Industrial Visit – Part II – DJ Night

Industrial Visit – Part II – DJ Night

Riya is the name I have used multiple times over casual hook-ups and erotic encounters. For obvious practical reasons, I cannot share my real identity here. This is the second experience in the “Industrial Visit” series of stories. You should be able to enjoy this story without a lot of continuity overlaps except knowing that Rohan is one of my ex-boyfriends. If you want to enjoy it fully with all continuity and references, please go through the 1st part before this one.

From Ambala, we went to Shimla by a bus. Once we reached Shimla, our staff checked us into a nice 3-star hotel. Even though it was a college trip, it was arranged and managed by group of students. Their leader, our college’s General Secretary, my second ex-boyfriend (let’s call him Neeraj). We had broken up few months back. Even when we were together, it was never about feelings. Our relation was more of an endless series of one-night-stands with same person.

Anyway, most of us allocated ourselves to rooms with our friends. I took up a room with 2 of the girls in my group. Once we got our luggage in, I went to the washroom and took off my clothes. I could see the marks of Rohan’s and my cum trickling down my thighs. I’ll be honest, I felt dirty and had to take a shower immediately. Being in a girl-room, I came out with the towel wrapped around me. Now this was the hotel’s towel, so I didn’t want to have it on me any longer than necessary. As it goes with my college’s IVs, the first night is usually DJ-night, so I decided to sport the slutty attire. So, I went by my luggage, took out a pair of inner wears, a black backless 1-piece gown, knee length, with side-cuts.

After last night, I knew Rohan was going to be looking for me, and I wanted to be ready for his eyes. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want to look pretty for a knight in shining armor, I wanted to invoke his hunger. I wanted to make his heartbeats dance to the rhythm of my body. I wanted to dominate the hell out of him tonight, like I let him dominate me the previous night. For that, I wanted to make sure I looked my very best. The desired effect was to transfix his eyes on me so that I could get him to do whatever I wanted. I took off the towel, walked towards the mirror and held the gown in front of my body, looking into the mirror.

“Breathtaking!”, I heard Neeraj’s voice from behind me. Yes, it was looking indeed breathtaking. But I was sure Neeraj wasn’t looking at my clothes, rather at my bare back.
“What are you doing here?”, I asked with fake anger, without bothering to cover myself.
“DJ will start in 15 minutes”, he said, with an unapologetic, matter of fact tone.
“Don’t you knock?”, I teased him, with a slight smile.
“Did I ever?”, he said, with a smile halfway between naughty and pure evil.

He never did, I thought. He never knocked. Literally, or figuratively. He did what he wanted, and took what he pleased. That’s what I used to love about him. Even the first time we had made love, he had almost forced himself onto me. Anyway, I stopped my train of thoughts and threw the gown from my hand onto the bed. I walked straight at him. I could see faint excitement in his steely face, glancing over my wavy flesh. Inches from him, I stopped and slapped him hard across the face. He almost lost his balance.
“Leave”, I said. He looked at my naked body head to toe for another second, shrugged and left. That’s good, I thought. He was aroused and still he left. That meant he had something else in mind for me. I always loved his surprises. Hell, if he wasn’t crazy in general and so violent all the time, I would’ve never broken up with him.

Anyway, I closed the door behind him and got back to getting dressed for the party. I put on the inner wear and started blow-drying my hair. By the time I got ready, music had already started in the ballroom. I checked myself out in the mirror. I adjusted the straps of the gown over the edge of my shoulders. I turned around and pulled the gown to fit me perfectly around the waist. The gown ended just above my knees, and was loose below the waist to enable dancing. As I mentioned earlier, it was also backless and it’s fabric met in the back in a V-cut just above the start of my butt. I had already waxed my back before the trip so it was shining the the mild light of the room. I liked what I saw. And if I passed my standards of sluttiness, I was sure a lot of boys were going to have a raging hard on seeing me dance tonight. I wanted that.

I locked the room and went down the corridor to the ballroom where music had already reached its peak. Both the girls from my room were already there and they were dancing with rest of our group. I walked towards them. As I walked by, all the male necks started making obtuse angles to fully drink my curves with their eyes. Disappointingly, though not surprisingly, Rohan was so busy dancing, that he didn’t notice me. Not until I joined the group and butt-pinched him. He played it cool and so did I. Within no time, the two of us were dancing separately from the group, with each other. I bet he didn’t even realize that. I drew him to the crowded part of the dance-floor. There were so many guys and girls dancing in that area, and so close together that Rohan and I were just inches apart.

He was looking deep into my eyes and I could see burning lust in those eyes. He had held me by the waist and I had my hands wrapped around his neck. My body was pressed against his and our hips were moving in unison to the rhythm of the beat. Meanwhile, other guys in that area were missing no chance of brushing up against me, moving their hands over my bare back. Couple of them butt-slapped me, one even tried to grope my boobs. I let it all slide. I didn’t care about others, I only cared about my prey for the night, Rohan. I could see that he was getting even more excited by the attention that I was getting from other guys. We almost had a circle of guys around us, all of whom were jealous of Rohan for having the chance to hold me and dance with me. He was loving that.

To tease him, I took my hands away from around his neck, distanced myself from him a little, and started dancing with another guy. I don’t even remember the other guy’s face, but I remember the pure joy in his eyes when I pressed myself against him and started dancing with him. I positioned us in such a way that I could see Rohan looking at us. I could see that he was getting very jealous, even angry. I grabbed the other guy’s butt and and pulled him closer towards me, almost letting him dry hump me. I could almost feel his dick grow larger and larger through his pants, over my panties, making me even wetter. In fact, I was getting so lost in my act to make Rohan jealous, that I was almost enjoying getting fondled by that stranger. In a few seconds, Rohan cut in, holding me by my hand and started pulling me away from the other guy. I stood my ground, resisting. In a second, I let my hand be in his grip and pulled him close toward me with force. His body collided on mine, almost tipping us both over. I knew I was in charge now, and I could see on his face that he knew it too. I started pushing him around while dancing and he was loving it.

At one point, when we were in a darker area of the dance floor, I slid my hands into his pants and grabbed his tool. He quickly hugged me, hiding my actions from public’s view. I started stroking his dick within his pants while still grooving to the tune of some bollywood song. I could feel his tool throbbing wildly in my hands as I pulled his skin back n forth, making him sigh with pleasure. He was clearly enjoying it a lot. A bit too much I thought, and so I lightly pinched his balls. His mild scream was lost in the loud music but I could see his face contort with pain. At the same instant, I lowered his pants a little, took his dick out and started stroking it even more wildly.

In my experience, sexual pain and sexual pleasure often go hand in hand. In this case, his happiness was literally in my hands, and my hands were indeed very capable of making him happy. In a matter of seconds, I could feel his cum build up. Just as he was about to cum, I put his tool back into the pants and gave it a very hard stroke. With that, he started to cum inside his pants. It was a big load as I could judge by its force on my hands. He kept coming for the better part of a minute. His pants were denims, so not a lot of wetness showed up outside. I slowly took my hand out. It was dirty with his cum, so I wiped it against his pants, putting white marks over his dark blue denims. He was still recovering from that mind-shattering hand-job and was in no position to resist me from ruining his pants. We were both pretty out of our minds.

In a minute, he started towards the washroom, I assume, to clean up the pants. Still feeling kinky, I followed him. I waited outside the washroom for Rohan to come out. As soon as he came back, I grabbed him by his shirt and nearly dragged him across the corridor. Finding a dark corner, I pushed him against the wall and pushed myself onto him. I was kissing the life out of him and grinding every inch of my body over his. We kept pushing each other around a couple of places till we came across an elevator marked “Staff Only”. Luckily, it wasn’t secured or anything, so we just pressed the button to open it and got in. I pushed the button for top floor. Rohan was too excited to notice anything other than me now. I took off my panties as soon as lift’s door closed and stuffed them into Rohan’s pant pockets. He was still sucking wildly on my lips. Now, I needed him to service my other “lips”. I grabbed his hair, pulled him away from my face and pushed him down. He knew what I wanted.

He slid my gown above, slowly exposing my thighs, kissing them as he uncovered them. Just as he was about to uncover my most private parts, the list reached the top floor and the door swung open. Startled, Rohan jumped and stood up beside me like a good little boy. I started laughing. “Look at your face!” I said, still laughing. I could see that hurt his ego. Good for me, I thought. The lift door shut automatically. As soon as it shut completely, he grabbed my by arms, swung me across and pinned me against the lift door. He went down on his knees again. This time, instead of sliding my gown up, he tore it up from the side-cuts, and pushed it up. Without any warning, he put 2 fingers inside me. I let out a slightly loud moan and kept a hand on my mouth, to stop moaning louder, keeping the other hand on the side for support. He started fingering me violently.

In a few seconds, he brought his mouth closer to my thighs and started kissing around the pubic area simultaneously fingering me too. Slowly, he reached up with his tongue and started flicking my clit with his tongue. I started shaking with pleasure now. In a matter of seconds, I was losing control so wildly that he had to support me with his other hand to make sure I didn’t lose balance. He increased the speed with his tongue as well as his fingers. I was almost jumping in the place with those electrifying touches to the most private parts of me. In no time, I came. My cum flowed, dripping over his fingers.

He didn’t stop. Just as in the train, he slowly inserted more fingers inside me, eventually, fisting me, all the while, tonguing my clitoris. I must’ve came like a zillion times before I almost fainted. He got up to support me, or else, I would’ve fallen down on the floor. He shook me back to senses. My head was still spinning though. He slapped me couple of times to bring me back to reality. I let myself go and hugged him, putting all my weight onto him. We both sat down for a few minutes, gaining our breath. Neither thought of going back because we knew we weren’t done with this lift yet. In a few minutes, he stood up, unzipped his pants and lowered his pants and underwear.

I knew what he wanted. I got on my knees, stroked his already erect dick a couple of times and then put it into my mouth. In a few seconds, He was moaning to my movements. I took the whole thing in and started moving my tongue around over it inside the mouth. This build up a lot of pressure inside my mouth and obviously, on his tool. I glanced up to look at his face. I could see that he was out of the world at the moment. I took it as a cue and took his dick out of my mouth. I did not plan to take his cum in my mouth. I had better plans for his cum.

I got up, lifted slightly torn lower part of my gown and started rubbing his tool near my clit. This jolted him back to this realm and an ear-to-ear-smile appeared on his face. He swung around, pushing me against the lift wall, pushing himself against me, and pushing his tool inside me. It was already throbbing, which made my wet insides even wetter. As he kept thrusting his thing inside me, in a closed lift at top floor of a private hotel, while all of our friends were dancing at the ground floor, I opened my mouth and started moaning audibly. This time, neither of us were in any senses to cover up the sound. The whole thing with doing the nasty, in a private area where we were running a risk of ruining our reputations, in case anyone caught us, made me even hornier than usual. He kept going at it like an a****l and I kept jumping up and down to the timings of his bangs. Suddenly, he took it out of me and took a step behind.

“Don’t stop Rohan. Please don’t stop”, I whispered.

He smiled, turned me around, bent me over and put it back inside me. Now he was banging me from behind. In a second, he pushed a finger inside my ass. From the wetness, I knew that his had licked it, from which I knew what he was about to do next. And before I could even conjure up a fake resistance, he had already inserted his dick inside my ass. I let out a very loud moan. I had had anal before, but never in a public place. He kept his hand on mouth this time to avoid me from waking up the whole hotel. He went in-n-out slow a few times to ensure he wasn’t causing me too much pain and to ensure that he could stop me from screaming.

Then he started going faster. By that time, our body parts had lubricated themselves and the pain had faded. I was shaking with his each bang in my ass, and he was increasing his intensity and speed steadily. In a few seconds, I came. So hard, that I literally fainted. I came back to senses in couple of seconds, I guess. He had cupped my boobs, thereby making sure I won’t fall down and still kept banging me in the ass. As he was already in control, I let myself go and let him carry my weight, giving him even more courage.

In a minute, I could feel him build up cum inside his dick. “Not in the ass, it’ll mess up my gown”, I said. But by the time my sentence was complete, he had already started shooting his milky white sticky love juices inside my ass. There was no point in taking it out now, so I let him cum completely inside. While he was taking his dick out of my ass, he took out my panties from his pant pockets and cleaned up any dripping cum with it. “See, now your gown won’t get messed up”, he said, handing the wet, sticky, smelly, cummy panty back to me. I threw it back in his naked body. “Keep it”, I said. He smiled and let it fall on the lift floor. We adjusted our clothes back to normal. My gown was slightly torn from when Rohan tore it from its side-cuts, but it was covering up my privates reasonably enough to keep it as is for the night. As he finished dressing up, he glanced at me to make sure I was done dressing up too. He pressed the button for ground floor.

As we went back to the dancefloor, I let my cum-filled panties be in the lift. Surprisingly enough, the night was not over yet. In fact, it was just getting started…

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