It Took Awhile But We Got There


When I had been in the Navy for a year I received a letter from someone named Virginia. I found out that she worked in an office of a friend. The friend had suggested she do her patriotic duty and write to a serviceman while we were waging that stupid ground war in Vietnam. I wasn’t in ‘Nam. Never went there. But I was a serviceman, so she was writing.  I was more than happy to receive her letter. I didn’t get many. Just my weekly letter from my mother. Not quite the same, you know? So when I started getting letters from Virginia I was more than happy to answer and keep up the relationship. Did I say that I was still a virgin? I had never joined my mates when they went out to the bars and strip-joints. I was rather naive about sex. I had only had two or three dates in high school and they were disasters. I was not what girls wanted, apparently. I was bright and Ankara bayan escort enjoyed reading, but knew little of the popular scene and wasn’t the greatest physical specimen. Actually, I was down-right skinny as a rail and not very assertive with women. Virginia was a breath of fresh air for a man who was barely making it. We seemed to share a lot in common. We talked easily to each other and when she sent a picture I was entranced. She was a little doll. Our correspondence continued until I came home on leave. Of course, after visiting with family, my fondest wish was to visit Virginia. She lived about an hour from my home and I made the trek to her home as soon as possible. After losing my way in the countryside several times I found her. We seemed to have known each other forever. She took me to all her favorite little Escort bayan Ankara haunts out in the country, and finally we made a date to actually go out. I took her to a movie in the largest nearby town a few days later. We had a good time. On the way home I took a chance and pulled over on the side of a dirt road near her house. After chatting for a while, I made a move. I leaned in and kissed her. She responded most positively, and we made out for over an hour. We were late. I got her home later than I should have and her father was extremely pissed. But I made up the old story of the flat tire, and having to change it. Back then cars got flats much more often than today. He relaxed and I went home riding on air, it felt like. When I went to catch my plane back to my duty station Virginia wanted to come along on the ride. Bayan escort Ankara That was when she met my mother, who was taking the car home afterwards. Virginia rode along happy to be with me and sad to see me go. I walked onto the plane knowing I would be coming home to a wonderful girl. Things didn’t work out so well. After I had been gone a year I received a final letter from Virginia. She had graduated from high school, moved to a large city, and was working on her own. And she expressed a deep distress that I would be gone another year. She wanted me to come home now. I had been saving up leave time so I could get out early, but I requested and received permission to take leave and go home. The first thing I did after mother picked me up and I saw the family was to drive up to the city where Virginia was living. We seemed to greet each other with great joy. But something was wrong. That evening I tried to make out with Virginia but she didn’t respond. I even made a move for her pussy. The first pussy I had ever touched. Virginia was a very sexual kind of girl. She allowed me to play with her pussy, and even came on my hand. But I could tell something was wrong.

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