___ I had wanted to have sex with my sexy mom for a long time. She was so sexy to me. She was tall, long hot legs, big nice tits , dark hair, and I had seen her hot looking dark bush, peeking at her a many times. She had such natural beauty that you would have to see to believe. I was use to having my buddy’s stare at her and get boners. She knew she was beautiful and she too, was use to having men look at her. She had lot’s of men to chose from, but at home, she picked me to tease.

She had sensed I had the hots for her for a long time. I was the only one she could be herself around, and she loved to tease me with her sexy ways. She knew just how to make me get a boner and loved doing it. She knew I wanked thinking about her and that made her tease me more. “Did you sleep good last night?…I heard noises coming from your room, late last night.” she would say. She knew I had wanked about her and would tease me and try to get me to admit it. “Tell me about your dream last night dear, was it a good one?” I would give her silly answers, like I had dreamed about monster trucks or something. She would get behind me and say….”…MOM-ster trucks, did you say?”, and then poke me in the ribs.

….. I got to pay her back though. She was ticklish, and I would chase her through the house and corner her. She would get weak laughing, and I took advantage of that. My tickling her got me a feel of her tit’s a little, and any other place I could feel.
She would come close to letting me feel her, but not quite.

I would come up behind her and hug her while wrapping my arms around her. She always gasp…a little and then let me feel her tummy all around. She would let me do this for a while, as I could hear her breathing increase. I knew she was getting turned on. I was as tall as her. I would whisper in her ear and tell her how beautiful she was, how she smelled good, how her skin was so soft. I listened to her heart speed up and her breathing get heavier and heavier. She would put her hands on mine and feel my hands move around her tummy, slowly working them lower and lower on her. She would jump slightly as I went lower. I would feel her pull my hands up slightly but I would keep going to push her to her limit. If she pulled firm, I would move them up to just under her tits, and work them up, feeling the under side of her bra. She let me go further up there and I would end up rubbing the undersides of her bra real good with my hands

By now she was panting and had closed her eyes. She would leaning her head back on me. I was making her hot, and we both knew it.
We lived just the two of us, dad died when I was little. I don’t think she had any good sex in along time.
One evening she was standing up in the living room just looking out the window. I started my same routine with her. This time she let me go further with her tits though. This time she had no bra on, short shorts, and tiny pull over top. She leaned her full body back on me, feeling my boner in her butt crack. She was really breathing heavy that evening. I keep going on her tits until I was feeling half of her tits with edge of my hands around her. She squirmed a few times, but did nothing to stop me. It was just getting dark and we had no lights on yet. She put her hands on mine as usual, but this time she guided them up to a full feel of her naked tits for me under her little top. Now my boner really stuck out and she leaned back firmer on it. It got darker and darker in the house.

She then leaned up and took me by the hand to the den. She had black out curtains in there for her old photo hobby. She shut the door and It was pure black in there now. I felt around for the couch as she led me to it, and laid me down on it.

She laid down beside me, put her arms around my neck and started to whisper very quietly in my ear to me:

(“….what happens in this room, stays in this room. I like it this way, because we’ll have no visual memory of anything that happens in here. Just the memory of things that are felt and heard, do you understand?”…) I quietly whispered: ’yes.’ (“…you and I both, have wanted each other for a very long time, and we both know it, and now we’re going to do just that…. , but only…. ‘my way‘, Ok?”) I whispered “ok.” She got up and pulled me to stand up and began to undress me.

I couldn’t see anything, but I felt her fingers unbuttoning my shirt. I reached over and pulled her top up and off with my jittery hands. I felt her undo my belt and pants, She sat me down as she pulled my pants, shoes, and socks off. I reached out and felt her shorts and unbuttoned them. I felt her sweet legs as I pull them down. She must have stepped out of them. Next I felt her panties. I slowly pulled them down and off. She played with my hair as I felt her pubic hair in front of my face. I pulled her closer to me. I could smell her sweet perfumed pussy. I felt her spread her legs apart. My one hand held her ass cheeks as my fingers went between her legs, feeling her wetness. My other hand started feeling the warm pubic hair on her pussy and found her clit. She jumped a little as I massaged it. Her hands kept running her fingers thru my hair and I could hear her breathing really increasing. I slipped two fingers in her very wet pussy and felt the slick passage. I felt her step closer and pull my face to her clit. I stuck my face in her pussy and licked her clit. I heard a big moan as her hips jumped a little. I started licking around her clit. She moaned and started moving her pussy back and forth on my tongue.

(‘I thought about what was happening…

I was in a Escort new heaven. All the years of wanting to have sex with my mom were starting to happen. She figured out the ’dark room’ thing so she would never actually see herself having sex with her own son. Pretty smart. She had wanted to have sex with me for a long time, but there was no way for her to get over that ’taboo’ line without bad feelings. Now, because she would never see it…this satisfied her.’)

Mom was thinking..
(‘….well this is working so good, I never see him, but I sure can feel and hear him now. I wonder if he knows how long I’ve lusted after my own son. I know for a fact that a lot of mom’s do it, but it rarely ever happens that they actually have sex with each other. Well I want it…and it’s happening now, finally. I’ve watched him grow and I’ve seen his nice dick a few time.

… God I got so hot when I saw him undress with his door not fully closed a while back. I masturbated that night so good, thinking about him putting his dick in me. Right now the feeling of him licking my clit as I move my pussy in his face and tongue is making me so hot, I may orgasm right now.’)
I loved the way she moved her pussy. Feeling my hair and pumping my face. I could eat her all night. I can touch her now, and feel her pussy, so wet and a full bush which I love. I stood up and pressed my boner tight into her pussy. She moaned and twitched. She whispered: (“…oh god, it’s been so long since I’ve had real good sex…(gasp)…I’d forgotten how excited it makes me feel. You know just how to make me want you. Let’s lie down on the couch baby. Make mom feel good for our first time. I’ve..(breath)…wanted you for so long, let me suck on you some first, I’ve wanted to that for so long.”)

She laid me down on my back, and I felt her hands feeling my body, and her warm tongue start licking around my dick. I reached out in the blacked out room and felt mom’s silky hair.

…. Now I ran my fingers thru her hair. She took her time feeling every inch of my dick and balls. I could feel her warm breath on my dick. She had wanted to suck me for a long time she said!…omg…if I’d only known. I quivered as her tongue went round and round the head of my dick. Oh god hurry mom, I want to cum in you and not cum before. I sat up and pulled her arms to me. I said: (“…oh god mom,… I can’t take any more,…. I want to cum in you so bad, come up here and roll over on your back.”)
I felt her warm breath travel up me and stop at my face. I just had to kiss her like she was the greatest girlfriend of my life. She kissed me back the same way. We gasp for breath as our tongues went crazy in our mouths. I loved every inch of her naked body on me, she was very very warm and it felt so damn good. We rolled over still passionately kissing. We only broke for air. I’d never felt mom so excited and feeling so hot on my hands. I ran my hands all over her body as she moaned and felt every inch of mine.

It was so cool, I didn’t need to see her, I saw her with my hands. She too felt the things that were always cover by clothes.

She kept feeling them over and over. I felt her wonderful tits and firm nipples that were always covered from my eyes, and the soft full bush between her legs.
I felt her smiling face with my hands, she was so excited and happy. As we felt us, she whispered again: (“…do you have any idea how many times I’ve masturbated thinking about you?”)

I said: (“….well I started wanking thinking of you when I was about 9..”). I heard her gasp!, then say: (“oh… my… god!…your kidding!”)
(“..no I’m not. You’ve always been the prettiest, sexiest woman the world to me.”) I said. She kissed me with so much passion we both got dizzy. I kissed her tits slowly and put her nipples between my lips and let my tongue encircle them . I felt her trembling hand guide my dick in her warm pussy.

She gasp…as I eased it in. .We started in, fucking slow at first. Her hands went for my butt cheeks and guided me in further and deeper in her pussy. Her breath was right by my ear and I heard every breath she took. She moaned…(”….oh baby,…you feel so good in me…your making mom so happy, cum with me baby…(gasp)…oh god yes…. cum with me….”)
Our body’s took over from us and we started fucking faster as we both moaned and sucked all the air we could get. Her moans became more intense as she held me so tight, like she was going to pull my butt cheeks inside of her. I started to feel a big load coming up. She started to shake all over. Her moaning was almost a scream in my ear. She locked her legs around me and started shaking as she fucked me faster.

(Mom’s thoughts were racing through her head….
“…he feels so damn good in me, why did I wait so long….he really knows how to excite me and turn me on, better that I can ever remember. I feel a massive climax coming up and up. I want to feel him shoot his cum deep in me and fill my pussy with it…oh my god here it is..ooooooOOOO OH God’eeeeeee!!!”)
I fucked her as fast as I could until she screamed!….. when a huge shot of cum raced out of my dick, slamming deep in her pussy …my body pumped and pumped it in her as deep as I could. I could feel her head moving side to side as she moaned loud again. She squeezed my dick with her quivering pussy so tight and held it….my dick just kept cuming over and over. She had the most beautiful long moan I had ever heard……
I woke up some time later, my dick still in her. I felt a weak squeezing from mom’s pussy on my dick. Her hands slowly rubbing my back, as she purred mmmm , over Escort Bayan and over. We both fell asleep.
I woke up again, only on my back, I felt a warm wash cloth on my dick and balls. Mom kissed me, then gathered our clothes and we dressed in the dark room. She went out first to go shower. I went out and sat down to rest. She walked by me later, fully dressed and paid no attention to me, like nothing had happened. We never said a word about it, outside the dark room.

Two days later I was getting ready to go hang with my buddy’s and mom whispered: (….”when you get back, why don’t go in the dark room, and then just close the door.”)
That was the signal.
A closed dark room door, meant one of the two of us was in there, and to come in for sex.

Oh jezzz, my dick started getting hard right then. I said back: (…”I think I’ll just come home early tonight”..) She just walked away smiling.
I went and hung out a little, but my mind was on that dark room.
I came back home and we both took showers and put on robes. Mom had this little grin on her face as she walked around in a sexy robe. She did a switch.

I was standing up in the kitchen and she quietly came in and turned the light out. She put her arms around me. Now she felt me around my waist. I put my hands on top of hers and she started feeling me up. She kept moving her hands up and started feeling my tits. She played with my nipples and lightly twisted them. She started feeling lower and lower. I had no underwear on. I had a big tent standing out. Finally I took her hand and led her to the dark room, and closed the door. She whispered: (…”how did you like my feel up on you?”) I said: (“…that was so hot mom, you caused my big tent.”). She took off my robe, as I did hers. She felt my boner and I felt her kissing it. She already had the couch pulled out into a bed and now we had room to play.

We started kissing all the way down to the bed and we got in it. She took a breath as she said quietly: “…when was the last time your girlfriend gave you a real hot blow job..” I said: “ A long time ago.” Mom said: “I’ve never had a man give oral sex to where I climaxed, I want you to be the first..”
I said: “..get ready to have a great climax, I’m just the guy to do it.” She said: “..get ready to cum in my mouth real big, I’ll make it the best one you’ve ever had.” We both took deep breaths as we kissed and felt our body’s. We wanted to get us so hot first, we started teasing with our tongues. I now knew her spots where she was most sensitive and made her hot. She knew mine too. We took our time and teased those places that made us twitch and moan. She said: “..oh….you like to tease mom do you?…well mom likes to tease you too…I’m gonna tease you till you can’t stand it.” I said: “..that’s just what I had in mind for you, I gonna lick you, kiss your pussy till you tingle all over, and then suck your clit till you scream.” She gasp!, then said: “..you won’t have any cum left to shoot when I’m done with you, I’m gonna suck it all out of you and swallow every bit of it down.”

We agreed that hot sexy talk was making us extremely turned on. She said: ..”I’ve never been able (gasp) to talk hot sex talk in my life, god it’s making me so fucking hot.” I said: …“How many guys can talk this sexy way to their moms, I’m loving this! I’ve dreamed about fucking you for so long, I may just have to play rape you and just take sex from you, I want it so bad.” She said: “…you’re the one who’s gonna get raped, I’m gonna make you fuck me all night by force if I have to.”
She was out of breath and turned sideways to start sucking my dick, but first she had to tease it. I pulled her pussy to my face and teased it with teasing licks to her clit. She shivered and squirmed. I moaned as she licked the underside of my dick’s head, letting her tongue just quick flick it. Her tongue flicked the very tip of my dick and then she would stop. Now I squirmed and my dick jumped. She massaged my balls with her hands and when she felt them start to pull up, she knew I was about to cum. She immediately deep throated me, all the way down, and held it.
I had no power left to stop my cum. I already had three fingers in her pussy and running my tongue around and around her clit. I started massaging her G spot real fast and sucked right on her clit, sucking it in my lips.
Two loud screams filled that room as my cum shot down her throat and her pussy squirted as it all came together. That bed shook as we twisted our body’s in ecstasy. I pumped more and more cum in her mouth, as she swallowed as fast as she could. Her pussy squirted more as her voice strained a long moan out and her body trembled with pleasure. We both shook and shook…. we couldn’t talk,….even to moan anymore…
The next day…mom thought:
(’I went to work but couldn’t keep my mind off that dark room. Finally at noon, I locked my office door and I just had to reach under my skirt and rub my pussy. I had to masturbate. It was one of best and most intense ones I’d ever had.
I stopped on the way home and bought a vibrator, and kept it in my purse.’)
My girlfriend, who was fair in bed now became a dud compared to mom. I told mom this and she said I would just have to teach her what a older woman knows so well.
I got an idea…
I would take her in the dark room and see if she got hotter and fucked better. I told mom my idea. She thought a while and then began to smile. She said to come in the dark room and talk. She kissed me so hot and she was excited. She whispered: (…”can you tell Bayan Escort her that another girl will be in here too?”) My heart started pounding. Having sex with my mom and my girlfriend too…..I lost my breath. I said: (“..oh my god….Linda, (my girlfriends) has had sex with another girl before, can you handle that mom?”) …I could hear mom gasp!…and said: (…”just tell her I’m a first timer, and she’ll understand that.”)

I was in shock. The last thought in my mind was that my mom would ever have sex with a girl. I told mom I would set it up and let her know the night.

Mom thought….
(‘oh god,…with all this taboo stuff out of the way, I‘m wanting all the things I could never have….I’ll teach this Linda a few things about him, and their sex life will get a lot hotter for him. She can teach me about having girl sex which I’ve always wondered about…I‘ve had hidden desires to touch another girls pussy, but suppressed them, but now I‘ll find out all about those desires…she’ll never know it’s his mom in here with us….oh my god….that sounds so exciting. I’m so wet already, I’m starting to drip my juices in my panties, I’ll have to go change them.)
I tongue kissed my mom so hot and reached down to feel her pussy. I felt ….soaking wet shorts. Wow, she was really turned on by this. She left the room and headed for the bathroom.

I talked to Linda and told her the set up in the hot sexy dark room. She really liked the idea. I then told her about a woman who had never had sex with a woman but wanted to, for the first time. She would be in the blacked out room too. Linda got so excited about a three some with another woman, she said her pussy was already wet.
It was all set. I told mom, who got a jolt in her pussy and shivered.
Tonight was the night at 9pm, Linda would arrive. Mom put on her robe and went in the dark room and waited. Linda arrived all excited and I told her the ’other’ girl was already in the dark room.

She went in the bathroom and put on a robe she brought with her. I had her back in the room with eyes closed. I laid her on the bed and we started kissing and feeling us up. I called mom a made up name…Liz. I whispered: (“Liz, come on and join us.”) I felt mom’s hands feeling my legs. I took her trembling hand and led her between us and laid her down. “Liz, this is Linda and she wants to have sex with you bad.” I said. Linda said: “Oooo you smell good Liz, let me have your hand.” Mom and Linda’s hands must have met. All I could hear was their heavy breathing. I reached out to feel what they were doing and felt Linda’s hand on mom’s tits as she massaged them. I felt mom’s hands feel for Linda’s tits. They were both getting real hot and soon I heard them kissing and gasping for breath. I felt out and felt both their legs wrapped around each other. Linda hand felt my face and pulled me into them. Now we had a 3 way kissing and tongue fest. Those girls were hot!

We all were gasping for air as hands were everywhere feeling us. Then I felt Linda’s kissing go lower on mom as mom squirmed and began to moan. The next thing I heard was a licking sound. I felt Linda’s hair as she had dropped down and was licking mom’s pussy.

Mom pulled me over and started kissing me with little moans in between our kisses. Mom moaned as she whispered: (“oh god, Linda knows just where to lick me so good, this is so hot, I want her so bad now. I have to know what‘s it‘s like to lick her pussy. ”) I felt the bed move and I felt Linda turn and put her wet pussy right at mom’s face. Now mom and Linda were in a 69 position laying sideways, with Linda in between mom and I. Mom squeezed my hand as Linda lifted one leg for us. Mom took her hand and mine and we both felt Linda’s pussy. I took mom’s fingers and put them in Linda’s pussy. She was breathing so hard as we both played with Linda’s pussy. Mom whispered to me how hot Linda’s pussy felt inside and how thrilling it was to feel it all wet and slick. I took my fingers out of Linda’s pussy and put them in mom’s mouth. She moaned and sucked them over and over. She felt Linda lick her clit just a little and jumped and squirmed. I held mom’s head and pulled both our lips to Linda’s pussy. We kissed and then mom started licking her first pussy… I felt her tongue gently enter Linda’s pussy and run her tongue in and out. Our tongues worked together tongue fucking her pussy. We then moved our tongues to Linda’s clit. Linda shook and she felt two tongues dancing around her clit. Mom’s fingers were now in Linda pussy and starting to massage her G spot. Linda was really moaning now as sucked on mom’s clit. Linda’s fingers found mom’s G spot and teased it just to make mom moan more. I turned and put my dick in Linda’s pussy from behind her. Mom face was now licking Linda’s pussy as I was fucking Linda. I felt mom’s tongue licking the underside of my dick as it slid back and forth in Linda. Mom’s hot panting breath and her tongue on my dick was really a turn on and I was going to cum big as I felt my balls pull up tight. Both girls could tell it was coming and started licking each others clits fast. Linda was doing a 3 finger G spot massage to mom when it all happened….

Mom moaned loud and shook as Linda fast licked her clit, then I let go with a huge burst of cum in Linda as she shook and squirted. Mom began to shake as she moaned and licked my overflowing cum coming out of Linda’s pussy. I kept pumping and pumping as the feeling was like nothing I had ever felt before….. ever.

We all moaned as mom shook violently and squirted hard. This made Linda squirt again as mom moaned, trembled and shook some more. I heard the two girls moaning and I could feel them shaking and twisting their body’s together in another world of their own……

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