JoJo Levesque


JoJo LevesqueMY FIANCE and I been dating for all of three months before we decided to get engaged, and with the big day slowly approaching we decided to finally visit her folks over the holidays and announce the big news.I was nervous to say the least considering it would be my first time meeting the family, and also because our relationship was not what you would consider conventional, in the sense that she was almost five years my senior.Nevertheless, I agreed to accompany her back to her hometown where I soon discovered just how great her folks were, who wouldn’t hear of us staying in some cheesy motel room but instead insisted that we spend the night.So, taking them up on their offer we agreed to spend the weekend with them and the whole family, which consisted of several young c***dren not to mention their gorgeous 18-year-old daughter Joanna.From what I gathered, Joanna or “JoJo” as the family affectionately called her, was an up and coming actress and talented singer-songwriter who had been performing since she could walk.Still, in the short amount of time that I got to know her I could tell that she was nothing like her public persona, but instead was a complete and utter flirt, and a teenage tear away behind closed doors.In fact for the first few hours that we talked she was constantly on her cell phone messaging back and forth with countless guy friends. She was definitely a very popular girl.Needless to say her folks treated her like the princess of the family, and to be honest I couldn’t half blame them as she was an absolutely gorgeous young creature who was exceptionally charming, and possessed a phenomenal body.Standing at just 5’3, the petite starlet had a firm yet athletic hourglass figure, a succulent round butt, and a set of the most incredible cantaloupe-sized breasts I had ever seen. In my opinion the girl was just build for sex.Anyhow, it was while sitting around chatting in the kitchen that I first noticed several bells hanging over the front and backdoor which I thought was slightly odd.I initially assumed it was some kind of family tradition, but when I quietly asked my fiance about it she simply laughed in my face and quickly explained to the others what I had said.The family all chuckled before they went on to explain just what it was. Apparently, the pint-sized songstress suffered from an acute form of Somnambulism, which in plain English meant that she suffered from a rare case of sleepwalking.In fact it had become so bad in recent years that she frequently had a tendency to sleepwalk straight out of the house and into the neighborhood, forcing her folks to finally install several chimes and bells around the house so as to alert them if JoJo got a little adventurous during the night.At first I thought they were simply pulling my leg, but there had apparently been a recent incident in which she had wandered out into the neighbor’s house in nothing more than her underwear and woke up in the morning on their couch cold and disorientated.”Don’t worry honey.” My fiance giggled. “I’m sure you wouldn’t object if JoJo decides to join us in the bed tonight.”I looked at starlet who simply winked at me, and then back at my fiance before they both laughed out loud.”Relax guys.” JoJo reassured us. “You can sleep easy. I haven’t had an episode for a few months now.””Doesn’t that just mean you’re due for another episode soon?” My fiance challenged.Joanna simply scoffed at her comment before she announced that she was going to take a shower.Without thinking, my eyes immediately feel to her perfectly formed teenage ass as she wandered down the hall. My god she had a body that just wouldn’t quit.Unfortunately for me I was quickly brought back to reality as my fiance playfully slapped me across the back of the head, catching me openly ogle her ass and reminding me that we were guests.”Hey Casanova.” She quipped. “She’s only 18!”I quickly backtracked and joked that I was only k**ding, but in truth I was absolutely amazed at the teenager’s incredible figure; she had the body of an athlete or a professional dancer.Later that night, it was just after 3am when I got up in the middle of the dark to take a leak.The house was deftly still, and as I turned around to leave the bathroom, I suddenly let out a tiny shriek as I found myself face to face with the teenage starlet.”Oh! Shit!” I gasped with surprise. “You scared me.”Despite my reaction, the striking teen simply remained silent and unresponsive. To my surprise her eyes seemed glassed over yet she was looking straight at me, when she suddenly turned and started down the hall.Watching her move towards the front door, I suddenly realized that she in fact was sleepwalking and about to wake up the entire house the moment she reached for the knob.Thinking quickly, I rushed on after her and swiftly placed myself between her and the door.”JoJo?” I whispered. “Sweetheart, wait just a second!”As she finally reached for the door-knob I touched her shoulder to stop her leaving and although she stopped she gave no other reaction.I found the whole episode eerie and fascinating. It was like talking to a mummy…and türbanlı ığdır escort I’m ashamed to say where my mind went next.I looked around to see if anyone else in the house was stirring and then waved my hand in front of her face, making sure to see that she was still out of it.When I saw no pupil dilation I boldly reached down into my shorts and squeezed my hardening cock. I figured that if she was faking it, that this would offend her and I would catch her out.Fortunately for me she did not react as I slowly took out my thick cock and essentially stroked it in front of her. At first I massaged my shlong while simply staring at the starlet’s nubile body.It was only now that I realized her lack of attire, and I almost moaned as I admired her tight crop top camisole and matching cotton panties. Feeling bold, I reached out and tentatively placed my hands on her naked hips, caressing her bare skin and marveling at the velvety soft flesh.There I gently brushed my fingers over her abdomen and snaked them around to caress her dimples of Venus, just above her butt.”Jesus.” I let out involuntarily, “You’re so soft, and tight.”With that said, I looked around once again before I reached down and gently rubbed the outside of her cotton panties with my fingers, while still jerking my cock with my spare hand.I now stared right into her blue-grey eyes for any reaction as I proceeded to m***** the young harlot, and yet nothing. It was as though she was in another world.Emboldened, I then reached up to crudely grope her ripe young breasts through the almost sheer fabric of her top and began to lovingly tweak and pinch at her hard nipples between my thumb and forefinger.To my amusement JoJo remained silent throughout this ordeal, but her body responded accordingly and her nipples grew noticeably firmer.”My God.” I gasped inwardly. “This is amazing! You’re like some kind of real life sex doll.”Marveling at her body, I finally reached up under her camisole and proceeded to alternate between rubbing my open palm against her breasts and fondled her puffy nipples directly.God she had terrific tits, and as expected my cock was now in full bloom as I stroked it for all it was worth.I have to admit, seeing her standing there just staring at me made me feel even more daring.So I stopped beating off for a minute and reached down to grab her by her firm luscious hips and swiveled her around so I could take a look at da’ ass!”Damn.” I whispered to myself. “You got a body built for sin, sweetheart.”Without further ado, I carefully twirled my fingers into the sides of her underwear and carefully peeled them down mid-thigh. I suppose I convinced myself that I could still react quicker this way in case someone woke up and saw us standing there by the door.Only later did I realize just how ridiculous this was, and how unbelievably risky.The house was dark for the most part but the little light which emanated from the kitchen was all I needed to stare at what was possibly the most exquisite pussy I had ever seen.My head was spinning as I glared at her teenage sex, before I instinctively knelt down in front of her and confirmed that she in fact was completely and utterly bald, as smooth as a babies bottom. Not a single solitary hair was on that fresh 18-year-old pussy.”Holy shit.” I gasped inwardly. “Totally shave cleaned, too?”Who would have thought. Joanna “JoJo” Levesque was shaved clean?Without thinking I instinctively leaned forward to sniff at that succulent young cunt, and just as I had imagined the sent from her teen peach was absolutely intoxicating.Grasping her by the hips, I poked my nose at her opening once again and this time allowed the very tip of my nose to briefly brush against her tiny clit.Fortunately for me JoJo simply stood there motionless, hands to the side as though nothing out of the ordinary was happening. At this point I was so riled up I was literally shaking, my hands trembling as a thousand fiendish thoughts crossed my mind.Feeling confident, I finally leaned back and pulled her cotton panties all the way down her strong shapely legs, leaving her to stand there barefoot and exposed, and scantily clad in nothing more than her tight tee.In an instant I picked up her used panties from the floor and immediately placed them against my face and inhaled her musky scent, which immediately made me wonder if she had masturbated earlier that evening as they appeared to be slightly damp.Feeling devious I briefly brought them up to her own dace and insisted she take a whiff, knowing full well she wouldn’t deny my in her current catatonic state.”Go ahead.” I smirked. “Just smell those panties, JoJo. You’re so fucking wet.”As I spoke I rubbed the damp crotch area directly against her mouth and nose.”Why are these wet baby?” I whispered. “Were you playing with that tight teen cunt earlier? Hmm. You like slut.”Noting the blank expression on her face, I moved to kneel before her again and nuzzled up to her bare pussy with my nose and brushed my lips against her hairless mound, allowing her musky scent to fill my nostrils.Having türbanlı ığdır escort bayan had my fill, I then proceeded to slowly lick the outline of her delicate vulva and grinned smugly to myself as I heard the tiniest of whimpers finally escape her mouth.It was only now that I actually started to wonder if she in fact was asleep or merely faking. With that said, I extended my tongue and delved it deeper between her pink fold and tried to get a reaction from her.There I licked and probed her cunt, and reveled in her tangy essence for several moments before I finally decided to get up and quietly directed her over onto the sofa in the living room.Moving her around was like positioning a mannequin. She was putty in my hands. I gently pushed her back onto the couch into a sitting position, marveling at her perfect posture and the way she arched her supple back and flaunted her natural chest, her erect nipples piercing her tee.Grinning to myself, I finally reached over and slipped her crop top right over her head, leaving her utterly naked before my very eyes before parting her knees.The girl was absolutely exquisite, and mine for the taking as I gently applied some pressure to her shoulders and urged her to lie back on the sofa while I sat admiring her pretty little clam again.Her sex was flawless and her skin was soft and smooth, gleaming with moisture from my earlier probing. I knelt in front of her, still stroking my cock while admired her tiny little puckered butt-hole.Everything about her was tight and pristine, and her anus was just so inviting. Feeling devious, I carefully placed a single digit against the very edge of her backdoor and pushed in, but her rosebud was so incredibly tight it seemed almost impossible to enter.I finally licked my finger generously and attempted to penetrate her derriere again, and ever so gently worked my way inside. Almost immediately her body responded and I couldn’t believe the heat which emanated there, so much so that I had to withdraw it in fear of burning my finger.”Hmm. Look at the pretty little pussy.” I whispered to myself, watching it twitch slightly as I played with her ass.I could see from the slight gaping of her vaginal opening that she was certainly no virgin, but in saying that she was still exceptionally tight. I imagined she had only had maybe a handful of lovers in her entire young life, and I doubted any of those had given her what she craved the most.Licking my fingers, I gently eased a wet digit into her young cunt and once inside it was easy to slip in two, then three. I was now fingering her and jacking off at the same time, watching her eyes as I penetrated her with three of my long digits.Her eyes were staring somewhere out into space, yet she was breathing deeply and her lips were parted slightly.”Mm yeah.” I cooed. “You like that don’t you. You like having three fingers inside that tight little cunt of yours huh.”Steadying myself between her spread legs, I then moved into position and rubbed the end of my hard cock up and down the length of her hairless minge, causing us both to tremble.”Are you ready baby?” I asked her rhetorically. “Are you ready to get fucked?”Slowly, I began to enter her and once inside I paused for a moment to marvel at the sensation of her tight hot cunt before I pushed in a little further. Ultimately I was all the way in, and now past the point of no return.There, I hesitated for a moment to look at my cock which was actually nestled inside the sexy teenager, her legs spread wide as her plump pussy consumed me. I looked up at her beautiful face, her brilliant eyes and her small mouth, those wanting and inviting lips, her nipples swollen and erect.Holding that position for several moments, I finally started to move my hips again and began to pump in and out. At first I moved slowly…feeling every morsel inch of her young poon which squeezed tightly around me, before I moved a little faster.I steadied myself by placing my hands on the couch on either side of her, and looking deep into her eyes I began to thrust into her, fucking her more keenly and intently than before. JoJo simply lay there, her body bouncing back and forth on the cushion beneath her as she was pummeled on the sofa.Caught up in the moment I leaned in to kiss her breasts and neck, and finally kissed her on the mouth. Her lips were wet as I drove my tongue deep into the back of her throat and sucked her tongue back into my mouth.She moaned deftly and panted into my mouth but was still unresponsive for the most part.”Mm. So tight.” I chanted over and over again. “So fucking tight, JoJo!”As I continued to fuck her, I reached around her thighs and pinned her legs tightly together, clutching them by their ankles with one hand before I twisted and pivoted them to-and-fro, shifting her hips and butt from side to side as I drilled her keenly and licked her legs in the process.For a moment I imagined what it must have looked like if they had walked in, watching as I utterly fucked this sweet, dazed, naked teenager on the family couch.The mere notion alone made my türbanlı escort ığdır cock throb with adrenaline and I doubled my efforts. I now lifted her legs and ass up off the sofa cushion and fucked her in earnest, gripping her by the hips as I now drilled her hard and fast with long, continual thrusts.To my delight her body responded immediately and her young twat began to heat up from deep inside, spilling and filling with arousal and coating my cock with her copious juices. God she was hot and tight, and growing more and more pliable with each passing moment.”You like that?” I panted softly. “You like getting fucked, you little cunt?”At this point I had her turned on her side, her legs pushed up against her chest which permitted me full access to her rump. Her breasts wobbled wildly as I pounded hard into her, so much so that my balls slapped loudly against her thigh and the sound of her sodden wet cunt filled the room.The sensation of her dripping teen cunt only urged me on, and I could feel my orgasm approaching and I braced my hands against the back on the couch so I could really lengthen my strokes as I went deeper and deeper into her sex.”Fuck that cunt! Fuck that cunt! Fuck yes!” I now chanted again and again.Suddenly, I looked up into her face and a lewd thought crossed my mind. I was sure I had seen her flick her pink tongue across her moist lips, and in an instant I pulled out of her tight young cunt and stood directly over her gorgeous face and jerked off over her open mouth.Rubbing the head against her shiny mouth, I finally felt my loins erupt and the first load shot out like a cannon and landed directly across her lips, splashing over her pearly whites and coating her front teeth.Grunting out loud, I squeezed my cock for all it was worth as the second and third blast suddenly spurt out and landed across the bridge of her nose, completely smothering her pretty face in goo.Emptying my cock, I finally collapsed back and admired my handy work and began to snicker uncontrollably… when suddenly I heard a noise down the hall.Panic set in, and I quickly pulled JoJo up and directed her over to the corner to stand and hide with me in the shadows, waiting and praying that whomever it was would quickly return to bed. Like me they were probably getting up to take a toilet break.It was there as I stood terrified that I began to chuckle to myself, amused by the absurdity of it all as I attempted to clean up and cover the teen singer. Taking a chance, I took her by the hand and quietly shuffled her down the hall and into her bedroom where there I shut the door and helped her into bed.Hearing another noise outside in the hall, I froze with fear and rushed to the door and prepared to sneak out when a voice from behind me suddenly frightened me out of my skin.”Don’t go.” JoJo whispered sweetly.I looked back at the half naked starlet in bewilderment, shocked to realize that the sexy little nymph had been awake the entire time.”You’re awake?” I stammered, to which she simply grinned.”You can stay in here with me tonight?”I was absolutely floored. Not only had she been awake the entire time during our encounter, but now she was suggesting that we continue to screw around in her very own bed no less.”Are you serious?” I quipped defensively, still shocked at the sudden turn of events.The lying little slut now had me where she wanted, and could easily blackmail if she pleased.”I promise to keep it down?” she teased, as she pulled the sheets away from her body to reveal her right hand was between her legs, rubbing her pussy. “You manipulative little bitch.” I replied with a grin, still amazed by how convincing she had been on the sofa.”Please.” She added seductively. “I’m really fucking horny right now. I can act like I’m asleep again if you want?”I shook my head in disbelief.”This is insane.” I hissed. “You’re fucking crazy.””Fine. Suit yourself.” She replied as she parted her knees and proceeded to explore her pussy with her fingers.”Screwing around in the dark is one thing.” I whispered. “But having sex in your bed is another.””Oh well.” She shrugged. “I guess I’ll see you in the kitchen in the morning then?”She was now clearly threatening me.”Look. Let me see if my fiancé is still asleep and I’ll come back okay?””I’ll suck your cock.” She offered, as she continued to play with herself.”That’s um…a very tempting offer.” I stammered in response before she cut me off.”You can cum in my mouth again if you want.” She claimed. “I really like that.””You do? You could have fooled me.””Sure.” She replied. “I love to swallow.”Not knowing what to say I stammered incoherently and told her that I would be right back.”Wait.” She objected. “Don’t you want to watch me play?””Let me just check of my fiance. ” I maintained. “And I’ll be back in a minute.”I was unconvincing to say the least, but before she could respond I carefully ducked out of her bedroom and back into my fiance’s bed. There I turned over and tried to catch my breath when her voice in the dark scared me half to death.”Did you find it?” She groaned from her side of the bed.”Huh?””The bathroom.” She murmured. “I figured you must have gotten lost?””Yeah. I guess so.” I replied as I leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. “Finally figured it out though.”As I turned over I was just about to fall back to sleep when I felt a hand on my cock.”I’m really horny.” My fiance whispered. “I can’t sleep.””Jesus.” I thought to myself. “Is this night ever going to end?”

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