Kindred Desires


KAYEI love people, but I don’t enjoy being treated like some naïve teen who doesn’t know what’s best for her.I’m a card-carrying adult, fully allowed by law and motivated by disposition to engage in any ethical activity of my choosing.  Yeah, my short stature, girlish face, and medium-small breasts might freak you out at first sight.  However, if you were ever lucky enough to sample my surprisingly curvaceous ass on your face while I begged you, husky voiced, to taste my cunt, you’d know without a doubt that I’m a one hundred percent grown-ass woman.Don’t you think I’m obviously classy and humble as hell, too?  That’s what I thought you’d think.That’s certainly what I thought Miss Thang at the bar would think as well.  Girlfriend was definitely the bee’s knees: long-legged, with a plump booty, juicy titties, and a beautifully mature face.  Just my type, I thought to myself.  Yeah, women who like women think these things.  At least horn-dog ladies like myself do!I often wonder why I’m not attracted to women like me.  I don’t doubt a lot of it has to do with routinely being treated like a child even though I’m well into my independent adulthood.  I just can’t see myself with a girlish-looking woman.  And, yes, I recognize the irony, being one myself. I understand why people get freaked out thinking of me in that fashion.  It’s damned frustrating, though.I was feeling my oats and sashayed up to the bar with as much bravado as I could muster.“Hey!” I shouted confidently.“Hey,” she answered noncommittally.“What’s your name?” I asked, looking up at her.  I liked looking up at her.“My friends call me ‘L’,” she replied.I sauntered a little bit closer, almost swaggering, and blurted out, “Well, Elle, …care to ring my bell?”She looked me over like she was examining some interesting new insect she had just discovered.  Then her lovely almond eyes crinkled with merriment at the edges.  She burst out in an honest-to-goodness horse laugh and nearly squirted her drink through her nose.“You’re funny,” she giggled.  “You’re fuckin’ funny.”“I’m a charming so-and-so, if I do say so myself,” I bragged, a little less confidently.She asked, “What’s your name, funny lady?”Her voice tinkled like bells.  It felt good to hear her talk… and talk to arrogant old me.  Go figure.“It’s Kaye,” I piped up hopefully.  This woman was making me nervous in the best way.  “Can I get a drink, please?” I asked the bartender.The bartender looked me up and down.  She grumbled, “I’m going to need to see some identification, miss.”Fucking hell.I tamped down my rising anger, reached into my purse, and pulled out my ID.  I side-eyed the bartender hard and hesitated before letting it out of my hand so she could examine it more closely.“That’s right,” I said.  “I’m Kaye Ayo Mapenzi: card-carrying 24-year-old adult woman.”The bartender scrutinized my documentation, looked me up and down again, and finally determined I was telling the truth.“Sorry, lady,” the bartender apologized.  “High-school students with fake IDs try to get drinks all the time in here.”“It’s not a problem,” I breezily lied.  The bartender sheepishly brought me my drink then left to serve her more adult-looking customers.I shot Elle a sly look and said, “I’ll bet your fine ass didn’t get carded.”“I really didn’t,” she snorted.  “You’re kind of young looking.”“Well, what are ya gonna do?” I said, smiled, and shrugged my shoulders.“Let’s dance!” Elle said.  She grabbed my hand and dragged me out to the dance floor.  I happily tottered behind her in my too-high heels.I will not embarrass myself with the description of our “dancing,” if you even want to call it that.  It was like watching a giraffe and a meerkat trying to waltz with each other.  However, we were either too drunk or too happy to care what anyone else thought.The time between leaving the bar and getting back to her place was a blur.  I stumbled in through the front door on my heels, which I happily kicked off (along with two inches in height).I looked up at Elle, into those lovely, dark almond eyes, and nearly swooned.“Come down here so I can kiss you,” I pleaded.She tentatively leaned her head down.  I stood up on my toes, wrapped my arms around her lower back, and tilted my head back to taste her luscious lips.  As I nibbled at her mouth, I tightened my grip around her waist.“Woah,” she said.“I want to take this to the bedroom.  Is that okay with you?” I begged.She hesitated, gave it some thought, then finally said, “Okay.”We walked over to her bed and sat down on the edge.  I sensed her nervousness and tried to reassure her it was alright.  I asked to take her shirt off and she agreed.As I slid her button-down off her shoulders and unhooked her bra, I finally got a good look at her breasts: full, firm, and topped with the most luscious areolas and nipples I had ever seen.“Geez, you’re beautiful,” I whispered.  My heart was hammering so hard I could barely hear myself breathe.As I reached to take them in my trembling hands, she grabbed my wrists firmly and said, “Wait.”“What’s wrong?” I pouted.“Kaye, you’re a spectacular woman,” Elle said.  “Anyone would be lucky to have you.  I just don’t think I’m ready for that yet.”“It’s okay,” I said, blatantly lying to myself and her.  I was crushed but I managed to pull myself together.  “I can wait until we’re both on the same page.”And I did wait.  I continued Bostancı Escort to date Elle for the next two months.  We went to movies, plays, and concerts.  Any sort of couples’ activity you can think of, we did.  I just never could get past her reserve.  I told her how beautiful she was and how lucky I was, but nothing ever got her comfortable enough to want to get naked with me.  We slowly drifted apart.  I don’t think she ever refused me out of malice.  She just couldn’t get there with me.  She never did give me a definitive answer for her behavior and I sensed it was best not to press for one.  Eventually, I left her.  It was one of the most painful heartbreaks of my life.__________I threw myself into my work to distract my aching heart.  My pain must have been obvious because even my boss asked me what was wrong.  I, being the consummate professional, blurted out the details of my painful breakup and started sobbing.  My boss, being a real professional, took me into her office to have some privacy to pull myself together.Outside of my boss knowing that I’m bisexual, I really hadn’t confided in her, or anyone else, about my personal life.  This one lapse was the only time I ever really opened up to anyone at work about myself.__________One day, I received an old-fashioned letter on my desk.  There was only one word in capital letters on the front: “OPEN.”  I did and read the following.“You don’t know me, but I think I’d like to get to know someone like you: smart, funny, and enticingly adventurous.  There’s absolutely no pressure, but if you want to give yourself and me a chance, please contact me.  I think we would be really great together.  Don’t let on that you know about this letter.  It will be our little secret.  Read my online dating profile.  I think we’d really hit it off.Sincerely,Nakupenda (“Naku”) Barima Wansati”I folded the letter and placed it back in its envelope.  I thought about throwing it out, but something kept me from doing that.Who could have sent me something like this?  Was it one of my ex-lovers fucking with me?  Could it be Elle?  I would never peg her as being this capricious and cruel.  Was it my boss?  My boss was, as I said, a supremely ethical professional employee.  She would have risked her job pulling a stunt like this.  Was it some random serial killer hiding behind a creepy veneer of privileged respectability?I racked my brain and could find no plausible answer.  I looked up Naku’s profile online.  He was slightly, but not unpleasingly, built, with just enough musculature to accentuate his wiry frame.  His smile was enchanting, even boyish.  He wasn’t tall, but he wasn’t short either, at least not as short as me.  Something about this man intrigued me.What I don’t find attractive in women I find attractive in Naku and men in general: a playful, quiet confidence that doesn’t scream trying too hard, but not so invested in his masculinity that he couldn’t enjoy a rollicking good time.“Boyish,” I thought to myself and smiled.  That word fit this man well.I finally concluded that somehow, unbeknownst to me, this man saw me or encountered me and wanted to let me know his interest without being creepy or aggressive.  I would know if he was trying to pull a fast one on me if he ratcheted up the pressure to meet.  However, after weeks of not hearing from him, I assumed he was a decent guy who meant what he said.His words rolled around in my head.  “There’s absolutely no pressure.”I finally decided to contact him, but what would I say?  I was at a loss for words.  Then it hit me.  I laughed to myself and smiled.  This is the reply I typed out.“You don’t know me, but I really want to get together with someone like you: funny, playful, and slightly daring.  There’s absolutely no pressure, but if you want to take a chance on me and our possible future together, contact me at [email protected](x).  I think we’d hit it off and be really great together.”I sucked in my breath, sent the message, and let out a deep, prolonged exhale.“Game on,” I thought.__________We finally met at a restaurant.  We shyly introduced ourselves to each other.  We had our meal.Here’s the thing.  I could go on and on about the minutiae of what we ordered, how we flirted, and how we joyfully teased each other back and forth.  But none of that is of any importance.  The important thing is this: I wanted this man as badly as I have ever wanted anything or anyone in my life.  I knew that the moment we met.  The details of our courtship, if you even want to call it that, were of no significance to me.We finished our meal, sat in slightly uncomfortable silence, and waited.“Naku,” I said, finally ending the tension.  “May I call you Naku, or do you prefer Nakupenda?”“Naku’s fine,” he replied.  “What’s up?”“Do you want to get tested with me?” I said.  I thought the whole restaurant heard that, but no one else noticed but him.He sat slightly slack-jawed.  This time the silence was absolutely painful.“What are you saying to me, Kaye?” he finally enquired.  He drew the question out in a long, breathless whisper.“I think you know what I’m saying to you,” I said, meeting his gaze.I couldn’t believe the words coming out of my mouth.  I felt like someone else had hijacked my brain, but I kept on going.“I know I want to be with you and I don’t want to Bostancı Escort Bayan waste any time,” I honestly confessed.  “Let’s get tested, share the results, and proceed from there.”“Okay,” he said and our date was officially over.__________Weeks later, when our tests came back negative, he volunteered to pay for a hotel room.  I agreed.We checked in close to noon.  It was a mid-range, three-star establishment: nothing too fancy, but not shabby either.  Once the door closed, as far as I was concerned the universe consisted of nothing but us and our rapidly building desire.We undressed silently and set our clothes aside in neat little piles where we knew they wouldn’t get stained.  We both approached each other slowly, wordlessly, completely enraptured.I traced my fingers along his collarbone and shoulders.  I heard him gulp and gasp and watched his erection spring to life.  I stroked my fingertips over his glans, watching the shaft fatten and extend.“Please fuck me,” I begged him.  I actually got down on my knees and clasped my hands together in the classic supplicant’s pose.“Won’t you please fuck me?” I whined.  Tears nearly spilled from my eyes.  My moist pussy ached for fulfillment.  I had no pride, but I also had no shame in front of this man.  Everything was acceptable, even my pathetic, sex-starved lust.Naku grabbed my wrists and jerked me to my feet.“Kaye!” Naku roared.  “You never have to beg me for anything, ever!”He lifted me off my feet.  I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my face in his shoulder.  I locked my legs around his waist and started to grind my clit against his stomach.We stumbled onto the bed and heard it creak and groan.  I thought we were going to break it but it held.  He unlocked my legs by the ankles and spread me apart, drinking in the view of me: prone, open, and exposed.I rubbed my clit furiously, gasping and panting and mewling.  He slapped my hands away from myself and began to tease his cock against my labia, rubbing the length of it back and forth.  He spanked my clit a good number of times.  I choked and coughed my delighted surprise.  He entered me slowly, easing himself past the tightness as I clamped down on him.I watched his boyish face contort in near pain but mostly in ecstasy.  His features took on an almost otherworldly aspect.  I saw the sweat beads on his chest and stomach and I wanted to taste them.He sped up.  The wet, splooshy plunges got rawer and earthier, resounding like sexual applause.  I was embarrassed and proud, weak and strong all at once.  I halfheartedly tried to kick my ankles out of his hands, but he held me open, using my cunt for all the pleasure he could milk out of it.  I squeezed down on his dick, feeling it throb and stab inside of me.  I twirled my feet and flexed my toes, closed my eyes and rode this sublime pleasure for everything it was worth.He let go of my legs and I wrapped them around him again.  He rested his elbows on either side of me.  Now I could stroke his chest and tickle his earlobes.“Fuck me, baby,” I commanded.  “Fuck me good.”  Again he sped up, slowed down just a bit, and sped up again, slapping into me hard and sweetly.Before he could come and before I was fully aware, I was already coming myself.  Wave after wave of unbridled ecstasy tingled over me, in me and through me.  “Oh my fucking goodness,” I barked and snarled.“I’m gonna come.  I’m gonna fuckin’ come,” Naku announced.  I drew him in closer and wrapped my arms around his neck.  I could smell his sweaty effort and I inhaled it greedily.  He pushed himself to his hands, I grabbed his forearms, and he pumped me uncontrollably.“Ah!  Ah!  Ah!” he bellowed, and shot jet after jet of warm spunk inside of me.  His orgasm became my orgasm: a shared and exhausting carnal feat.All of that happened in about the space of ten minutes.Naku collapsed on top of me.  We panted together.  He breathed warmly into my ears and neck; I moaned and hummed my satisfaction.I got up to go pee.  I attempted to close the bathroom door, but Naku blocked it and pushed it open gently.  I understood.  He didn’t want to let me out of his sight.I sat down on the bowl, looked at him, and pissed.  Like I said, I had no shame in front of him.  I scanned his face for apprehension or disgust, but all I saw was quiet fascination.I wiped, flushed, got up and washed my hands.  After I exited, he entered.  I stood by the open door, back against it.  Now it was my turn to watch.    He bent down, lifted the seat, and held his now soft penis in his hand.  I watched the pee drain from his dick in a long, unbroken stream.  It went on for what seemed like a long time.After he washed his hands, we both walked back to the bed and sat side by side.  I leaned over and kissed his mouth gently: he tasted slightly of peppermint.  He returned the kiss slowly and surely.His cock was hard again.  He got up and knelt on the bed, sitting on his heels.  I understood what he wanted and straddled his thighs facing away from him.  He kissed the back of my neck and nuzzled my earlobes.  He reached around to stroke my breasts with his lean, strong hands.  My nipples hardened and lengthened between his fingertips.I eased his cock into my slick pussy.  This was going to be what the first round was not: slow and sure and appreciative.  I rocked my Escort Bostancı ass slowly back and down, then up and forward.  There was absolutely no need to hurry.  My butt patted slowly and gently against him, clapping in a slow, sexy rhythm.  This went on for a good long while.  We consciously held back from orgasm.  We wanted to extend this sensation for as long as we could.I leaned forward on my palms in a modified doggy style position.  I looked over my shoulder and smiled at him.  The same smile spread onto his face.  He leaned back on his palms and pushed his hips forward.  I rocked my ass back and forward to meet his thrusts.  The wet, splashy sounds of our fucking were a soundtrack that accentuated our lovemaking.  In this position, nothing connected us but sex itself and it was glorious.He grabbed my ass cheek and squeezed it.  I moaned my uninhibited approval.  Now he positioned me in full doggy: on my hands and knees on the edge of the bed.  He stood behind me, pressed his dick inside of me slowly, grabbed my hips, and fucked me with confident abandon.The tip of his dick hit my g-spot repeatedly.  I stroked my clit slowly, humming and rocking myself to a warm and deeply pulsating orgasm.  My cunt stroked the come out of him in warm, trembling bursts.We repeated the same cleanup procedure as before.  Now it was my turn to show him what to do.  I directed him to get on the floor on his knees.  I stood above him and played with my pussy.  He reached out to touch it and I slapped his hand away.  I grabbed the back of his head and directed his tongue to my clit.  He slowly and wetly licked me.  I felt his tongue press between my pussy lips then back to my clit, not quite sucking but definitely tasting me and lapping me.  I took his hand and directed his fingers inside of me.  I clenched down on his talented fingers and grunted.I stopped him from touching me and directed him to get on all fours.  I rubbed myself furiously in front of his eager face.  We both knew what was about to happen and he welcomed it.  He opened his mouth and panted like a dog.  He twerked his ass in waiting anticipation.I couldn’t hold back any longer and squirted: hot, steamy, and unrelentingly on his face, in his hair, and over his shoulders.  I drenched him with my desire.  His eyes were closed and he basked in the sensation, raising his hand to his face, wiping it from his brow and cheeks, and licking it from his fingers.  He pressed his face forward into my cunt and licked me clean, like a hungry kitten drinking a saucer of milk.  I shuddered, trembled, and smiled.We had the cleanup procedure down to a science.  Now it was my turn to service him.  He sat in a chair and spread his legs.  I had unimpeded access to his balls and cock.  I kneeled in front of him and licked his perineum, his taint, playfully.   Then I moved up to his balls, slowly sucking one into my mouth and releasing it with a pop, then repeating the same loving procedure on the other.  I bathed those beautiful orbs with my tongue and saliva.  I opened my eyes to see his head thrown back in ecstasy, jerking himself off madly.  I stopped him from coming too soon and replaced his hand with mine.  I stroked his dick slowly and firmly, licking his balls all the while.  His low, guttural groans filled the room.I pressed my pinky against his asshole and he tensed for a second.  I enquired with my eyes if this was okay and he nodded his head yes.  I switched to my middle finger and pressed it slowly into his anus.  He choked and whimpered out a cry of need and discovery.  I sucked his cock into my mouth now, wetly slurping it and twirling it past my lips, almost to the back of my throat.  I wiggled my middle finger up against his prostate and slurped and sucked his dick, taking it out of my mouth to lick and tease the glans, then sucking it back into my mouth to increase suction around his cock.His anticipation increased.  I left off from mouthing and fingering him and stroked him up and down, pumping him hard and fast with my fingers.  His warm come shot up almost a foot in the air, splashing down onto my forehead and into my hair, dripping down my chin and onto my breasts.  I luxuriated in the sharp smell and salty taste of him, loving and savoring his drained and trembling release.I could go on and on about that afternoon turned to night.  Yes, it was literally hours of discovery, passion, and revelation.  It was and wasn’t just sex.  It was a melding of bodies and hearts.  It was kindred desires meeting and acknowledging each other, dispelling loneliness and misunderstanding from unfulfilled lives.__________I was thoroughly transformed.  Naku, my beautiful Naku, changed as well.  I quit my job and followed this man, not out of subservience or insecurity.  I did it because of our grand joint adventure, our mutual undertaking.  I knew I would find employment elsewhere and eventually did.But that job never gets in the way of our beautiful fucking, our glorious sex, our respected and honored lust.  It enhances and bolsters the times we can be together and is never a cause for argument amongst us.Yes, I am still bisexual and, no, we are not monogamous.  We practice monogo-meh, if you will.  Occasionally, we invite others into our bed and our lives.  Everything’s above board and discussed beforehand: no deception or jealousy necessary.  Freak out about that if you will, but so be it.  I still love and desire women.  I could have left a disinterested man and ended up with a highly sexual woman, but life didn’t turn out that way for me.  Society sees a man and a woman together and concludes that they’re straight when that isn’t always the case.

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