Julie Wants To Get Laid


Fifty-eight-year-old Julie Norman wanted a fucking, more specifically a fucking by a young cock and she knew just where she was likely to find a cock to fuck her.It was Thursday evening so The King’s Head pub was where mature women and young men assembled and hoped to find someone willing to fuck them. It was not difficult for either the women or the males to pull if they were not too ugly and perhaps not too choosy.Julie, a divorcee, was not an unattractive woman and she sometimes had lovers of similar age to herself but sometimes she fancied a young throbbing penis between her legs and this was such an occasion.Julie put on too much lipstick, too much eye shadow and too much eyeliner. She put on a blouse that had two buttons too many undone, a bra that accentuated her ample cleavage, a skirt that was too short and too tight and stockings. If she did not get hit on by several horny young men looking like she did then she might as well give up.She ordered a taxi to take her to the pub and the taxi that arrived was driven by a female, one that Julie had travelled with a few times before. The female taxi driver swung both ways and rather fancied Julie, this evening she thought that she looked incredibly hot.”Ha, I see that you are not expecting to be going home tonight,” laughed the female driver.”Is it that obvious?” replied Julie, doing her best to look innocent.”Well, if I was not working…” said the driver, who was aged in her forties.”Maybe another night, sweetie,” smiled Julie, who did like to bed a woman from time to time.The taxi driver was getting damp between her legs as she glanced at Julie’s legs in her short skirt as she drove. Julie deliberately gave the woman a good look at her cleavage as she leaned forwards to pay her as she got out of the car.”Have fun,” said the driver.”Yeah, might see you later,” replied Julie, with a smile.”You never know,” replied the driver.As Julie walked, or rather wiggled, towards the pub entrance a woman of about her age looked at her disapprovingly. “Hussy,” said the woman.”Dried up old prude,” sneered Julie.Julie walked into the pub and all heads turned, although on this night all heads turned every time the door opened.Two young men standing at the bar said something to each other, probably about Julie, and she smiled in their direction. She ordered herself a drink and went and sat down.She looked around, it was not yet very busy. There were a few mature women there, some in pairs and a few young men, also some in pairs. There was a middle-aged couple there but they looked, and probably felt, out of place.The pub slowly started to get busier Ankara bayan escort and the disco started playing music but nobody seemed to want to be the first onto the dancefloor. Julie noticed one young man prodding his mate and, a bit nervously, his mate got up and approached a woman who was made up and dressed as tartily as Julie was. The woman giggled at whatever the youth, he could be no older than nineteen, said and she got up and they started to move to the music.Julie watched them and she saw the woman briefly brush her hand against the youth’s crotch and both the woman and the youth laughed. When the track finished the couple kissed, just a peck really, and left the floor in different directions but it was noticeable that when they both sat down they were looking and smiling at each other. Julie thought that those two might be dancing together again soon and maybe even leaving the pub together.The pub got busier and so did the dancefloor. Julie got asked for a dance by a reasonably, but not great looking young man. The dance was okay but the young man seemed very nervous, he had his hands on Julie’s lower back but seemed frightened to grip her arse cheeks, something that Julie was wanting him to do.The dance finished and they parted with a smile. Julie put him in the ‘go back to if nothing better turns up’ category because he did seem to have quite a package.Julie’s eyes scanned the bar and they fell on a male that she recognised, she panicked for a moment because he was the son of a close friend and her friend would be surprised and possibly horrified if she knew that Julie went out on the pull for young cock.She did not think that he had yet seen her, or if he did he did not recognise her all tarted up, but he was certainly hot and Julie had thought that for about the last three years. His name was Luke Davies and he was aged twenty.Julie then thought that even if Luke did recognise her, he probably wouldn’t tell his mother because she, Sally Davies, probably did not know that her son went out looking to fuck mature women, which was presumably what Luke was here for.The next thoughts that crossed Julie’s mind were what if she and Luke fucked? How would she be able to face her friend again in those circumstances?It was probably all hypothetical but Luke likely did not fancy her anyway.While Julie was pondering all this, Luke started dancing with another woman and his hands went straight to her arse. Fuck, Julie wished that his hands were on her arse.It seemed that Luke and the woman had met before, maybe even fucked, because their Escort bayan Ankara hands were all over each other so it did not look like a first-ever dance.Julie was feeling jealous of the woman and thinking of going in search of the ‘if nothing better turns up’ young man that she had danced with earlier.As Julie was considering searching for her previous dancing partner, her eyes met Luke’s, over the shoulder of the woman whose arse he was caressing. Julie and Luke smiled at each other, both looking a bit shocked at seeing the other one here.The song finished and Luke and the woman kissed passionately, Julie was again jealous. Luke and the woman parted and Luke came to where Julie was seated, Julie noticed that dancing with that woman seemed to have got Luke very aroused.”Hello Julie, you are looking, um, very…” started Luke, trying to think of the correct words.”Sexy?” smiled Julie, trying to help.”Yes, sexy, hot,” smiled Luke.Luke was still standing, his bulge very impressive although Julie knew that it had been induced by the woman that he danced with.”I have not seen you here before,” said Julie.”I sometimes come here on Thursdays, but I had not seen you here either,” replied Luke.”I do come here sometimes but I had not been here for a while; It is good to see you, Luke,” said Julie, loving talking to this sexy hunk.”Would you like to dance?” asked Luke, as a slow song started.”Do you not want to dance with the lady that you were just with? I assume that you know her,” said Julie.”Yes, I know her but no, I do not want to dance with her, I want to dance with you,” said Luke, gallantly helping Julie to her feet.”Do you fuck her? Sorry, too personal,” said Julie, as she put her arms around Luke’s neck.”I have done, you can ask what you want,” replied Luke, as their bodies pressed together.Julie rested her head on Luke’s shoulder, his hands were on her lower back.”You can feel my arse like you felt hers if you want,” chuckled Julie.Luke did not need to be invited twice and he was soon caressing and squeezing Julie’s large backside in her tight skirt as they ground their bodies together, both very turned on.They looked into each other’s eyes and their lips met. Lips parted and tongues entered the other’s mouth.”Oh Luke, what would your mother say?” sighed Julie, thinking of her friend Sally.”Not sure what mum would say about a lot of things that I do,” replied Luke, before planting his lips on Julie’s again.The song finished and they went and sat down where Julie had been sitting.”You said that you had fucked that woman, do you often fuck older Bayan escort Ankara women?” asked Julie, hoping that she was going to be his next.”I have a preference for older women but I do go to bed with girls of my age too,” replied Luke.”Does your mum know about all these women?” asked Julie.”She knows that I do okay with the ladies but she does not know that a lot of them are older than her,” grinned Luke.”Shit! I can just imagine your mum’s face if she saw me looking like this with you here now,” laughed Julie.”Yeah, I think shocked would probably be the word; I just send her a text if I am going to be out all night,” said Luke.”And will you be sending her a text tonight?” said Julie, her hand on Luke’s thigh very close to the lump in his jeans.”I hope so,” replied Luke, putting his hand under Julie’s skirt and finding a stocking top.”Will your dancing lady not be expecting you to fuck her?” asked Julie.”She might but I am sure she will find someone else,” answered Luke.Luke and Julie looked at the dancefloor and the woman was there with another young man groping her arse. Julie and Luke looked at each other and laughed. “Looks like she might be alright,” chuckled Julie.”It looks that way,” replied Luke, before inviting Julie to dance again, which she accepted.Julie and Luke snogged, danced and groped.”I have fancied you for ages,” Luke announced when the dance finished.”Really? I never knew; I have been having horny thoughts about you since you were seventeen,” confessed Julie.”Fuck! If only we had known,” said Luke, visualising Julie Norman masturbating as she thought of him. He had often wanked thinking of Julie.”Yeah; Are you going to text your mum to say that you will be out all night?” said Julie, now massaging Luke’s bulge through his jeans.”Yes, but I do not think that I will tell her who I am with,” replied Luke.”No, probably best not to; Shall I see if I can get a taxi now?” said Julie.”Yes, I so want to get you naked,” said Luke.”Maybe best to wait until we get into my house before you do that,” laughed Julie.”Yes, but it will be difficult waiting,” answered Luke.Luke sent a text to his mother and Julie phoned for a taxi. They went outside to await the car.They were kissing outside the pub when the taxi pulled up beside them, it was the same female driver.”Looks like you have done well for yourself,” said the taxi driver to Julie as she held the back door open for Julie and Luke to get in.”It seems so, doesn’t it?” replied Julie.The driver had one eye on her rearview mirror as the couple in the back kissed and groped and squirmed. Luke was fingering Julie’s cunt through her damp knickers and she was stroking his penis through his jeans. The female driver was close to cumming.They arrived at Julie’s house and the driver opened the back door. “Have fun, although it seems that you already are,” said the taxi driver, noticing that Julie’s blouse was almost completely undone.

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