Identical Twins III – After the Graduation


This third publication completes my life story so far, thus completing an exciting and soul searching trilogy. In the first story you read how Hunter (my twin brother) and me grew up together, culminating in vaginal sex while on a camping trip before starting university. The second story covered the four years spent together at university, and up to our graduation at the end of 1999. In this period, our sexual activities flourished; to the extent we were inseparable. This story will focus on our lives from our graduation up until the present time. 1999 came and went in no time. I had successfully graduated from the Southern Cross University and completed a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Law with honours. Hunter successfully completed his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering with honours. Now was the time for each of us to start job searching and find a decent and well paid job. After looking through all the job search places on the Internet and in the Victorian newspapers, Hunter finally secured an interview with John Holland Constructions, one of Australia ’s largest engineering companies. With his academic record, personal confidence and flair, it was no surprise to see Hunter win the job as a junior engineer. I was so happy for him, but the biggest disappointment for me was that the job was located in Melbourne and the project was to build a high-rise building in Melbourne . This meant that we were separated for the first time in our lives. I continued looking for work locally some 90 miles away in Moe, a country town of some 20,000 people. I eventually secured a job as a junior solicitor, gaining experience on a daily basis by attending court hearings and representing clients on secondary matters. Hunter came home every weekend so we saw each other for 2 nights each week, but could only manage sex at opportunistic times. Just to feel, hug and kiss Hunter made me feel Gölbaşı escort so secure and happy. Throughout the week, Hunter rented a 2 bedroom apartment in the inner Melbourne suburb of South Yarra . I can remember one spring weekend in September, 2000. Mum and dad had gone on holidays for a couple of weeks as they were now retired and I was minding the house for them. We had been out fishing at Billy’s Creek for the day, bringing back many happy memories of our college days and where we often had sex after finishing university for the day. After having fresh trout for dinner that night, we settled in the lounge to watch a movie together. I was sitting on the couch wearing tight yellow shorts and a top and Hunter was on the floor in front of me. On turning around to talk to me, Hunter exclaimed “Mmmhhhhhhh, what a perfect camel toe, can I detect a wet spot in your panties?” “Just the perfect position to eat you out,” he added. “Promises, promises,” I replied, goading him on. Hunter then started to run his finger over my shorts, along the line of my vulva. As I was getting hornier, I started to moisten and a wet spot soon began to form and spread. “Lick me out Hunter,” I replied. “I would like nothing better than to be eaten before having hot ravishing sex with you.” ‘Take off your shorts and panties so we can get started’” Hunter replied. With that I stood up and pulled down my shorts and removed my panties, revealing a very moist and bushy pussy. I edged my butt to the edge of the couch, spread my legs and pulled my knees back into the couch. I lay back and closed my eyes as Hunter soon got his silver tongue to work. Opening my pussy lips, Hunter started to flick his tongue around my hooded clitty. As the intensity grew, my clit saw the time of day and became highly aroused. Licking down the entire length of my pussy lips and up the other side, felt like I was being Keçiören escort bayan teased and fucked by an aardvark. My juices started to flow and as the fluid oozed towards my butt-hole, Hunter masterfully licked it up. Concentrating around my butt hole, he circumnavigated it so many times; he must have thought he was Ferdinand Magellan or Christopher Columbus. Burying his tongue and cheeks inside and around my pussy, his cheeks were wet with my love juice. When Hunter surfaced to kiss me on my lips, I could taste myself and smell that musky odour that I have when my panties are wet. I was rapidly approaching orgasm and I called out to Hunter “I’m nearly there Hunter, lick my clit and finger fuck me as hard as you can.” He did that for another 2-3 minutes. I could feel my body tense up and my legs started to go weak as a numbing sensation filled every part of my body. The numbing turned to a twitch, and then a shudder, then my body uncontrollably shook for the next 30 seconds. My body fluids poured out, down Hunters cheeks, and onto the floor. “Time to go to my bedroom Hunter, time to fuck me hard and fill me with your wonderful cum,” I said. Hunter picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist and he carried me to my room. He took off my top and I took off his clothes. Hunter was already hard and needed no help in getting up. I briefly ran my tongue around the head of his reddening engorged cock, whilst stroking up and down his shaft. “Get on top Tammy,” Hunter whispered into my ear as he rolled over on his back. I straddled him and guided his cock deep inside me, slowly at first, then working up a rhythm. My pussy was still so moist, his cock slid easily into me, totally engulfed by my weight. Hunter loves this position best as he can play with my breasts and watch the whole show. I am also in full control as well and can regulate the speed at which we fuck and also the Escort Kızılay pressure I can apply to his cock, simply by tightening my vaginal muscles. I was tired and I was spent, so I tightened my pelvic and vaginal muscles and within moments he cried out “I’m cumming Tammy, I’m cumming.” Hot white lava spewed out his cock against the walls of my vagina. One squirt after another erupted until he was spent. Collapsing with exhaustion, he lay on top of me and kissed my lips fully. “Thank you sis, that was our best ever sex yet,” he said. I could soon feel his cock starting to soften. It was still inside me acting as a plug, stopping the flow of semen due to gravity from taking over. Once fully soft, I sat up on my knees and let his cum drip out onto my cupped hand, then transferring it into my mouth and swallowing it. We should have showered and freshened up, but instead we curled up together and drifted into a blissful sleep. On waking up in the morning, we had sex again before showering and having some breakfast. I knew there and then that I needed Hunter with me on a constant basis. Seeing him on a weekly basis was not satisfying my needs. I looked daily in the Melbourne papers at the Classified Advertisements for jobs. It was early in February that there was a job position vacant in the heart of Melbourne, Collins Street of all places; here the big businesses and money is. I applied for the job and was short listed for an interview. I was the lucky winner from 6 other interviewees and I had the job. I could now be with Hunter every day. We were back together again, inseparable twins once again. It was 2 weeks from the time I got the job to the time I started work there. It was a well known and large company and I was looking forward to making a contribution there. As Hunter lived alone in a 2 bedroom flat, it was only natural that I should move in there with him, as the flat was very handy to both our places of work. Over that 2 week period, I moved all my personal belongings down there and settled in. Hunter thought it very wise to buy a single bed and some furniture for the spare room, so when we had visitors or our parents called around, people would be led to believe that we had our own rooms.

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