Jay and Faith (Chapter 4: Springbreak, part 1)


Jay and Faith (Chapter 4: Spring Break, part 1)

After the soccer season had come to a close and spring break was just days away jay had made plans to head to the beach and soak in the sun. He had saved up a lot of money and got a nice hotel with all the works.

The day before spring break Faith came in to Jay’s class with the saddest look on her face. “What’s the matter Faith?” Jay asked his favorite student. “My spring break plans just went up in smoke” she said. Faith explained that she was going to the beach with friends but her friends had to cancel the trip because their driver was sick and a few friends didn’t have the money.

“To make it worse” she added “my family had already made plans and left to go to the mountains yesterday. “I’ll be home alone all week with nothing to do.” Jay saw the opportunity of a lifetime just pop up in front of him. “You can still go to the beach if you want to go with me.” Faith sprang to life with excitement. “That’s perfect, my parents don’t know about my cancelled trip and I won’t tell them either!”

Jay and Faith talked about the details and Faith gave him a big hug and a quick kiss on the cheek so that no one walking by the classroom would see. “I owe you big time” Faith said. Jay smiled and looked back at her “I think we will have a lot of fun together and you can just call it even” he replied.

Saturday morning Jay pulled up to Faith’s house packed and excited for his week away with his young student. Faith ran out of the front door with a bag in her hand. Jay noticed her blue jean short shorts and a crop top that showed her tight sexy belly. Jay Escort helped her put her stuff in the car and they headed off to the beach.

Faith sat close to Jay on the way to the beach and they talked about what they would do once they got to the beach. Jay told her all about the things in the hotel, the hot tub, the single king size bed, and the private pool. Faith said she talked to Maddy and had heard how he had helper her last week with her car and how she paid him back with some road head.

Faith said she would have to do the same to help pay for the gas to beach. Jay got excited and hard just thinking about it. Faith grabbed his crotch and gave it a gentle squeeze. Jay unzipped his pants and let Faith do the rest of the work. She pull out is semi hard dick and bent down and took it in her mouth. Jay could feel it growing as she licked and sucked it.

“Maddy told me what she did with her feet, can I give it a try?” “Sure” Jay said as Faith slid to the other side of the car and put her feet on his dick and began to stroke up with her feet. Jay once playfully grabbed her foot and pulled her sock off partway and shoved his dick inside her sock with her foot. “Mmm, kinky” Faith said as she moved her foot up and down. Jerking him off.

The tight sock around his dick rubbing against her foot was such a turn on that jay couldn’t hold back his cum any longer and blew his load all inside Faith’s sock. Faith got her warm sticky surprise and said “Jay you naughty teacher, you messed up my sock with your cum.” Jay took off her sock and they both saw cum dripping down all over her foot and his dick.

When Escort Bayan they got to the hotel and checked in they unpacked and jay asked Faith what she wanted to do first. “How bout we try the hot tub” said Faith. “Ok, I’ll get my swim suit on” said Jay. Faith laughed and smiled saying “we don’t need to put anything on.”

They both slide into the hot tub and Jay wrapped his arms around Faith and pulled her to him between his legs. Her ass was pressed against his dick and she rocked her hips up and down against his cock. Jay reached around and caressed her tits and explored her pussy with his fingers underneath the bubbling water.

In no time Faith was panting and breathing hard while Jay stroked her clit and fingered her with two fingers. Jay kissed her neck and sucked on it while the two played. Faith reached back and felt his hard cock with her hand. She stroked it up and down.

“I want it in all my holes” said Faith. She turned around and faced Jay. He stood up and said how about starting with this one as his dick hung before her mouth. She quickly took it in her mouth and pressed it against her cheek. She looked up at Jay in the eyes as she took him deeper and deeper in her mouth.

After a few minutes Jay sat back down and Faith wrapped her legs around Jay’s body and hips. Their body’s grinded together and Faith could feel his long dick rub against her pussy. Occasionally the top of his dick would slip between her pussy lips and slide inside her. She would feel it press against her clit.

Faith knew that next time it did that she would slam herself forward into him and take his Bayan Escort dick deep into her pussy. In a few more grinds against him Faith found her chance and lifted up her hips and slid her pussy down the thick shaft of his dick.

“Ooh god” Jay said as it took him by surprise. “Mmm” Faith moaned as she felt his massive dick fill up her vagina walls. Locked into place Faith put her arms around his neck and began to ride him faster and faster.
Jay put his around Faith’s hips and pulled her deeper into him and squeezed her ass as they fucked.

After a while of fucking Faith said “you still have one more hole to fuck”. Jay smiled as he had never tried anal sex before but was curious how it would feel. He pulled out of her pussy and used his hands to play with her ass and finger it a little to stretch it out. He also sat Indian style and used his toe to slip inside her pussy and ass. After a while of playing Faith took his dick in her hand and positioned it right at her asshole and slowly pushed herself into Jay.

“Mmmm, it’s so tight” Jay said as the tip of his dick went inside Faith. They held it there for a minute and then began to push together again pushing Jay deeper and deeper inside Faith.

After he was deep inside Faith they started pumping in and out slowly and pushing the pain away by their anal pleasure. Faith couldn’t believe how good it felt and Jay couldn’t hold his cum in any longer and shot several blasts up inside Faith.” Cumming!” Jay said in delight which sent Faith into motion having her cum too.

The two of them held each other and rested from their first of many fun times at the beach that week. Jay thought to himself how he could be so lucky to be spending the entire week at the beach alone with his favorite student.

(to be continued…)

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