In the Studio – Part 1

Big Dicks

My photographic work had, over the past few years, changed from filming in far-flung parts of the world to being almost entirely studio based. Whilst the portable camera excelled in capturing events as they happened, my early training in stage lighting served me well in the studio and earned me a good living. Today, my subjects were two women, Jill and Susie, in their late twenties who wanted some erotic pictures for their own private collection. So, Jim, my assistant and I had been concentrating hard for the two hours or so, shifting lights, cameras and backdrops around to create the unique type of pictures upon which my reputation was founded. Yes, the work was quite physical and the studio lights did generate substantial heat but those factors were not the only source of my raised temperature. Jill and Susie are very attractive but they also had that almost indefinable affinity with the camera. It was unusual to find it in one person but in two at the same time? I had not experienced it before and, being a typical male, the resulting reaction of my body meant I had to turn away, pretending to adjust the camera while I adjust the erection threatening Acıbadem escort to break the zipper of my trousers. Surreptitiously, I glanced across at Jim and could see that he was experiencing a similar response. The last picture was the one that really brought my arousal to new heights; it was a pose of the two women, showing them from their naked breasts upwards. Jill was playing with one of Susie’s hard nipples and Susie had her head tilted slightly upwards. She was lost in the moment but Jill was looking out of the corner of her eye, directly at the camera as if to say: “I’m touching her and I’d wager you want to as well”. Her wicked grin teased the onlooker. I had to call a halt because though the camera was on a tripod, my elevated pulse rate was affecting my concentration. Fortunately, I had said to them that there would be a series of solo shots so, hopefully, Jill wasn’t aware of the effect she was having on me. Oh, I’m so naive! When two people arrive for pictures after those with both of them, Jim takes the non-participating one into a lounge area next to the studio. Thus, Susie and Jim left Kaynarca escort bayan whilst Jill and I got to work. About half-an-hour later, as I was framing her in the viewfinder, we both heard a keening sound. I hadn’t a clue what it was but I noticed Jill face starting to beam so I pressed the shutter button and held my finger on it. Click, click went the camera as it captured the delight sweeping her features. Eventually, Jill was laughing and pointing. I turned and realised the noise was from the lounge. The sounds were now very clearly sexual. Looking back at Jill, I saw she was beside herself with laughter but there was also an underlying gleam. Walking to me, she took my hand, gesturing that I should be quiet. Stealthily, we approached the door and, on looking in, were greeted by the profile of Susie bent over a chair and Jim thrusting into her at a great rate of knots. The noises of their bodies slapping into each other and the groans of pleasure were spellbinding. I had never watched two people in the throes of passion before and my arousal levels soared to new heights. I hadn’t given a thought Escort Aydınlı to Jill but she nudged me and smiled at me while lasciviously licking her lips. I was about to turn away feeling a little shamefaced at being caught with such an ardent look on my face when I felt a hand on my stiff cock. Looking back at Jill, she leaned into my and whispered, “Let’s watch awhile.” This was accompanied by a gentle squeeze of my rigidity. I was rooted to the spot. Jill rubbed me up and down, keeping pace with Jim’s movements which were now slower but from the movement of Susie’s hips, deeper. The groans had now deepened to short grunts as each of them revelled in the sensations of this intimate contact. Surprising myself, I wanted to carry on watching but Jill had other ideas as the movement of her hand became more urgent, accompanied by a squeeze between each stroke. Whether I made a noise, I know not but I saw Susie looking straight at me with a grin like a Cheshire cat. Jim was oblivious. Jill must have noticed Susie’s look as her hand stopped its pleasurable endeavours, slid into mine and, again gesturing for quiet, she led me out of the room, gently closing the door. As soon as it was shut, our hands were all over each other, delving under clothes to feel bare skin whilst we kissed each other deeply, exploring to find the most sensitive parts of the other’s mouth. Greedy with lust, I wanted more and I lifted her top so that I could access her breasts.

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