Jack’s Needs and Urges Ch. 02


Jack left Val the next morning at nine, they had amazing sex in the morning, Jack would check his diary, but they would go out soon. Jack went home and found his mother sitting drinking a coffee in her dressing gown, she looked tired, mum said, “Jack, I was so worried about you, I’ve hardly slept, why didn’t you call or message me? I was so worried.”

Jack replied, “I’m so sorry mum, I was at Kay’s, I had quite a lot of wine, I didn’t want to drive. I won’t do that again. I should have let you know.”

Mum answered, “You did the right thing by not driving, next time, please let me know, when your father is not here then I’m all alone. I got a WhatsApp message from him this morning saying that he wouldn’t be home for another month, that will make it six months since I last saw him, I know that he’s a Tanker Captain, but I have a feeling something is not right.”

Jack replied, “That’s strange, he has WiFi on the Tanker, he could have called you, did you reply to his message?”

Mum said, “No, in the last two months, I’ve had two messages, I have not replied to either of them. Things haven’t been good with your father and me for the last five year. He normally worked three months on then three months off. In the last eighteen months, he’s been here for four weeks. Jack, you are the only person that I care about, I want you to graduate. We are not dependent on your father if he chooses not to spend time with us, then that’s his loss.”

Jack promised her that he would be home every night, and if something happened, he would call. Jack was now seeing Val three times a week. Two months had passed since the evening with Kay, Val had taught Jack how to give a woman pleasure, his massive cock was just an added bonus now.

Jack had spoken with John one day, John had gone to a hairdressing college, he had graduated, Sue, his mother was over the moon. Then he had decided that it wasn’t for him. John had gone for an interview with the Army, he had been accepted. He was to report to a barracks in ten days. It was a great shock to Jack and Sue, his mum.

On Saturday evening, Jack went to John’s house to see if John wanted to go for a Chinese meal with him. Jack was happy when he saw John’s Mini outside his home. He rang the bell, and it was Sue who answered the door, Sue said, “Hi Jack, how are you? I’m just home from work. I’ve poured myself a glass of wine, would you like a glass?

Jack smiled then said, “I’m good but a little sad to know that John’s going away, he’ll do well that I’m sure of. I would love a glass of wine, is John in as I’d like to invite him out for a Chinese?”

Sue answered, “He has gone to the city, where he is meeting the rest of his class for a night out. He went on the train, and he will be home tomorrow, he has one Saturday night left before he goes for his training. Let’s sit in the lounge, and I’ll get you a glass of wine.”

Jack sat in the lounge as Mrs Bell went for the wine. She gave him his glass and sat on the sofa together, Jack said, “Thanks, Mrs Bell, would you like to join me for a Chinese?”

Mrs Bell smiled and said, “Jack, please call me Sue, I would love to join you, but I must insist that I pay, you’re just a young student, you must watch your money. Please let me have a quick shower as I’ve been working all day. I’ll run now, help yourself to wine, there’s plenty in the fridge, I Çukurambar Escort can wear my heels tonight, I haven’t been out for a meal for ages.”

Jack switched on the television to listen to the news, Sue was a widow as was her sister Jo, Kay’s mum, they had both lost their husbands through cancer, eight years ago. Jack wondered why they hadn’t found someone else; they were both good looking, voluptuous women. They were both matures that Jack would like to fuck.

Jack went to the kitchen to top up his wine, Sue had just come out of the shower, she shouted down, “Jack, what would you like me to wear tonight? I can dress conservatively or would you like me to wear something that shows off my curves?”

Jack replied, “Sue, I’ve been admiring your beautiful body for years, I’d be so proud to be sitting with the sexiest woman in the restaurant but wear what you feel comfortable in.”

Sue answered, “The warpaint is on, I’ll wear something very sexy for you, I will be down in a minute, call the restaurant and book a table in my name for two.”

Sue came into the lounge, she was wearing a very tight-fitting blouse, a mini skirt that was four inches above her knees, stockings on her legs with three inch high heels, she also had a string of pearls around her neck. Jack said, “Sue, you look gorgeous, your blouse is nice and tight.”

“Thanks, Jack, do you like my big tits? I put on the push-up bra and the tight blouse just for you.”

Jack smiled then said, “Thanks, I love your big tits, they look so impressive, you must be careful with your short skirt or I will see everything. I’ve booked the table, but in my name, they buy their wines from mum’s wine company, will I top up your glass or do you want to go now?”

“I’m glad that you like my big tits if you see anything under my skirt then you are in for a treat as I’ve gone commando, it feels so nice. Let’s go now, we can have some wine when we get back.”

The restaurant was five minutes from Sue’s house. Sue told him that with John doing four months of Army training, Jill wanted to get married this summer, how could she do it with John’s training going on. She also said as, from next Sunday, she would be living in the big house alone as Jill and her fiance had been living together for over two years.

They arrived at the restaurant, Jack ordered a bottle of champagne and their food order was taken. Jack said, “I think you should get John to contact whoever he is dealing with in the Army that his sister is getting married and would it be possible for him to get a Saturday off so he could attend the wedding. I believe that this is possible as his working week is Monday to Friday. Then you can book the wedding for a Saturday during the summer.”

Their meal was served, Sue said, “Shit, I should have thought of that, if he gets weekends off, we are home and dry. The champagne is beautiful, the meal is delicious, Jack, I’m so happy that you came to the house tonight, I’ve been feeling a bit lonely recently, I now accept that John won’t come into my business. I don’t know whether to sell it or rent my three salons out. I want to slow down a bit now, to have some enjoyment out of life. I’ve worked hard, the last ten years have not been easy, I’ve done my job and educated my children, I want to have some fun now.”

Jack took her hand as he gently caressed Çukurambar Escort Bayan it he said, “Sue, you should do that, you are a gorgeous and attractive woman, I’m glad that you came out with me tonight, I would love to go out with you again, how do you feel about that?”

Sue was massaging Jack’s hand, she said, “I would love to, we can go out next Sunday evening, can we keep it to ourselves? I want to see you, but I want to do it discreetly, is that OK with you?”

“Sue, I love your big tits, I will be so discreet, do not worry that, I’m now finished with your niece, Kay.”

“Jack, I know, Jo and I are happy about that, Jo thought that you were too good for her, Kay is a very self-centred woman. Jo’s happy that she’s in America. I’m happy that you like my big tits, you can play with them when we get home, they are very sensitive, I can cum when they are sucked and played with, shall we go home now?”

Jack felt his cock harden when Sue said this, Jack settled the bill, leaving a nice tip, they left the restaurant. They walked with their arms holding each other, as Sue was about to kiss Jack, she said, “Jack, thank you for a wonderful evening, I’ve enjoyed it so much. I want you, you can stay the night, but you must leave early before John gets home.”

Then they kissed, their tongues exploring the other’s mouth, the kisses were tender with lots of tenderness and affection. When they got close to Sue’s they both took their arms away, they were now just a man and woman walking together. Jack’s cock was rock hard when Sue unlocked the front door.

The time was nine-thirty, they didn’t bother with wine, Sue led Jack straight into her bedroom, they both stripped quickly, Sue had a beautiful body, massive tits which didn’t sag, a flat stomach then there was her smooth, swollen vulva with a long sex slit, it looked so lovely. When Sue saw Jack’s massive long thick cock, she said, “That’s fucking massive, is all that for me? Lie on the bed and let me make him harder.”

There was some precum on the slit of Jack’s cock, Sue licked it away then Jack felt the warmth of her mouth as she took the bulbous tip into her mouth. Sue was good, she had a compassionate touch, there was also agility in her movements.

Jack positioned himself so that he could sixty-nine, Jack was surprised how wet her pussy was but impressed with the size of her clit, he started to suck it like a little cock as he finger fucked her hot cunt with three fingers. Sue was now taking Jack’s full length, she moaned with pleasure as she did it. Sue then said, “I’m ready, my cunt’s dripping, Jack, fuck me, fuck me hard and deep, you can shoot your load inside me as I was sterilised after John was born, I’m so looking forward to feeling your magnificent cock inside me.”

Jack then slid inside her in the missionary position, Sue had spread her legs wide for him. She was holding her ankles in the air so that Jack could go deeper inside her. Jack was now pounding Sue with a powerful rhythm, Sue loved it, she was gripping Jack’s cock at the base and on his bulbous head on each thrust. Sue was a great ride, as he pounded her, he wondered how Jo would be in bed, Kay, her daughter, he now knew was third-rate, but Sue was first-class as was Val, thinking about this and it turned him on. He was now slamming his hard cock into Sue, Jack requested Escort Çukurambar strongly, “Sue, cum for me, let me feel your hot cum on my cock then I’ll shoot my hot seed inside your beautiful cunt, cum for me baby, CUM FOR ME.”

He was really pounding her now, as she rubbed her large clit harder, Jack sensed that she was close, then it happened, unbelievably, they both climaxed simultaneously. After squirting his last spray of cum inside her, the base of Jack’s was hard against Sue’s cunt lips.

Sue then held his cock inside her with her powerful cunt muscles, Sue pulled him down to her so that they could kiss. They kissed passionately and erotically for several minutes, Sue said, “Darling, do you mind me calling you darling? That was the fuck of my life, you were so deep inside me, I loved every minute of it. We have something special here, the last cock that was inside me was my husband’s, to say that I needed that is an understatement. I loved every minute of it, can you stay the night?”

Jack answered, “I’ll need to phone mum, dad’s working now, and she doesn’t like to be in the house alone.”

Sue released her grip on his cock, it was still rock hard, Jack got his smartphone, sat on top of the bed and phoned home, mum answered on the second ring. Jack said, “Hi mum, I’m at John’s, I’ve had a few glasses of wine, is it OK if I stay here tonight or do you want me to come home?”

Mum replied, “That was so good of you to call, don’t drive; it’s not worth the risk. I’ve had a glass of wine, I’m now ready for bed, I will sleep better knowing that you’re safe. Would you like to go to mass with me tomorrow morning, it’s so long since we were last there?”

Jack was happy that he was staying, Sue had his full length in her mouth, her lips were wrapped around the base of his cock as her head bobbed up and down, Jack replied, “Yes mum, we can do that, what time would you like me home?”

Mum replied, “We could go to the eleven o’clock mass then afterwards go out for a nice Sunday lunch, I haven’t had Roast Beef for ages. Would you like that?”

Sue was excellent with her sucking, she was massaging his heavy balls as her head bopped up and down, Jack replied, “That would be nice mum, I am looking forward to it, do you want me to put on a suit?”

“That would be nice, I would like that, what would you like me to wear?”

“What are the options?”

“Jack, I want to change my image, there’s a new boutique renting space in three of our hotels, some of their outfits are a bit risqué, but they are nice, how would you feel if your mum dressed a little risqué?”

“Mum, if you’re comfortable with it so am I, surprise me tomorrow, I’ll be home around nine-thirty. Sleep well.”

“You too darling, I’m so happy that you phoned.”

Sue said, “You are discreet, you didn’t tell one lie, but you didn’t tell the truth, you will make a first-class lawyer. You are a good son, and your mum knows it.”

Jack then got Sue on all fours, he lubed her ass then ass fucked her doggy style. She told him afterwards that was the first time that she had been ass fucked with a cock. She had three intense vaginal orgasms produced by the stimulation of her G-spot by the bulbous head of Jack’s cock. Jack did her pussy doggy style afterwards.

When they woke on Sunday morning, Sue wanted ass fucked again. Jack gave her four orgasms, Sue loved it, Jack did her pussy doggy style then they showered and had breakfast. As Jack was leaving Sue said, “Darling, your hair needs a little trim, if you come into the High Street Salon at twelve on Wednesday, I’ll be alone in the Salon and be able to look after everything for you.”

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