, I’m tired of this texting business.”

I screamed to the top of my lungs and threw the phone across the living room from my couch, and started crying. This man had a spell on me! Pound for pound, Lavar was my champion lover, holding the belt in getting me all hot and bothered, then having me feel an exult when I’d shoot all over the place. After I felt sorry for myself I messaged him.

“Man, what do you want fro me?”

“You know what I want. I want you, mijo, I been having withdrawals,” he told me.

He ended up calling me, and I’d pick up.

“We can’t keep doing this,” I told him.

“Doing what? Making love? Making each other feel good? Baby, no one else can take my cock like you do, and no one else tastes like you do. You got me coming to D.C. to watch a game, when the real reason is to get back inside you, ear you moan, watch you squirm, see you spasm and orgasm. I want you to have me, I’m at the MGM National Harbor right now, naked and alone,” he said.

I ended up sending him my address instead, and not even an hour later he had me on my back with my legs past my ears, getting the de ja vu treatment with his tongue as it brushed my prostate gland. Lavar’s stubble tickled my balls and taint while he tongue fucked me, making me squirm and pull my nipples as I Escort Göztepe was getting goosebumps. He might’ve did that for 20 minutes before he slipped two fingers inside of me, having me breathing hard as it been a year since anyone (him) did that.

“Tight, little pussy of yours. I’ma make you my bottom bitch and come fuck you every weekend, you hear me,” he said. “I don’t want no one else, and don’t want no one else to have you.”

He then started wagging those fingers gently inside of me, and I got “wet,” for he hit the spot. I couldn’t stop moaning and shaking as Lavar was priming me up again. He wouldn’t allow me to suck him even though I begged, instead getting up and on his knees, keeping my legs pushed back with one hand, and guiding his prick inside me with the other.

“Owww, “I winced.

“Mmmmm, relax, baby. Let papi inside,” he whispered to me.

The more dick he gave, the more it hurt, and I put my hands on his pelvis to advise him to go slow.

“Baby, I have to push in all the way, you have to get used to it,” he said, shuffling his hips side to side in stretching me, right before he gave it all.

I screamed as if I was having it taken on prom night, until I felt his entire base past my entrance. I actually cried a little not due to the pain, but because I felt connected to this man. Here it was, a whole year and I thought I had him away from me, and out of my system, and yet he had that fat dick in my chute at this very moment. This time I felt the pressure in my gut, as maybe it was because it been so long and my body might’ve needed this, or somehow his dick got stronger. After a few minutes he started stroking, and the pain departed, as he moved his hips in a circular motion and hit all targets, causing me swoon.

“Nobody fucking you like this,” he said to me.

I opened my eyes and looked up to see him smiling, his eyes locked into mine as his fat pad rubbed my balls. He gave long strokes and I instantly felt myself creaming on that dick. He got me open again, and it felt better than before.

“Your pussy is so fucking good, you’re gonna make me bust early,” he said, and would not even five minutes later, except he was still hard after.

“I been taking Ginseng pills,” he told me, as I gave him a look of surprise after I thought he finished.

Ginseng was rumored to extend the session for someone who might’ve climaxed. This was true for Lavar, as his dick seemed to turn to steel after he shot his first load in me, for he continued pounding away right after he came, and I’d feel our juices leaking out of me.

“You got me all sticky down there,” he said to me.

Lavar was plowing away when he reached down to kiss me, our tongues meeting in a passionate way while he continued to thrust inside.

“You keep using me as your sex toy,” I told him, caught up in the moment.

“You are my toy, and right now this dick of mine is playing with that sphincter,” he said.

He punished my hole the proper way, having me sing Göztepe tunes damn near as my slit kept belching from his rhythmic penetration. He tapped it good, then raised up and pulled out of me as he wanted to switch positions.

“Turn around, and get on your belly,” he said.

I would, and he got on top, inserting himself inside as I felt his hairy, husky body against mine. He penetrated me in such a way that he found other spots, and had me clenching the sheets while my toes curled.

“You tried to keep this pussy away from me, but you’re mine, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it,” he told me.

The mind fuck was just as exhilarating as the physical one in that Lavar’s lust for me was mutual. There was no real love, as we most likely wouldn’t get married or anything to the sort, but my body, despite me being a self-prescribed top, belonged to him. His sweaty, hairy frame kept plopping on mine, until he just started grinding, with all his pressure on me, turning me on more and more.

“You’ve never been so deep,” I winced.

“Deep is good, baby, remember that. Now turn that ass over again, I’m gonna do something to take you over the top,” he said.

Lavar always stamina, and he used my hole so good to where I was borderline sore, so I braced myself for more plowing. He did the unprecedented however, and started licking the juices out of me, sounding like a growling tiger as he feasted on my used orifice.

“Damn, Lavar, what are you doing,” I said.

It felt good, but I was a little embarrassed in him doing that for I thought of that as a taboo. What if I wasn’t clean, or worse, I thought to myself, but he just kept going, grabbing my hard dick with his left hand in the process.

“Oooooooh, you are sooooo nasty,” I whined.

“I want you to cum for me. Papi wants your leche,” he said in that native accent.

Feeling that tongue scrabbling in my cunt was unnatural, but I couldn’t describe the combination of that with him stroking my dick, how it took me to a different planet of ecstasy.

“Cum, bitch. I want all your cream,” he said.

My sore hole twitched to the relief of his tongue massage, making me squirm left and right. He rubbed my balls with his other hand, then squeezed them tight, making me feel like a tube of yogurt as my cum pushed out of my body, with me screaming to the top of my lungs.

“You shoulda warned me,” he said, as he got a little from the tap, and licked the rest of it off the bed surface, and off my body.

He cleaned me up as my body jerked, the ejaculation just that intense.

When I stopped and he got it all, he asked a question: “Last time you came like that?”

“Been a year,” I said, as we both chuckled.

“So you been saving yourself for me,” he asked.

That was entirely the case, but I explained to him that he truly was my best lover, and that I needed to cleanse of his aura.

“I could continue to spoil you. You can fuck me, too, I just love your gorgeous ass, and how you taste, mijo. I’m addicted,” he said. “I just can’t help it.”

We kissed afterwards, him in my arms, and vice versa. We’d still go to the game Sunday, but each day until then, he pleasured me the same way I just described in this statement.

The end.

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