It Started with a Dream Ch. 04

Bbc Piper

This is the forth part and I recommend you take the time to read the first three parts for context. All people are over 18.


Two guys? Ruth had told me she had only invited one guy round. What was happening…

While I was struggling to comprehend what was going on I realised that I could hear everything through the laptop at my end.

It turns out that Mark (guy number 2) had a fight with his girlfriend earlier and didn’t have anywhere else to go. Kyle (original guy) took pity on him and was only coming round to tell Ruth that he was very sorry but as much as he hated to he would have to turn her down. He was going to go and get Mark settled in his apartment which was a couple of miles away from the hotel.

I was gutted… and so by the sound of it was Ruth.

“Don’t go, you can both stay. The more the merrier” she replied.

I was shocked to say the least, but I had told her to enjoy herself.

After protesting more than I think he wanted to, Kyle came on in followed by Mark and they closed the door.

Mark went and sat in the corner and told them he was sorry for interrupting things and to just go ahead and he would wait for them to finish whatever it was they wanted to get up to.

Ruth was so horny that she just left him to it and took Kyle by the hand and led him over to the large four poster bed. She took his head in her hands and started kissing him. He kissed her back and I watched as his hands moved down her back to start squeezing her gorgeous ass. He had one hand on each cloth covered cheek before slipping them under her short blue dress. He was now groping my wifes naked ass while I watched from home.

Ruth broke off the kiss and told him she loved the feel of his hands on her ass. She then moved her own hands down to his trousers and proceeded to take his belt off and throw it to one side.

Next she started unbuttoning his trousers and letting them drop to the floor.

I could clearly see the outline of his cock in his snug fitting boxer shorts.

There was some movement over in the corner of the room and I noticed Mark adjusting himself as he watched what was going on.

As Ruth started to unbutton Kyle’s shirt he reached round to undo the zipper on her dress. The zip went all the way to the top of her ass. Once he had that pulled down he gently slipped the straps off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor.

With such a low cut dress Ruth hadn’t been wearing a bra and was now standing in front of two strangers in just her thong and high heels.

Kyle had slipped his shoes and socks off and Ruth had finished removing his shirt. He was standing there is just his boxers with a six pack that I could never dream of having even in my much younger years.

Ruth rubbed the outline of his cock through his boxers before pulling them down Anadoluyakası Escort to the ground, leaving herself just about eye level with his cock. She looked up and him, took his cock in her hand and started sucking him off.

Kyle reached down to play with her nipples before grabbing the back of Ruths head and forcing her down onto his cock.

She started to gag slightly but I couldn’t believe she had taken so much in her mouth. Her bottom lip was practically touching his balls…

At this stage I was very horny and had already stripped off my trousers and boxers and was sitting on the couch watching and wanking. It looked like Mark was getting in to it too. He had his cock in his hand watching the action unfold.

After a few seconds Kyle let go of Ruth’s head and she was able to get a breath. She stroked his cock a bit more before getting up to sit on the bed.

Kyle gently pushed her back and pulled off her thong. Leaving her only wearing her high heels.

He knelt down between her legs and lowered his face to her pussy, gently licking it from top to bottom before nibbling on her clit.

This went on for a few minutes before he introduced a finger, then another, then a third.

Ruth had her legs over his shoulders and was squeezing her nipples, enjoying every second.

Kyle picked up the pace a bit, fingering her soaking pussy as fast as he could, trying to get her to cum. It didn’t take too long… After a minute or so she came and she came hard. Her legs gripped the sides of Kyles head as his fingers remaining buried in her pussy.

A few moments later she relaxed her grip and looked down at Kyle to make sure he was ok.

He just smiled back at her as he stood up with her legs still on his shoulders. This left his cock in the perfect position to fuck her.

“Wait a minute” she shouted.

Kyle thought she was going to tell him to put on a condom.

“Mark” she called “come over here and grab my phone please.”

Mark, who was now naked, got up with his cock bouncing in front of him and grabbed my wifes phone from the bedside table.

He handed it to her and stood beside her waiting to see what she wanted.

Ruth unlocked the phone, opened the camera app and switched it to video mode.

She handed the phone back to Mark and told him to video everything in close up detail… She wanted to watch this back again and again.

I had already been recording my screen at home but this would be even better. Maybe we could watch it back together when she got home from the conference.

Mark stood at the edge of the bed, zooming in a bit on Kyles cock sitting just outside Ruths pussy.

“Now you can fuck me” Ruth said

Kyle’s cock was a decent size and I could only imagine the view I was going to get when I watched it back on Ruths phone. He slowly Anadoluyakası Escort Bayan pushed his cock in, inch by inch before pulling it out and suddenly just slamming it all the way in.

This caught Ruth by surprise and took her breath away but she loved it. “Fuck me as hard as you can” she yelled.

Kyle didn’t need asking twice. He pounded her pussy as hard and fast as he could before slowing down slightly, pulling out and then starting all over again.

Ruths legs were still on Kyles shoulders and he had his hands gripping her thighs but after a while Ruth was getting uncomfortable so she stopped Kyle for a second before turning round and getting on all fours. He easily slipped his cock back in her soaking pussy and grabbed her ass with both hands to start fucking her once more.

Meanwhile Mark was filming with one hand and wanking his cock with the other. He was getting a pretty good closeup of Kyle’s cock slamming in and out of my wife’s pussy when she called him over. “Mark, come sit up here in front of me. I need another cock”.

Mark didn’t need another invitation. He hopped up onto the bed in front of Ruth and sat back against the headboard.

Ruth took his average size cock in her mouth and played with his balls while giving him the mother of all blowjobs.

I couldn’t believe it. Here was my wife of ten years being spit roasted by two strangers in a hotel room while I watched from home on my laptop.

After a while Mark looked like he was going to cum so Ruth stopped sucking. She looked him in the eye and told him to move down a bit.

She pulled away from Kyle’s cock, moved up on the bed and rubbed her pussy up and down the length of Mark’s cock.

“Do you want to fuck me?” she asked.

All she received was an eager nod of the head in return.

She took her mobile, handed it back to Kyle and lifted herself up slightly before guiding Mark’s cock into her wet pussy.

He wasn’t as big as Kyle, or me, and I wasn’t sure just how long he was going to last.

It wasn’t long. After only a couple of minutes he grunted and came deep inside my wife’s pussy.

I could tell Ruth wasn’t happy… She was close to having her second orgasm and Mark had finished too quickly for her liking.

She lifted herself off his shrinking cock and I could see the cum dripping from her pussy.

Kyle had caught it all on camera which I was really looking forward to seeing.

She took the phone back off him, handing it to Mark to keep filming and told Kyle to lie down so she could fuck him.

She really wanted that next orgasm but I got the impression that Kyle wasn’t that interested in sloppy seconds. Which was evident when I heard him say he thought it would be weird having his mates cum over his cock.

The next thing she said shocked me and turned me on in equal Escort Anadoluyakası measure. “Fuck my ass then instead”

Kyle didn’t need to think about that one… He got Ruth to lie face down on the bed with her legs spread wide while he got behind her. He rubbed his cock up and down between her ass cheeks and tried to push it in to her asshole…

It wasn’t going as well as he’d hoped. My wife’s virgin asshole was pretty tight so he called Mark over and asked him to pull her cheeks apart a bit while he tried again.

Ruth didn’t want Mark to stop filming and reached round herself to spread her cheeks. Kyle tried once more and with the help of some baby oil from my wife’s wash bag, his cock was easing in slowly but surely.

I couldn’t believe it. My wife was getting fucked in the ass by another man. A complete stranger had taken her anal virginity.

After a few minutes of pretty intense ass fucking Ruth wasn’t really getting to the place she needed to be. She wanted that second orgasm and anal wasn’t doing it for her. She needed a cock in her pussy.

“Mark” she called breathlessly “If any of your mates are staying at the hotel will you call one and see if they want sloppy seconds?”

Mark handed Kyle my wifes phone to continue filming as he made a couple of calls.

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door. TWO of Mark’s mates came in and couldn’t believe their eyes.

“Well don’t just stand there” Ruth shouted “get you kit off and come over here and fuck me”

I’ve never seen two guys get undressed as quick in my life…

I didn’t get their names and neither did Ruth. I really don’t think she cared.

She pulled herself up on the bed letting Kyle’s cock slip from her ass before getting him to lie down. She turned her back to him and lowered her now well used asshole down onto his cock.

She leaned back on his chest and told one of the new guys to fuck her pussy and the other to stand over her so she could suck him off.

I couldn’t believe what I was watching. My wife was now airtight. Not only that it was all being caught on camera.

It took only minutes before I could see the familiar sign of my wife cumming. She was gripping the cocks in her pussy and ass as she came, causing them both to spurt their cum deep inside her.

The only one left to cum now was the new guy she had been sucking off and he didn’t take long… A few seconds after my wife had cum I could see her swallowing the new guys cum. He pulled out after a few spurts and aimed the rest over my wifes face and boobs…

She was covered.

She stood up on the bed as best she could, freeing the two cocks inside her as well as a LOT of cum which started dripping from her well used holes and running down the inside of her thighs.

That was four lots of cum my wife had taken in the last hour or so. Two in her pussy, one in her mouth and one in her virgin asshole.

She took her phone back from Mark and set the timer for a selfie.

With cum dripping from her face, ass and pussy and with four naked guys on her bed she got another memento of the night.

What on earth had I started?

To be continued.

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