Internet Hook-Up Ch. 06


After Sam left, I cleaned the kitchen, and went upstairs to take a shower, and hopefully a nap. It was a few minutes past 1:00pm and that gave me 4 hours to recover before Sam came back again. I opted for a bath instead of a shower, and really relished the feel of my smoothly shaved pubic area. My legs were starting to stubble, so I shaved them again. MMm so smooth. I couldn’t resist playing with my little clit again, but with all my attempts it never got hard again. I guess I was just too tired from the past 18 or so hours.

I felt woozy in the bath, and thought I should get out, get dried, and get in bed for a nap. It was now 1:30, so I set my alarm for 4:00, which would give me 2 1/2 hours sleep and an hour to get ready before Sam arrived again.

The alarm went off and I woke up, still pretty drowsy. I looked through my wife’s sexy things and found the sheer white pants that was part of the set with the sheer wrap I wore yesterday, and this morning when I greeted Sam at the door. I pulled them on and the feeling was electric. I checked myself out in the full length mirror and loved the way I looked in them. You could plainly see my little shaved clit, and as I turned to look at the back, the seam of the pants pulled between my ass cheeks and pulled them apart giving the appearance I was offering myself to whomever came up behind me. I matched the pants up with the wrap, and that was it. I had my outfit. I knew both Sam and Damon would probably not be able to take their hands off me when they saw it.

I removed the clothes and went down to the kitchen to figure what I was going to fix for dinner. I pulled some pork chops from the fridge, along with some canned corn and red cabbage. I fixed a green salad, and I heard the doorbell ring. I answered the door completely naked, as it was a little past 5 and thought it was Sam. He looked at me and smiled.

He said, “You’re going to get your sweet little ass in trouble coming to the door like that. What would your neighbors think if they saw you, naked and hairless as the day you were born, answering the door for a 70 year old black man?”

“You’re right Sam. I should be more careful. I was just so excited to see you again, I couldn’t help myself and really wasn’t thinking.”

He came in and closed the door behind him. He turned to look at me and said I look like a cute baby girl, all naked and shaved. His big black hand reached out and tweaked one of my nipples, making me I shrieked. Then he brought his hand down to my clit and played with it a little bit. It felt so good that I started to drop to my knees, but he reached out and kept me up as he moved his hands around behind me and brought me full against him holding onto my ass and leaning down to take my lips in his mouth. I mean it, he completely engulfed my lips with his mouth as he brought one of his hands down my ass crack pushing a finger inside me.

“Nice” he said. “You’re already stretched enough for me to get my finger inside your pussy without you wincing or without any lubrication too. I like that. You’re really coming along Bobbie. Really getting to be a worthy slut. But we better not start anything that will take too long as Damon expects you to have dinner ready and be looking real sexy like. Now, turn around and march that cute little white ass of yours into the kitchen and get busy.” With that, he turned me around and gave me a playful slap on my ass, making it sting and sing with the fond memory of the last time I was spanked by him.

I yelped and put my hand on my ass as I ran into the kitchen with Sam following behind. When we got into the kitchen he said, “You look delicious and I want to eat you again. You’re all the dinner I need tonight.”

“Oh no you don’t Sam. You’re going to eat tonight because I need you to keep your strength up for me tonight”.

He smiled and said, “OK Bobbie, what are you going to cook up for us?”

“I’ve taken some pork chops out. I’m going to bread Bomonti Escort and fry them up. We’ll have corn, red cabbage, and a nice garden salad. I’ve also chilled some diet sodas for us to drink.” Then I gave him a coy smile, and he knew I wanted them to drink the diet drinks because it sweetened their piss. I learned this little technique from some internet information page. It’s somewhere on the web and it’s titled ‘ws-training’. I asked both Damon and Sam to read it sometime. I guess Sam did.

I got the corn and red cabbage cooking and egged and breaded the chops. I started slow cooking them, flipped them once, and then flipped them again.

I was doing all this with Sam sitting at the kitchen table eyeing me as I was still completely naked.

He said at one point, “damn girl, you’ll make some black man a great wife someday.”

I blushed and told him I was really flattered and that it excited me when he called me girl. Then, when I turned all the burners on the stove to a simmer, covered the pan with the chops, Sam came up behind me and put his hand on my ass giving it a gentle squeeze and said, “Girl, you’d better leave now and get yourself ready for your man. I’ll see to it that nothing burns baby. You go ahead now and get done what you need to.”

He shooed me off with a little peck on the lips and a tweak to my right nipple. I went upstairs and shaved my face to be nice and smooth for Damon when he kisses me. As smell of the food was wafting through the house, I was hoping Damon was going to like it. I applied a bit of lubrication to my pussy, put on the pants, and then the wrap. I tied it in front. I looked at myself in the mirror and contemplated putting on some lipstick and eye makeup, but decided against it. I then went downstairs to finish the salad and put the dinner in serving bowls.

As I entered the kitchen, with Sam removing his clothes earlier, I saw him from behind as he was at the stove making sure nothing was burning. I couldn’t believe how awesome his muscular black ass looked. Funny I never noticed that before. It was so black and the crack separating his dimpled cheeks was even blacker, if that’s possible. His cheeks had a bit of a droop to them. After all, he is 70, but it was kind of sexy looking. I sneaked up behind him and wrapped my arms around him as I took hold of his flaccid cock, still more than a handful, and gave it a few strokes. Then I bent down and kissed each of his black ass cheeks and said, “Thank you Sam, for all your help with dinner tonight, and for keeping me on schedule for Damon.” I then separated his ass cheeks and licked the crack from bottom to top with my outstretched tongue. Sam’s response was instant. His cock jerked from my hand and when I got my hand around it again, it was hard as steel.

He said, “Damn slut girl, you really know how to turn a black man on. But let’s save that for later, ok?”

I smiled at him and merely nodded coyly.

When Damon arrived, he was all sweaty from the heat outside. He took one look at me and his pants actually pushed out in the front. What a fabulous response. His eyes had a look of lust and I thought he was going to rape me there and then.

He said, “Hey baby girl, you look so beautiful and so sexy. I love the pants. I love being able to see your clit through them, and your new ‘bare’ look is really sexy looking. I think I’m going to have you stay smooth like that as long as you’re my slut.”

Damon stripped and held his fat cock in his hand offering it to me. I willingly went to my knees and took his sweaty cock in my mouth, and again felt it grow from flaccid to hard as it filled my throat. He took my head in his hands and literally fucked my mouth. He was using my mouth as he would use a cunt and he held me on it without any thought of me. It was all about his pleasure.

“That’s it you cock sucking slut, take my black pole all the way down your throat. Swallow it. I’m going to fill Bomonti Escort Bayan you with my cum and mark you again as only I can, with my potent black seed. The more of my seed you eat, the more you’ll want it and the more you’ll have to have it to survive. I own you and this is how it’s going to be from now on.”

Then, feeling his cock swell, he erupted down my throat and although I couldn’t taste him, I could feel the jets of cum as they slid down my throat and into my belly. There I was again, in a state of euphoria, for this was really a dream come true. I loved sucking his cock and being able to get him so worked up sexually that this is all I ever wanted to do for the rest of my life, to please him.

He held my head in place as I breathed bits of air through my nose. He jerked a few more times until he had emptied his huge black balls in my throat. He pulled out, bent down and gave me a deep passionate kiss, and pulled me to my feet as he grabbed my ass he said, “This is next. Have you been thinking about me fucking you tonight?”

I replied, “Oh yes Damon, I want tonight to be so special for us”.

“It will be, trust me. It will be another night of pleasure for all of us, and you will be the one providing the pleasure for me and Sam here.”

He slapped Sam on the back in a friendly gesture and Sam said, “Your slut is itching for some hot black loving tonight Damon, but I’m not sure if we’re going to be fucking her brains out, or if she’s going to be fucking our brains out. Whatever, it’ll be hot for all of us.”

With that, Sam and Damon sat down and I served them dinner like the dutiful wife would serve dinner to her husband and friend. They ate and said they needed to relax a bit while watching television.

While the two naked black men retired to my living room, I cleaned the kitchen and poured some more diet drinks for Damon and Sam, and brought them into the living room for them. They each took their drink and pulled me down on the sofa between them. Without any urging from either of them, I took a cock in each hand and began to stroke them. I couldn’t believe that I was actually sitting on MY sofa, in MY living room, watching MY television, in MY house, with two black men, naked as the day they were born, stroking both of their huge black cocks, while I was wearing my wife’s sexy transparent negligee. Damn, what a cock slut I’d become.

I don’t even remember what was on TV. When I felt Damon put his hand behind my head and push it towards Sam’s lap I just opened my mouth and swallowed as much as I could of his hard ebony pole. I loved feeling his shaved smooth balls, and played with them while sucking his cock. I was swirling my tongue around his cockhead and heard him moan. I smiled inwardly at my accomplishment. I wanted to make Damon proud again and I actually reached for Sam’s hand and placed it on my head. I think he got the hint and he pulled me down on his hard black member saying, “Is this what you want slut?”

It was my turn to moan. I gagged as his enormous cockhead entered my throat. I coughed when I gagged and my head came flying off his cock as a mouthful of saliva came out of my mouth drenching his cock and making it glisten in the flickering light of the TV. With tears running down my cheeks, he again pulled my head down on his cock. This time, I suppressed the gag urge, relaxed, and found my nose pressing against his shaved groin. YES. I did it again. I took this fat huge black cock completely.

He held me there until I needed some air, and he felt my head start to press back against his hand. I came up off his cock, breathed, and was pulled back down. And that was the rhythm we got into. In the meantime, Damon wasn’t sitting around idle. He was playing with my ass. He was kissing it, nibbling each cheek right through the transparent pants. Then his hands came up to the waist of the pants and slowly pulled them down, and as I moved one knee Escort Bomonti at a time, he pulled them completely off.

I felt him lube my crack and then I felt the head of his cock pressing against my pussy. As he did this, I was already doing my swallowing technique on Sam’s cock. More pressure on my pussy, and UGnh, he was in. And so it went, Damon’s in stroke was complimented by Sam’s out stroke, and visa versa. They went on like that for a few minutes and Sam said, “Hey Damon, let’s switch. I’ve been longing for some of that tight white pussy since the last time and I can’t wait to sink my Black snake into it again”.

They moved me to the end of the sofa and stood me up. Then bent me over the arm. Sam got up and took his position behind me and Damon knelt on the couch in front of me, and they entered me at the same time. I thought I would feel a searing pain when Sam entered me, but I was lost in pleasure instead, as both Black cocks filled me.

They got into the rhythm. One stroked in, the other stroked out. Again I felt like I was being skewered on their cocks. They filled me so well and so completely. Remarkably, there was no pain whatsoever, only pleasure. My little clit was beginning to grow now, and I put my hand on it to stroke it, when Sam’s hand came down on mine and he pulled my hand away.

He said, “We didn’t tell you it was ok to play with yourself. Keep you hands off yourself and concentrate on our pleasure, not yours. If you’re the slut we think you’ve become, you won’t need to touch yourself to find pleasure. You’ll get it from us.”

With that said, I concentrated on satisfying my two black men that were totally filling me. As I sucked Damon’s cock deep in my throat, I played with his heavy balls. And I tried to reach back to play with Sam’s too, but they were out of reach, so I just enjoyed the feeling I was getting from pleasuring them.

Damon said, “OK neighbor, time to switch again”. They switched positions, and while they were moving around me, I had and empty feeling without their cocks in me. I needn’t have worried as they were soon back inside where they belonged and filling me again. When they started their rhythm again, I was in a state of euphoria as my sexual endorphins kicked in. All I could think about was cock. Black Cock. My clit was so sensitive, that even the slightest touch of my clit on the arm of the sofa had me shuddering. Suddenly, I couldn’t hold back any longer and, to my amazement, I came As my orgasm rocked through me, I felt both my black lovers filling me with their seed at both ends as they were breeding me completely. Through moaning and groaning they filled me more than I’ve ever been filled before. I slumped, thinking they would pull out and we would all rest.

Sam spoke first, “Hey slut, don’t think your finished yet.”

Then Damon said, “Get that white boy pussy back up in the air. We ain’t done with you. You got a long night ahead of you slut”.

They continued to switch positions fucking both my pussy and throat for an hour or more. They never got soft. Their cocks were perpetually hard and unrelenting. Not only were their cocks unrelenting, but I had multiple orgasms through all this. I think, but I’m not sure, I had cum, or orgasmed easily more than four times. At one point I had two orgasms in rapid succession. I was completely spent.

After this incredible bout of fucking, and being filled by two of Sam’s loads, once in my mouth and once in my pussy, Damon, three times – filling my pussy twice and mouth once, being completely and totally bred, Damon said, “OK, let’s take a break. Get upstairs and clean yourself baby girl.”

As I was walking to the stairs, with cum leaking down my legs from my pussy, my knees gave way and I fell to the floor. Sam came over to me and picked me up and carried me upstairs. He placed me on the bed and pulled the covers over me.

He said, “Rest a bit slut, we have more in store for you tonight.” He leaned in and kissed me on the forehead and I drifted off to sleep…one contented slut.

I’ll let you know what happened when I woke up in Part 7.

Keep the emails coming. I love them and look forward to hearing from my readers.



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