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Click the link below to make a Donation. http://donate./donate.html ——————- Ending from Chapter 9 I chuckled and said “ok…this is your prize. You can pick any day – other than a school day or work day – where you get to do anything…and I do mean anything…that your little heart desires! How does that sound?” “Sahweeet! So…I can do anything…anything I want?” “Yup. If you wanna go to a movie or three, we can do that. If you wanna go to the comic book store, we can do that. If you wanna hang at my place all day, play video games and order take out, we can do that. Whatever you want is what we’ll do. I’ll kinda be your slave for a day. Of course we’ll have to let your mom know where we are, but I’m sure she’ll be cool with us spending a day together.” Jason nodded. “Ok…sounds great! Now you’re sure…anything I want!?” Jason asked with some suspicion in his voice. “Yup…well I mean…we can’t go murder anyone or do anything that will get you or me hurt…” Jason elbowed me in the ribs again. “Fuck Uncle Jer. Of course not.” I smiled down at him and kissed his forehead. “Cool. Then it’s settled?” Jason nodded and I could tell by the droopiness of his eye lids that he was finally getting sleepy. Surprisingly I was actually not tired at all. “Ok buddy, time to sleep.” Jason’s eye’s were almost completely closed now and as he was about to drift off into blessed slumber he whispered “I love you Uncle Jer.” I gave him a soft kiss on the lips and whispered “I love you too Jason. Good night sweet boy.” I heard an incoherent murmur and knew that he was out like a light. I lay beside him for about half an hour and then decided to get into the sleeping bag that Christine so thoughtfully provided. As I got out of Jason’s bed I made sure he was covered up with a sheet. I doubt his mom would have accepted his being naked as easy as I would. As I closed my eyes, I went through the day’s events one last time in my mind’s eye. I fell asleep to images of Jason and me 69’ing. Not a bad way to end a day at all I thought as sleep took me away to a far off land! ———- Chapter 10 I could have sworn that I had only fallen asleep for a few minutes when I heard the soft tapping on Jason’s door. It was his mom. “Jeremy? Jason? Are you boys up yet? It’s almost noon!” As if on cue Jason and I muttered some groggy one word reply causing Christina to chuckle outside the door. Slowly she opened the door and stuck her head inside the darkened bedroom. “Ok seriously guys. It’s time to get up. Jason snapped at his mom the only way an almost teenager can. “Geez mom!! Seriously!! Give us a minute to wake up will ya!? Fuck!!” Christina snapped back. “Don’t cuss at me young man. I’ll ground you for a month!” I was about to chime in but decided against it. While I understood why Jason swore, I also understood how really hurtful that could be a mom so I said nothing. Thankfully Jason quickly apologized and all was forgiven. “I’ll let you boys do what you need to do and then we’ll have breakfast? Ok?” We both gave Christina a thumbs up as she backed out of the room, closing the door behind her. Jason immediately tossed the covers off his bed and dove onto the floor, his nude form nestling up against me. Looking over at me with still sleepy eyes he cooed “let me in.” I threw open the sleeping bag and he slid comfortably inside. I could feel his body heat as he snuggled into me, placing his head on my bare chest. Jason let out a small sigh as I kissed the top of his head. “Did you sleep well?” I asked him softly. Jason nodded his head as his lips surprisingly grazed my left nipple followed by a playful lick. I gave out a small moan and could feel Jason’s hardness press against my thigh. I too was hard but unfortunately really needed to pee. Plus I really didn’t want Jason’s mom to surprise us. “Dude! I gotta pee bad, and if your mom came in now she’d freak!!” Jason let out a small chuckle as he softly said “fuck yeah!” Then in a flash Jason was out of the sleeping bag and throwing on a loose pair of pyjama bottoms. Then just as fast he was out the door and heading to the bathroom which probably meant that he really needed to pee as well. Of course he left the bedroom door fully open. Thankfully I was wearing boxers because as I stood up, his sister rushed into the room to hug me. “Unca JER!!” she screeched as she ran towards me. As I was still hard I quickly got on my knees and hugged her that way. It was a tad uncomfortable but at least she wasn’t getting poked in the chest with my morning wood. “I miss you Unca Jer” she whispered as she hugged me tight. I kissed the top of her forehead and told her softly that I missed her as well which caused her to hug me even tighter. I thought to myself that I could get used to all the love I had been receiving lately and was very grateful for it – in more ways than one. As if on cue Jason ran back into the room, comically holding up his pyjama bottoms so that they wouldn’t fall down. “Ok Uncle Jer, you can go pee now.” I nodded and slowly stood up, breaking the sisters embrace. “Sorry Chrissie but I really gotta go to the bathroom.” She let out a giggle and then ran out of the room as I put on a shirt, closely following behind her. As I headed to the bathroom, I noticed Christina setting the kitchen table. She saw me passing by and pointed to the coffee pot. I mouthed a silent “Hell Yeah!” and she gave me a thumbs up. After doing my morning drainage, I washed my face and hands and borrowed her brush to make myself look somewhat presentable. A few minutes later I was sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a mountain of delicious pancakes, bacon and coffee. Jason and Chrissie were giggling at some noise Jason was making while Christina and I were discussing the latest movies and TV shows we were interested in seeing. One movie title in particular made its way through the “fart” noises Jason was making with his mouth. “Oh oh…I wanna see that one badly. Mom…can we go today? That would be so cool!! Wouldn’t that be so cool Uncle Jer?!” Before I could agree, Christina gave Jason a somewhat concerned but sad look. “That would be cool Jason but I don’t think I have enough money for everyone to go. Plus don’t forget, we gotta buy you some swimming trunks.” Jason’s face registered immediate disappointment and he quietly nodded. “I know mommy…I know…” Chrissie also had a disappointed look on her face and I felt bad for all of them. Then I had a thought. “Since you went out of your way to make this awesome breakfast, the least I can do is take Jason to the mall. I’m sure they would have a store for such things.” Everyone nodded their head. “Are you sure?” She asked. We’re not taking you away from anything? It would be a huge help actually…but…” “No buts. It’s a done deal.” “You’re a good man Jeremy and we’re very lucky and so grateful to have you in our lives!” Now I was about to cry! “It’s my pleasure Christine. You know I love you all so much!” The kids turned to me and lunged at me playfully. “We love you too Uncle Jer” said Jason as he stood up on his tippy-toes to give me a small kiss on the cheek. I lowered my head so that Chrissie – who was shorter than Jason – could do the same. That’s when I heard Christina gasp and exclaim “Oh My! Jason! Your pyjamas!!” We all looked down at Jason, who while still on tippy-toes hadn’t realised that his pyjama bottoms feel down around his ankles leaving him quite exposed. His embarrassment was instantaneous as he quickly pulled his pyjamas back up before running into his bedroom and slamming the door. His sister was laughing hysterically and I heard him yell “shut up” through the closed door. His mother was about to say something when I raised my finger to my mouth. She nodded as I whispered “I’ll talk to him.” I knocked on the door of his bedroom and heard a sobbing “go away!” I gave it a few seconds then knocked again. “It’s Jeremy, Jason. I’ll understand if you don’t want me to come in but…” I heard a soft “come in” from inside the bedroom. I opened the door and quickly stepped in, closing the door behind me. The room was rather dark but the soft sobs of Jason guided me to his bedside where I knelt down. “Hey buddy, how ya doing?” başakşehir escort No response, just the occasional sob. I gave it a minute. “Ok bud, look. You can either feel sorry for yourself that your bottoms fell down or you can laugh about it and join the rest of us back in the kitchen. Seriously, I know you were embarrassed but it’s not the end of the world. And besides, your mom and I have already seen you butt naked so it’s no biggie.” I gave it a few seconds and then stood up pretending to leave. That’s when I noticed – as my eyes grew accustomed to the dark – that Jason was lying on his stomach, face scrunched up into his pillow and naked as a new born. I traced the beautiful fine lines of his naked form with my eyes and felt my cock growing. This was interrupted though as Jason softly spoke. “I don’t care that you and mom saw me naked Uncle Jer. But Chrissie laughed at me. That made me…made me feel really sad.” He started sobbing again and I knelt down beside him. I began gently rubbing his back lovingly. “I understand Jason, honest I do. But believe me when I say that she wasn’t laughing at you because you looked funny or anything like that. She was probably laughing from being nervous. After all…it’s not every day that you get to see your brothers dinkie.” Jason giggled a little and then moved his head towards me. “You think so?” “Of course dude! She’s obviously never seen one before and it must have been a little bit of a shock. Especially a dinkie as awesome as yours!! But I’m sure she’s already forgotten about it.” “Ha!” was his reply as he turned over exposing the front part of his nakedness. “It IS awesome isn’t it” he exclaimed as his right hand snaked down towards his groin. He gave me a wink and a wicked smile as he began jerking off his hard boy cock. “Damn Uncle Jer, and it feels so good too. Here, feel” Jason took his hand away and pointed to his cocklet. I knew that Christina was just down the hall but his cock looked like it really needed some TLC so I reached my arm out and grabbed his erection. “Hmmm…yeah…it does feel awesome!” And it did! Jason let out a small whimper as I slowly stroked him up and down, allowing the foreskin to slide up and down his cock-head. I could feel some wetness within the folds of his foreskin and wondered how long it would take to make him cum. Not long I gathered as Jason’s breathing became more rushed with small gasps in between. Taking that as my cue, I picked up the stroking pace. I immediately felt his pelvic area start to thrust up and down in an attempt to match the speed of each stroke. I looked over at Jason’s angelic face. His eyes were closed and his mouth agape. He was so close and it made me smile to know that I was the one making him feel really good. And then the scariest sound I’d ever heard broke the moment as first a knock came at the door followed by the turning of the door knob. I quickly jumped back while Jason frantically grabbed at the bed sheet on the floor to toss over him. A second later Chrissie’s head popped in. I was very grateful that the room was still dark. “Are you guys coming or what!?” She asked. “Mommy wants to know what we’re doing for later!” Jason responded with a very funny remark that thankfully went over Chrissie’s head. “Well, someone WAS coming but…anyway…yeah yeah, we’ll be out in a few minutes. Chrissie shut the door and my heart rate began slowing down again to its normal rhythm. I went over to Jason who had started to get out of bed. His erection still going strong like the Energizer Bunny. “Oh My God dude! That was close! We really have to be very careful when doing stuff here!” Jason nodded and whispered “Shit! Tell me about it!” He then laughed softly as he playfully slapped his hardness from side to side. “And I was so fuckin’ close to!!” I gave him a sly smile. “Yeah, I figured. Well look, if we get some alone time together later, I’ll take care of it for you.” Jason smiled warmly at me. “That would be SWEET!” he cried and then embraced me. “But first, we got a swim suit to buy!” “Yeah dude!” exclaimed Jason as he high-fived me. He then quickly got dressed and a few minutes later we were all in the kitchen figuring out our next move and laughing at Jason’s – quite witty actually – “apology”. “Sorry everyone for freaking out before…but I was a little em-BARE-ASSED!!” It took us a second to get it but once we did we were all holding our sides as the laughter poured out of us! It really was too funny and I was so proud of Jason for making a tense situation, way less dramatic! As the laughter diminished Jason and I were ready to head off to the mall. “Are ya ready Uncle Jer?” I smiled back and nodded affirmative. Just then Christina called for Jason and he walked into her bedroom coming out a few seconds later with his mom and an envelope in his hand which he handed to me. Christina spoke. “This is for his trunks. I don’t have much but I think you can get a decent pair with what’s there.” I handed it back to her and told her not to worry, that it was my treat and pleasure. She hesitated for a moment, pondering whether or not to hand me back the envelope, but I think economics won out and so she slipped it back into her pocket and gave me a kiss on the cheek with a simple “thank you”. I could tell that Jason was chomping at the bit to leave so we said our goodbyes and walked out the door. As the door closed it was very clear that Jason had a ton of energy to burn. I was still bone-tired (pun intended) from last night’s nocturnal activities but kept up with him the best I could. As we approached the mall we stopped off at a convenience store and I bought him a coke and chocolate bar. We chatted a bit about this-and-that along the way and as we walked into the mall, Jason started running back and forth in a few directions trying to choose which store would be best to purchase the kind of swim shorts he had in mind. I could tell he was really giddy and the sugar high from the Coke and chocolate bar him wasn’t helping any. Truth be told though, I loved watching him excitedly darting off in every direction. He looked happy and boy-ish which of course made me feel happy and boy-ish as I tried to keep up with him. After a few starts and stops we finally settled on a popular sporting goods store that featured a wide range of fashionable boys and girl’s swim-wear. It didn’t take us long before Jason spotted a pair of swimming trunks he liked. Grabbing my hand, he guided me to the swimming section and pointed them out to me. “What do you think of these?” he asked as he took a pair of the rack. They looked more like khaki shorts than swimming trunks and practically went below his knees. But if that’s what the kids are wearing these days then who was I to crap on their parade! I told him that I liked them. “Cool” he replied as he ran into the changing room to try them on. It was at that point that a young – and very attractive – female store clerk walked up to me asking if “my son” needed any help. I looked at her with a serious face and said, “Oh, he’s not my son. I just met this kid a few minutes ago outside your store.” The stunned look on the clerks face was priceless and I could almost hear the whirling motors of her decision making process kick as she tried to figure out what to do next. I began to laugh. “I’m just pulling your leg miss. Actually he’s my nephew and I think he’s fine. He seems to know what he wants.” She tried to force a smile but to no avail. “Oh good” was all she could muster still somewhat unclear as to what was going on. I gave her a big smile. “I’m sorry. It wasn’t my intention to make you feel uncomfortable. I thought you would get a good laugh out of it.” The clerks face erupted into a real smile this time. “Oh…ok…thank God…cause you just never know these days.” I nodded a knowing “yes”. She seemed to be back to her old self. “Well, if you or your nephew needs anything please feel free to let me know. I’ll be right over there.” She pointed to a spot near the cash and as she turned to walk away, Jason burst out of the changing room wearing the trunks, sneakers, and that was it. My heart skipped a beat as he, almost naked, looked at himself in the full length mirror near the changing room entrance. The clerk looked at me and said, “I could wrap those up if you’d like?” She was indeed back to her old sales minded self. Jason turned to us both and said, “Hmmmm…maybe..can I try a couple more on?” She nodded her head and said “sure. I’ll be over there if you need me.” She once again pointed to where she would be standing and then left us to figure things out. Jason walked up to me and gave me a full body turn. “So what do you really think?” I looked him seriously up and down for a few seconds and then said, “they’re nice. I like them.” He smiled and then started looking around for another pair to try on. It was then that I spotted a bright yellow pair of skimpy Speedos. As a joke I grabbed the pair and handed them to Jason. “Now this is what you should be wearing young man.” He broke out laughing. “Dude!! These halkalı escort are like what old people wear!!” I chuckled. “Yeah…well…hopefully not! I’d hate to be at the pool watching sixty year old grandpa’s wearing them. That would be scary!” We both laughed and as I reached to take them back from Jason, he ran with them into the changing room. I then heard him whisper for me to “get my ass in here!!” I quickly looked around and saw that the store was almost empty of customers and no surprise, the clerk wasn’t standing where she said she’d be! I quickly – but nonchalantly – entered the changing rooms area and saw Jason standing in front of a small, curtained off room. As he turned to walk in, he motioned me to follow and as I entered the small, brightly lit space, found Jason standing there – still holding the Speedos – with a huge grin on his beautifully impish face. Without saying a word he kicked off his sneakers and yanked off the swim trunks he was wearing. Standing before me wearing nothing but a smile, Jason’s youthful nakedness took my breath away. Unfortunately reality quickly set in as I realized that we could be found out at any moment. As I was about to say something to that effect, Jason put his finger up to his lips as if to shush me into silence. He then quickly slipped on the Speedos and gave me a few turns while asking “how did they look?” “Honestly!?” I asked him in all seriousness. “You have to ask me THAT!?” He giggled and nodded his head. I moved closer to him and whispered in his ear. “You look fucking amazing!!” He smiled from ear to ear and in a giggly response whispered “good enough to eat?” as he started rubbing his Speedo clad cocklet. The surprised look on my face caused Jason to giggle a little more. “Always” I replied. Quickly glancing towards the curtained doorway, Jason yanked the Speedos down and off his body in a flash. Moving closer to me, his erection standing straight up against his lower mid-riff, Jason whispered lustfully, “well then, what the fuck are you waiting for!? Eat me!!” The horny boy-lover in me wanted nothing more than to get on my knees and gobble up this hunk of boy with no other thought in the world than pleasing him fully. This however was countered by the now very nervous adult in me quickly going through all the shitty-ness – for both of us – of what would happen if we were caught! Thankfully – and I don’t use that term lightly – the decision was made for us. “Sir? Little boy? Are you guys in here? Are you both in here?” The tone of the store clerk was one of curiosity and a little annoyance. The closeness of the store clerk’s voice startled Jason and he quickly grabbed for his clothes in a rush to get them on. “Are you both ok in there? Do you need to see some more items?” I quickly – and perhaps a bit too loudly – uttered that we were both ok and that we had chosen the items we wanted to purchase. “Oh good.” she replied. “I’ll be at the cash when you’re ready.” “Ok, we’ll be out soon.” I responded and looked over at Jason who was now fully dressed but had his shirt on backwards. I pointed this out to him and he began to laugh, slowly at first, then somewhat uncontrollably as the nervous energy of almost getting caught needed to be released. This was corroborated a moment later as his laughter turned to heaving sobs. I quickly got on my knees and took him in my arms. He melted into me and I could feel his tears roll down my cheeks. I gently held his face in my hands and kissed the salty tears away. I kept whispering to him that it was all ok and not to worry about anything. “I’m sorry…I…I…” he quietly stammered between sobs. “It’s ok buddy. It’s ok.” I could feel his sobs diminish as he began to realize that things are going to be ok. He then looked at me with his still teary eyes and quietly asked if we could go now. I nodded as I gently wiped the last of his tears away. He smiled softly and straightened himself up. As we walked out of the changing room area I realised that we forgot what we came here for to begin with. I quickly ran back and grabbed the two swim wear items. Jason chuckled once he saw me come out of the room with the Speedo and swim trunks stuffed in my hand. “I can’t believe we almost forgot those!” he laughed. It was good to see and hear him laugh again. I nodded with a smile and we made our way to the cash. “Which one will you be buying or should I wrap them both up?” asked the sales clerk. I pondered for a second and then said, “We’ll take them both.” I looked down at Jason and he gave me a big grin and a mighty thumbs up. Suffice it to say, we both left the store feeling pretty good about the purchases and as we made our way back to his place, Jason – first looking around – took my hand into his and held it tightly. I was loving this closeness and as we silently neared his home he squeezed my hand and asked if it would be ok if we went back to my place instead. I nodded but told him that we’d have to call his mom when we got there, just to make sure it was ok. He smiled and replied “cool”. He kept his hand in mine all the way and as we approached my apartment a friend of his was walking towards us. I figured Jason would quickly let go of my hand but instead, he kept his in mine and just nodded a “‘sup” to his friend as he walked by. His friend acknowledged the nod as Jason’s hand gave mine another squeeze. I looked down at Jason and he just winked at me and grinned. A few minutes later we entered my apartment and I didn’t even have time to shut the door before Jason was hugging me something fierce. I returned his strong embrace and we held each other for a minute or two before he let go of me to run over to the couch, where he plopped down, kicked off his sneakers and motioned me to join him by patting the cushion beside him. I quickly sat down beside him and he snuggled into me. I ran my fingers softly through his hair and while we didn’t say anything, the emotions running through both of us were louder than I ever could have thought possible. I honestly don’t think I have loved anyone as much as I loved Jason and at that very moment, I could feel he felt the same. As I leaned down to kiss the top of Jason’s head, he brought his face up near mine. Our lips met and as he turned his body to get more comfortable I could feel his mouth mesh into mine. His lips parted slightly as his small tongue made its way through the opening I provided. I met his tongue with mine and felt Jason’s tongue slowly move across my own as he explored the inside of my mouth. I could also feel his body begin to shift as he moved to straddle me. Our mouths were once again our own as Jason got more comfortable in this new face to face position. He then cupped my face in his hands and looked at me. “I love this” he whispered as his head moved closer to mine, our tongues once again passionately dancing with each other. My hands were roaming all over Jason’s back and shoulders and I heard him begin to softly whimper. And then the phone rang. I let it ring, hoping that whoever was on the other end would just hang up, but nope, the answering machine came on. “Hello Jeremy? It’s Christina…are you home? Is Jason with you? Where are you guys? I got supper on the table and…” I felt Jason’s body straighten up a bit. “Fuck!” he yelled as he got off of me. “I forgot to tell you that mom was making us all dinner. Shit!!” The answering machine clicked off and I got up off the couch. My erection was quite painfully trapped in my pants and I noticed that Jason must have been feeling the same as his crotch area was looking rather bulgy! “Ok, no worries Jason. We’ll quickly go back to your place and I’ll blame our being late on myself.” “Really Uncle Jer? But what are you going to say? I don’t want you to get into trouble because of my stupid forgetting!!” I smiled at him and said “No worries Jason, I got it covered.” Jason smiled at me and less than thirty seconds later we were on the way to his place. It didn’t take us long at all to go from my place to his and as we walked in, Christine was serving dinner to Chrissie. “There you are. Where did you all go? I thought you’d be back here an hour ago?” I spoke up and apologized for being late. “It’s my fault Christine. I had some stuff to go over for work at home and asked Jason to join me. I thought it would take only a few minutes but I guess I got carried away.” Christine nodded that she understood and motioned us to sit down at the kitchen table. As we were about to dig in to some deliciously aromatic beef stew, Chrissie excitedly asked Jason what kind of swim shorts he got. It was then that I realized that we had forgotten them back at my place. I told them so as I chuckled and shrugged my shoulders. “Must be my old age” I joked making both Jason and Chrissie laugh. “Don’t get me started on how many things I forget a day!” chimed in Christine. “Old age sucks!” Jason looked over at me and giggled. I smiled back and took a big spoonful of stew into my mouth trying not to smirk. An hour or so later, dinner was eaten and the last of the dishes had been dried and şirinevler escort put away by myself and Jason. I figured it was the least we could do given that we were late and also for all the work Christina had gone through to make us all a most delectable family dinner. As we sat around the table talking and laughing about old times and what-not, Jason asked his mom if he could go back with me to my place to pick up the swim suit. He described how cool they looked and how well they fit him – of course he didn’t mention the yellow Speedos. She looked over at me and asked if it would be ok? I shrugged my shoulders and replied that it was indeed cool with me. “Well as long as we’re not interrupting your evening.” She said as she got up from the table. “Nope…I had nothing planned at all this evening. In fact…” I looked over at Jason with just a hint of a smile. “I was wondering if it would be ok if he and I watched a movie at my place? I really have nothing to do and…” “Me too!!??” asked Chrissie in her adorable little voice. Before I could answer, Christina put the kibosh on that idea. “It’s almost bed time Chrissie. You can watch a movie with Uncle Jer another time.” Chrissie pouted but accepted her mom’s decision and got up from the table. She ran over to me and hugged whatever part of me she could. “G’night Unca Jer. Love you!” I kissed the top of her head and said that I loved her too and pleasant dreams. She then ran into the room and quietly closed the door. At this point Jason was already up and raring to go, but not before giving his mom a peck on the cheek. “Thanks mom…love ya!” She chuckled. “You better!” We all laughed and then I said my goodbyes as well with a kiss on the cheek and we were soon out the door. As soon as Jason and I turned the corner, his hand slipped into mine again and I felt a wonderful warmth of affection. “Do you really have a movie you want us to watch Uncle Jer?” inquired Jason with a small smirk on his face. “Maybe…” I replied with a little smirk of my own. “Cool!” was his comeback as he squeezed my hand. We walked back to my place in relative and comfortable silence and as we approached my building, Jason let go of my hand and made a dash for the front door laughing all the way as I chased after him. He won of course. Less than a minute later we were back in my pad and like before, Jason had made a bee-line for the couch where he flopped on it, and like earlier, kicked off his sneakers. Unlike before however, he wiggled out of his shorts and lifted up his arms to remove his t-shirt. He was having a bit of trouble as he was trying to get it off him quickly. I walked over to him and as I lifted the shirt off of him, Jason looked up at me with a huge smile. Seeing him slumped in my couch, almost naked, caused my heart to skip a beat as I took in his most beautiful perfect body. I couldn’t help but spy the tent his hard-on was making and I instinctively felt for mine. Sensing my arousal, Jason’s arms reached for my belt buckle. He got it unclasped and then reached for the button. It took him a few seconds but he got that undone as well. He then leaned forward and grabbed my waistband with both of his hands and slowly brought my shorts down to my ankles. I kicked off the shorts and my shoes and quickly removed my shirt. Now there I was in almost all my glory as Jason sat back, looking me up and down. He jokingly ran his tongue across his lips and then in a surprise move, he sat back up and yanked down my boxers. My cock was already hard which caused it to spring into action. Without saying a word, Jason cupped my balls and moved his face towards my erection. A moment later I felt his moist tongue slide across the underside of my cock-head. Then it began to circle the remainder of my glans as if it had a life of its own, which it did. My young lover then got off the couch and onto his knees as one hand lifted my cock up towards my stomach while the other kept rubbing my balls. He then ran his tongue along my cupped balls to the base of my shaft. The sensation was overwhelming and looking down at Jason’s manipulations caused me to experience every emotion possible and then some. I let out a small moan which caused Jason to smile. He looked up at me and our eyes locked. We were both drunk with lust and love and this was going to be one helluva hang-over. Jason’s tongue went back to work as it slid under and across my cock all the way up to the tip of my penis and back down again as his free hand slowly began to jerk me off. He repeated this maneuver a few more times then stopped everything but the slow jerking. I looked down at him and his eyes were transfixed on the motion of his hand on my cock-flesh. A few droplets of pre-cum emerged from my piss-slit and Jason – without missing a beat – flicked his tongue across my opening and lapped up the clear fluid. He looked up at me again and playfully licked his lips before engulfing my member with said lips and mouth. The wet warmth of his mouth and slick tongue sent shivers up and down my spine as he slowly sucked in as much of my cock as he could comfortably devour. Soon he was bobbing up and down my saliva covered cock in a slow but trance-like rhythm that had me on edge in no time. As my breathing quickened and I began moaning a little too loudly, one of Jason’s hands went back to my balls and then in a surprising move, his other hand moved to my ass and I could feel his fingers searching for my anus which they found rather quickly. I began to moan louder now and could feel my balls tighten as my sperm began the process of their ascent. Jason must have felt I was close because he slowly inserted his middle finger into my hole. As I was sweating “down there”, Jason had no problem getting his finger all the way and I could feel his digit poking around the inside of my ass which signalled my balls to empty themselves…which they did. I don’t remember grunting and moaning “OH GOD!!” but apparently I did as my orgasm and ejaculation sped through my urethra and into Jason’s delicious mouth. As my seed exploded I felt Jason’s finger fucking me hard and I guess I blasted out too much cum because he began to cough and quickly slid his mouth off of my throbbing member. His finger however kept on sliding in and out of my ass-hole and as I slumped to the floor in a satiated heap, Jason quickly pulled out his finger and brought it up to his nose. He sniffed it and made a tiny face. “Smells like poo!” he grimaced. I laughed. “Yeah, well, you know…when you don’t tell me what you’re up to, that’s what happens!” We both chuckled and then Jason jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I heard the water run and figured correctly that he was probably washing his hands really good! A few seconds later Jason emerged from the bathroom. His almost naked from looked so wonderful and as he walked over to my spent body still on the floor, he pulled down his briefs and kicked them across the room. His erect boy-hood was all powerful and sooooooooo damn sexy. Looking down at me he told me to lie down on my back. I shifted my position to accommodate his demand and then he gently got on top of me, his face right above mine. Our eyes once again locked as I wrapped my arms around him, pulled Jason’s body closer to me. As our faces drew closer, I put one hand on the back of his head and slowly ran my fingers through his hair. I then moved my other hand other to the small of his back, just above his butt cheeks. Jason let out a murmur and a sigh as his eyes closed. I moved my lips to his and he eagerly slipped his tongue into my parted lips. Our tongues once again met and tasted each other’s saliva as our embrace deepened. As Jason’s lips opened wider for me to get more of my tongue inside his mouth I could feel his hardness dig into my leg. It was a feeling I loved and I couldn’t wait to get it into my mouth. That would have to wait though as our kissing became more passionate than I could ever think possible. The sides of our mouths were leaking spit as our tongues ground into each other. Without even thinking my hand moved from the small of Jason’s back to the now slick crack of his ass. As my fingers searched for his boy-hole, Jason let a soft moan and began slowly rubbing his cock alongside my leg. Then I felt him lift himself up. His arms were trembling as he steadied himself. I could see that he was thinking of something and before I could ask him if anything was wrong, he leaned back into me and whispered into my ear “I wanna fuck!” My hear skipped two beats this time and as I looked into his lust filled eyes, I whispered back that I would love to but I still didn’t think he was ready given that we tried to do just that last night. Jason grinned and shook his head. “No Uncle Jer, not me…I want to fuck you!!” ——————————— If you enjoyed this story and would like to leave a comment or appreciative response, please feel free to email me at ail and I will get back to you. Any flames or criticisms that are not constructive will be deleted. And remember, this is just a work of fiction and should not be tried at home!! Play safe! ps: If you are liking this series, maybe you’d also like another series of mine titled Tyler Time…lemme know if ya do fty//gay/adult-youth/tyler-time/ Jer Copyright 2019 — No part of this story can be used without the express permission of its owner. Thank you.

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