Jack And Jill


“Hey, babe, I’m going to jump in the shower and get ready to go out with the girls,” Jill yelled down the hall to her husband, Jack.“Sounds good, dear,” Jack replied. Jack and Jill had been together for about fifteen years, though they just got married about a month ago. Both of them were in their third marriages and were hesitant to get married again. They found each other by accident, and they both felt it was a match made by God himself. They loved each other so very much and after so many years, they felt that they needed to marry. Jack would have married Jill years ago; however, she had been very hesitant.Jill had started the shower, and Jack could now hear it running in their master bathroom. Jack walked into the bathroom just as Jill had stepped into the shower and was standing there. Her back to the water as she was wetting her hair, back arched ever so slightly, hands running through her hair, her beautiful breasts pushed out forward. Jill was about 5’4” tall with a beautiful medium build. Her breasts were a large D cup and held their firmness still, with just the right amount of softness. She had the cutest plump little ass that Jack loved. Jack stood there, just watching her through the glass shower doors.“Damn, baby girl, you are so sexy!” Jack said to his wife. He has always been smitten with her.“Don’t start now with the sex pet names daddy, I’ve got to get ready to go out,” Jill replied to Jack, “You know how it gets me wet when you talk like that! Just save it for when I get home İstanbul Escort tonight.” She winked and smiled seductively at him.Jack and Jill enjoyed role-playing and dirty talk at times when they would make love. It was something they learned years ago about each other that scared them to share until it came out accidentally.“I’m sorry, baby girl, I just can’t help myself.”As Jack stood there, he had become very erect, looking at his beautiful bride. Jill had noticed the tent in his shorts. She loved how excited he got from looking at her. She was just as smitten with Jack as he was over her. Suddenly Jill’s phone rang, and she asked Jack to answer it.Jack got off the phone and said, “That was Sara. She said she is running about thirty to forty-five minutes behind schedule.”Jill sighed and said, “Well hell, I would have waited to shower a bit.” Jack smirked and slid his shorts off and stepped into the shower with Jill.“Well, I guess I will just have to give you a hand,” Jack whispered as he slid his hands down her sides. He leaned in and kissed her passionately, and Jill could feel his hard cock press against her. Jack grabbed her soap and began to wash Jill’s body slowly and seductively. He started with her feet and slowly up each leg. He passed over her love box and kissed her belly as he washed her sides and arms. Jack slowly made circles around each breast and sucked her nipples clean.Jill moaned with passion, “Why do you do these things to me, daddy?”Jack’s İstanbul Escort Bayan cock twitched as she said this and replied, “Because you are my baby girl and I need to take care of you.” He spun her around and her back was now facing him. Jack started with her neck, washed down over her shoulders and down her back. He got to the small of her back and squatted down, and began to kiss it as he washed the sides of her legs. His position had his ass checks spread apart and his engorged cock sticking straight out.He said to Jill, “Put your hands on the wall to steady yourself baby,” as he pulled her hips back to him. Her back arched ever so slightly, and she naturally spread her legs apart. Jack now had a perfect view of her beautiful ass, her tight little bum hole, and her love box peeking out between her legs. Jack washed each of her cheeks individually and every time his finger grazed her bum hole, Jill shuttered. He stood up and leaned over Jill and whispered in her ear, “Does my baby like how that feels?” as he took his finger and pressed it against her tight hole.“Yes, daddy, it surprisingly feels amazing!” Jill replied with enthusiasm.Jack slid his hand down further and across her swollen lips. “How about this, baby? Do you like this too?”Jill’s legs were trembling as she sighed and said, “Oh god, you know I do!“Jack stood there ever so softly, rubbing Jill’s swollen lips between his fingers. His first and ring finger each on the outside of her lips Escort İstanbul while the middle finger slid across through the middle, brushing across her love button.“Oh, daddy, you turn me on so much, please take me!” Jill moaned to Jack as he was nibbling on her ear.By now the water was starting to lose its warmth as they had been in there a while, so Jack reached over and turned it off. As he pulled his hand from between her legs, he purposefully went back and pushed his finger against Jill’s rosebud. This was not something they had ever really experienced together before, so he wanted to make sure her previous statement was accurate. This time he put a bit more pressure and her rosebud opened a bit for the tip of his finger to slide in.“Oh, daddy YES! YES! YES! That feels so good and naughty!” Jill said excitedly.Jack smiled and chuckled a bit and said, “Well, I guess we have something new we want to play with, do we?”Jill turned around and grabbed Jack’s rock-hard cock, squeezed it firmly, and said, “Yes, we do!”Jack’s whole body shuttered when Jill grabbed his manhood. He loved when she touched his body as it always felt so good to him. He loved it when she would explore his body when they were together.Jill, still holding onto Jack’s manhood, walked out of the shower, and grabbed two towels, only letting go of Jack to hand him his towel. She accidentally dropped her towel in front of Jack and squatted down to pick it up. Her position naturally spread her legs apart ever so slightly, opening both her front and back doors. Jill had been so turned on she dripped some of her wetness onto the floor. She reached down and slid her finger across herself, and brought her wetness to her lips. Jack stood there watching her as she slid her finger into her mouth and slowly pulled it back out.

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