Kelly Takes a Turn Ch. 08


Hi everyone,

Here is Kelly’s latest chapter. If you haven’t done so already, please consider reading the preceding chapters for story continuity. Also, this is an interracial story with a cheating wife. If either or both of those things do not appeal to you, you might not want to read any further.

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After Kelly wrapped her first week “teaching” at her new school, she packed her essentials in a small bag and began the trek home for her weekend stay with her husband. As she drove on to the interstate, the pangs of guilt began to arise within her. She wrestled with similar sensations all summer, ever since her first violation of her marital vows with Tyrell. Yet these were different for some reason. The fear wasn’t there. The remorse wasn’t there. The feeling was more subdued. Then she giggled to herself as to why she the guilt feelings were subdued. It was because other feelings were still aroused.

Thirty minutes earlier, as she was getting ready to leave the school campus, Kelly was in Mr. Robinson’s office. Her boss, the principal, had her bent over his desk as he pounded his black cock into her cheating pussy.

She had greeted him with a blowjob that morning as she had every day of her first week. But Mr. Robinson knew she had to make the trip home to her white husband and wanted, as he said to her, “To give you something to tide you over on your drive.”

Kelly greeted his overt statement with the playful giggle he had come to adore and then unzipped the short black skirt she wore and let it fall to the floor. Further directions from her boss were not necessary. Kelly simply bent over his desk and looked over her shoulder at him, gently shimmying her ass in invitation as she did.

Mr. Robinson nodded appreciatively and then restated a phrase which she was becoming accustomed to, but which still made her proud, “Mrs. Harkins, you are definitely my favorite teacher.”

He then undid his silver slacks enough to free his majestic black cock as he stepped towards Kelly’s spread thighs. He gently, but firmly gave each of her tight ass cheeks a squeeze and then applied a gently pressure to spread her further, giving him an unfettered view and access to her waiting pussy.

As much as he wanted to simply bury his cock inside her, he couldn’t help but wait that one or two extra seconds to help inspire the look of need that appeared on her beautiful face. Kelly didn’t verbally say anything. But her eyes told him everything. She needed him inside her.

Mr. Robinson gave her that confident grin of his that drives her mad, and pressed the head of his cock to her canal. He then locked eyes with her and sank himself fully inside her. The increasingly slutty wife’s orgasm began as her lips spread and peaked as he felt his full balls swing against her clit. Her knuckles were white as she squeezed the edge of the desk and her toes curled as her body welcomed him inside.

Kelly was unable to utter a sound, her breath taken by the sensation of his buried cock. Her facial expression, however, spoke volumes. Mr. Robinson held himself fully inside her as he slowly ground his hips, watching the young teacher squirm in pleasure on his shaft.

With her first orgasm out of the way, Mr. Robinson then began to fuck Kelly. His office secretary, Margaret, had already departed for the day which meant the outer administrative door, in addition to his office door, were closed. Sound was not going to be an issue. The slapping of his haunches against Kelly’s bare ass soon filled the room. It was joined by Kelly’s moans of pleasure as she got her breath back.

Mr. Robinson alternated between holding Kelly’s hips and swatting her ass cheeks. He complimented both of those acts with verbal taunts as well. “Your husband going to do what we been doing for you here, Mrs. Harkins? That whiteboy going to give his wife what she learns she needs this weekend?”

Kelly was shaking her head no and attempting to answer but she either couldn’t get the words out due to another orgasm hitting, or Mr. Robinson making another statement or asking another question.

Her ears were filled with the sound of their fucking, her ass getting swatted, or his questions and statements. “You know you was made for this, Mrs. Harkins. You know that now, right? You know your husband can’t give you what you need, right?”

There was just too much for her to process to determine the right words. So, she just responded with what came to mind, “Fuck me, boss. Fuck me with that nigga cock. Fuuuuuck meeeeee, pleeeease!”

Mr. Robinson smiled down at his conquest and responded to her demands. His tone softened only slightly as he continued, “I’m going to fuck my nut into this pussy. Then you gonna drive home to your husband with me inside you. You like that idea, Mrs. Harkins? Do you?”

Kelly nodded and erupted into her most görükle escort powerful orgasm as she uttered out, “Fill me, boss. Please give it to meeeee!”

Mr. Robinson watched as her head dropped to his desk calendar and then he sank himself fully into her as his cock began to pump its lifegiving seed into her. His balls, working on this load since she sucked the first from them this morning, pulled up and emptied themselves again into her. This time into her married pussy.

The warm bloom of his seed painting her inner sanctum once again launched Kelly into orgasm. The sloppy sounds of their slick love connection now joined the chorus filling the office.

Exhausted, Kelly slumped further onto her boss’ desk as she felt him slowly pull out of her. She was dreamy eyed as she slowly shifted to her knees and sucked his cock clean of their combined juices. Then she leaned back against the front of his mahogany desk, staring up at him as if looking at some sort of deity.

Mr. Robinson smiled at her and then moved to his desk drawer and retrieved a pair of Kelly’s panties. She had no idea where or how he had got them, but she simply nodded her head obediently as he said, “Put these on and wear them home to your husband. Understand, Mrs. Harkins?”

The brake lights in front of her broke her from her reminiscence of the afternoon’s events just as she was moving a finger to her pussy.

An hour later, a tired, but still horny, Kelly Harkins pulled into the driveway of the home she shared with her husband, David. She saw his car parked there. The living room light was on. She knew he was inside. Part of her missed him after not seeing him all week. Part of her wanted to jump from the car and rush to him. But at the same time, another part of her held her in place in the driver’s seat. It was the last instruction given to her by her boss.

“Text me when you get to your driveway, Mrs. Harkins.”

Kelly sat in the car in the driveway looking at her front door as she replayed his statement. He didn’t say when she got home. He specifically said, “driveway.” He had something in mind. And Kelly grinned as she grabbed her phone.

She tapped out the quick text, “In the driveway, boss.”

Mr. Robinson smiled at the obedience of his teacher/project. He then tapped out his own reply. “Good girl. Thank you for listening so well.”

His simple praise brightened her smile further.

He continued, “You were magnificent this week, Mrs. Harkins. Magnificent. But I have one more thing I want you to do for me before I let you go in and see your husband.”

Kelly was breathless. Thankfully autocorrect helped her shaking fingers finish her response, “What is it, boss?”

Mr. Robinson waited a beat knowing it would increase her anticipation, then typed, “I want you to dip a finger in that lovely pussy of yours to collect some of my seed. Then I want you to send me a pic of you cleaning that finger with your tongue. Can you do that for me, Mrs. Harkins?”

Kelly was foolishly nodding her head as if he could see her. She glanced again at the front door to her home, making sure her husband did not appear, then undid her seatbelt and slowly moved her hand up her skirt. The wickedness of doing this in her driveway, her husband likely to step out that door any moment, was driving her mad.

She slowly slid her hand between her parting legs. Gently touching her inner things as she did. She used her right hand to shift her wet panties to the side and the middle finger of her left hand to do as Mr. Robinson instructed. The simple touch of her finger to her labia and clit nearly pushed her into another orgasm. But she withheld the need. She needed to accomplish what her boss wanted and couldn’t risk her husband preventing that.

Her finger coated, Kelly picked up the phone from the dashboard mounted cradle and quickly turned on the camera. The wicked smile she saw staring at back her in the camera caused her next action. She slid the control to video and pressed record. Her finger poised just beside her lips, Kelly repeated the words in her original text, “I’m in the driveway, boss.” And then she licked her finger clean before pushing it fully into her mouth.

She stopped the recording and texted the video file to her boss. Kelly sat in the car a moment awaiting his reply. Expecting a text reply, she was startled when the phone rang in her hand and she nearly dropped it. Upon seeing it was Mr. Robinson, her heart rate and breathing picked up. She didn’t even get a chance to greet him before he spoke.

“Good girl, Mrs. Harkins. Thank you for listening so well. Now go inside and kiss that husband of yours.”

Kelly could barely utter out her response, “Yes, boss.” And then he was gone.

Kelly felt as if she were shaking with excitement from head to toe as she stepped from her car. She took a moment, before closing the door and attracting David, to take a deep breath to try and settle herself. Then she closed the door and began the slow walk to the front door. Surprisingly, bursa escort bayan she made it all the way inside before David appeared. He was preparing dinner for the two of them.

His gesture, while intended to be sweet, only served to mark the contrast between him and “her men”. She giggled internally to herself at that thought and then remembered Mr. Robinson’s last instruction. She was to kiss David.

Undoubtedly, Mr. Robinson intentionally had her lick her finger of his ejaculate prior to going in and kissing David. He wanted her to lips and tongue lingering of his taste before she greeted her husband. In that instant, Kelly knew what she had to do.

She quickly pulled out her phone and said to David, “Let’s take a selfie of our first ‘reunion’ kiss.”

Her naïve husband smiled brightly, completely unaware of his wife’s ulterior motive and stepped in close to kiss her. Kelly had to fight to keep her tongue from snaking from her mouth to his as that would be totally unusual behavior for her. Actually, she thought with an inward smile, totally unusual for the woman that left earlier that summer to see her father. But that was a different Kelly.

Instead, Kelly puckered up sweetly for her husband and, keeping her eyes on the camera, clicked a few pictures of them kissing ‘innocently’ before the two of them hugged. David then grabbed her bag like a gentleman and began to ask about her trip when Kelly was struck by the realization that she had not put her bra back on after leaving Mr. Robinson’s office. Thankfully, it was a cool September twilight and she had a light sweater on which served to cover her hard nipples.

Kelly quickly excused herself, “Sorry, honey. I really need to use the bathroom after that drive.”, and she scampered off as David smiled and nodded. Heading to the master bedroom, Kelly quickly grabbed a bra and before slipping into the bathroom. She stripped off her top, leaving herself naked from the waist up and then sent a copy of the picture of her kissing her husband to Mr. Robinson. “He’s happy to see me.”, it said.

Mr. Robinson replied back quickly, “Good girl, Mrs. Harkins. It’s nice to see you greeting your husband. Enjoy your time there. And I look forward to seeing you Monday morning.”

His comment made her smile, but at the same time made her realize she needed to shift back to the ‘old’ her. To the wife David knew. She slowly put her bra on and then slipped her top back on. She took a long look at herself in the mirror to make sure nothing was amiss. That there were no tell-tale marks of her infidelity for her husband to see. Kelly then took a deep breath and stepped from the bathroom intent on getting through the weekend.

That thought lingering her mind, “getting through the weekend”, only served to complicate things. While happy to see David, she couldn’t help but judge him against how she spent the last week. He was kind, he was gentle, and he was reliable. But he wasn’t what her body, and increasingly her mind, were craving.

Kelly wanted the alpha male. To be more specific, the black alpha male who took what he wanted. And she wanted to be used by the black alpha male. To be bent over a desk and fucked. To be told, verbally or non-verbally, to get on her knees before him to suck his cock.

David, though a good man, was not the black alpha male and would never do what Kelly sought. He would never take her like that. He would never tell her how to dress. And he would never share her with his friends. He didn’t know it, but he now fell short of his wife’s newfound expectations.

Kelly sat across from her husband as they ate, still in her wet panties stained with Mr. Robinson’s cum, loosely recapping her first week. That simple thought of her wet panties was driving her wild. She had to overstate some things and outright lie about other things in order to not give David any suspicion. It wasn’t until talking to him did she realize how little, other than sex-related activities, she did the previous week. That thought, however, was empowering.

He then recounted his week and how much he missed her, something she realized she had not said to him. Then David uttered the words that splashed across her mood like a cold bucket of water. “I’ve been looking at places to live and jobs near where your father is hospitalized so we don’t have to spend so much time apart. Maybe we can talk about that this weekend?”

Kelly’s initial reaction, which she thankfully suppressed, was one of indignation and frustration. She didn’t voice it, but she thought, “And put a damper on my fun?”

David noticed the change of expression on her face and asked what was wrong.

Kelly quickly shook her initial thoughts from her head and said made up another ruse, “I’m sorry. You mentioned my father and my mind just flashed to him being in the hospital.” In reality she didn’t even remember the last time she visited him.

The two of them finished eating quietly without much more conversation and then cleaned up the dishes together bursa escort before settling down to watch a movie.

Kelly used the time to relax and just mentally work through some of the things that had changed in her life recently. David couldn’t see his wife’s smiling face or dreamy eyes as she reflected on just how much her life had changed over the course of that summer. He also couldn’t see her occasional glances his way as she continued to draw contrasts between him and her lovers. Her reverie was broken when her phone buzzed.

The screen showed, “Mr. Robinson” 1 attachment.

Kelly couldn’t resist. She whispered to David, “I have to take this. It’s work,” and told him to keep watching when he asked if he should pause it. She smiled to herself at how her thoughts had her so enraptured, that she wasn’t even sure what they were watching. She calmly walked around the corner towards the bedroom and then darted inside once she was out of David’s sight.

She quickly opened the attachment and on the screen was a five second slow-motion video of a large black cock being stroked by its owner. She immediately knew it was him. She had become very familiar with that cock recently. Particularly the up-close view. Kelly immediately began to salivate.

Mr. Robinson saw the “Read 8:17” notice appear under the message and sent another text. “Let me see those milky white tits.”

Kelly frantically looked to the door and then went into the bathroom. She pulled off her blouse and then was frustrated at the two second delay caused by removing her bra. Without even thinking about the consequences of sending a picture of this sort, Kelly proudly put her tits on display and sent it in reply to her boss.

Mr. Robinson chuckled with pride as her picture popped on to his phone. He could tell she was a keeper with a solid future ahead of her. He wanted to get her aroused, which he clearly had, and then leave her a bit frustrated that she couldn’t quench her desires with only her husband around. He texted back, “Mmmm…missing those, Mrs. Harkins. Have a good night…”

She wasn’t ready for the conversation to end. She stared at the video a bit longer, desperate for another text from her boss to appear. It did not. Reluctantly, Kelly put her bra and top back on, then made her way back to the living room and her husband.

She had to bite her tongue when David asked, “Everything ok?”

She simply nodded and then said, “It’s fine. Just someone from work adding me to their phone. I thought it was something else.”

The movie ended about an hour later and the two of them caught up on another series on Netflix they were watching before deciding to head for bed. Kelly knew this was a big moment. She knew he would be expecting sex. And she knew it was inevitable. But she wondered if would be able to tell about her activities.

Was her pussy going to give her secret away? Would her pussy let his white penis know that it now belonged to black cock? And could she go through the motions in a convincing enough fashion to still make David think he satisfied her? The only one of those three questions which she could fully control the answer to was the last one. And she giggled to herself at how that had been the case their whole marriage anyway…she just didn’t know it until this summer.

During this reunion coupling, Kelly became aware for the first real time of just how staid and plain her sex life with David was. They kissed. He then gently felt her breasts. He would smile at her from time to time and ask if she was doing ok. It honestly took a willful effort on her part to not demand he either fuck her or get off her.

One thing did serve to ease her frustration and lighten her mood. It was when David reached into his headboard for a condom. She watched as his nervous and shaking fingers worked to open the package quickly. He couldn’t tell that the smile on her face was her reaction to this being something she never had one of her lovers do. Instead, her husband thought it was of her desire for him. His white penis would have wilted in shame had he known the truth behind her expression.

Though it had been hours since Mr. Robinson filled her pussy with his seed, the recent memory of that wonderful fuck and the leftovers of that coupling served to keep her pussy far wetter than the desire being generated in her by her husband. All that in mind, Kelly knew she had to put on the front of the good wife. She was already tempting fate in so many ways that one minor slipup might expose everything.

As David slipped the condom on this penis, Kelly reached up and touched his cheek and whispered, “I love you.” She really did. It wasn’t a lie. How she could justify her behavior and say she still loved him; she did not know. She just knew that things had changed. She needed more than that condom-clad white penis could offer. But for this weekend at least, she would make do. David didn’t need to know any of that.

Still smiling at her husband, Kelly spread her legs slightly, not nearly as much as she had with her lovers, and whispered, “I’ve missed this.” She almost then reached down to spread her pussy lips for his entry, but had to stop herself. First, she had never done that for him. And second, as her smile brightened further at the thought, it probably wasn’t necessary.

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