In the Produce Aisle


Mira sighed aloud as she looked at her laptop screen. It was a Saturday night alone at home, and Calvin was out of town for work for the weekend, and Dan, although sometimes able to connect over computer, was busy with a project and couldn’t be pulled away… even for some promised sexy chat. Even one of her favorite OF fans was involved for the evening. Sigh.

She had already had a few edibles and was starting to feel the buzz, when she popped another in her mouth. Done with dead-scrolling through Facebook and no one to sext with, Mira decided she would treat herself to a little porn. The THC was having the desired effect she had hoped to share with someone – either in person or virtually – and she needed some release. She knew what she was looking for: big dicks and cumshots; Mira just needed to find the right videos. As she leaned back with her laptop in her lap and a little searching under some select terms, she found what she might help this feeling that was growing between her legs.

After perusing what was available, Mira decided a compilation – or more accurately CUM-pilation – video featuring porn star Lexington Steele and several different women. The video promised his big cock stretching out several tight pussies (and assholes), as well as some spectacular cum shots. “Jackpot!” Mira said, as she clicked on a promising looking preview image. She clicked on the play button, waited out an ad, and waited in just a t-shirt and panties for the video to play, casually moving her fingers just under her waistband, above the well-groomed patch of hair above her mons.

The scene opened with a woman, maybe in her mid-20s, a bit younger than Mira (although Mira was commonly mistaken for 25, maybe 28 at the most) but with the same naturally blonde hair and roughly Mira’s same shapely measurements. Mira’s eyes were drawn to the woman’s, as they widened when she unzipped Steele’s pants and unbuckled his belt, pulling out a massive cock. Mira stared in amazement of this tool; too long for her tastes, but she thought it had quite the impressive – and delicious thickness. Mira wondered aloud how the woman would ever get it to fit into her mouth – let alone elsewhere – as the blonde leaned forward and started to lick the massive head and kiss down the entire 11″ of this mammoth shaft. Mira’s eyes opened even wider when she saw the woman open her mouth wide and engulf just the tip into her mouth.

“Oh my god!” she thought, as one hand worked its way underneath her shirt and the other down her panties to that increasingly wet spot between her legs. Mira loved the way her soft bush felt and began to get more turned on as she just let her fingertip rest on the moist clit. “Mmmmm.”

Mira watched as the woman worked her way up and down the massive shaft in front of her, marveling at how each ridge in this huge cock moved the woman’s lips as she was able to take just a few inches of it into her mouth. Though moving just a few inches, Steele started to move faster, fucking the tight mouth hole a little faster with each stroke; the woman moving to me et his thrusts, obviously turned on by the serious mouth fucking she was receiving – her moans growing louder as her eyes began to close, caught up in the raw sexual scene. Mira began to wonder if her mouth could handle such magnificent cock. Could she stretch it open far enough? How would it feel to be that filled up? She wasn’t sure, but if ever given the chance, she’d give it all she had given the chance.

“Take it all, baby!” Mira heard Lex say as he pushed just a little deeper into the awaiting blonde’s mouth but not pushing the 11″ all the way in. It was too much, and he knew it. “Yeah, that’s it!” he hissed.

Mira imagined what it would have been like if she was the woman… on her knees, worshipping this massive dick and admiring the rock hard body attached to it. She prided herself on her fellatio skills, but this would be a mighty – albeit welcome – challenge. She imagined running her hands up and down his washboard abs, as her own hand in real life moved further into her own panties. She was soaking wet, and when she went to put in one finger, it slipped in effortlessly. A second finger moved inside her wet pussy, while the palm of her hand pressed against her clit, rubbing it and getting her more excited.

Mira’s eyes opened even wider as she heard Lex start to grunt and groan louder, knowing he was getting closer to cumming. Esenyurt escort bayan She watched as his thick piston moved faster and faster out of the blonde’s mouth; in Mira’s mind’s eye, she thought about being that fuck hole for this massive black cock… how it would contrast with her pale skin, how it would be so much bigger than anything she ever tried to suck… or fuck… before. But as she continued to finger-fuck herself, bucking her hips against her own hand, as she watched Lex get closer and closer.

“Uuuuuggghhhh! Uuuunnnnhhhh!” he exclaimed as he pulled his cock out of the blonde’s mouth and started to shoot thick streams of cum onto her face. “Yes! Yessssss!!!!”

That did it for Mira. She began to buck wildly against her own hand, as she imagined those same thick streams covering her face… the hot cum running down her face, some into her mouth, some onto her own large breasts as she imagined this porn god putting his still oozing cock back on her lips so she could taste and smell his tangy, musky aroma.

“Ahhhhhhnnnnn! Ooooooo!” Mira said to no one in particular there, although she wished someone was there, as she felt her pussy pulse against her probing fingers and felt her clit throb against the palm of her hand. “Oh, god! Oh, god! Ohhhh!”

It was just a few minutes into the 20-plus minute video, but Mira knew she had a lot of entertainment before her for the night. As she watched the next scene begin – a bit like the first but both of them already undressed and the woman was a large-breasted redhead who looked even paler in comparison to Steele’s deliciously dark skin – Mira kept thinking about how it would actually feel. She didn’t have any toys that large, and while her clit vibrator was wonderful, it wasn’t the same thing as being truly filled up. But then it hit her: she had been shopping earlier that day, and maybe she had the perfect thing. She paused the video and, with a t-shirt and no panties on, headed for the kitchen.

And there it was on the counter: a big, beautiful cucumber. Thick and a bit longer than she really would want to put inside her, but it was the thickness she was after. Besides, she could pretend it was like Lex and only put in a few inches so not to hurt its co-star. Mira washed it (twice) under warm, soapy water, impressed by how close it was to Steele’s length and thickness and marveling at how her hands could barely wrap around it, just like she imagined it would be with the porn star. She thought about how she would take his big dick in her hands and stroke the majority of it that would end up outside her mouth. Thinking about this, she felt her pussy twitch and come awake again, in anticipation of would be next.

Jumping back on the bed and unpausing the video, Mira looked at the big gourd in her hand. She quickly rewinded the video to the point where the blonde was blowing the impressive manhood (she wanted to see what happened with the busty redhead, but she also ached to act out what she had seen). As the blonde began to lick and swirl around the head, Mira raised the cucumber to her lips, mimicking what she saw on her laptop screen. As the blonde licked her way down the massive shaft, Mira imagined it was herself, as she licked her way down the dark phallus she held in one hand. While keeping one eye on the action in the movie, Mira also moved her hand down to her own crotch and slowly moved one finger in small, slow circles over her awaiting clit. The cucumber didn’t taste the same as cock, that was for sure, but Mira thought it made a reasonable stand-in for the feel she was seeking.

Mira began to move the vegetable in and out of her mouth, her motions in sync to the big dick moving in and out of the blonde’s mouth – just a few inches in so not to gag anyone but the girth stretching her little mouth. The pot she had eaten earlier was fully kicked in at this point, and Mira felt herself growing hornier and hornier and worked the cucumber in and out faster and faster, keeping pace with the scene. Her cunt was on fire (again) and she moved her fingers in and out and over her clit as she felt another climax starting to build deep inside. Mira took her fingers off herself and moved them up to her mouth; she didn’t want to cum again just yet, but she did delight in the soaking wetness on her fingers. She raised the fingers to her nose and drank in the rich aroma of her own juices, the Escort Etiler cucumber still stretching out the sides of her mouth. Quickly replacing the cuke with her own fingers, Mira greedily sucked her own juices off her digits. It did make her think about what it would be like if she was licking the woman blowing Lex (but that was a fantasy for another day, she thought).

Putting the cucumber back in her mouth and moving her hand underneath her shirt to massage her own hardening nipples, Mira marvelled at how the woman continued to work over each ridge of the huge dick, albeit just the first few inches of it, expertly massaging the other two-thirds, as Lex pumped faster and faster. Mira tried to reach the same pace, but she was having a hard time concentrating on the task; maybe it was the pot, maybe it was her arousal, but all Mira could imagine is her chance to service him. As she watched him take his cock out again and shoot his massive load over the blonde’s face, Mira again imagined it was her as she popped out the cucumber and licked the end, as if she was lapping up Lex’s mighty cum. She tweaked her nipples hard and rubbed her thighs together, arousing herself without putting herself over the edge.

As the next scene started to play, Mira admired the massive tits on the redhead, and again, how Steele’s dark member contrasted against the milky skin. Her nipples were almost invisible, except for the obvious erection they formed and made Mira’s own pale nipples seem quite dark in comparison. As red laid back on the bed, the camera panned down, revealing a sexy shaved pussy with a light red thick patch of pubic hair in the shape of a V that seemed to point directly at her clit. Mira had shaved like that (and completely bare!) before, but now she ran her fingers through her soft, blonde bush and admired the silky feeling between her fingers and began to rub her whole mons again.

The massive, black prick was poised above the pale skin as the rehead’s eyes widened at the sight of such a big cock. Mira’s eyes widened too as she imagined what it would be like to be in that position: on your back, a sex machine/god poised to stretch you out. As she watched Lex rub his member up and down the already wet slit of his fellow actor, Mira knew that, while her fingers were good, they would not be a fitting substitute. She looked at the cucumber and knew what she must do next. Reaching into the bedside table to retrieve a condom and some lube, Mira kept watching the video, as Lex started to push the head of his cock into the redhead’s pussy. She paused the movie and quickly stretched the condom down the cucumber, adding a generous portion of lube and stroking the cuke up and down, like she was jacking off the actor himself. When she felt there was enough lube on what would become her new friend, Mira wiped the rest on her pussy lips, although her own juices were flowing and providing pretty good lube at this point. High and aroused, Mira cautiously stepped into the next phase of this fantasy. She unpaused the movie and placed the erotic vegetable close to her awaiting pussy.

“Ooooohhhhh, shit!” the redhead moaned, as Steele’s hard rod started to penetrate her. Red spread her legs a little wider, as the behemoth cock struggled to make its way in. “Oooo! Oooo! Easy! Easy!” as Mira saw the head start to disappear into the pink folds of pussy. Mira moved the cucumber to just inside her first folds of skin and made similar sounds as she gently pushed it forward.

“Ohhh! Ahhhh! Uuuunnnnhhhh!” she began to moan, watching the redhead do the same on the screen. “Fuck! So big!”

And it was bigger than anything Mira had seen or felt. She carefully moved just the first few inches in and out, just like she saw Lex doing with his own cock, being careful not to damage the delicate pussy it was intended to please. Mira began to match Lex’s pace, at least as close as she could, as she saw the redhead start to scream in pleasure, her big tits moving up and back as Steele hit a rhythmic fucking. Mira thought how good it would be to be the redhead right now, being thoroughly fucked by this black Adonis. In some ways, she wished Dan and Calvin could match, but she realized a dick that big is probably left to just fantasies (but she would never say never, if some day she had the chance to try it herself). Mira looked down at her own crotch and couldn’t believe how she had taken so Eyüp escort much of the cucumber – not deep, but stretching her wide open. She looked back at the screen and saw another cumshot from Lex, spurting up the redhead’s belly and onto her massive tits. Mira picked up the pace – and combined with her fingers working her clit – found herself orgasming again with the big greenm cock deep inside. Her pussy muscles pulsed and gripped the false manhood, tricked into thinking it was the same thing.

“Oh, god, YESSSS! Lex! Give me that cum!” Mira yelled aloud, wanting this BBC more than anything ever before. “OOOHHHH! AHHHH!”

Mira pulled the big dildo out of her sopping wet pussy, just as the next scene was about to start. This time it was a cute little brunette, with perky full, natural breasts, much like Mira’s. She admired her creamy deposits left on the cucumber and brought it to her mouth. Once again, sniffing in the strong aroma of sex, Mira made it her mission to clean it thoroughly, while thinking how she would do the same for Lex’s massive prick. In fact, you could say that at this point, Mira was enjoying a “prickle”: a pickle that substitued for a cock. She laughed at herself for thinking of that, but as she cleaned off the last of her own juices, she was drawn back to watching the video, as Lex had the tiny brunette on all four, ready to push in from behind. It was time for Mira to change positions as well.

Mira moved onto her knees with her face in the pillow, still able to watch the video. She reached back to feel her own widened pussy and felt proud of what she had accomplished. Watching Lex line up to the brunette’s yet-to-be-stretched pussy from behind, Mira moved the cucumber back to her wet opening. She loved the camera angle that allowed her to see the woman’s face, her cute tits that hung just ever so slightly, and her rear end. Mira could also see most of Lex’s rockin’ bod, and she felt a twinge of excitement as he gripped the woman by the hips. Mira imagined her own hips being gripped and looking back at his chiseled features. She knew he did anal scenes, but she’s not sure how his partners did! But could Mira take anything that big in her own ass? Maybe. She was feeling more confident (although it might have been the weed giving her false courage) after already banging herself with a similarly sized cuke in her pussy. Once again, she said to herself, never say never.

The brunette’s breath drew in as the huge cock started to penetrate her tight pussy. Although she was a pro and had done many guys before, it was apparent Lex was something special. Mira drew in her own breath as she started to move her green phallus into her wet pussy, still tight despite the pounding she had just given herself. She moaned as she move it in and out, once again, just the first few inches and again noticing that what was what Steele was doing with his woman. Mira didn’t like too much length, but she appreciated how he seemed to care for his fellow actors. She also imagined Lex’s big hands on her hips, his fingers spreading across her ass cheeks, opening her wider. Mira watched intently as he picked up the pace, pounding the brunette harder and faster with each stroke.

“Oh! God! Yes! Lex!” both Mira and the woman screamed out, unbelievably in sync. “FUCK! ME! HARD!”

Mira’s eyes opened wide again as she watched Lex keep thrusting, sending the brunette into a frenzy as she came on his dick. Mira wanted that. She wanted to be pounded by a massive cock from behind. She moved the dildo in and out hard and fast, being careful not to bottom out inside her. Her breath became shorter and faster as she realized Lex was going to blow again. And blow he did, pulling his cock out and shooting more streams of the thick, white liquid across the woman’s back.

“Fuck! Yes! Right there!” Mira moaned loudly, feeling her own orgasm building again.

“AHHHHH! UUUNNNNHHH! OOOHHHHH!” she screamed as she watched the last of the cum leave the bulbous head. “I’M CUMMING!!! I’M CUMMING!!!”

Mira collapsed on the bed, letting the cucumber drop out of her spent pussy. What had started as a slow evening that promised to end in frustration had ended in a delightful fantasy… and a worn out Mira.

She thought a bit about her next move, and maybe it was the buzz she was still feeling, but she knew she wanted to make more fantasies a reality. She wanted Dan and Calvin on board, so she thought of ways she might convince them. Since they were both away, maybe a video call with all three of them was the way to go. She thought she might be able to convince them of some ideas she had, and she knew where to get the supplies to help make the call more convincing: in the veggie section.

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