Subject: I Woke Up 65 I Woke Up 65 by M.P. Arsent Copyright to this story remain strictly that of the author. No other publication or use of this story is allowed without the consent of the author. This story contains male on male sexual content both implied and explicit. If this offends you please do not continue. All characters and implied situations are strictly those of the author and are not based on any real life events or characters. If you are under 18 years of age please exit this story now. I welcome all responses to my stories. Please make sure that you list the name of the story in the email line. If your email is to alert me of misspelled words or improper punctuation or grammar save your time because it will be deleted. I hope you enjoy my vivid imagination. Please let me know what you think at ail and don’t forget to donate to Nifty as they do an amazing job 5am rolled around and I got up and showered and got dressed as quietly as I could and was out the door at 5:25. At 5:30 the opposing team filed out of Cochran hall and Gary and I took them over to the cafeteria. They all got their food and moved to the table that was reserved for them. No sooner were they all seated them our squad came into the cafeteria in their “street uniforms” and sat down on the opposite side of the table. The expression on Larrys face was priceless. The rest of his squad didn’t say a word or react at all. Once breakfast was finished the opposing squad returned to their rooms and got their equipment. Gary and I escorted them over to the venue and they went into the locker room to get changed. While they were in there I checked the vault to make sure it had been correctly reset and it had. Just a few minutes later the guys started coming out to warm up. Larry gave me a look that could kill and I just stood there as innocently as I could. I even made sure to have Gary take care of anything that Larry wanted. That way his team couldn’t accuse me of messing with his head. The squad moved around at will to warm up and Gary and I just stood by in case something was needed. At 9 our guys started to filter out of the locker room and the other squad disappeared for a while. Gary went over to Dana,the team captain and had a word with him. “They ain’t going to mess with them today. Dana thinks this Larry character will do himself in without any further assistance.” “We can only wait and see I suppose.” Our guys warmed up for an hour and then went back to the locker room. The doors opened at 10:30 and people started filing in. Pete and Karl I expected to be there but when Gordon walked in with them I was a bit surprised. 11 oclck rolled up and both teams came out of the locker room and lined up on opposite sides of the hall and opening cerimonies were held. Then erdemli escort the teams split up and went to different pieces of equipment. It would be damn near impossible to keep and eye on everybody,so I decided to watch Larry,especially as he had been teamed up against Dana. They started at the vault. Dana had a good vault but stepped out of his landing. Larry under rotated on his vault but did “stick” his landing. It went on this way through the rings and the high bar,as well as the parallel bars. Larry made a major mistake on the pommel horse but Dana was spot on. That only left the floor excercise. Dana was slightly ahead on points and he did his excercise first and did it quite well,in my opinion. Larry was working his way through his excercise and was doing well right up unitl the end of one of his tumbling runs. I saw two red flags fly behind him. Larry didn’t notice and kept right on with his routine to the finish. Those red flags meant that Larry had stepped out of bounds and that he would get a score of zero. When he looked up to the scoreboard he went ballistic and straight to the judges table. “There’s no way in hell those fucking faggots could have beaten us fair and square! That lead faggot Sawyer had something to do with this I know it!” No Larry wasn’t being discreet or respectful to the judges. A sure way for them not to listen. I was summoned over to the table. “Mr Sawyer a charge has been leveled that you and the others have ‘somehow’ influenced the outcome of these games.” “Sir, I have done nothing to affect the outcome of these games. I might suggest that Mr Browns own mind has been playing tricks on him. We have prior history of attending the same high school. He has taken offense to certain aspects of my life and could possibly be projecting those dislikes against our squad because of them.” “They’re faggots all of them! They were rubbing it in our faces at the cafeteria last night!” “Dana?” “Yes sir, we messed with his head a little last night. We didn’t think it would mess with him this badly.” “Sirs,I was there last night and witnessed what went on. As the Captain of the opposing team I don’t intend on filing a grievance before this body. Mr Brown beat himself today. Look at the other guys scores and you can see that things were pretty close right up until he messed up on the pommel and then stepped out of bounds on his floor. No he beat himself.” “Very well then. Scoring stands as is and State wins the meet. If anyone doesn’t like that they know where to file a complaint,however I wouldn’t recommend it.” That would seem to put an end to things for today. Both teams went into the locker rooms to change. When they were done Gary and I escorted the opposing squad back tarsus escort to their rooms and then over to the cafeteria for a late lunch and then back to Cochran hall so they could get their things together and get on their bus. Gary and I went behind them and cleared the rooms to make sure nothing was left behind. The both of us went down to the bus and would shake the hand of all of the team memebers. Larry waas bringing up the rear. I offered him my hand and he looked at me for a second and then spit on my hand. His coach saw that. “That is the last straw Mr Brown! When we get back to campus you will clean out your locker and turn in any equipment that has been provided by the school. You are hereby cut from the squad permanently!” “I’ll get you for this Sawyer! When you least expect it I’ll get you!” I could see the looks on the faces that were pressed to the bus windows. The majority of them were disgusted. “On the bus and shut up Brown. Mr Sawyer on behave of the squad and the school I would like to apologize for the actions of Mr Brown.” “I accept your apology sir and look forward to seeing you next year,when I plan to be competeing and not on the side lines.” “I think I shall look forward to seeing you in action,though I have a feeling the squad won’t.” “Only time will tell sir. Have a safe trip home.” The bus soon pulled out and Gary just slapped me on the back. “I would have decked him Dennis.” “Don’t think I wasn’t tempted Gary,but that would have been sinking down to his level. I was hoping that maybe next year I’d be able to show him up on the floor.” “So you are going to go for it next year?” “Yeah but not without a hell of a lot of work this year. I think I’m not going to have a lot of free time anymore.” “Mr Sawyer!” I turned around to face the coach. “Yes sir?” “Did you have any foreknowledge of what the team was planning for last night?” “No sir I did not. It came as a surprise to me when they did it and it was at that point to late to call it back.” “Gary?” “No sir I wasn’t consulted about it either,but it was sure funny as hell to watch.” I wanted to go and hide after that comment. “I’ve told the squad now I’m telling you. If I ever hear of anything like that happening again I’ll disband the squad and we will forfiet the entire schedule. Do I make myself clear?” “Yes sir.” Coach turned on his heel and stormed off. Clearly he was upset with the squad and I didn’t envy them their next practice. A few of the squad were milling around at that point and they walked over to where I was. “Sorry we got you in trouble Dennis,but it was just to easy to pass up.” “Hey I don’t hold a grudge guys. Like Gary said it was funny as hell to watch. Though I think I’ll have to be watching akdeniz escort my back a bit better over the summer and for a while.” “You think he is actually dumb enough to try something?” “Hell I don’t know. I don’t remember the guy at all. I’ll have to ask somebody else about him.” We all chatted for a few minutes and then broke up and went out own ways. I went upstairs to Karls room,but there was nobody there. I assumed that Karl had taken Gordon out to the hospital. I made my way back to my room but when I got there,a big red star on the dry easel told me I wouldn’t be going into my room for a while. I went down to the day room and just hung out for a while. Dave,Gordons roomie,came by after a while. “Hey Dennis how’s it going?” “Hey Dave. Just waiting for the room to be……unoccupied.” “Yeah I heard. Gordon seems to be in a better mood these last couple of days. Things working out between him and Aiden?” “Yeah they appear to be. I imagine he’s at the hospital with Aiden right now.” “So how did the meet go? I didn’t get a chance to get out there.” “We won,but not without a bit of controversy. You know I’m gay right?” “Yeah,it’s no big secret.” “Well one of the guys on the other squad was on my team at home. Long and short of it is our guys played a bit of a head game on him and he had a lousy meet. He tried to get us censured but failed and now I’ve got a new monkey on my back,I think.” “You been through this before from the sounds of it.” “Yeah and that guy finally got his head around it. Took a while though.” “Think this guy will ever get there?” “I’m doubting it very much. He spit on me just before they left and the coach cut him from the squad on the spot. I’ll be paying for that one for a while I am sure.” At that point my phone buzzed with a text message. “room clear”. “Looks like I can get into my room now. I’ll see you later Dave.” “Later.” I went back to my room and Pete had thought to remove the star from the dry easel. I went inside and Pete was there. “So you done for the night?” “No we’re meeting up in about a half hour and heading into town. What the hell was going on at the end of the meet?” “Just chalk it up to a sore looser. Do you remember Larry Brown from high school?” “Yeah sorta. I take it he was the sore looser?” “Yeah and he blames me for it. Because of that he got himself cut from his squad. He blames me for that too. Do I need to watch my back?” “Oh hell yes you do! He holds a grudge like a drowning man to a life ring.” “Wonderful. I just get Dirk off my back and now I get Larry to replace him.” “Dirk was laid back as compared to Larry. I think I’d warn both Karls parents and Mrs Ohanlon to keep an eye out as well.” I didn’t wait at all on that account. Mrs Ohanlon I left a message on my home machine. Karls parents I filled in live. Stan wasn’t the least bit happy but thanked me for the heads up. Pete was on his way shortly after that and I went and grabbed a shower. I hit the books after that and waited for Karl to get back from the hospital with Aiden.

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