Jacey’s Reluctant Awakening Ch. 06


(This is a series of stories about the sexual awaking of a girl through progressively more intense encounters with her sexuality, and the people around her that want to take advantage of her. Her awakening involves her gradual and reluctant capitulation to her strong sexual urges. The story will progress through encounters from innocent, straight, lesbian, reluctant, entrapped, dominance, etc. This story follows Jacey’s powerful orgasm under the water of the tub faucet while home alone. After drying off in from her intense bath orgasm experience, Jacey was brushing out her hair and preparing to brush her teeth.)

Jacey’s eyes caught sight of her brother’s electronic toothbush and instantly realized it buzzed a lot like the trimmers that Jennifer had teased her delicate pussy with earlier in the day. Her mind froze with the thought of playing with the device, at once intrigued and excited by the thought, but also loathing the idea that she was so depraved to be thinking of playing with herself yet again.

She used a traditional toothbrush, and had always been slightly annoyed by the whiny buzzing noise when her brother brushed is teeth. But now she slowly reached out and picked up the toothbrush. Examining the thought of its use, she pressed the on button. The sound and buzz in her hand made her jump with a startle. The base in her hand had a low steady vibration, not uncomfortable, but not strong either. For how loud it was, she was a bit disappointed with the intensity. She let her fingers touch the arm of the toothbrush along the back and was now satisfied. The vibration was very strong as her finger travelled closer to the head of the brush. ‘Oh my god,’ she thought, this would be way too intense for her.

She turned off the toothbrush and put it back in the holder. She brushed her teeth, wrapped a towel around herself and headed to her bedroom. She threw the towel on the bed and turned toward her dresser. Catching sight of her nude body in the mirror she walked slowly to the drawers. Her breasts looked more full to her now, and more sensual. Before opening her underwear drawer she let her fingers travel over Escort Büyükçekmece her tight stomach and up along the sides of her breasts, again sending goose bumps along her arms. She spotted the towel on her bed and thought she had better not leave it there – better to hang it up immediately.

She walked boldly naked down the short hall to the bathroom and hung the towel on the shower hook. She looked curiously back at the electronic toothbrush, and unconsciously closed the door to the bathroom. Picking up and turning on the toothbrush, she caressed it lightly and then touched the body of the brush handle to her stomach to feel the vibration. It was rather mild.

She tilted the toothbrush to touch the arm and back of the toothbrush head to her body. An intense buzz radiated from the contact. Deep down she knew what she was about to do, but part of her resisted the idea. Part of her body warned her that her pussy was still sensitive from the moments-ago bathtub orgasm that her weakened her so. But she knew she couldn’t stop. she let the head of the toothbrush trail the underside of the curve of her small breasts and her nipples tightened immediately. She was starting to really enjoy seeing her nipples like that – it was now so associated with intense sexual anxiety.

She brought the head of the toothbrush to one nipple and dared herself to touch it. She barely touched the tip of her nipple and a tingle shot through her body like a lightning bolt to her clit that radiated through her pussy. She almost laughed out loud at the jolt. Then she pressed the vibrating head into her nipple and let the pulse push deep into her breast. She could feel herself grow a bit weak at the sensation.

Jacey was enthralled. She moved to her other nipple and felt the sexual urge take over her body. Her skin flushed and her breathing deepened. She looked at herself in the mirror and watched the head of the toothbrush trail down her flat stomach. Her stomach was so toned and sexy. Odd now, she had never before thought of herself image as sexy – how only a couple of days had changed everything, from Çatalca escort petite girl to sexual creature. She almost didn’t recognize herself.

The toothbrush head neared her sexy pelvis area and she let it trail from side-to-side. Her flat pelvis between her raised hip bones was a vision of perfection. She guided the head toward her mons venus and immediately felt the high frequency send light waves of pleasure into her delicate folds. Without a thought now, she let the head slide between her legs and touch her pussy directly. Instantly Jacey felt her legs and abs tighten as the vibrations radiated into her pussy folds and ignited a buzz in her sensitive clit.

This was unbelievable! She bit her lip, her head sagged forward letting her hair fall around her face, and her body arched as she tightened. Jacey worked the head along the folds of her delicate pussy and around the hood of her clit. She couldn’t leave the intense vibration in one place too long. Within a minute or two her body was growing weak. She needed to sit down.

Jacey regained herself to sit down on the plush bathroom rug and leaned back against the tub. She let the vibrating head trail around her spread legs and the edges of her pussy before returning it to her folds. She could feel she was slick now with her own juices.

As she worked the vibration around, she let it trail down over her opening and pressed it in slightly. But she couldn’t bring herself to insert anything, particularly this intense tool, into her private depths. But she did press the head downward and felt the vibration up her canal. It was if her whole pelvis was alive with electricity. The head of the toothbrush pushed downward and left her opening, touch in the perineum — that very sensitive space between her pussy and anus. The vibration was intense there and she felt her anal ring tighten. She was so aroused, her whole body had been tensed in excitement, and she could feel a light perspiration feel cool on her skin.

She guided the head toward her clit again, but it was too intense for direct pressure. She set the head to one side slightly Esenler escort bayan and could feel the contraction building in her pelvis. And then it hit her like a wave, her whole body trembled, her abs tightened and pulled her body tight. The contractions in her pussy and ass were so powerful they almost hurt. Her body wanted to jump away from the intense vibration but she managed to hold it there until she almost fainted.

Jacey let the toothbrush fall from her hand and collapsed back to the tub. She realized she hadn’t taken a breath during the intense orgasmic contraction. Her skin was dewy with perspiration. She felt like she was floating, and let her legs fall open.

And then SHOCK, the door to the bathroom flew open and her brother entered unannounced in a hurry to use the bathroom. Jacey was paralyzed for a moment not having heard anyone arrive home. Her brother stared down at her nude body, his eyes quickly locked on her splayed out pussy. He was stunned at the sight. Jacey desperately wanted to move quickly, but in her weakened state she could only roll away from his stare and cry weakly, “Scott, what the hell!”

He started to back out of the bathroom, but as he regained his senses, he said, “Are you okay?” Then he noticed his toothbrush vibrating quietly on the plush bathroom rug near his sister. His mind slowed – this didn’t make any sense. He stepped toward Jacey to help her up. “What happened, did you faint?” he asked again.

Jacey clutched for a towel and went with his explanation, “Yes, I started to faint…Can you get OUT!” Scott ignored her and helped her up, concerned. Wow, he admired his sister’s amazing physique, she was in incredible shape. He picked up the toothbrush and turned it off. Jacey grabbed it from him instinctively.

She was humiliated, but taking cover in the fainting story. And she was thinking, “What the hell is wrong with me. I’m pathetic having just played with myself with a toothbrush.”

Scott exited the bathroom, but turned as he left, “Why were you trying out my toothbrush? I thought you hated it.”

“Just go away Scott, leave me alone,” Jacey weakly protested.

Scott hurried down the hall to his parents’ bathroom. But his mind was locked on the image of his sister’s naked body and why it was a such an erotic sight. He had never thought of his sister that way. But there was something different about the last situation — she looked…guilty of something?

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