Jeff Ch. 03

Big Tits


Milly Anderson stepped down the long staircase, blonde hair cascading down her back. She wore a modest nightgown and a loosely tied robe. Looking around her vast dining room, Milly swiped a finger across the bar to check for dust before heading toward her massive kitchen area.

As she rounded the corner, the maid on duty jumped up from the chair and grabbed a towel from the shelf. Lucy hurriedly moved toward the counter to wipe. Her blonde hair was a little messy. She had just finished fucking Jeff, and he had pushed her to new limits with hair-pulling and light spanking.

Attempting to look busy, with a flushed face, Lucy received the elegant featured lady of the house, “Good evening, Mrs. Anderson.”

“Lucy, would you make me a cup of tea?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Dropping the towel, Lucy scurried toward the kettle, filling it with water, “What kind, ma’am?”

“Surprise me.”

Milly sighed and strolled around the hallway, waiting for her bid to be done. She glanced curiously toward the opened guest room opposite the large kitchen. When her striking stepson strolled out, Milly jumped. His stature reminded her of her husband, Carl, who was away on business.

Jeff chuckled when he noticed her dramatic expression, “You okay, mom?”

Clasping her necklace, Milly smiled, “yes, of course. You scared me, is all.”

Jeff folded his arms and smirked, “Why would you be afraid of me?”

“You are.” Milly examined his physique and glimpsed the semi-erect meat poking out of his shorts, “So big,” Milly averted her eyes from his crotch and gave him a graceful smile.

Jeff held some arrogance in his smile, “So, I look stronger than yesterday?”.

“No. I meant-.”

“You were looking at my cock,” Jeff chuckled at his stepmother’s flushed face, “Is it big as well?”

Jeff eyed her covered physique with interest. Even without makeup, her face was perfectly aged, reminding him of Jane Fonda.

“No. No. I…”

“You like big, don’t you, mom?”

“Well…I.” Milly stumbled, unable to respond.

She was too shocked at his bold statements. Milly had discovered the resemblance to her husband the first time she met the boy seven years ago. At 18 years old, he was just as tall as Carl but built like an Ox with a pair of sparkling dark eyes that she assumed related to his birth mother. After his drugged-out mother’s death, handsome dark-haired Jeff joined their family home. Jeff was now 25, and although he was staying in the guest room, he walked around as if this were his house. He had arrogantly inherited that confidence from his father.

“I don’t mean to make you nervous, mother, I assure you.” Jeff winked and rubbed his chest.

“I feel that is exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Let’s keep the faith. You and I have been very civil, and I hope we stay that way.”

He brought his veiny hand down to a solid six-pack, stopping at the top of his pubic hair. “Surely, you can forgive me. It’s a natural reaction to a beautiful woman.”

Milly’s heart fluttered, following his strong hand down to his erect cock, which now nudged violently against his shorts.

She scoffed, “You remind me so much of Carl. It’s almost sickening.”

Shaking his head, Jeff chuckled bitterly. He did not like being compared to the man who abandoned him and his mother at a young age.

Jeff smirked, “No. I am nothing like my father.”

“You’re far more handsome, I think. But we won’t tell your father that.” Milly winked and reached up to pinch his lightly bearded chin.

“Arent stepmother’s supposed to be mean? You’ve been sweet to me these past few years. And appreciate it. You are a woman of integrity.”

Milly blushed, “I try to be. Lucy is making me a cup of tea. Would you like to join me?”

“No thanks, I take to the harder stuff.”

“Just like your father,” Milly chuckled before noticing the darkness that covered Jeff’s expression.

Clearing her throat, she changed course, “Well, I’ve been known to add a splash of spirits to my cup at times.”

His eyes widened in disbelief, “Really?” Jeff figured her religious beliefs deferred her from such vices.

“Carl’s got a great aged scotch. Will you join me for a sip?”

Looking down, Jeff licked his lips. The sexual tension coming from his chest as he stepped closer caused goosebumps on Milly’s skin.

“Only a sip?” Jeff asked.

Milly gazed into his dark eyes that appeared outlined by the liner. He arched his dark brows for a reply, and she nodded.

“Yes. Just a sip. It would be nice to have some company. It’s been lonely the last few days,” Milly blinked back at her desire.

Jeff’s voice was raspy, “Well, I would do anything to make you happy.”

“I’ll tell you what, you meet me on the patio, and I’ll bring the bottle.”

Quickly walking back up the steps, she put on a dress, the only one she could find that fit snugly to her delicate curves. Milly wasn’t going to entertain her stepson in her night clothes. That, she thought, would be far too inappropriate. Grabbing the sacred bursa escort bottle from Carl’s nightstand, Milly strutted down to the patio where her tea cup and her delicious stepson sat.

Noticing his stepmother, Jeff couldn’t help but lick his lips. Petite in size, she was about 5’5 with a head full of curled blonde hair that fell past her shoulders. The tight dress sent his eyes to her full breasts and flat stomach before settling on her made-up face. His heart raced as she stood over him.

Milly beamed, “I am glad you decided to join me.”

“As I said, I’d do anything to make you happy,” he swiped his tongue across his plump lips, “What do you need, mother?”

Milly’s heart pounded at his ultra bluntness, “Need? I have everything I’ve ever wanted, thanks to your father.”

“Everyone needs something. Or someone.”

“Jeff, you remind me so much of your father. I think you struggle with those same sinful desires. I think we all do.”

“I just have what women need.”

“And what is that?” Milly took a seat across from him, folding her legs.

Jeff chuckled before settling his sights on her smooth calves, “I think you already know. And I know when I am needed. Since you went and got dressed up for me, I suppose you might need me.”

Jeff’s comment caused her cheeks to blush.

“That’s a very adventurous offer. But I got freshened up for a different reason,” Milly lied, feeling caught under the microscope of her dashing son.

“You look amazing.”

Jeff leaned back while his hand rested on his erect cock. He openly eyed her physique.

“You do something to me. I assume I do the same to you,” Jeff smirked, “Mom.”

Milly chuckled nervously, “Jeff, you are incredibly enchanting. But your father is my husband. It would help if we both were on our best behavior this evening.”

“So, if I were to pick you up. Take you into my room. Lay your body down, knead that tension in your neck and lick you until you scream my name. That would be wrong?”

Milly nervously glanced toward the open balcony, “Let’s be polite. Staff is still on duty.”

Keeping his reclined position, Jeff rubbed his cock through his baggy shorts and stared directly into her eyes.

His deep voice sounded again, “I can’t help it. I am a man, and you shouldn’t have worn that dress.”

“This is an old dress.” Milly chuckled, “I have far too many.”

“It’s stunning.”

“Are you just saying that to make me happy?” Milly smirked.

“No, ma’am.” Jeff sat up straight, “I’m being honest.”

“Thank you, but I am old enough to….” Milly smiled and shook her head of whatever spell she was under.

Jeff chuckled, “Come on now, mom. You know you’re gorgeous–an elegant woman with a grace that took in a stray tramp. You are a saint, and I apologize for my actions. Carl has a lot of flaws as well, but the man has great taste in women. My mother was beautiful.”

Milly’s resentment toward her unfaithful husband returned. It had not been buried too deep.

“Well, you look relaxed,” Milly noted to change the subject.

“Thanks,” Jeff looked down at his homely attire, baggy shorts, and a white t-shirt.

Clutching the bottle, Milly unfastened the top, pouring a few drops into her cup.

“You weren’t lying about that splash. That’s not enough for a buzz.” Jeff chuckled and grabbed the bottle. Wrapping his lips around the base, he chugged a large gulp of the burning liquid.

Milly’s eyes were wide at his actions, “You are an experienced drinker, I see.”

“I like to get drunk and do crazy things.”

“Like what?”

Wiping his mouth, Jeff looked toward her with lust in his eyes, “Fuck.”

A shocked gasp escaped, and Milly blushed, fanning her face.

“Well,” Milly began, collecting her thoughts, “From the sounds I’ve heard from the kitchen, you are very good at it.”

“You would have to find out for yourself,” Jeff smiled, folding his arms over his broad chest.




Jeff spread his legs out and tried not to mumble obscenities as Milly’s lips enclosed the base of his cock. Her lipstick-smudged brims added to the spectacle, and he closed his eyes to avoid succumbing quickly to her raunchy performance.

“Umm, shit,” Jeff moaned, wriggling on his bed.

Milly bobbed expertly, using her palms to cradle his balls. With her other hand holding onto his thighs, she invited him into her throat.

Jeff tried not to gasp but grunted out his appreciation, “Oh. Shit, umm.”

Curling his toes, Jeff clenched the sheets as his stepmother took an additional inch into her mouth, “Mmm, slow. Uh, down.”

Milly lifted her head and grabbed his cock, jacking it with skill, “this is what you wanted, huh?”

Jeff nodded.

“Well, don’t try and manipulate me, boy. I know what I am doing.”

Jeff twitched as her fingers washed slowly over his sensitive head, and he groaned out a breath. It was almost as good as his technique, and he felt dazed by this older woman. Her palm warmed him, and he could feel his nut rise.

“Fuck. bursa escort bayan Wait, oh uh,” Jeff stared into Milly’s blue eyes with awe.

She smirked and continued to jerk his 8 inches, “You love to use filthy words. Are you a bad boy, son?”

Jeff nodded and looked down at his glossy cock, “Yeah, fuck. Milly. Oh fuck, I’m going to cum.”

Milly let her tongue lap up his precum, then she stopped, “Not so fast.”

She held his cock loosely and slid it up and down, “You are so full of vice.”

It wasn’t a question, but Jeff nodded eagerly, awaiting her to empty all his vices into her mouth. She sucked him slowly, barely letting him get the pleasure of her full suction. Jeff pulled at his shirt as he watched her tease his cock. A part of him needed to grab her head and stuff his dick into her throat, but this was a different conquest. One that held importance, and he couldn’t dog her out like he had done his sister and the maid.

Jeff took deep breaths to combat his frustration as Milly continued her torture. Her fingers lightly tinkered across his swollen shaft dragging her tongue gradually along his tip. Curling his toes no longer helped; he had lost his nut from her toying. Instead, Jeff relaxed his body and breathed through the anguish.

Milly examined his hard cock against her tongue. The veiny flesh was lovely, but his contorted expressions were priceless. The young man thought he was charming and seductive, but the boy knew nothing. He was green, young dumb, and full of cum. But since he had tempted her, she would put him to use. Jeff would be the bandage on a 25-year-old wound in her marriage.

Milly stroked faster and smirked as Jeff propped up his elbow for a better chance to cum.

“Does it feel good?”

“Yeah,” Jeff breathed out and rubbed his chest, “umm, keep going.”

When she stopped, Jeff’s head flew back, and he tried not to call her a name. Milly began again, and Jeff kept his head down, hoping to sneak a nut. But Milly could read his twitching thighs and notice his curled toes in the Jordan sneakers. Her taps and pats were sinfully good when she was working his cock.

“Would you like to cum?” Milly teased.

Jeff closed his eyes to roll them back and nodded. He wanted to say, “No shit.” But he held his tongue like she was holding his nut.

Milly suddenly charged at his cock, pumping faster and more precisely. Each flip of her hand caused his mouth to expand.

“AH, fuck. Oh, fuck, right there….” Jeff shook his head, feeling silly for groaning and moaning like this. He felt the need to beg and became mentally exhausted as Milly slowed her pace to tap gently onto his stiff shaft.

“I asked you a question, Jeff.”

Jeff’s eyes popped open. He looked toward his glossy cock, then glanced toward her, “Ah, keep going.”

He had the most blood flowing in his cock and could hardly recall a time his dick had become this thick.

“Not yet.”

Jeff licked his lips, “Come on, baby, give me some more..um, tongue.” He reached out to grab her head, and she chuckled.

“No.” Milly stopped and wiggled her finger, “Never touch a lady’s hair. You must not want to cum.”

“Come on, Milly.”

“Do you want to cum, son?”

Jeff rolled his eyes this time openly and nodded his head in sync.


Jeff immediately swallowed his pride, knowing he would regain his confidence as soon as his jizz was split.


Milly chuckled and settled on Jeff’s chest. She turned around, giving Jeff only a view of her back, and wrapped her palms around his cock. She stroked unhurriedly up and down, stopping when she saw his leg shift. Jeff squirmed, unable to see his tortured cock. He laid his head back and closed his eyes as she started and stopped a few times. Finally weary, Jeff lifted his torso.

“Come on, please,” Jeff’s chest hoisted up and down, “Please, hmmm, make… uh fuck!”

“Calm down, sweetie. Just breathe. You can hold it. You’re a big tough man, aren’t you?”

Jeff grunted and clenched his aching thighs.

“Do you want to cum?”

“Yes! Fuck, please, yes,” Jeff knocked his fists on the mattress.

“Yes, what?” Milly asked, taking a tight hold of his shaft.

Jeff lifted his head and shoulders, “Fuck, yes..yes, yes, ma’am. Yes, mommm,”

Jeff wasn’t sure if she was holding on to his cock. But he shivered when he felt the release.

“Ahh, uhh, Godmmm. Aghh,” Jeff groaned, twitching as a flood of white cum trickled down his balls. He felt her soft tongue ring around his sensitive head, and his toes curled, dropping his head back onto the pillow.

“Uhh,” he sighed, hardly able to move.

In a raspy voice, Jeff whispered, “Come here.” Waving his hand, Milly wasn’t sure what he wanted.

“Let me taste you,” came his justification.

Milly gleamed, and the pair situated into a different position. As Jeff lay on his back, Milly slowly placed her snatch on his face, and Jeff’s tongue began to explore greedily.

“Oh, my word.” Milly gasped escort bursa and chastised lightly, “Ahm, lick my clit, sweetie. If you want to make me cum you can’t just tongue my hole.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Jeff breathed out and centered on her swollen clitoris. Licking gently, Jeff lapped her mature juices, clenching her fleshy ass cheeks. He could hardly control himself. His current desire for her made him want to bury his tongue deeper.

“That’s it, just like that,” Milly instructed, rotating her hips.

Jeff obeyed and groaned when she fell over to put the sensitive head of his cock into her mouth. His stepmother’s suction on his dick made him pause and gather his composure. Goddamn, this woman could suck dick, he thought. Matching her tempo, Jeff licked and lapped in sync.

“Oh shit. Wait, mmm, wait.” Jeff pleaded, but it was too late. She clenched the base and smiled as another burst of hot cum shot out of his shaft.

“Fuck, ahh,” Jeff groaned, shaking his long legs from the tension.

“Keep eating it, sweetie.” Milly smirked, “You were almost there.”

Pushing her down onto his face, Jeff kissed her clit before sucking gently on her seasoned rosebud.

Jeff wrapped his arms around her waist and was back inside his stepmother’s mouth. His sensitive dick soon returned to vitality, and he was tired of being overpowered by her oral skills. Lifting her, Jeff rolled over and mounted her petite frame.

“You ready?” Jeff stared down at her, his cockiness on full display.

“This is nothing I haven’t already done before.”

She reached for his lips, and Jeff shoved his tongue in her mouth. Then his lips lingered on her ear, and he poked at her slit. Milly went and grabbed his cock, and he looked toward her.

“Come on, Jeffery. Fuck me, boy.” Milly rubbed his broad hairy shoulders, pulling his body down to her.

“Yes, ma’am,” Smiling, Jeff lodged himself deep inside her folds and groaned out in pleasure. His breathing was ragged, but he kept concentrating as he rocked and rolled inside her. His head dropped, and Jeff nuzzled her full breasts, taking turns licking her hard nipples. He swung his hips harder to produce a moan from her.

The knock on the door interrupted his focus, and he ignored it, knowing Alicia wouldn’t want to see this. Jeff lifted his stepmother’s legs higher in the air and dove deeper, trembling inside her tight pussy.

“Mmm, fuck,” Jeff muttered, trying to keep from busting too quickly.

Whatever it was he thought he was going to prove, Milly proved him wrong. Keeping her mouth closed, Milly hummed at the slight stretch of her once-tight gape. Becoming wetter than she ever had with Jeff’s father. The knocks continued, and she looked at Jeff, a bit troubled

“Who is it?”

It couldn’t be her husband, who was out of town. Indeed, it could have been one of his many women.

“Be quiet, and she will go away,” Jeff smirked and kissed Milly’s cheek.

Swiveling his hips, he slammed harder into her dripping pussy, causing her blue eyes to move back into her head.


Jeff placed his hand on her mouth and continued to work his magic. Milly didn’t mind the pressure. It added more heat to the taboo performance. Except for the heavy breathing, the two became reserved, and the knocks disappeared.

“Mmm-,” Milly sighed, feeling yet another orgasm flood over her body.

“You feel so good,” Jeff moaned in her ear.

The feeling of Jeff’s lips on her neck caused her to blush, “You are doing a fine job, sweetie.”

Milly flipped her hands through his thick dark hair. Jeff smirked for a moment, then became too caught up as he marveled at how wet the seasoned woman’s pussy had become. He dotted kisses around her ear as her pussy muscles clenched around his cock.

“Damn, uh. Fuck. You are talented, ” Jeff chuckled.

“I was young once,” Milly smiled and brushed her hand over his scruffy beard. Jeff caught her fingertip, bringing it into his mouth.

“You are still full of energy and sexy as hell,” Jeff assured, sucking lightly on her finger.

Milly gave a girlish giggle, “And you-“

The door busted open, and Jeff leaped off the bed in a scramble.

“MOTHER!” Alicia’s screeching voice rang throughout the house.

“Oh, hush, that fuss Alicia. And close the door.” Her mother chastised her.

Alicia looked as if she might cry and shut the door back.

Jeff chuckled. His heart thumped out of his chest, “She’s going to tell.”

Milly’s voice held dignity and a bit of annoyance. “Hmph, she’ll go cry, and we’ll pray it off tomorrow, come back over here and please me, boy.”

“Yes, ma’am.”


The dining room table was an awkward setting for the four adults in attendance. Jeff nibbled quietly on his toast and drank nearly two glasses of orange juice. Even though Jeff avoided eye contact, he could sense Alicia’s heated stare.

“That was delicious, Marla,” Milly said, giving her a warm smile.

Pouring more juice into Jeff’s glass, Marla grinned at the woman before strolling back into the kitchen.

Jeff stood, “I need to get to the office. Fax Carl, those memos, before-“

“No need to rush off, Jeff. I need some help this morning,” Milly reminded him. Codeword, for she needed a youthful cock.

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