Joy Ride Pt. 02


NOTE: Sorry for the long break from stories, I’ve been swamped with work, but I’m glad to say that I found time to finish this one! A sequel to JOY RIDE was highly requested, so I hope you enjoy this one! I have PART 3 in the works, likely being published in the next week or so. Sorry for taking so long, but as always, I hope you enjoy this story! Comments and feedback are very important in determining what I write next, so make sure you let me know how you feel!


She woke up breathing hard, tangled under a mess soft bed sheets. Beside her, her husband slept soundly, his back to her. Past him, the window was open, but there was no breeze on the warm, summer night that could have cooled the heat Lynn was feeling. In the dark, she composed herself. She was still almost panting, coming down from a vivid dream about her son’s friend, Bradley, the young man she’d given a ride home just last week. She’d given him a bit more than just a ride home. Since that car ride, she hadn’t been able to get him off her mind.

Lynn readjusted the sheets and fluffed her pillow, settling back in. The clock on her nightstand read 3:19 AM, much too early for her to get up. As time ticked by, Lynn, awake in the dark, stared at the ceiling. No matter how comfortable she was, every time she closed her eyes, she just saw her hand wrapped around Brad’s hard cock, stroking it until he can’t take it anymore, spilling his hot cum all over her gentle fingers. Sleep wasn’t an option as long as she was thinking about that drive.

Rather than fight it any longer, Lynn gave into temptation, silently moving her hand from her sternum, down her torso, slipping into her panties. Her fingers hesitantly reached out, and Lynn immediately felt how wet she already was. After checking quickly to ensure her husband was still asleep, she felt her breath hitch in her throat as she inserted two fingers inside herself. As she began to play with herself, she imagined her son’s friend was there with her, helping her, assisting her. She was wearing only a loose t-shirt and a pair of cotton panties, which allowed her to lightly grab at her left breast with her free hand. Her skin was soft and warm in her own hand, and she fought back a groan as she continued to tease herself, imagining it was Brad’s young, inexperienced hand on her bosom. On the brink of an orgasm, she dropped her breast and balled up a fistful of her blanket, stuffing it into her mouth as she massaged her clit, letting out a muffled moan as her body wracked with orgasm. In the brief throws of bliss, she glanced at her husband, still sound asleep, completely unaware of his wife, trying her best not to moan the name of their son’s friend as she makes herself cum.

Cleaning herself up in the bathroom, Lynn finally caught her breath for the first time since waking from her dream. Splashing water on her face, she looked at herself in the mirror. One thing was clear: Lynn had to get her hands on that young man’s cock again, and soon. But how?

With the sun high in the sky, the weekend was well under way, and Brad was out for a drive. A few days ago, his soccer team had won their championship, and the day after that, on his birthday, his mother had surprised him with a new car. Well, not exactly new; the cherry red Jeep was about as old as he was, but it was cheap and it worked, the two qualities Brad looked for.

Now that he had a car, Brad had offered to start running errands for his mother on the weekend while she ran Jupiter’s, her store in town, and this Saturday was his first time. He’d already been to the grocery store, as well as the dry cleaner, and now Brad was on his way back from the mechanic where he’d picked up a new spare tire. With the backseat full of groceries and fresh-pressed clothes, a new spare in the trunk, Brad pulled out of the parking lot, about to drive home when his phone rang.

He fished it out of his pocket as it buzzed in his hand. “KYLE’S MOM” flashed across the screen. Staring at that name, he couldn’t help but feel a nervous rush of excitement. Last time he’d seen Lynn, she’d given Brad the best, and only, handjob he’d ever gotten.

“Hello?” Brad answered the call eagerly.

“Bradley? It’s Mrs. Lynn,” She sounded so maternal on the other end. Her voice was soft, but steady.

“Hi, Mrs. Lynn, I know it’s you, I have your number.” Brad replied.


“Yeah, Dikmen Escort my mom made me save your number in case of emergencies.”

“Well, isn’t that just fitting. It seems I’m the one who’s in a bit of trouble right now.” She gave a small laugh. “My car just broke down. I’ve already called a tow truck, but it’s not going to be here for over an hour apparently. I tried calling Mike, but he’s not answering, he must not have his phone. And I’m not even bothering with Kyle, he never answers my calls.” Brad had a guess where this was going, and was trying his best to play it cool.

“You need me to come get you, Mrs. Lynn?” He offered.

“If it’s not too much trouble, Bradley, that would be so great!” She sounded so glad, Brad could hear the smile on her lips. “I’m kind of out of the way, I was doing some grocery shopping for the week when, wouldn’t you know it, the car stopped running! I’m on Sycamore Ave, maybe a block down from the church. You know where that is?”

“I do! I’m about five minutes away, I’ll see you soon!” Brad hung up and drove off.

As he turned onto Sycamore, Brad couldn’t help but start to get aroused. Nothing’s going to happen, he told himself. She just needs a ride. Last time was just her being nice, that’s all. Nonetheless, as he pulled up behind her car on the side of the road, Brad felt his cock immediately begin to swell when Lynn stepped out of her car.

She was wearing short shorts, a creamsicle orange color, that hugged her thick thighs. Her shirt was another thin tank top, this one a shade of lavender, the pale color offset from her tanned shoulders. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a messy bun, and as she approached the car, Brad watched her maternal breasts jiggle with each step. By the time she got to the passenger door, Brad had to discreetly readjust himself to hide his now-erect cock.

“Oh, Bradley, you’re an absolute lifesaver!” Lynn exclaimed as she climbed in. He thought it was strange that she didn’t have any groceries with her, but his attention quickly shifted to his passenger’s ass as she situated herself. Her shorts were riding up, and they were practically just panties at this point, so high up her thighs. “Thank you again for doing this for me,” Lynn said, and Brad snapped his eyes up to hers. Did she catch him looking?

“Of course, Mrs. Lynn,” He tried to play it off. “No trouble at all. I’m just taking you home, right?”

“Yes, please.” She smiled.

They drove in silence for a minute, Brad sneaking glances at the mature woman next to him, doing his best to keep his eyes on the road. Lynn used the mirror on her sun visor to reapply lipstick, and Brad fixated on her lips. They looked so soft, and when she puckered them at her reflection, Brad felt his cock throb in his lap.

“Now, Bradley,” Lynn spoke, and Brad pretended he had been focusing on the road. “I just wanted to say thank you for giving me a ride. I can give you a bit of gas money, it’s only fair.”

“Really, it’s no problem.” He reassured her.

“No, no, I mean it. You’re really helping me out here!” She reached across and touched his forearm. His grip on the steering wheel tightened as he drove, and Lynn couldn’t help but giggle at how tense she made her son’s friend. “Please, let me at least thank you properly.” Her voice dropped as she moved her hand from his forearm down to his lap. Through his gym shorts, Lynn traced her finger along his obvious bulge. Brad squirmed under her touch, and let out a small grunt.

“Um, Mrs. Lynn, you, uh, you don’t have to—” He stammered.

“Oh, Bradley, please, it’s the least I can do. It’ll be just like last time.” With that, Lynn was finished teasing the young man, ready for the real deal. She snuck her fingers under his waistband, pulling down just enough for his large, erect cock to bounce up. Lynn tucked the waistband under his large balls, giving them a slight prod as she did so, eliciting another grunt from Brad. She couldn’t help but bite her lip while admiring her son’s friend’s rock hard cock, as well as his heavy balls, full of young cum that Lynn was desperate for.

“My, my, Bradley.” She whispered as she wrapped one hand around his cock. Trying his best to keep his eyes on the road, Brad couldn’t help but give a small thrust into her soft hand. Lynn began to pump in rhythm, Dikmen Escort Bayan cooing as she stroked.

As they pulled up to a stoplight, Lynn reached over with her other hand and gave Brad’s balls a tender squeeze. He stifled a moan and leaked a mess of precum out of his twitching cockhead. Looking down at the mess, Brad realized something.

“Wait, wait,” He said nervously. “Last time was a really close call. My mom usually does the laundry, so she got suspicious when I was washing just my shorts.” Lynn loosened her grip on his cock as he continued. “I had to lie and say I spilled something on them at practice. If I, um, make a mess again… she might ask more questions.” His voice trailed off, and the light turned green; for another moment, they drove in silence, Lynn never taking her hand off of Brad’s cock as she pondered the circumstances.

“Well then,” She broke the silence with an idea. “Let’s not make a mess.” Lynn winked, unbuckled her seatbelt, and leaned forward, across the divide between their seats, dropping her head into Brad’s lap. He let out a surprised gasp as Lynn swallowed his cock down, guiding it past her lips, into her wet, warm mouth.

Lynn savored the feeling of Brad’s hard cock throbbing in her mouth, feeling its’ stiffness against her soft tongue. As she pulled back, she planted a wet kiss on his now-twitching cockhead.

“Bradley,” she said. “The light is green.”

“What?” He hadn’t looked up from his lap since his friend’s mom had put his cock in her mouth. Now that he did, he saw the stoplight they were waiting at had changed to green, and the car next to them had driven off. Brad stepped on the gas pedal, a bit too hard at first, causing the car the accelerate forward before smoothing out at a steady speed. The sudden lurch forward caused Lynn to sway back, with the tip of Brad’s cock popping back in her mouth for just a moment.

“Easy there, Bradley.” Lynn encouraged him to drive normally to their destination. Still some ways away from her house, she knew she had enough time to enjoy this.

As they drove, Lynn planted quick kisses up and down Brad’s shaft, complimenting him as she went.

“My, my, Bradley,” she paused to kiss his cock. “I know I said this before, but,” she kissed again. “You should be very proud,” another kiss. “You’ve got quite the package,” three kisses in quick succession. “And I do mean, the full package,” she kissed down his shaft before giving a longer, softer, wetter kiss to one of his balls.

Brad couldn’t help but moan when Lynn took one of his balls in her mouth, sucking on it softly, teasing it with her tongue. She switched to the other ball, giving it equal attention, much to his delight.

“Bradley?” She asked, her voice innocent and playful.

“Y-yes, Mrs. Lynn?” He stammered.

“Is this your first time receiving a blowjob?” She asked coyly, before licking his cock from base to tip with her soft tongue.

“Um, y-yes.” He could barely answer.

“Oh my, honey,” Lynn gave a slow, wet kiss to his throbbing cockhead. “We’ll have to make sure it’s a memorable one.” She took him in her mouth and began sucking, pumping her head back and forth, up and down, rhythmically driving Brad crazy with lust.

Turning onto the town’s main road, Brad had to focus his attention on the busy street ahead of him. There were more cars, more intersections, and more crosswalks. As he slowed his car to a stop in front of an intersection, he watched in a silent stupor as his best friend Kyle exited Brad’s mom’s store, accompanied by Kyle’s father Mike. Not only was Kyle Brad’s best friend, he was also the son of the woman currently wrapping her lips around Brad’s cock, pumping her head up and down in order to make him cum. And Mike, Kyle’s father, was married to said cum-hungry woman currently drooling on Brad’s hard cock. Without realizing, Brad was holding his breath, silently watching the two cross the street in front of him, completely unaware he was in the car stopped before them, completely unaware that the matriarch of their family was there with him.

“What’s wrong?” Lynn asked, popping Brad’s cock out of her mouth. “Everything okay up there?” She had noticed he was holding his breath, and saw the frozen look on his face. Confused, she started to sit up, but Brad, nervous, placed his hand on the back of Escort Dikmen her head and pushed her back down, out of sight from pedestrians.

Lynn could barely react as Brad shoved her head down, opening her mouth just in time to swallow him down again. His cock slid right into her mouth, and she couldn’t help but get even more aroused as this young man’s fingers got tangled in her hair as he forced her to stay down.

Above her, Brad watched, petrified, as Kyle glanced over, noticing his friend. He gave a small wave and a nod, not noticing anything out of the ordinary. In the car, Brad used his free hand to give a weak wave back, forcing himself to smile, too afraid to open his mouth for fear that a loud moan would escape his lips. Kyle turned back and kept walking, and his father never looked up from his phone. Brad watched them disappear into the crowd of weekend shoppers on the other side of the street before letting go of Lynn’s head.

“What was that about?” Lynn said as she pulled back, simultaneously confused and turned on by how assertive Brad was.

“Um, nothing,” he lied. “Just some people crossing the street.”

The crosswalk cleared of any stragglers, the light turned green, and Brad began driving again. As he passed shop after shop, Lynn went back to work on his cock, taking the head in her mouth and sucking on it while jacking him off with one hand. Brad let out a low groan, feeling the orgasm building.

Pulling off the main road, they turned onto another large street, this one less busy, but still multiple lanes. As he approached Lynn’s neighborhood, now only a few minutes away, Brad felt her drop his cock from her mouth before spitting on it, which sent a tingle up his spine.

“Now, Bradley, honey, I want to try something I haven’t done in a while. Let me know how it feels.”

Pulling up to a four-way stop, Bradley almost passed out behind the wheel as he felt Lynn guide his cock back into her mouth, pushing past her lips, grazing over her teeth, gliding across her tongue, and sliding down her throat. As she deepthroated him, she felt his cock throb in her mouth. She couldn’t help but gag, choking on his impressive size, before pulling back to come up for air.

“How was that?” Lynn asked, catching her breath.

“A-amazing, Mrs. Lynn.” Brad barely stuttered.

“Yeah, but I can do better.” She said smugly.

With that boast, Lynn swallowed him down again, this time with more fervor, until her nose was pressed against his lap. Looking at the car across from him at the intersection, Brad recognized the driver as a lady from his mom’s book club, a woman named Diane. She waved to Brad, gesturing for him to go, and Brad tried his best to keep his composure as he drove through the intersection, past Diane, as the older woman next to him gagged as she deepthroated his cock.

Lynn pulled back again, letting the cock, coated in her saliva, spill out of her mouth, throbbing, desperate for attention.

“How close are we?” Lynn inquired, wrapping her hand around his shaft.

“Maybe a minute?” He replied, practically out of breath. Between the anxiety of the close calls, and the euphoria of Lynn’s mouth, Brad could hardly breathe.

“Oh my, we’ve got to finish this up!” She announced.

Lynn dropped her head back onto Brad’s cock, pumping his shaft with one hand, up and down, up and down, while sucking on his cock with her soft lips. In her mouth, she was giving him everything, lavishing his cockhead with licks and laps, tasting his precum.

As he rounded the corner, Brad couldn’t hold back anymore, and felt his balls churn. He let out a loud groan as he came, thrusting out of his seat, pushing his cock further into Lynn’s mouth. Lynn welcomes the extra inches, feeling his shaft throb as her son’s friend dumped load after load of hot cum onto her tongue, down her throat. She tried her best to swallow as much as she could, but he kept cumming, filling her mouth full. Eventually, he stopped thrusting, slumping back into his chair, spent. Lynn pulled back with a pop, letting his drained cock bob in front of her face for a moment, admiring her work.

As he slowed the car to a stop in front of her house, Lynn sat up, and Brad watched as she swallowed a mouthful of his cum before opening wide to show off an empty mouth.

“See? No mess!” Lynn said proudly, giving him another wink.

She towards him again, reaching out and tucking his cock back into his pants before giving the softening bulge in his lap a soft pat. As she opened the door and stepped out of his car, Lynn gave him one last look. “Thanks again for the ride.”

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