Jetlag drunken boss seduces me 18 yo pretending sm

Jetlag drunken boss seduces me 18 yo pretending sm
Seduced by my Boss.

When I was 18, my boss and I were called to work in the States. I had never really traveled and never been to America so it was quite exciting. When we arrived in Ft Lauderdale we checked in and went to our room, not long after our contact invited us out to go clubbing, but I was so tired and I stayed in as the jetlag completely killed me. David went out and I had a shower to cool down as I had never experienced such humidity. I lay on the bed with my towel around my waist and I watched TV, but after a while I fell asleep. Later on I was semi awoken by David drunkenly trying to get into the room as quiet as he could, I was out of it so I ignored it. He jumped into his single bed and I could hear him whisper to see if I was awake. I pretended to be asleep, I heard him get undressed and he was fiddling around. Through my half closed eyes, I saw him walk naked past my bed to the window and he looked out to see the view, he turned around and he noticed that my towel was open and he could most probably see my privates. He stared at me laying there semi exposed on the bed, his 34 year old cock was getting hard and bigger. He bent down to the side of the bed to get a better look up my towel, I could feel his warm breath on my thigh. He moved the towel softly and I could feel the cool breeze of the AC, he gasped as he saw that I wasn’t really that developed and I didn’t have much pubic hair either. I could feel stirrings in my cock, I felt it twitch as it moved, I was starting to get an erection. I started to think about other things and the feeling went away until his head came closer to my cock and I heard him breath in my musk. He lightly touched my cock and I pretended to still be asleep, he became more daring and felt my cock and balls and I was allowing myself to get a hard on. He watched it grow in his hands, he kept looking at me to see if I was awake, I just prayed that he couldn’t see me watching through mostly closed eyes. He Got bolder and licked the end of my cock, shudders ran through my body and I struggled to not squirm, I played dead and let him have his way. He took me all the way in his mouth and I could feel the tip of my cock pushing at the back of his throat. He ran his hand up and over my smooth 18 year old chest, I felt that it was wet and it was probably his pre cum. He finally opened the towel up all the way exposing my naked body, I could feel the bed shaking as he was wanking himself off at he same time. He climbed onto my bed laying next to me in 69, his cock was only one inch away from my face and I could smell the cum dripping out of his cock. I felt him put his cock on my face and I felt the weight of it against my smooth skin, I wanted to take it in my mouth, but I was scared and didn’t know what to do so I just let him do what he wanted to me. He was pleasuring me for ages and I felt myself building up, I was letting out moans of pleasure as I was getting closer. I came in his mouth and I heard him gurgle as the cum ran out of his mouth, down my cock and balls and past my asshole to the sheets below. I felt myself going soft in his mouth and he licked up all the cum including that around my asshole. He wanked off whilst licking my ass and I watched him wanking one inch from my face, his foreskin rolling back and forth, his sweaty balls bouncing and he came all over my chest. After he recovered, he licked his own cum off me and sucked me off once more. He went to his own bed and drunkenly fell asleep.

In the morning, I pretended like nothing had happened. He went into the bathroom, but left the door open and I watched him piss and walk around naked, but I was too scared to do anything.

That night we were invited out and Coke and Molly was flowing, I’d never done it before and I loved it. David would hug me and feel my ass and sometimes touch my cock through my jeans, I pretended that I didn’t notice. When we got back to the hotel room, it was so hot that I got completely undressed; I didn’t care as the ecstasy and coke took away all my inhibitions. David did the same, we lay on the bed talking about the night, his giant eyes were looking at my body and we both started getting hard, he said do you mind and before I could answer, he had his mouth around my cock. It was even better than the night before due to the E, I reached for his cock and felt how warm and hard it was, I was fascinated by his foreskin as I had mine removed when I was a baby. After a while I took his cock in my mouth and I sucked it lovingly until he shot his load deep into my mouth. I didn’t know what to expect and I nearly through up at the force of his cum hitting the back of my throat. I quickly recovered and continued sucking this fine piece of meat whilst I took my revenge and shot my load into his mouth and he swallowed it up greedily. We played with each other all night and he held me in his arms. David is about six foot three and I was only five eight, feeling this big man holding me and his hard cock digging into me made me melt. We finally fell asleep and when we woke up, I was a little ashamed of what I did and I snuck off to the shower. We didn’t do anything else that trip, but we blamed it on the d**gs. It happened again on other occasions and I’ll continue to write them down.

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