Jenn’s First Love Chapter 3


Thanksgiving 2004 Once the hockey season got in full swing, between practices, twice a day conditioning session, away games and studying, Brian had no time for me.I waited for Brian outside the locker room after practice on Wednesday just to confirm that he was still planning on Thanksgiving with my family.As he approached, I had to restrain myself from throwing my arms around his neck and kissing him.“Hey Jenn,” he said. “What’s up?”“Just wanted to check to make sure you will be coming for dinner tomorrow,” I said.He replied, “Are you kidding? Wouldn’t miss it.”With that, he took my hand and directed me into a small out of sight alcove. After checking to make sure we couldn’t be seen, he pulled me to him, kissed me and said, “I’ve missed you.”Hugging him, I whispered, “No more than I’ve missed you.”“What time should I be there tomorrow?” he asked.Dinner is at four o’clock, but you can come anytime.“I’ll bail out of the team dinner as early as I can.”Brian arrived with plenty of time to spare before dinner.Introductions were made and then men immediately gathered in the family room to watch football while waiting for dinner.As we were putting the finishing touches on the meal, my older sister took me aside and quietly said, “Jenn, where did you find him? He is gorgeous. Please tell me he is as good in bed as he is handsome.”“Michaela, what kind of question is that to ask?” I retorted.“Well, is he?” she asked.“He’s an amazing kisser,” I answered.“That’s Anadolu yakası escort great, but how is he between the sheets?”“I don’t know,” I shyly responded.“You mean you haven’t fucked him? Girl, what are you waiting for? You’d better hurry up and bed him before someone else does. Men like him don’t come around often.”“Michaela, it took him weeks before he even kissed me and when I embarrassed myself by inviting him to spend the night in my room, he said he wasn’t ready for that yet”“Really? That’s surprising.”With that, Mom announced that dinner was ready.Thanksgiving dinner is always wonderful, but that year was extra special. Having Brian sitting next to me, feeling his warmth, enjoying his occasional touch, his smile when we looked at each other, all made the occasion much more special.As we were sitting around the table after dessert, I suddenly felt Brian’s hand on my knee at the hem of my skirt. Startled, I looked at him, and even though I was smiling, he started to withdraw his hand thinking that I didn’t want him to touch me. I quickly reached down and put my hand on top of his, and as I parted my knees, I moved his hand to my inner thigh.Mom excused herself and went to change into her scrubs for her overnight shift in the ER.Michaela, her husband Dave, Brian and I set about clearing the table and cleaning the kitchen.As we were finishing clearing the table, Michaela Kurtköy escort bayan asked, “So what was going on under the table between you two?”“Huh?” I said with a look of confusion. “Nothing was going on.”“Oh, come on Jenn. You were beet-red and I thought you were going to come sitting right there in front of everybody.”“Oh my God, Michaela. Do you think anyone else noticed?”“Pretty sure Mom and Dave did when I nudged him under the table and nodded in your direction.”“Michaela, you didn’t.”“I had to. David is a voyeur and if I told him about it later he would have been pissed beyond belief.”“Did Dad and Uncle Tim notice.”“No, they were too busy arguing about hockey trivia.”Kitchen cleaned up, we joined Dad and Uncle Tim in the family room. Dad had built a fire which set the mood for the rest of the evening.After a while, Michaela and David left for home followed shortly thereafter by Uncle Tim.“Guess what time it is Dad?” I said.“Do we have to?” he asked.“Of course we do. It’s been a tradition as long as I can remember.”“Oh, alright then,” he said as he got out of his chair and started to fumble through the DVDs in the TV stand drawer.“What’s the tradition?” Briand asked.“Every Thanksgiving Dad and I watch the original Miracle on 34th Street with Natalie Wood and Maureen O’Hara.”“I’ve never seen it,” Brian said.“Well, you are in for a treat then.”Dad started the movie and then put more logs on Escort Maltepe the fire making room cozy and warm. It was no surprise when he fell asleep a few minutes into the movie.Seizing the opportunity to be alone with Brian, I woke Dad up from his sound sleep and said, “Why don’t you go to bed so we can watch the movie without your snoring in the background?”“I think I’ll just do that,” Dad said as he started for the stairs.Finally, Brian and I were alone. I picked up a blanket, snuggled up next to him and threw the blanket over us.As the movie played I put my arm across Brian’s chest and whispered, “Mom won’t be home until the morning and Dad is in a coma upstairs, so we are essentially here alone.”Looking down at me he smiled and said, “So if I were to kiss you, we wouldn’t have to worry about someone walking in on us?”“That’s exactly what I’m saying.”As we started to kiss, we both parted our lips, our tongues searching for each other. Brian moaned softly as they met.This was different from our first kiss. While it was soft and gentle initially, it grew more passionate. I began to feel a growing desire. I wanted him to touch me. I wanted to please him.Breaking off the kiss, he looked into my eyes and softly said, “I want to make love to you.”Hearing that, I melted inside; almost orgasming on his words. Unlike other boys who suggested, “Let’s do it,” or “I want to fuck you,” here was this beautiful man telling me he wanted to love me.Pulling him to me I said, “Oh, Brian yes.”Kissing me, I felt his hand on my thigh. His touch caused my heart to race. I opened my legs hoping that he would accept the invitation to explore further up under my skirt. I ached with desire for him to feel the warmth and wetness between my legs. To feel my craving for him.

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