It Started in the Men’s Room


Note: this is based on a true incident. It predates the AIDS era in that the sex was unprotected – and I strongly recommend protection nowadays.


The way the college was laid out, most of the dorms had their own bathrooms. But since classes involved moving between buildings, there were public bathrooms as well. And it was there I was first propositioned and began to explore my bi-side. I love women – their feel and their touch, their scent and their smell and everything about them. What I discovered is that I also enjoy men.

It was late in the evening at school. The sun was down and I was about to get back to my dorm room after classes when I needed to pee. I detoured towards one of the public men’s rooms on the first floor of the admin building where I stepped in, found an empty urinal and unzipped.

Within 30 seconds, this large guy was in at the urinal next to me. He unzipped, and then that was it. I didn’t hear anything, and glanced over to see him stroking a large, hard cock – the first I had really ever seen. (Not too sheltered, eh?)

“Like that?” he growled. I was speechless at that moment, like a deer in the headlights. On the one hand, I couldn’t take my eyes off of a cock that was thicker and longer than my 6 inches, and on the other I found my own cock getting hard. “

“I guess you do” he said to me. “Want to get out of here?”

“Sure” I stammered. “Where?”

“We can walk to my place. It’s not far and it’s private” he replied. So we both put things away, adjusted our pants and zipped up.

“I’ll meet you outside” he said, “so people won’t think anything happened here. Count 5 and then come out. With that he left.

I took a moment to look in the mirror – what is going on? That cock he showed me was

big. Really big. And I’m now hard as a rock. Amy I gay? Am I willing to just see what happens? Yes, I said to myself and walked out to meet him.

“I’m Tommy” he said. “What year are you?”

“I’m Rich, and I’m a freshman. Look, Tommy, I’ve never gone near a guy before. I’m not sure about this.”

“Look at it this way, Rich, you saw my cock and were hard as a rock. That’s all I need to know – something about it turned you on. Doesn’t mean much more than that – but I tell you what. I’ll take this slow and easy, and if at any point you Ataşehir Escort want out, say so.”

“Really?” I replied. “If we can take it slow, I’m up for it.”

Fifteen minutes later he was unlocking the door to his apartment and letting me in.

“I don’t want to kiss you” I said.

“That’s okay,” he said, “I’m not into that anyway. Just take off your clothes while I get us a couple of beers and some other things”

I was out of my clothes almost as soon as he left the room. My dick was no longer hard, and I was a little embarrassed by that so I sat down and kind of covered up. Tommy came back in a moment later with two beers, a bhong and a baggie.

“You smoke?” he asked. “Because this is really great weed.”

“Light it up!” I replied, and as I was drawing in my first breath he was taking off his clothes. He must have been 6 feet tall – of course anything over my 5’5″ appears big to me, actually.

So there I am, holding in a deep lungful of what was some powerful weed, staring at the big cock and balls of a stranger. He began moving closer to me – so he could get the bhong, as it turned out – and as he did that big cock started growing bigger and straightening out.

I imagine that I was once again imitating that deer in the headlights as I watched it grow. His balls were bigger than mine and hanging lower as well.

“Go ahead, Rich, touch it. You know you want to” he said. He could tell he had me under the spell of that growing snake.

I reached out my hand, stroking it gently, feeling it growing all the while. The head of it was almost twice as large as mine, and it was an amazingly bright purple. I slowly rubbed the head – the underside of it where I knew mine felt really good – and in another moment I was inches away from 9″ of thick hard cock, staring me in the eye. It bobbed and dipped and I was mesmerized by it. Tommy stood there, hands on his hips, dick sticking in my face, releasing the smoke from the bhong with a deep groan.

“What do you think, Rich? Do you like it? Go ahead and start playing with it like you play with yours. As a matter of fact, move over so I can get to that nice hard cock of yours that’s sticking up and calling my name.” I edged over as he sat, but kept his cock in my hand and was just overwhelmed by the power Kadıköy Escort of it. His hand on my smaller cock were magical – I was getting lot in the feelings.

“You’re good, Rich. Keep rubbing me. Would you like to find out what it tastes like? Just bend over and put the tip in your mouth. Like the head and see if you like it.” I obeyed as if hypnotized and licked the head like a lollipop. Ran my tongue in the slit of it. Then I opened my mouth and sucked in the whole head.

Tommy groaned in pleasure. “If this is your first time, kid, you’re just a natural! Keep doing what you’re doing!”

At this point, I decided I had committed myself. I had a blowjob or two from some girlfriends before this. I had masturbated a lot – I know what would be coming eventually, so I spent my time swirling my tongue around and over that big head, and then shifted on the couch, taking my cock out of his hands and getting on the floor, on my knees between his legs, staring once again at his big dick and balls. I resolved right then that if I was going to do this, I was going to give him a blowjob he remembered.

With that, I wrapped one hand around the base of his cock, feeling it throb in my hand and started stroking it. Then I used my other hand to play with this balls and moved my mouth over the top of it.

“Am I any good?” I asked.

“Just keep it up” he replied, and with that, I popped the head of his cock back in my mouth. I kept it there, licking and sucking, for a minute, then took my mouth away. “I want to give you a blowjob that you won’t forget. Not sure if I can, but I’m going to do my best. Someone once told me, always do your best – and this dick deserves my best. Tell me if I do anything wrong, okay?”

“If you do, I will. But just get back to sucking that cock!” When he said that, my cock sprang to attention and I dived back down on him. I tried to get as much of his cock into my mouth as I could. I got my mouth full, and started to gag when it hit the back of my throat and still had 6 inches of hard cock in my hand.

“Oh, I see your dick got real hard a minute ago. I bet you like being told what to do, don’t you? You’re a little cocksucker who knows he’s only any good on the end of someone else’s big dick, aren’t you?” I moaned around his cock, my own harder than it Bostancı Escort had ever been.

“I see I’m right. Okay, cocksucker, get that whole dick in your throat. Don’t stop until your nose is pressed into my pubes and my balls are bouncing on your chin. Then we’ll see what kind of cocksucker you really are!”

My aching cock was about ready to come just hearing him, and all I wanted to do was prove to him what piece of trash I was. I dove down on his dick, deeper than I had ever gone. His cock was at the back of my throat and I was fighting the urge to gag when I felt his hands on my head, holding me down. Forcing me down further on his big, thick cock.

“Open your throat, cocksucker! Let me all the way into your throat!” I lifted up my head to take a deep breath, calmed myself, and then went back down on his now sloppy cock. This time, when I got him to the back of my mouth, I let myself relax and felt him slide that big dick past the stop and into my throat. Tears were coming from my eyes and my nose was pressed into his pubic hair. Tommy was gasping.

“Shit! I’ve only had one other guy deep throat me before! This is amazing – you must have been born to suck cock. Now that I’m in, I’m going to fuck your face and prove what a worthless little dick licker you are. I’m going to drive my dick into your throat and empty my balls. Don’t you miss a drop – swallow it all when I cum.”

With that, he stood up, put his hands at the back of my head and began to fuck my face! My nose was taking a beating when he slammed into it but I didn’t care. I just remember being happy to be used as he pounded me over and over. I was a cock sucker and he was going to remember this one!

Then I felt his balls tighten up. His movements got a little jerky, and he grabbed my head and held me on his cock as he started cumming. I remember the throbbing. The feel of that pulsing vein on the bottom. The warm blasts of liquid in my throat. I came without even touching my own dick, hitting the bottom of my chin and his balls with my cum.

I held my breath as long as I could before pushing on his thighs and pulling off his cock. It was still twitching and dribbling cum as it came out of my mouth and began to shrink. I took a deep breath and sucked in the head of it to drain him dry.

We both fell onto the couch. Tommy was moaning. He was almost speechless. When we had cleaned up a little, we fell asleep tangled in each other.

I slept until I felt that big cock on my face, and we started up again.

That was freshman year. A lot happened on the way to graduation.

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