JJs oral enlightenment


JJs oral enlightenmentJJ decided to get away for the 4 day weekend. His girlfriend Alicia and him had been fighting and she decided to spend the time at her mothers house and hang out with her friends from high school. JJ didn’t want to be stuck in his apartment obsessing and worrying about her, so he thought he would hitchhike down to Vegas and visit an old friend. He had picked up a ride quickly but after a couple hours he got dropped off at a rest area in the middle of nowhere. Having misunderstood where the driver said he was going, if he had known he would have waited for a different ride. Now here he stood, stuck in the desert and no one yet willing to help him get anywhere. Apparently there had been an incident recently where some inmates had escaped jail and stole a persons car after being picked up. People had been giving him nasty looks all day and the cops had been by once already to i.d. him and said if they came back tonight and he was still there, he would be spending the rest of the night in jail. It was getting late and he was starting to feel desperate. That is when he saw the Old beat up Mack truck with nothing attached pull in, he stood up to walk over and ask for a ride when he saw a large, rough looking red neck get out, the man was about 6’2 and well built, with a bit of a man gut. He wasn’t fat but was built like a football player, he had a few tattoo’s on his arms and a goatee. JJ nervously backed up and sat back down as the man gave him a cold stare.As JJ sat there wondering what to do, he saw the cops pulling in. Fuck, he thought, looking into the store window the man was buying a pack of smokes, a lighter and a few other items. The man looked up at him as he was staring and then looked passed him to the cops pulling in with their lights flashing and making their way to JJ. JJ turned and feeling defeated, sort of sulked and sank in to himself, ready for whatever bullshit he was about to deal with for the rest of the evening. Just then he heard a deep and rough voice behind him say, “hey k**, i just need to use the John and then we will go ok. JJ and the cops looked towards the man, “here’s the keys, if you want to go sit in the truck and wait.” the man said with his eyes wide hoping JJ took the hint.” Uhh..yeah, sure, thanks man. Thanks alot.” JJ turned as the man waved at the cops who were even more pissed that they wouldn’t be having JJ to harass now and as they began pulling away he heard the man say “evenin’ officers” with a hint of laughter behind it. They waved as they drove off. “pigs” he muttered noticeable for JJ to hear but to low for the cops. JJ laughed as he climbed up the truck and unlocked the door to get it, finally feeling somewhat relieved. Looking around he saw a few porno mags on the floor and picked one up and started to flip through it. It was a lot of sexy young girls sucking off older men and their huge cocks and getting their faces and mouths covered with large loads of cum. His mind went to Alicia and remembered how she used to suck his cock everyday, not lately though, then as it was want to do, his mind started thinking the worst, that she had some other dudes cock in her mouth at some party with her old friends, feeling the hopeless anger build and not wanting to worry over nothing he could control he closed the magazine but still had it in his hand when he heard the door open.”Names Bill, thought you could use some help over there, where you trying to get to boy?” he said as he noticed me holding his magazine. Then looking me in the eyes, “touching a mans porn mag is almost akin to touching his woman.” Throwing it down quickly JJ began apologizing and saying he meant no harm. The man laughed and said “Relax k**, I’m just fuckin with ya. It’s a good türbanlı yalova escort one that one, check it out if you wan to.” JJ laughed nervously and said oh ahh..thank you maybe will when we are moving, you know reading material, kills the time haha…” still sounding a little timid. “Sooo, i assume you don’t plan on coming home with me right?” “What, nananooo, oh haha I am trying to get to Vegas but hasn’t been going to plan yet, I guess as far as you can get me.” “Well, I might be able to get you were you need to be if you don;t mind a detour or two. He started the truck and drove them just out of town to a side road behind a warehouse and parked. I have a few things I would like to try and do but am heading Just past there anyway, should be there by the afternoon anyway. JJ thought for a second, he had hoped to get there that day but was still hours away regardless and the way it has been going he didn’t want to get stuck somewhere else and miss another day, so might as well take the guaranteed ride even if it would be later than he wanted. “Sure, I don’t mind, I guess i’m along for the ride.” “Yeah you can be my wingman, maybe help me out with a few things, be an extra pair of eyes and hands, do you party?” “Uhhh…I do…how so? “Drink, smoke weed, speed, whatever.” “I drink and smoke but haven’t done much speed, nodoz but their to Jittery.” “Well I need you up and aware with me tonight, so you will be doing some tonight, but this is the real mccoy.” “Just need to wake myself up for the ride, then we’ll head out. He said as he reached under the seat and pulled out a mirror with a pile of crystaly looking powder on it. He crushed it up as it cracked up and then he made a couple lines, about JJs pinkie size, he snorted one and handed JJ the tray. “I guess i’ll do a little and he snorted the edge of the line. “What was that, be a man and just do the whole thing, you’ll be fine. You’re not a pussy are you?” Feeling intimidated JJ fell into the peer pressure and snorted the whole line and then yelped in pain as it burned his nasal passage. “That a boy, don’t worry about that, it’ll pass soon, here wash it down with some whiskey. He handed JJ a flask and he willingly gulped it, and coughed. “The fire in your chest now matches the one in your nose and you are balanced my son. JJ laughed and noticed that the lights were now brighter and his vision a bit blurrier because of that. His heart began to pound but he soon found his balance and took a breath. “Now I just need to teach you how to smoke it so you can help me hit it as we ride. In for a dime, in for a dollar JJ thought. Bill taught JJ the correct way to smoke a tweak pipe, the nuances of the twirl. He would take a hit and then fill the pipe with smoke and quickly pass it to JJ for him to hit. Eventually JJ figured it out well enough to Get it smoking on his own, though still would get told to watch out for burning it to much. After a good 30 minute session of that, they headed back out on to the highway. Bill kept talking away at JJ, asking about his trip and then lot’s of questions about Alicia. He told JJ to not worry himself with her and just enjoy his time, just the guys on the road. JJ remembered the magazine in his hand and opened it back up, he was soon interrupted by Bill handing him a roach, here spark this up and when we finish that up, if you want to smoke another bone I got a fat ol’ joint for you to taste. JJ lit the roach took a few deep hits and passed it to Bill. “Have more whiskey if you want boy, your still to tense, it will loosen you up a bit..” JJ saw the knowledge in that and kicked back a few large slugs of whiskey. “ahhhh, I needed that, feeling better already. He kept flipping türbanlı yalova escort bayan through the pages of the porn and wasn’t noticing how relaxed he was feeling, with all the excitement and crazy new experiences he had been having and the cocktail of substances he was sucking down, he was feeling really good and high. “sucking on a joint, worshiping the glass dick for the first time, looking at a mag of girls sucking cock. You sure have quite the oral fix don’t you?” “What, haha, I do love having girls suck me off, that’s for sure.” “Is your girl a good little cock sucker?” “Yeah, she is, she used to suck me off all the time and she really gets into it, but not since we’ve been fighting the last few weeks.” “But do you think she is a good cocksucker, think she can handle real meat?” “She does me just fine, but then again I’m not a porn star, i’ve thought about it before, if she could deepthroat a big cock.” “You want to watch her suck big cocks ey, and swallow big loads of cum don’t you? You little perv. I can tell by your stiff cock poking up in your pants.” JJ looked down and noticed he was rock hard and turned bright red and began to shift.” Hey, it’s alright k** we’re all adults. You wouldn’t be the first guy to fantasize about watching his woman sucking off large cocks and seeing them swallow down other mens cum loads. Or having their faces covered with warm, wet, creamy jizz from multiple men. I’ve let a few guys watch their wives suck my cock. Think your girl would be able to handle this?” JJ looked over as Bill unzipped his pants and reached in to pull out a big, thick, bulbous cock. It was semi hard, but already 3 times the size of his when it was hard. It had a big plump, pink mushroom head and a girthy long white and sort of veiny shaft. “It’s a beauty ain’t it?” “It sure is huge, JJ said blushing and imagining what it would be like to have that to fuck her with. She would be with him right now sucking or riding him if that had been the case. “You’d like to see her try and swallow that now wouldn’t you?” “That would be so hot and I would love to see her ride it if I had it.” Well don’t just stare at it, feel it, touch it and imagine it inside her.” JJ realized that he was still staring at it with his mouth open and his cock was still hard and pulsing. He got very uncomfortable and turned his head quickly. “I’m not going to touch it man.” He gulped and felt his heart pounding. Bill grabbed his hand and put it on his cock and squeezed. “Grab it, we both know you want to, just stroke it a bit so it gets hard and you see it at its full mast. Maybe you’ll want to let her give it a try. JJ went to pull away but Bill held him tight and looked into his eyes and said stroke it or I can pull over and make you do it. JJ was scared, he was to high and confused and just continued to pump it up and down as his heart beat fast. Bill told him to grab the wheel with his other hand and watch the road for a minute. With one hand on the wheel and the other on Bills stiff cock. JJ just stared off as Bill lifted his hips to pull his pants down and off as quick as he could and then after tossing them into the back said “Now that’s a lot better, you can let go of the wheel.” JJ let go and turned back to the cock and continued to stroke it. “Spit into your hands and use both of them. JJ was just doing what he was told at this point. In shock that here he was in the middle of nowhere in a truck with some big dude, high on meth and stroking the mans cock. It felt different then when he touched his. This one had some weight to it. He kept spitting on his hands to act as lube as he twisted and stroked up and down bills big cock, he would occasionally türbanlı escort yalova stroke the head and feel it’s sponginess and eventually some pre cum bubbled out which made for better lube and bill began to get more into it and spread his legs somewhat. “That feels good boy, keep going, pretend you’re Alicia and she’s doing this to you, do what you would want her to do. JJ began to fantasize of that and as becoming more and more turned on. “I know of a nice turn off up ahead” Bill said, we’ll pull in there and i’ll pack another pipe for us to smoke while you play. “JJ just swallowed and said ok, as he went on with what he was doing. “I could tell I was going to like you from the start, I knew you would like to have some fun tonight. You like playing with that big cock, don’t you k**? Tell me.” “I guess, it’s kind of fun, I don’t know.” “Relax k** and let go. Just enjoy yourself and give in to your fantasy.”We’ll pass the pipe around first and then it’s time for you to taste that big joint.” O.k. JJ said lightly.Bill would take a hit off the pipe and then JJ would stop caressing the cock so he could get a hit but always go back to doing what he was doing. Bill leaned the seat back a bit and moaned, JJ noticed that bill was producing more and more streams of precum and it was getting his hands all slick and wet. “Relax k**, stretch out and get a little closer, take a better view. He pulled JJ into his chest,”cup my balls” Jj Began to feel Bills Ball sack, each ball fit nicely into his palm. As he was cupping the balls, and holding the shaft a thick glob of precum spewed out and was leaking down Bills cock. Just as JJ was wondering what another mans cum tasted like he felt Bills hand pushing his head down towards his dick. JJ saw the cock getting closer and as he stroked up precum began to pool up in the crook between his thumb and forefinger and drip down his wrist. Without thinking JJ licked it off his wrist, it had a light sweet basey taste, not bad at all. He now was grasping he head and a nice pool had formed there and he went back and slurped up a nice glob. He was actually slurping up another mans sperm and he was enjoying it. H really liked the taste and texture of it, and this tipped him over the edge, now he wanted it,wanted to suck on another mans cock. He was doing what he would want to see Alicia doing, and he began to moan as he filled his mouth up with a man he just met’s fat juicy cock. He held the base down with one hand and was slurping away with his mouth and caressing his large balls. Bill leaned further back, “that’s right k**, suck that cock, suck it like you want it, yeah, that’s it, having fun yet?” mmmemhmmm! “You like sucking cock k**?” “MMMMummmhmm, yeah, I love it.” Bill began thrusting his hips up and his cock began to slip further into JJs throat, making him cough and ga a little but not making him want to stop. JJ just pressed further down imagining he was Alicia and she was trying to throat fuck this cock. You’re a natural k**, you take cock like a duck to water.. Jj smiled and went on sucking and slurping and sudden;y Bill held his head and thrust deep into his mouth and began to shoot his load into JJs unsuspecting throat, causing him to choke a second and push back with his head, Bill gave in a little just enough for JJ to wrap both hands around Bills cock and pulling his mouth back just enough so it can fill up with the first load of a mans cum and he had to swallow down a few loads before it subsided, He milked it and sucked on it until Bill began to get softer and then he pulled his mouth off and swallowed it all down. “What the little cum slut, just like i thought you’d be, Lick it all up off my prick k**, clean it up. JJ happily lapped away at it like a kitten at a saucer full of milk. He realized that he enjoyed sucking his first cock and already was thinking about doing it again. I’m going to have to keep you around” Bill said. You’ll be my personal cock sucking, cum swallowing wing man. O.K.? “O.K. JJ said with a sum smeared smile, then he licked his lips. Can we do it one more time though before we go?End of part 1

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