Iron Rose Ch. 06


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Miguel Powers aka Wild Flower aka Iron Rose.

Hello guys and welcome to this hot chapter of “Iron Rose.” I would like to thank you for your love and patience guys. I really appreciate it and I love you too. Don’t forget to drop your comments, whether positive or negative.

Now, dive into a tale that has got us all hooked. The story of a myth, a man who has it all but in the end will have to choose between love and power. But can he fight for love and for justice at the same time? Find out as “Iron Rose” Continues.

Beauty is his weapon,

Power is his revenge.


Alejandro groaned in pain as he slowly started coming back to the land of the living, being welcomed by a really sharp pain in his head. He opened his eyes slowly and felt his vision blur for a second. He was lying on the cold floor with broken pieces of a vessel and he knew from that very moment that Carter had broken that thing on his head. It hurt! He slowly moved his hand to touch his head and came with blood on his hands. Carter had hurt him and if that headache didn’t kill him any time soon, then nothing else was gonna kill him.

“Fuck!” He cursed as he slowly rose to his feet, massaging his head softly.

However, when he got up, he found Carter looking angrily at him, holding a really sharp kitchen knife at him. His heart suddenly started pounding as everything that had happened started coming to him. He remembered talking to Daniel and then noticing some man following him behind. He knew immediately that they had been sent by Miguel, to kill him so he had ran to the only place where he knew he was gonna be assured of survival, Carter.

“Don’t move!” Carter warned, gripping the knife harder. “I will not hesitate to kill you. I could have left this place but I saw no point. I also wanted to call the police but I saw no point either since I learned from Gabino that you own them. What do you want from me? Came to finish what Gabino couldn’t finish, huh?”

“No, no!” Alejandro gasped in fear, raising his hands. “I didn’t come here to hurt you. I just need your help.”

“My help!” carter couldn’t mask the surprise in his voice. “I should get you arrested but what’s the point? You’ll just get out and kill me anyway. So I have called the only one that I know will be able to get me out of this. I called Miguel.” Carter watched as Alejandro’s eyes widened. “Yes, I called him and he’s on his way here.”

“What? No!” Alejandro felt like he’d been taken to the North Pole with the way his body felt cold. The way his heart pounded violently, he felt like it was about to rip out of his chest. He was so scared and images of Miguel murdering him slowly started forming in his head. “Please, Miguel will kill me just like he killed the other men.”

“Other men?” carter frowned. “What are you talking about?”

“The other dragons!” He literally yelled, shaking his head.

“What?” Carter couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing from Alejandro. First it had been Daniel and now Alejandro too? “Just how many dragons are there?”

“Five, at least they were five before Miguel killed three.” He gulped, feeling himself get weak. “Miguel had sent some men to have me killed. I only came here because I know that you can help me and…”


Whoa! Too late! Miguel and Brian came rushing in the house, running like the hounds of hell where after them. Alejandro on the other hand felt like his death warrant had just been signed and he went limp as his body shook like a leaf on a windy day. Sweat started forming as he took a glance behind and saw Miguel’s angry face.

Miguel couldn’t mask the shock, pain and disgust on his face when he saw Alejandro staring at him like a lost puppy. Suddenly, pain him so hard in the heart that he felt tears begin to form as his mind took him back to the past… the very time when he had been raped by those four men brutally and all the pain he had felt. He also remembered how close Alejandro had been with him, like a family member. His heart was bleeding.

“Miguel…” Carter moved from the bastard and rushed to his brother. “…Is what this bastard saying true? He’s just from telling me that he’s a dragon and that you want to kill him. Have you been hunting down each and every one of them?”

But Miguel wasn’t even paying attention. He was just staring at the bastard that looked like he was about to shit his pants. As he stared at the man, all that was in his head was to murder the man right in that house and forget about everything.

“Carter, leave us alone!” He said in a really cold voice. He sounded like a villain from a demon movie.

“No-no-no!” Alejandro’s voice was shaking. “Carter, don’t. We both know what’s going to happen once you leave me with him. Please, don’t!” He was pleading. “Are you going to let your brother kill me?”

“Don’t call his name!” Miguel rasped, pointing angrily at him as tears threatened to come out. “You’re so despicable.”

“What Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort are you gonna do, Miguel?” Carter was so scared and he had no idea why. The way Miguel was looking like, Carter knew that he could do anything. “Are you gonna kill him? Someone tell me what’s going on? I want to know the truth because it seems this issue is really serious?”

“Carter, I don’t think…”

“No, Brian…” Carter chimed in, raising his voice. “…I don’t want anyone to hide anything from me anymore. I want to know the entire truth because this has been affecting me more than I thought. Since I came back from the hospital, it’s like every day, some kind of drama happens in my life so I want the truth.”

Miguel turned and looked at Carter, feeling a lump develop in his throat. He was in so much anguish and just wanted to end the life of the last dragon.

“Carter, sometimes, the truth sets us free but sometimes it hurts us beyond repair.” He said in a weak voice, clenching his fists. “Personally, I would have loved to prevent you from knowing the truth but…”


“It’s okay, Brian.” Miguel gestured, smiling softly. “It’s my job. At least, I owe him that.” He took a deep breath as he suppressed his tears because he knew he was about to go down the most painful and torturous memory lane. “Yes, it’s true that I was brutally raped by the dragons years ago. This ruined my life completely and turned me into what I am today. I had a perfect life, a perfect job, a perfect family but all that got destroyed that fateful night. I lost everything including my identity and found out that my entire painful life had been a lie.”

He took a deep breath as his heart felt like something was squeezing it. He could feel his chest tightening painfully and he could no longer fight his tears. It was really painful.

“That happened a long time ago.” Alejandro literally yelled in his weak voice. “I am no longer that man. I changed.”

“What?” Brian snapped, clenching his fists. “Do you think what you did that night was a joke? You raped a young boy, you bastard.”

“I don’t want to talk about that anymore.” Miguel said as he furiously rubbed his tears.

“He deserves to know the entire truth.” Brian said as he turned and held Carter’s hand whose mouth was open the entire time. “The dragons not only raped Miguel and destroyed his life but they also collaborated with the man that murdered your parents in cold blood. It is not true what Miguel told you. He just wanted to save you from the pain. Your parents thought you were dead when you were born. But that wasn’t the truth. You were just stolen as soon as you were born and…”

“No!” Carter yelled, shaking his head angrily as tears went down his cheeks. “That’s not true!” He cried, shaking his head. “I wasn’t stolen.”

“You were.” Brian said, feeling his head pulse. “You were stolen when you were born. And don’t think Miguel had it good because his entire life, he’s known nothing but pain. His life hasn’t always been a bed of roses.”

“No!” Carter screamed in pain, covering his ears. Then he stormed out of there and started running upstairs.

“Carter!” Miguel called as he took his pace and started following Carter.

And unbelievably, Alejandro started going up because he knew his survival depended on it. He knew that Daniel had been saved by Christian but his survival depended on Carter. Miguel followed Carter behind but couldn’t catch up with him. He figured he needed some time alone so he decided to come down stairs.

As he was coming down, he met with Alejandro who was busy going up. Miguel felt really disgusted and he couldn’t escape the pain that he felt. It was like someone was pounding on his head, causing him so much pain.

“You bastard!” He muttered, angrily looking at him. “I can’t believe you have the nerves to come here.” He said as a series of tears followed. “You are even still here.”

The images of him being brutally raped started forming in his head. The pain, the screams, the disgusting moans from the dragons as they raped him and all the words they had used on him. He could also picture Alejandro’s face as he had been raping him.

“Uh…” The idiot had moaned. “You’re so fucking sweet. I can’t get enough.” He groaned in pleasure as he attacked Angelo’s neck and sucked on it.

Miguel knew that Alejandro had been the one that had been really rough on him, raped him like he was nothing and hurt him like he wasn’t human at all. Alejandro had also been the one that made him hurt terribly that he had bled. He had punched him when he had tried to resist. All those things came back to him and began causing him pain.

“I now remember you.” Miguel said painfully, his voice sounding evil. “You were the one that caused me so much pain, maybe even their leader. I remember all the punches, the slaps and the pain as you raped me that night.” His tears couldn’t stop flowing. It was like being raped all over again. “You were the worst one of them all. You were the one that nearly destroyed my face. You killed me and still came here to torment my brother!”

He had had it. He furiously got his gun out and pointed at Alejandro and was much ready to kill the now trembling man. He pointed the gun at Alejandro and watched as his eyes widened and he raised his hands up. Alejandro’s mouth gaped as he started breathing heavily, feeling his life slipping away. He had never been as scared as he felt at that particular time.


“You ruined my life and now I am gonna kill you like the others.”

Miguel cocked the gun as his finger slowly trembled on the trigger. Brian was just watching without even moving or thinking about stopping Miguel. Miguel on the other hand was just watching the idiot’s face get blank and he didn’t even care. He had found his dragon and he was gonna kill him and complete his vengeance. There was nothing that was gonna stop him.

Alejandro knew he was toast. There was nothing that was gonna stop him from his death. It was done. His heart was racing so hard that he was starting to tremble in so much fear. Adrenaline was already preying on him and he felt weak in the knees. His eyes were on Miguel’s gun and he saw Miguel ready to pull the trigger but…

“Miguel, please, stop!” Carter came rushing down the stairs and stood in between them.

Miguel couldn’t believe it. “Carter, leave this place and let me finish him. Nothing will spare this man from my wrath today.”

“No, Miguel…” Carter slowly started to move towards him, looking him in the eyes. He saw nothing but pain. “I am not defending this man. Believe me, I want nothing more than to see him rotting in hell but I also don’t want you…” He paused and sobbed. “…ending up dead or in prison for some injustice that was committed by the dragons. Please,” He slowly touched the gun, still staring in Miguel’s eyes. “Look at me and do this for me, Miguel. If you regret what you’ve said to me and if what you’ve been telling me is true, drop the gun down and let him go.”

Miguel felt really weak and hurt. He wanted nothing more than to kill Alejandro but then again, he loved his brother so much that he didn’t wanna hurt him. With a painful sigh, he dropped his hands and slowly rubbed his tears.

“Get out of here before I change my mind.” He snapped, making Alex tremble even more.

Alejandro gasped and ran away from that place, running as fast as he could to his car. He knew that he was safe, at least for that time.

“Miguel, I understand you and what you’ve gone through.” Carter said softly, rubbing his tears. “Believe me, I do. I can only imagine the pain you went through in the hands of those men. I mean, you were just a young boy and you suffered such torment. I am sorry but…” He paused and took a deep breath. “…even after knowing the truth, you didn’t accept me. You still avoided the situation and I bet you didn’t even look for me.” Plus, there was another reason that he couldn’t accept his brother, Christian!

“What are you saying, Carter?” Brian said angrily, failing to understand. “Do you think things have been easy for Miguel? Just a few seconds ago, Miguel was just about to kill the man he has been looking for, for a long time. It wasn’t easy to let him go without hurting him. But he did that for you. Doesn’t it show you how much he loves you?”

“I am so tired of all this.” Carter said harshly, gripping his hair. “I am tired of hearing this drama each and every day.”

Miguel was hurt by Carter’s words. “I have had enough!” Miguel’s voice was hoarse. “I am tired of going back to my past that provokes so much pain in me.” His voice was rising and Carter could see the Miguel he knew before resurface. “I can’t do this right now.”

He raised his hands like he was surrendering and gracefully walked out of the house, leaving Brian and Carter there. He dropped to his knees and cried hysterically while Brian consoled him and told him to be strong.


“Are you crazy?” Daniel yelled on the other end of the line. “Why would you do that?”

“There was someone following me. I had to do it.” He sighed, rubbing the sweat off his forehead. “Miguel was ready to kill me and I had to ensure my survival. It was really bad but Carter saved my life.”

“That was risky.” Daniel seemed calm. “What if he had killed you? Now he also knows that you’re the fifth dragon.”

“Yeah, he does.” His body was still shaking from the aftermath. “But I don’t think he’ll continue with his revenge against me because of Carter. I am really sure that Miguel loves Carter and won’t get my revenge because of that. Err… let me get my phone. My wife is calling.”

He cut the call and answered his wife.


“Where are you?” She sounded really mad. “When you called me, you seemed really scared. Are you alright?”

“Yes, baby…” He chuckled nervously. “…I just talked to Miguel and Carter and I am glad that I was able to escape his wrath. I don’t think he’ll get his revenge on me. And thank you so much for understanding me.”

Laura breathed in deeply. “You’re so despicable, Alejandro.” She said angrily on the other end. “I can’t believe I got married to such a despicable man. First, you raped him, you and your gang and then you have the nerves to do that.”

“Laura, my love…”

“I don’t want to do anything with you anymore.”

She cut the call, leaving Alejandro looking like he’d just an encounter with a ghost. What had just happened, he thought as he sped up to go and talk to his wife and make her understand him.


Miguel arrived home raging mad and feeling like something was crawling up his skin. He was breathing harshly, his fists clenched and his body trembling in anger. He furiously dropped his phone, car keys and gun on the table, gripping his hair. He felt like he needed something, something to calm him down while he waited, what felt like eternity.

He went to his bar, poured himself some whisky and started drinking it while angrily removing his shoes. He started moving about, feeling like the more whisky he took, the angrier he got. It was a thirst that couldn’t be quenched. He just needed to kill all of them, finish them. His revenge was nearly complete but his hands were tied. He didn’t know what to do.

“My Lord,” He heard Mark’s voice behind him. “What’s going on?”

Miguel quickly turned and face him, his face getting stern.

“We’ve got our last dragon.” He seethed, gripping the glass harder. “Alejandro is the last dragon.” He took the entire glass and emptied it into his mouth. “That bastard is the dragon we’ve been looking for all this while. He was just right there, in front of me.”

“What are we gonna do now, don?” Mark was worried. “I can do anything for you.”

“I wish I had gotten rid of them before they got to Carter!” He rasped, pouring himself more whisky. “But now, even if I try to make their deaths look like an accident, both Carter and Christian will still pin it on me. But one thing I know is that Alejandro was the worst of them all and sooner or later, I will have to deal with him personally.”

“I am ready to do anything, boss.”

“Just leave me, for now!” He sighed, combing his hair with his fingers. “I need to rest.”

Mark bowed and left. Miguel took the bottle and the glass to his bed and started drinking, thinking of ways to get rid of Alejandro. As he was busy drinking, he heard his phone ringing and he was quick to answer.


“I need your help.” A voice that sounded shaky and orgasmic said.

Miguel didn’t need to be a genius to figure out who it was.

“Brandon!” He said harshly. “Why the hell did you call me? I told you I was done with you.”

“Miguel, things have gotten bad at the court.” He said harshly. “If you don’t help me, I will surely go to prison. It seems that boyfriend of yours is hell-bent on seeing me rot behind bars. They are all against me. My son, my wife and everyone testified against me. Things have gotten very complicated and I need your help. I want you to help me or I will expose everything you did with the dragons.”

Hearing his threats, Miguel just chuckled, putting the phone on the other ear. He was so much in anger to even care about Brandon’s threats. He didn’t care about them anymore.

“Oh, really?” He chuckled bitterly, rolling his eyes. “So the might Brandon after professing all the love he has for me, how he doesn’t want to see me suffer and how he wants to treat me well, make love to me unlike anyone has ever done is now calling to threaten me.”

“You leave me no choice, Miguel!” He said in a deep manly voice. “You know you have the power to help me. If you don’t then…”

“You can’t have me and then in the end, you’re nothing but a wretched blackmailer.”

“You leave me choice.”

“Excuse me!” Miguel furiously rose from the bed, his voice rising. “If I had helped you commit all those crimes like killing Pablo, killing Marcus and raping Lawrence, I would be by your side right now as you ally but you did all that on your own and behind my back.”

“I helped you kill all those men.” Brandon said harshly, literally yelling.

“Tell me, why did you help me? Did I force you to do it?”

“I helped because I love you so much and I wanna be with you. Don’t you understand?”

“And that love is the reason why you want me to pay for your crimes?” He glowered, holding the phone roughly. “I have said this before and I will say it again, if you dare sell me out I will cut off your tongue. Now you decided…” He yelled. “…should I cut it before or after I kill you, huh?”

With those words, he hang up the call and threw the phone on the bed. He was just so mad.


Brian had just arrived at his house, feeling really tired after everything that had happened. Just as he reached his room and started stripping in readiness for a soothing shower, his phone started ringing. A smile brightened his face when he saw who was calling.


“My love, guess what?” Felix chirped on the other end. “I have been nominated as a senator of the party.”

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