It Happened Again Ch. 03


I drove away watching Randy. Two hours to kill before coming back and facing him to see what he wants. So he’s got me on camera sucking Bob’s cock. Lucky for me they don’t kick you out of the military for being homosexual anymore. Even though my career is safe, I don’t know if the guys I work with would accept it especially being a supervisor. Well I guess I’m fucked.

Twenty six hours ago I got caught looking at a hard cock outlined in Bob’s shorts. Why the fuck didn’t I just say “Fuck you Bob, go find a twink to play with your cock”, but no, I had to touch his cock and then give him a handjob just because he asked. Shit.. What stupid ass I am. Hell, I could have blamed it on being drunk and being stupid. Cussed Bob out about forcing me, but no, I come back today and sucked his cock twice and then got caught by Randy. Fuck.. This sucks.

I played the events of the past day over and over as I’m driving to the house. I start to focus on the pleasure of touching and sucking Bob’s cock and now I have a raging boner. God it feels good stroking it. Wait.. Wait.. I’ve got a raging hard-on thinking about sucking cock. What happened to pussy. Got to get my mind straight and think about firm breasts, soft skin and a wet pussy that my cock slips in so easily. Yes, that’s it and all the blowjobs I got. Yes, how her lips would wrap around my cock. Ooh that feels good, having a cock in my mouth. Damn it, in her mouth, not mine. The thought of me sucking cock filtered back into my head. Fuck.. Fuck .. Fuck.. Home at last. No one around. Good, I’ll slip into the house without seeing the tent in my shorts.

I decided to take a shower to relax and think this through. Two shoes, two socks, shorts and a T-shirt removed, faster than ever before. Into the warm water stream, “Aah”, that feels good. Grabbed the soap and lathered up my cock. It didn’t need much attention to bring back its full hardness. “Stroke it slow John”, I said. “Make it last.” Fuck that, I needed a release now. I started stroking faster and then out of my mouth came “Oh Bob, feed me your cock, I want your cock” and I shot of stream of cum, then another on the shower wall. My knees buckled slightly and my testicles ached as this release was a build up that would have caused blue balls in another couple of hours.

I finished the shower, dried off, put on fresh shorts and a shirt. I sat down in my recliner to think what I was going to do in an hour and a half. Well the next thing I knew it was two hours later. The beer, the hot shower and the recliner took its toll and had a good nap. Now I’m panicked. It’s well after dark and I have a fifteen minute drive back to Randy’s place. Hey better late than never as the saying goes. As I hurried out the door not knowing what to expect, I thought about the never. Only for an instant though, as I can’t afford the alternative of being known as a cocksucker.

I got to Randy’s and Avrupa Yakası Escort parked down the street out of sight from Bob’s house. My heart was pounding as I approached Randy’s front door not knowing what to expect. I was about twenty feet from the door when I heard “John, over here in the garage.” I then noticed the garage door open. It was dark but the outline of a car and figure were visible in the dark. I cleared the door and the door started coming down. The light didn’t come on. The door was almost down when Randy turned a light on above his workbench. “Sorry for that, I thought I’d keep it more private cause I know you must be nervous.”

“Thanks for the consideration.” I was feeling a little more comfortable as the tone of his voice took the edge of my nervousness. Besides that, his physical presents wasn’t intimidating. Randy was probably in his early 50s. Graying hair around the temples with a small stomach paunch from drinking to many beers without the necessary exercise to keep it off. Before I could speak again asking what he wanted, He said, “Listen John, I want to apologize. After you left, I got to thinking about how threatening I may have sounded and then showing you the picture. Well, I should have handled it differently. It’s just that I saw opportunity to make a dramatic opening to talk to you about something important and I didn’t want Bob to see you talking to me, so I wanted you to come back after dark so we could talk privately. Whew.. Got that all out. Do you understand what I’m trying to say?”

I could tell by the tone in his voice that he has indeed apologetic. I could also surmise that he didn’t want to ask me to go fishing.

“Apology accepted Randy. You did have me have me worried though. I’m still anxious on what you want to talk about and oh by the way, the pictures you took.” “Understand John, let me explain. First, how about a beer?”

“Sure Randy, I’d like one.” Randy had a well stocked fridge in his garage so he handed me one and motioned for me to go inside the house.

“Make yourself at home.” The door from the garage opened into the den. Saw the nice leather couch so sat down adjacent to Randy’s leather recliner.

“No sense beating around the bush John, I’ll get right to the point. Would you be interested in giving me a blowjob?”

I knew a question like that was coming so I wasn’t that surprised by it. What surprised me was that he asked it so quickly and openly. I liked him. He had a confidence about him that made you want to trust him so I said “Sure Randy, I’ll give you a blowjob but I’d like the pictures deleted from your camera and computer if you put them there.”

“Didn’t put them on the computer. Here’s the camera. Want to look at them?”

He sat next to me on the couch and started the camera roll. There were 18 pictures. “You were busy weren’t you Randy?”

“Yes I was. Forgot about Avrupa Yakası Escort Bayan the movie feature but hey they’re some hot picture huh?”

He scrolled slowly through the pictures. No denying it was me and Bob. I was getting hard seeing me sucking Bob’s cock and Randy was too as I took a quick glance at his lap. There was a noticeable bulge.

“I like this one the best.” Randy showed a picture of Bob’s cockhead about to pass by my lips. He moved a little closer and I could feel his warmth. He reached across my body and grabbed my left hand and brought it into his lap. I didn’t resist. Taking the cue, I rotated my body slightly, got my hand in a better position and started rubbing his cock through his Dockers. His cock was as hard, throbbing up and down trying to get loose from its confinement. I stopped for a moment remembering to slow down as I recognized that he was highly aroused.

“That feels wonderful John. I think he wants to come out to play. Would you take him out please?”

I undid Randy’s belt and found there was no button to undo. Pulled his tucked in polo shirt over his head and tossed it aside. Looking down now, I saw tip of Randy’s cock extending past where his pant’s button should have been. He wasn’t wearing underwear and his cock was still pulsing up and down with only lock on his zipper restraining it. I lifted the tab on the zipper disabling the lock. Immediately the zipper moved half-way down freeing his cock. I gasped as I saw for the first time. His cock was the same girth as Bob’s but much longer. I found myself licking my lips as I positioned body to remove Randy’s pants altogether.

“Kick off those shoes and I’ll pull these pants off you.” He lifted his butt off the couch and I slid his pants to his ankles where he kicked them off.

“Can I touch your cock Randy?” I was on Randy’s left. He was slouched down on the couch, I was sitting upright. His cock was still twitching anticipating attention, the head almost to his bellybutton.

“Whenever you want John.” I reached out with my right hand and grasped his cock firmly standing it straight up. His cock pulsed in my hand. What a wonderful feeling. How warm and smooth it was. He was at his full hardness. I just loved the visual of my hand around a huge stiff cock. I started some small deliberate strokes and then stopped.

“Randy how close are you to an orgasm?”

“Real close John. This is so hot and I haven’t had a release in a week so I could erupt very quickly. Your hand feels really good on my cock.”

I gave him another series of small strokes and stopped again.

“Do you want me to continue with a handjob or do you want me to suck you?”

“Suck me. It’s been way to long since I’ve had a blowjob.”

“Okay Randy, but I need a favor. I’m a novice cocksucker. This is the third time for me so I need to have you stand up so I can Escort Avrupa Yakası get on my knees to service you.”

He stood up and I got on my knees. His cock staring me in the face. I steadied it with my left hand and brought my mouth to his cock letting the head pass through my lips slowly stopping when the head hit the back of my mouth. I still had more than half a cock left and thought I could never take it all. I slowly reversed course and withdrew his cock from my mouth. I heard a sigh and a soft moan.

“Randy, how do want it? You have a wonderful cock and I’m enjoying sucking it, but I want you to tell me how to proceed.”

“I’m not going last much longer no matter what you do, so could you suck my cock please?”

I did as I was told. His cock gained entrance to my mouth and I decided that I would do long slow strokes of the entire length of his cock moving in and then out. I managed a little more of his cock in my mouth as his cockhead hit the opening of my throat and I got a hint of the gag reflex so out it came slowly up the warm shaft until the head of his cock appeared beyond my lips. Back his cock went slowly to the entry of my throat picking up more saliva on the way. I pushed his cock past the entry of my throat and an extra inch of his cock went into my mouth. Ugh, gag.. Out his cock came on its slow journey past my lips. In again slowly, oh oh, I know that feeling. Too late, my mouth immediately filled with a violent stream of cum. Then another and another. Can’t swallow, I’m gagging. Reflex removes his cock from my mouth and I have a mouthful. It’s so much and it’s not like Bob’s, this is thick. I swallow most but there is an abundance that I didn’t. My T-shirt is initiated by two parallel lines of Randy’s cum. I wipe my mouth and look up at Randy. He’s smiling.

“John thanks for blowing me. You’re a great cocksucker. My knees are weak and my balls ache from the download of all that cum. That was one fantastic blowjob.”

I stand up looking for a towel when Randy says “You want some help with that hard cock of yours?”

Can’t deny that it’s not hard as the tent in my shorts doesn’t lie. I gain eye contact with him and the next thing I see is Randy on his knees and my shorts are on my ankles and Randy has my cock in his mouth.

Oh shit, he good. He’s done this before. Oh shit, fast pace, he took it all. Oh that feels good.. no..no.. no not yet. Oh good. Yes that’s nice, tonguing the head, lips, take it all..Aagh… Aagh… I’m cummmming!! Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.

“You’ve sucked a cock before haven’t you?”

“Who me? I’ll never tell. Well maybe to the right person. Hey, I know you have to work tomorrow, why don’t you go and we’ll talk tomorrow. Here’s my number.”

We made our exit through the blacken garage. Randy looked around and said the coast was clear. As l walked by him he grabbed my arm, then a hand went to my back. He drew me in without resistance and kissed me long and hard with a tongue parting my lips. Oh shit, I’m being kissed by a man and I’m loving it. He ended the kiss and said see you tomorrow. I walked hurriedly towards my car thinking what had just happened.

To be continued…

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