Kim’s New Life Ch. 20


I could feel the heat of embarrassment in my face when Sandra’s comment revealed that she had knowledge of my submissive relationship. My initial response was, of course, emotional panic. I didn’t want anyone outside the membership to know; especially anyone where I was working. Kelly assured me that the secrecy of the Society was sacrosanct among the members. How did Sandra find out?

Needless to say, instead of keeping my mouth shut I panicked “Ohmygawd! This can’t get out. I’ll lose my job! Ho…How…How…,” I stuttered.

Sandra respectfully interrupted me by holding her finger against her lips, smiled, and completed my sentence for me. “How did I know that you were Kelly’s slave?” I nodded. “I was at your initiation Saturday night. When I saw you there, I knew you looked familiar, but couldn’t place you. Your hair is different today, so I didn’t recognize you when I first entered the classroom. As the morning progressed, I finally realized you were our new member. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m glad that you ‘are one of us.’ It is important, to me, fort you to know that I am also a member of the Society.”

I was a still a little upset, more from embarrassment than anything else. “Shit, how many others around here know?” I asked.

Sandra understood the antagonistic tone of my question. “You needn’t be concerned, Kim. Your secret is safe.” Holding up her hand she displayed a ring like mine. I wondered why I hadn’t noticed it before when she added, “I guess you could say that we are sisters in the scene. Nearly every Society submissive wears an ‘O ring’ like ours, only a few wear it 24/7. It’s all up to the Mistress. I also wear an ID tag like yours. Only the engraving is different. To answer your question, only one other person in the company knows you are a slave and that is because she is a member of the Society and is my Mistress. I probably shouldn’t have told you, because you will now wonder about each person you see.”

“Then just tell me her name.”

“I can’t. It is against the rules of the Society. Only the member is permitted to divulge her status, unless you see her at a meeting or get-together first, just like I saw you. I must tell you that, on Saturday night I mentioned to Mistress that you looked familiar. She did not reveal that you were the person installing our new software, even though I now realize that she knew. She let me discover that on my own. When I was initiated, I was so traumatized that I didn’t remember a single face that was there. I’m sure it is the same for you.” I smiled and nodded to confirm her statement.

“Mistress Kelly hasn’t mentioned any rules like that to me.”

“She probably doesn’t think you need that information yet. Trust me when I say that she is positive you will not divulge your situation to anyone at this stage in your submissive life. I also know she will need to explain all our rules of secrecy to you soon. I’m sure there hasn’t been a reason for my Mistress to reveal her identity to you, yet. I know she will introduce herself to you as soon as she can. As I said, when I was positive you were the same person I watched being initiated, I knew I had to introduce myself as quickly as possible since we will be working closely together the next few months. It wouldn’t be right for you to see us some night at Lisa’s without knowing.”

With a sigh of relief, I thanked her and laughed when she commented, “I bet Kelly has found a way to insure you will be aware of your status all day, right?” When I nodded and whispered that I was not wearing underwear, she added, “I’m not wearing panties. If I didn’t work in the warehouse, I’d be wearing a skirt. Mistress really doesn’t like me to wear pants, but they are a necessity in my position most of the time.

“Because I am a submissive and a slave, most of my friends are in the Society. We are all very close and will do anything for one another. I am sure it will be the same for you.”

During our continuing conversation, I learned that she had belonged to her mistress for nearly ten years. Not knowing her exact age, I assumed she was younger than 20 when she became a submissive. As we parted, she promised we would get together outside of work, and added with a grin, “when our Mistresses permit, of course.” We only had a few more minutes to talk. One of Sandy’s coworkers joined us, so the conversation had to change.

I had a meeting scheduled with the CIO after lunch. We covered my schedule for the week and outlined a tentative schedule for the following two weeks. As we talked, I continually wondered if she was Sandy’s Mistress. I knew I would wonder the same about every woman I met in the company until she revealed herself, as Sandy had indicated she would. Near the end of the hour she said, “Kim, I normally don’t comment on an employee’s wardrobe, and it would be especially improper to comment on what a consultant wears, but in your case, I feel it is necessary. Would you permit me to be a little personal?”

“Oh, shit!” I thought. “Here it comes. She is going Ankara bayan escort to tell me that my short skirt is out of line. Well, we must work together for several months, so I had better let her get it out of her system. I only wondered what Kelly’s reaction will be.”

“Yes, ma’am, woman to woman, I appreciate your opinion. Please go ahead.” Her name was Diane. She had been sitting behind her desk all the time we talked. Now she stood and walked around her desk. I could not help but notice her very expensive white shirt, grey slacks and black heels. The crisp creases of the shirt indicated she used a professional laundry and the diamond cuff links sparkled. She leaned against the edge of the desk and said, “Please don’t be offended, and let me finish before you say anything.

“You and I had numerous face-to-face meetings over several months before the final contract was signed, both here and in your office. Hunter’s board conducted several meetings in which you were not involved, although all your notes and estimates were a vital part of those meetings. Your extensive knowledge of systems, networks and hardware impressed me so much that I insisted you had to lead the installation before I would sign a contract.” I couldn’t imagine where this was leading or what it had to do with my wardrobe, but I let her continue without comment. “I must tell you that, collectively, I feel your knowledge in these areas is greater than anyone I know in the business.” She then added, with a smile, “Other than my own, of course.”

“I only had one worry. I thought the way you dressed was, well, shall I say, somewhat matronly as well as old fashioned. While your age is about equal to most of the employees in this company with whom you are working, I though some of them would be put off by your choice of clothing, even though your outfits were always quite professional. I didn’t let that influence my decision, because I felt it would be discriminatory. Your knowledge overpowered any negative thoughts about your clothing.

“I don’t know what happened over the past weekend, but I was quite surprised when I saw you arrive this morning. Besides being improper, I know it is politically incorrect in this day and age to comment about one’s appearance in the workplace. Comments alone can often lead to termination and lawsuits, but I want tell you that you look quite good.”

I was floored. “Thank you, ma’am. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with me like this. I must admit that I thought you were going to say I was dressed inappropriately. I guess I have had a difficult time accepting the fact that I need to change my old ways. I spent the weekend with a close friend, and she insisted that I needed a new wardrobe and even took me shopping. You just confirmed that she was correct in her assessment.” I figured a little white lie, or a lie of omission was permissible in this situation.

“Trust me, Kim. This new look will get you a lot farther in your career, and faster, I might add. Regretfully, the workplace is, and always will be sexist oriented, whether you are looking from the view of a male or a female. Some feminists might object to your ‘new look,’ but I can guarantee that, with your brains, you are better off adding flair to your clothing. I want to tell you that you should never return to your old styles.”

I smiled at this last remark. “I don’t think that will be a problem, ma’am. I like the change and am positive it will be permanent.”

“I wish you would not call me ma’am, Kim. We aren’t that far apart in age. Please call me Diane.”

“Yes, ma’am, I mean Diane. I will.” We both started laughing.

“Now I have one more thing to tell you. The primary reason I wanted to meet with you today wasn’t to discuss your wardrobe, but to tell you that I will not be around to supervise the rest of our new installation. As you know, Hunter is a subsidiary of a much larger company. I have been promoted to Vice President and CIO for Information Systems of our parent company This promotion happened before I signed your contract, but they decided to withhold the announcement until they found a replacement for my position here. During my discussions with the Board of Directors, I convinced them that you would be able to champion this installation without anyone looking over your shoulder. That was their biggest concern about letting me vacate this position now. My last day will be May 30.

Because I sold your attributes so well, they haven’t even started a job search for my replacement which could take several months to complete. In fact, they do not plan to announce my departure until the last minute, so you cannot mention it to anyone. Until they do name a replacement, I will remain CIO, but in name only. Would you be willing to be my deputy CIO? I know it is outside the parameters of your contract, but you know our systems as well as I do. All I ask is that you smooth out any bumps that occur. Our president has talked to yours and they both approve. You just cannot make any official management decisions. Escort bayan Ankara You will have to make recommendations to me by phone or email for approval. There won’t be any pay for your services. However, you will receive a letter confirming your services in case you ever need it for a resume.”

“I am surprised and honored that you, and your board, have that much confidence in me, Diane.”

“You’ve already proven yourself. There is no doubt in anyone’s minds.”

As I started to leave the room Diane said, “Oh, by the way, Kim, I love the glasses, too. You’ve always had sexy eyes. Somehow the glasses enhance them. And, for the record, I did not say that.” We both laughed.

The rest of the day progressed as scheduled, although I was a little self-conscious, during each class, wondering if any woman in the audience might be Sandy’s Mistress. She hadn’t revealed herself by the end of the day, and I had met with nearly every group in the company.

A text from Kelly said to call her cell before I left the building. She answered almost immediately, “I’ll probably be at the office another half-hour pet. I want you to meet me at Lisa’s, but first you need to go home and change clothes.”

My collar and a hand-written note were waiting on the table. “Strip in the foyer as usual. Fold your clothes neatly and carry them to the bedroom. Your clothes for tonight and additional instructions are on the bed. You may take a bath or shower if you desire.”

Once naked, I went directly to the bathroom. I am a clean freak and normally take at least two showers a day. I was pleased Kelly was giving me a chance to wash the remnants of the day from my body. I laughed as I drew my bath. One thing I didn’t have to worry about any more was pinning my hair up to keep it from getting wet. My new Pixie cut took care of that problem. Kelly was not home and hadn’t given me any time frame, so I could take my time (and not bathe in her “used” water). I added some bath oils and relaxed with the warmth of the perfumed water surrounding me, thinking about the transformation my life had taken over the past seventy-two hours. I felt great about the change. Almost in a trance, my hands wandered to my cunt to feel the smooth surface, the rings and the tag. I wanted to masturbate in the worst way but knew Kelly would not approve and I would feel guilty if I didn’t confess. I could only hope she would grant me the privilege later, or even better, do it for me.

Finally, nearly waterlogged, I got out, dried off, and looked in the mirror at the “new me,” haircut, rings, ID tag, et al. I was never ashamed of my body, but always tried to hide it from others. Suddenly, I realized that I now was beginning to prefer nudity to clothes.

The clothes Kelly had laid out were minimal: A leather vest, leather mini skirt, flat sole ankle booties, and, to my surprise, a string bikini that tied at the sides. I put the bikini on first and used neat bows to tie the sides together. The vest and skirt had features that were hidden to me until I picked them up: each was laced from top to bottom on both sides. The resulting gaps, about an inch wide, revealed bare skin. That I was nearly naked underneath would be obvious to even the most casual observer. In fact, one would have to look hard to see the string of the bikini through the side openings. It appeared as if I was not wearing panties. The front panels of the vest also laced together, but not tight, leaving a gap that was larger than at the sides. The biggest surprise was two holes in the front of the vest. Understanding the obvious purpose of these holes, I pulled my rings through and the nipples followed. The holes were slightly smaller than the rings, which kept the rings from slipping back through, insuring they (and my nipples) stayed on the outside. After I put on the boots and looked at myself in the mirror, only one word came to mind: “hooker.” I couldn’t believe that Kelly expected me to walk out of the house looking like one. What if one of the neighbors sees me? Even worse, what if a police officer stops me? I had no choice. “This is what Kelly wants me to wear, and I will obey her. After all, I am her slut,” I thought.

A note on the bed simply said that one more set of instructions awaited in the drawer of the hall table. I went to the foyer, opened the drawer and started reading. “Are your nipples as hard as I expect them to be, pet?” They were. “You really are a slut, you know. One of these days I will convince you.” I chuckled to myself. Little did she realize that I was already convinced! “Nevertheless, you are correct in your thoughts. I can’t let you go out of the house with your nipples exposed. There are two rectangular leather patches in the drawer. They have Velcro along the edges. Attach them to the front of the vest to hide your nips until I expose them again. I’ll bet you were so worried about being seen that you missed the little Velcro strips on the vest.” Damn, she was right again. I quickly attached the patches before continuing to read the note.

“You Bayan escort Ankara will also find two chains in the drawer. The smallest one is the wristlet for your ‘O’ ring. As before, lock the bracelet portion on with the small heart-shaped padlock. Clip the smaller chain to the ring on the top of your ‘O’ ring.

“Attached to the other chain are three bells and an engraved charm. The chain is to be worn as an anklet and should be locked on with the larger heart-shaped padlock. The charm was heart shaped and engraved with the words, “Mistress Kelly.”

“Put my collar around your neck but do not lock it on. Carry the lock and present it to me, as you would the collar. Now come to me, my pet. I will be waiting for you at Lisa’s. Stephanie is the maître d’ tonight. She will lead you to me when you arrive.”

I hadn’t taken the last sentence literally, until Stephanie removed a leash from the podium and clipped it to my collar. As I followed Stephanie, at the end of the leash, across the room to my waiting Mistress, I wondered when I would get used to being on display as her pet. I felt as though every eye in the restaurant was following each step I took and knew they could see the heated flush of embarrassment move over my face. Simultaneously, I was proud that they would know I belonged to Kelly. As we walked across the floor, I saw that Allyson and Sam were seated at Kelly’s table. “Your pet has arrived, boss,” Stephanie announced.

Kelly turned her chair sideways, accepted the leash and used it to pull my head towards her. My legs weakened when our lips touched, and her tongue penetrated my mouth. The tension on the chain relaxed and Kelly pulled her head back. “Kneel and rest, Kimmy.

I asked her to lock her collar on me. She did, while the rest of the customers watched, then asked, “Well, what does my little pet think of the outfit her Mistress selected?”

“To be honest, Mistress, when I saw my image in the mirror, I thought I looked like a hooker.”

“Mission accomplished. I would love to take you out to stand on the corner. I am positive you would have a john make you an offer within minutes. You definitely appear as though you are ‘looking for cock.’ I’d love to see the look on the john’s face when you refuse his offer and inform him that you are hooked on pussy.”

She laughed at the ‘you wouldn’t’ look on my face and said, “Don’t worry, pet. It’s a little too early in your training for that, however, someday… maybe sooner than you think …” She wouldn’t do that to me, would she?

“Are you pleased with the panties I selected for you?”

“Oh, yes, Mistress. Thank you very much. They add a little modesty when one wears a short skirt. They do feel rather unusual, though, since I haven’t worn any for most of the last three days,” I laughed.

“Well, I thought you would be a little over-exposed without them,” she replied, grinning. Before I knew what was happening, she pulled the patches off the front of the vest, displaying my ring-clad nipples.

“Mistress,” I whispered, “We’re in public. What…”

“Don’t worry, pet. I don’t think any of our patrons will complain.” She then removed a gold chain from her purse and attached the ends to my rings. “Perfect!” she said. “You may now sit at the table with us.” Instead of removing my leash, she simply coiled it and laid it in her lap, when I took my place next to her.

As was now our routine, Kelly ordered for me. We sipped on our wine while waiting for the food to arrive. Conversation then, and during the meal, was what one would normally expect between four women dining together. Only the collars that Sam and I wore, my leash, and my clothing conveyed the difference between our table and the rest of the patrons in Lisa’s. Well, at least most of them.

When we finished eating, Kelly surprised me by asking for the keys to the car which she immediately gave to Sam. In answer to my silent, questioning look, she said, “I asked Allyson if Sam could drive it home for us pet. There is an hour or so of light left and I want to go for a spin on the bike.”

Quite embarrassed because she hadn’t replaced the patches over my nipples, I walked beside her as we crossed the parking lot to the Harley. Once beside the bike, she removed the leash and stored it in the saddlebags. To my surprise, she pulled out the dildo that she had showed me Friday evening. “I think it is time you ride my little friend for a while, pet. Lose the bikini.”

“Little friend!” I thought, as I watched her strap the fake cock to the rear of the seat. “Gads, it must be at least three inches in diameter and six long.” At the same time my fingers searched for the bows through the side openings of my skirt. A few seconds later I was grasping the crotch of the garment and pulling it off my body. She had somehow strapped the dildo to the seat. I looked down at it and exclaimed, “Mistress, it will never fit. I’ve never had anything that big inside me.”

“You had better get used to it, pet. I’ll be putting larger objects than that between your legs before your training is over.” She then took my panties out of my hand and remarked, “Look. You are already dripping wet. Your panties are soaked. You’ll have no problem. Just stand on the foot rests and lower yourself over it.”

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