Just Teasing Ch. 08


Sally was true to her word; she had me set up with my first prospect within days of us striking an agreement. She’d handle all the behind the scenes arrangements, which I was pleased about.

The text message on my cell stated time and place, what to wear, who to ask for etc.

I hopped out of the taxi wearing one of my suits, toting a briefcase that hardly ever got used, and it was right then that I felt a nagging doubt in the pit of my stomach. On the one hand I was excited that a woman was paying for me to fuck her, and yet here I was doubting whether it would all be as easy as Sally and Kaye had made out.

Ringing the doorbell on the large house I soon heard footsteps approaching the door, then pause briefly before the door swung open. “Hi, I’m Sonia,” the mid thirties brunette said as she looked me up and down.

“Nick Lassiter, pleased to meet you M’am,” I said as I shook her hand.

Oh, c’mon, please call me Sonia,” she insisted with a delightfully innocent smile. “Come on in and we can have a wee chat,” she said as she led me down the hallway into the large kitchen and dining area.

We got settled at the dining table and soon we were sipping coffee, making small talk.

As Sonia looked thru the floor to ceiling windows, enjoying a harbour view, she started in a businesslike manner about the reason I had come to her door: “So Nick, what can I expect from you?”

“Pretty much up to you Sonia, you lay out what it is that you want, what you don’t want and we’ll take it from there,” I calmly said.

“Right, yes, well… what I like is being picked up in a public place, having a bite to eat somewhere a little quieter, before taking a little drive to a park for a quickie… all in broad daylight of course. For me what’s most important though is being thoroughly filled up in the process, if you know what I mean,” Sonia winked as she said the words ‘filled up’ and continued, “according to Sally one of your attributes is that you’re to fill a woman’s’ void better than most guys.”

Seeing as Sonia was now sitting there just grinning slightly, waiting for me to speak, I just laughed quietly and responded: “Such as way with words Sonia, I like what you’ve outlined and I’ll do my best to fulfil your wish. Just to be sure, is there a husband, kids, or boyfriend I need to concern myself with, just in case we get sprung?”

“Sprung as in busted by the cops?” Sonia asked in a concerned manner.

“Ah yes, something like that,” I said as Sonia pondered this prospect. “Has that happened before?” she asked.

“Not exactly, but I’ve had to make a run for it with a lady friend who enjoyed an audience,” I laughed as Sonia’s face showed conflicted thoughts.

“Righto, for starters I’m divorced, no kids and no steady man right now. More to the point, I’ve got a career that I need to protect, so no running around with men from work. I’ve got very little spare time to maintain a proper relationship. So for me it’s better to have discreet on call man look after me. To be honest I enjoy the thought of people watching me get naughty,” Sonia said, now leaning forward on her elbows.

The way her nipples were now making their presence known thru the shirt she was wearing made it obvious she was having some naughty thoughts.

“Ok, sounds like you’ve given this some thought,” I responded.

“Yep, sure have. Do you have any idea how frustrating it is to have almost 100 staff, hardly any me-time and thus little chance to be satisfied? Other than to wear out my vibrator of course,” Sonia said, now showing her true feelings.

“What do you want to do about that then? I mean right here, right now? Just a guess, but you know how to take charge obviously, what’s stopping you right now? I kept asking questions as Sonia was sitting there, her face slowly breaking into a huge grin, nipples now rock hard.

“Yeah, I’ve got a few hours before I have to go to work,” Sonia said as she pondered her options.

I got up, walked in behind her and began massaging her shoulders. Sonia didn’t protest as I rubbed her shoulders, her neck and then began rubbing lower on her back.

After a few minutes of me massaging her she felt more relaxed, the tension in her shoulders and neck gone. Running my hands down the front of her arms brought a slight gasp from her, then as my hands came back up I let one finger each side glide around the outer of her breasts. This brought a more obvious gasp from this frustrated corporate lady.

“Let’s go,” I said as I took her hand and led her into the lounge.

With no resistance from Sonia, or a sense she was going to take charge any time soon, I took her in my arms and kissed her neck. Feeling her body respond, pushing close to me and now holding me tight and gently biting my neck as I took her ear lobe between my lips. With my cock now growing rapidly I could feel Sonia wriggle against me, as if trying to judge my size.

For several minutes we hugged, kissed, swayed slowly to the beat of the music she had Emek Escort playing softly in her lounge. No rush on my part, I was going to enjoy pleasing this lady for the next hour or two….

We slowly undressed; clothes flung on the floor either side of the large lounge suite. Before long we ended up tangled naked in each others’ arms on Sonia’s lounge suite and it was about this time that she began taking charge.

“OK, here’s how this goes,” Sonia said as she pushed me onto my back and without any further instruction planted her hairy pussy right on my mouth. “Eat me, stick your tongue into me,” she urged as she gently rocked back and forth.

Reaching behind her, she took my shaft and softly stroked my throbbing cock, easing the foreskin back and forth across the head, tenderly running one finger under the knob, making me squirm. She may have been frustrated, but she knew how to play the game!

After a few minutes of tongue fucking Sonia was bucking on my face, my nose grinding her clit, Sonia purposely riding her clit onto my nose as my tongue lapped up her nectar.

“Aaaarrggghhhh….” she moaned as her body trembled in orgasm, holding still for a long moment. Soon she hopped off, now mounting me in the 69 position, her now soaking cunt back on my face again, but now with her clit for the taking.

“Mmmmm, I needed that,” Sonia softly cooed as she took hold of my cock, still throbbing away.

Licking me from tip to base, Sonia worked my throbbing shaft over with enthusiasm, occasionally pausing as my mouth pleased her soaking snatch. “You tease me soooo good,” Sonia groaned as I worked her juicy slot with my tongue.

When I sensed her body approaching another orgasm, I took her clit between my lips and gently but insistently sucked whilst simultaneously flicking it with the tip of my tongue. Her response was simple; she held still, grasped my shaft very firm at the base and laid her head on my pelvis next my dick. For what seemed like a very long minute, her body tensed rigid while my tongue flicked her engorged clit.

A soft wailing is all the warning I had as all of a sudden Sonia was wracked by a powerful orgasm, her pelvis bucking fiercely into my face as she ground herself to several small after shocks, her cunny oozing a delightful gush of nectar into my tired mouth. Lapping it all up brought a quick response from my new lover: “Please stop Nick, please!

We lay this way, her juicy cunt in my face, for a brief period before Sonia slid off. Kneeling beside the couch, she kissed me fiercely, her tongue sliding into my mouth, oblivious to her own juices all over my face. One hand all over my dick, fondling my nuts firmly and finally wanking me slowly as she kissed me.

“Damn, that was great,” Sonia said softly as she laid her head on my shoulder briefly. “But now I really need to ride this yummy cock,” she cooed as she stroked my rigid member.

Her couch was big enough, so she simply mounted my thighs and slowly slid forward, my shaft being coated liberally in her juices as she moved into position. Watching her face contort as she grabbed my shaft, easing the head into her juicy slot, was delightful.

“Ooooohhh, this is gonna be soooo good!” Sonia exclaimed as she slid her pussy partway down my dick, before the look on her face changed to one of mild pain. “Shit!” she whimpered, as my stiffy spread her poor little pussy open further and further. To her credit, she was very determined, and before long had her pussy full of my cock.

The familiar sensation of balls trapped between thighs and arse felt wonderful as Sonia gently rocked back and forth on my pussy reamer. Feeling her cunt ooze its juices all over my balls as she squirmed in little circles was a hot sexy sensation. I soooo love to feel a woman cream my balls as she wriggles herself around on my thick penis!

Once Sonia was used to the size of my dick, the up and down motions started. With no regard for me at all, Sonia just humped up and down, slow and fast, now using me as her own big dildo, albeit with a man attached. The look on her face as she rode me, eyes closed, mouth partly open, breathing heavily, was enough compensation for me though. Her medium sized breasts hanging within reach of my mouth, nipples begging to be sucked.

It was when I sucked her nipple into my mouth that Sonia seemed to come back to earth, now giving me instructions for the first time: “Suck, then bite….mmmm, now the other one, suck, bite….mmmm….harder!”

Seeing her breasts were big and supple enough to squeeze her nipps together for simultaneous sucking and biting I did that. Now with both nipples in my mouth and sucking and alternately biting them, Sonia became more vocal.

“Yes, bite them, harder…mmmm….love that big cock in me…fills me up soooo nicely….uuurrrggghhh fuuuuck!” Sonia exclaims as her cunt clenches tight around me as she once more creams her cunt and orgasms.

Staying impaled on me, she slumps onto my chest as she pauses Emek Escort Bayan briefly. “Your turn on top, I’m done,” Sonia whimpers as she slides off me.

As I manhandle her onto the couch, easily dragging her into the position I want I see a slight look of concern on her face. With her arse on the edge of the couch, me on my knees, her ankles over my shoulders, I soon have my shaft buried in her steaming snatch and balls tapping her firm butt.

Taking her ankles in hand and holding them up and out, I’ve got Sonia spread nicely, and begin thrusting forcefully in and out.

“Oooooeeee…yummy! Sonia exclaims as my nuts slap against her arse, my shaft forcing her cleft open again and again.

“Spray on my tits big boy,” Sonia orders as she senses I’m about to blow my load.

Pulling out, Sonia grabs hold of my slippery cock and wanks me furiously as my balls burst, blowing spurt after spurt up against her breasts, cum flying up to her neck, some landing on her chin. Milking my dick dry, her hands now tenderly squeezing every last drop from my near rigid shaft, she is smiling wickedly and says: “Much much better than I’d expected Mr Nick. Now let’s hit the shower.”

Sonia was now very relaxed and playful, soaping me up and taking great care to wash all of my cock and balls. As my dick had not fully gone down after blowing its load against her body, Sonia was now making fun of it, saying: “Ahah, so you wanna invade my poor little pussy some more huh? Reckon you’ve got enough spunk left in these big balls to cream me then Mr Nick?”

Sonia was taunting me, rubbing her cunt against my leg as she kissed me repeatedly. In the end I took charge, grabbed her by the waist, hoisted her up slightly and planted her on the end of my prick, easily invading her juicy slot. Now with my hands under her bum, she was holding on around my neck as I had her back against the shower wall, plunging my full length into her in rapid-fire fashion. Her face looked mildly concerned as I reamed her hot little hole roughly, pounding her over and over, holding her arse cheeks in my hands and biting her neck.

“Bad boy! Yeah, ram it into me; I love a forceful man taking me against the wall…. Yeah, fill my hungry cunt with a real cock!” Sonia growled as her pelvis bucked back in the rhythm of my own thrusts.

The foulmouthed tirade continued as I reamed her clenching cunt: “C’mon you stud, cream that pussy, blow that load me! Make me drip with your dirty seed! C’mon stud, FUCK ME!”

Her voice had taken on a growl as she urged me over and over to fill her juicy slot with spunk, so as I felt my balls tingle and erupt I just rammed myself ballsdeep into my poor little frustrated corporate lady and creamed her slot with my seed.

“Mmmmm, good boy,” Sonia cooed as she hung on, her cunt clenching tight as my dick twitched and unloaded deep in her love canal. “I’ll be smiling for a week I reckon, and be walking funny for about a week too,” Sonia sighed as I withdrew my spent dick from her and her feet hit the ground again. Hugging me tight and running her hands up and down my back, she kissed my neck and softly said: “That was… mind blowing… haven’t been fucked like that for ages… the passion with which you took me just now… mmmmm, I’m gonna be creaming my fanny just thinking back on this… can’t wait to do this again…mmmm…yummy.”

Almost two hours after walking into Sonia’s house I left, fully suited up of course, but fully spent as well.

Later that day I got a call from Sally, she explained that Sonia had made an additional deposit, after our meeting. Apparently she had a rather good job as she paid twice what was originally asked for. Sally gave me some stick about really pleasing the lady, yadayada, but in all Sally was pleased it went well.

I never found out where Sonia worked or what she did, but two days later I was summoned to meet her again. Simple message by text, time and place, etc.

Arriving at the cafe at 9.30 in the morning I found Sonia sitting out front. She had a radiant look about her, her shoulder length brown hair nicely coiffed, knee length skirt suit, matching heels. Her whole look suggested prim and proper, yet I knew better.

“My car is parked on the 22nd floor in the parking garage across the way, let’s go,” Sonia said as she got up and started crossing the road, not waiting to see if I followed.

In the elevator I didn’t ask how she wanted to use me, I figured it would be fairly straightforward. We got out on the 22nd floor and she led me to a corner of the garage, almost completely out of view of cars going up or down.

“Here, this is my car,” Sonia said as she walked around the side where her car was close to the wall. “Get over here stud and fill me,” she said as she hiked her skirt up, hopped onto the front wing of her car, legs spread and already sans panties. “C’mon stop stalling, give me that cock,” Sonia ordered as I took too long to unzip my growing dick from my slacks.

With cock Escort Emek now at full mast I saw a smile spread across Sonia’s face, then when my hot knob touched her now closely trimmed pussy, she just grinned and urged: “Give it to me good, fuck me hard, fuck me fast, and make sure you pump all your seed into my dirty cunt!”

Wow, Sonia sure knew how to take charge! For several minutes I pumped her dripping wet box, enjoying the delightfully tight feel of her cunt around my greedy cock.

Sonia spoke up again after I was obviously taking too much pleasure from this situation: “What part of fuck me fast and cream my dirty snatch didn’t you get stud? I’ve got a meeting shortly and I soooo want to sit there with a freshly fucked cunt full of cum, so get on with it!”

“Yes m’am,” I said in a mocking tone as I picked up the pace and brutally fucked her pussy. Soon I pumped my load into her tight snatch and withdrew.

“Thanks,” Sonia said as she opened her purse, took out a G-string and climbed into it, wriggled her hips to get the G into position. Then with a quick flick her skirt was down again. “See ya, ta for the bonk,” Sonia said, leaving me standing there with a slowly deflating dick and pants around my ankles.

Several days later I saw Sonia at the gym, she just flat out ignored me, not even looking in my direction. Sally passed by me, telling me that Sonia had paid and wanted to repeat the last scenario several times more.

Weird, but why worry about it I guess?

Next text was long in its detail. Sonia had a regular outdoor running route thru a big park near the centre of the city. I was to meet her on the trail and she’d take it from there.

At the stipulated time she appeared, jogging outfit similar to her gym one, tight and rather revealing. Why this woman paid for cock was beyond me, I guess paying for a big dick when she wanted one saved a lot of time?

Anyway, here is Sonia, running ahead of me in her tight little running shorts, slightly looser fitting sleeveless top and up to date running shoes. “This way,” Sonia urged as she headed up a slight hill to a stand of trees with dense ground foliage beneath it.

“Up here,” Sonia said as she slowed and trekked into the dense foliage, the barely visible track soon giving way to small clear spot. The sunlight shining in from above made it nice and warm, the view thru the dense foliage obscured us almost completely from other runners on the trail. Whilst I was surveying our surroundings Sonia was peeling her running shorts down to her knees and bending over in front of me.

“C’mon, keep up Nick, been waiting for that big cock since this morning,” Sonia grinned as she wiggled her arse at me, her cleft split open nicely and glistening with more than just a hint of pussy juice.

Pulling my cock out and nudging her lips apart with my knob, Sonia takes over and simply rears back onto my dick, impaling herself nearly to the hilt on my dick. Wow, this was one horny bitch, ramming herself so forcefully onto my dick.

“Ouch, that was a bit rough huh?” Sonia whimpers, as her poor little snatch is forced open by my rigid dick.

Staying silent, I just take her hips and fuck her tight cunt, now looking carefully at her arsehole that is winking at me. Wetting a finger I work it slowly into her sphincter, feeling her bum hole loosening up and judging by the sounds of enjoyment coming from Sonia I take a chance. Withdrawing my slick dick from her pussy, I position my prick at her now slightly ajar bum hole. Getting no resistance from Sonia, I slowly ease my knob into her pert rear.

“Mmmmm, didn’t take you long to figure out what I wanted today huh?” Sonia laughs as she spread her cheeks for me, allowing my dick to slide into her arse further.

Once her arse is loosened up a bit, Sonia reaches for my nuts and starts rubbing them against my body gently. Slowly Sonia begins backing her arse into my shaft, and within a minute or so my dick is buried up her tight arse.

“Yum! Sooooo full, now all I need is another big one to fill my cunt and then I will be happy,” Sonia laughs as she begins to rear back with force onto my prick.

“I’m a bitch I know,” Sonia laughs as she backs her arse into my cock over and over, adding: “Now fuck my arse lover, use me, I’m just a little slut that loves it up the arse you know! Now REAM MY ARSE luv!”

Reaching for her tits, I slide her shirt up and off, same with her athletic bra. First cupping her breasts firmly, then her nipples, rolling them between thumb and forefinger brings forth Sonia’s next order: “Pinch them harder cock, and don’t stop fucking my arse until you’ve cum in there!”

For a few minutes I fuck Sonia’s increasingly wet arse, my hands groping her tits and pinching her nipples. She’s busied herself frigging her clit and jamming several fingers into her dripping snatch, all the while keeping a steady rhythm backing her arse onto my dick.

Without any warning she cums, quietly she trembles as her orgasm hits, arse clenching tight briefly before relaxing again. I can’t hold out much longer anyway, so soon after I pump my load up her tight arse. I’m still holding on to her hips as Sonia slips her shirt over her head, looks back at me and asks: “All done cock?”

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