In The Beginning – Chapter 20


TinaWhen I awoke again, Luke was sat on the side of the bed. I rolled over and was about to crawl over to him when I saw red lines crisscrossing his back. Some wide, some narrower. I silently put my hand over my mouth as it occurred to me what the narrow ones were. They were by his shoulders and around the bottom of his back, looking like they might go around his waist. I looked at my nails and then his back.I knelt behind him, putting my hands around his neck and kissing his cheek asked, “Everything okay?” As I rested my chin on his shoulder, I saw what he was doing, then burst out laughing.“Who designed these fucking things?”“Do you want me to leave it for you to practice with?”He looked round in all earnestness and said, “Would you? I’ll wash it and give it back when I’m done.”He had so many sides to him. The friend everyone wanted to be around. The generous person that would help anyone, even a stranger with strawberry blonde hair and no boobs. The protector and fighter, willing to take on the world for his friends.The competitor on the field and in all games, but without forgetting that losing is sometimes the right thing to do. The wonderful, gentle lover I had discovered over the previous two nights.Now, he was almost childlike in his fascination with my bra and how the clasps worked and his innocent response to my joking question.As I looked down on his left leg there were more red lines. kocaeli escort I hadn’t seen them before as he had been lying on them.“Luke, sweetie?”“Yeah,” still focused on my bra. I put my hand on his chin and pulled his head to face me.“What are those red lines on your leg?”“Oh, them? Stud marks, it’s a rare game I come off the pitch without a set.”“What happened?”“It’s usually where I’ve dived on a ball or been tackled. I might be rucked out of the way or just plain trampled. There was one point yesterday, it felt like my back had taken a rucking too. Are there any marks there?“About that.” He suddenly looked very serious, “There are quite a lot of red marks on your back. Not all of them stud marks.”He thought for a second, then turned to the side and kissed my arm, “Marking me as your own, were you?”“Would you like that?”He kissed my arm again and got up, he talked about my bum… “Hey, that’s cheating!”“What?” He laughed.“Distracting me with your bum to avoid the question.”“Well, if you’re allowed to do it to me.” He threw one of his tops at me and slipped on a pair of boxers. The top came halfway down my thigh, so I didn’t think I needed to bother with my knickers. But it did make me think that maybe I should leave a few pairs here, just in case.When he turned, I gasped.“What’s up?” He asked.“Your face, it’s, I hadn’t noticed, it was on the pillow, your cheek, it’s black.He reached kocaeli escort bayan up and touched where he had been hit yesterday, dabbing it with his fingertips. He then grinned.“Please m’lady,” he put on an old cockney accent and held out his hand, “would you be kind enough as to spare a fought for an old wounded soldier? Per’aps a kiss would ‘elp ‘eal me.” Then back to his normal voice, “Oh, and yes.”I went over and kissed the black mark on his cheek, “Yes what?”“Please?” He responded.I slapped his back as he left the room.“Ooh, kinky!”I could feel my face redden at the thought someone might have heard, then had another thought.“Luke, do you want to put on a top?”He stopped just beyond the doorway and turned around. I was relieved it would save my embarrassment.“No,” he said, grabbing my face and kissing me, “Yes, I would like you marking me as yours and no, I don’t want to wear a top. I wear my wounds with pride.” He gently caressed my cheek for a second looking into my very soul, “All of them.” And then that damned smile.Just as soon as we walked into the kitchen, Diane stood up and marched me back into our room. I stopped in my tracks.“What’s up?”“I just thought you have brought me back into our room.”“Yes?” she asked.“Last night, Luke came and grabbed our clothes and he said he had put them in our room,” This time with some emphasis on the ‘our’.Diane grabbed me and hugged izmit escort me so tight, I had to push away, “I’m so happy for you. You two seem to have just slotted together. Talking of which, did you slot together okay last night?”“Ugh, you have an awful turn of phrase. A lady doesn’t kiss and tell. But oh my god! If Idiot nearly turned me celibate, Luke may have given me an addiction.”“Oh, was his dick-tion added value?” She was like a naughty schoolgirl at times, so I slapped her arm like one.“If you really must know, yes, yes it is.” After a bit of playful toing and froing, I told her about the night, not all the details, but a lot of the feelings, mainly to show how different it had been to Idiot. I also told her about this morning.“Wow! A lot of men would have been pissed off about that. Steal their car, burn their house down, even steal their woman, but don’t say they have a smaller cock than, well, anything.”“Is Rob like that? I get the feeling the team, at least the ones here, don’t really care. So long as you don’t hurt or insult them or someone they like,”“Or love,” interjected Diane pointedly.I smiled and continued, “then, they really aren’t bothered by small minded comments.”“Oh, baby girl, you are so adorable and so lucky, I think you’ve found a good un.” She hugged me and kissed me, on the lips as had become the norm with her now. “You also know the difference between a man and a boy.”I looked at her quizzically, “I bet if you gave me all the details, he basically worshipped you and your body last night.” I felt myself blush, especially when I remembered him kissing my feet. “Idiot, on the other, used, no, abused your body and you!”

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