Incest Runs in the Family – Chris’ Story 2


End Part One: “Yes, Chris. A test. I needed to know that this wasn’t just about sex, that it was something more for you. Now I know that. You didn’t even flinch when I said no sex. You just accepted it, and amazed me with your answer. I want you now. I promised myself not until at least the third date, but you have been amazing tonight. I feel so connected with you, and I want to be even more connected. Please Chris, fuck me.” “No. I can’t.” “What?” “I can’t fuck you. But I can make love to you. And I plan to do so.” Jamie started to take her clothes off, but I stopped her. “Wait. Let me.” I moved over towards her, and kissed her deeply. My hands began to roam her perfect body once again. The found their way under her shirt, and began to pull upwards. Reluctantly, I had to pull away from the kiss, but her shirt was soon discarded on the ground, leaving me with the sight of her bare breasts. “Looks like you came prepared for tonight.” “Yea, well, a bra didn’t really work with my shirt.” I went back to kissing her, my hands enjoying the feel of her back, now unobstructed by clothing. When I reached the small of her back, she shivered against me. “I love that spot. It makes me feel so safe and secure with someone. If it’s the right person, it also turns me on like you wouldn’t believe.” “Good to know.” I went right back to kissing her, keeping my hand over the small of her back, gently caressing her. I removed my lips from hers, and slowly moved downwards. I kissed her chin, her cheek and down her neck. I sucked on her collar bone, and istanbul travesti made my way down to her chest. I took both breasts in my hands and began to knead them, making the nipples stick out against my palm. I released one of her breasts, and kissed up the fleshy globe. I latched on around her nipple and began to suck on it, lightly flicking my tongue over the tip, making her moan out in pleasure. Our candles had burned out, the only light coming from the moon and the stars. The world had gone away, and all that remained was us in our little clearing. I gave her other breast the same treatment and kissed down her stomach. I reached the waist of her skirt looked into her eyes as I unzipped the side, allowing for me to pull it down. She looked down on me, and just nodded her head yes. I pulled her skirt down to her feet and tossed it towards her shirt. Underneath she wore tan panties that almost matched her skin color. As I was about to pull them down, Jamie pulled my head up towards her. We engaged in another kiss. Again it was deep, sensual and magical. I could go my entire life kissing this girl and I would be a happy man. But right now, I had to pleasure her and show her just how much she means to me. Again I kissed down her face and neck, settling once again on her breasts. Making much quicker work of them this time, I kissed each nipple and gave each a cursory tongue flick. I then continued my downward descent of her body. I pulled down her panties, revealing that she shaves. All she had istanbul travestileri on now was a triangle pointing downwards. “I wanted to make sure you were able to find it.” “No such troubles.” Staring at perfection in the form of a woman made my blood boil. I took a moment to just look at her, taking in every inch of her and burning it into my memory. She didn’t have a single blemish on her body, and now I was hell bent on making this angel scream out in ecstasy. I dipped my tongue into her, feeling around, enjoying her taste. I licked her slow, from bottom to top, taking long licks and letting my tongue split her lips. I stuck my tongue inside her, and licked her insides. At this point, I didn’t even notice my erection. Her pleasure was at the forefront of my mind. She seemed to be enjoying my tongue, if her groans and grunts were anything to go by. I took my tongue out of her, and she whimpered at its removal. I kissed over her clit, my lips around it, but not touching it. She whimpered again, wanting me to tongue her clit. My kisses got smaller and smaller, until they were centered directly on her clit, sending shockwaves of pleasure through her body. “So good Chris. I’m gonna cum. Don’t stop, keep licking, keep your tongue right there on my clit. Just keep licking me. OOOOHHH! I’M CUMMING! CHRIS I’M CUMMING ON YOUR FACE.” It’s a good thing we were secluded, because her screams would have alerted an entire neighborhood to what we were doing. She came hard. Her girl cum flowed out of her and travesti istanbul I lapped it up like the sweetest honey. She tasted amazing. I knew right there that I was hooked on eating out Jamie. I was addicted to her cum. She came down from her orgasm and looked me in the eye. “Come here you. That was amazing, I never came so hard in my life.” She kissed me, apparently not caring that her cum was still on my face. She broke the kiss soon after. “Mmmm, I taste good. But I bet you taste even better. Lie down, and let me take care of you.” She climbed on top of me and started kissing me again. She ground her naked pussy against my crotch, getting me fully aroused. She unbuttoned my shirt slowly, kissing each inch of skin as it appeared. Finally my shirt was off, and she worked on my shorts. She undid the belt and button deftly, then slid down the zipper. She pulled my shorts off and tossed them to the pile of forgotten clothes. She licked up my length through my boxer, causing me to moan out. “Is this for me Chris. Did you get hard just for me? Do you want me to suck it deep into my mouth? Yea? Well, you’re going to have to wait. I’m going to tease you shamelessly, then suck you until you cum in my mouth.” She abandoned my cock and moved to my face. She kissed me again; I was on overload right then. The gorgeous naked woman was on top of me, giving me deep soulful kisses, and she had just promised to suck me off. I kissed her back with all the passion I could muster. For minutes we were kissing, while she rubbed her naked and wet pussy over my still boxer-clad dick. She began to kiss down my chest and stomach, making a show of going for the waistband of my boxers. She reached it, and lifted it, but only kissed directly under it before snapping it shut again. She kissed back up to my chest, and then kissed and licked her way down.

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