Knowing Her Better


I had seen her many, many times before. Blonde, 25ish, 5’7″, long legs, about a 34C and 110#. Add in full lips and big brown eyes, she was a very nice package. She usually wore high heels which accentuated her legs and height. Since I am about 6′, we pretty much looked each other in the eyes. The time had come to open this package and explore the hidden delights that were inside.

I called and asked her to supper and gambling at the casino. I conveniently had booked a room for myself. She drove over and we had a very nice meal before we hit the slots. It didn’t take long for her to spin a $500 jackpot and she was on cloud nine. We wandered to the lounge to enjoy the music. We laughed, flirted and danced, until finally I whispered that she should join me in my room for a nightcap and celebration. A bit of a reach, since I am late 40’s, a few pounds overweight and I am sure from the slow dances that she could feel that I wasn’t that well endowed. She didn’t object and I paid our tab and we headed to the elevator.

I still wasn’t sure where this might end up, but I took a chance and leaned in and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. She was surprised and pulled back a bit, but I didn’t get slapped. The elevator stopped on my floor and we headed down the hall to my room. She was still giddy from the gambling win and was chatting away a mile a minute. We reached my door and I slid the card key. She stopped at the doorway and returned the kiss.

As the door closed behind us, she attacked me with kisses. I guess that answered the question of where the evening might go. I responded in kind and the hug she got from me made her sigh and her knees go weak. Being a typical woman, at this point she needed to go “freshen up”. I took a deep breath as she left, remembering how she welcomed me to my room.

She emerged from the bathroom and it was apparent she had applied additional perfume. As she approached me, I could see a small smirk on her face. She walked up to me and reached out her fist that contained her panties. I took this as a challenge Esat Escort and raised them to my nose and breathed in her scent. It easily overwhelmed her perfume.

At this point there was little else to do than undress her the rest of the way. When I reached to undo her blouse, she confused me and pushed me away. What just happened? She then took a couple steps back, turned on the radio and began to dance slowly. She unbuttoned and slowly removed her blouse, leaving her in just her bra, skirt and shoes. Not to be too far behind, I began to unbutton my shirt. She reached behind and unclasped her bra. By now I had my shirt off and was working on my belt buckle with shaking hands. The bra came off. Spectacular breasts emerged, topped with wonderful nipples. She slipped out of the skirt and stood before me to admire.

She was stunning, even better than I had imagined. I didn’t cum, but I was damn close. She stepped up, still in her heels, and undid the button and unzipped my pants. They dropped to my ankles. She knelt to remove my shoes, socks and pants. Being waist high, she took my throbbing cock in her mouth during the process. As I looked at her face, I couldn’t wait to spend the rest of the night with her.

I nudged her up and led her to the bed. I couldn’t wait to taste her. I laid her back and her fluids were flowing. I started to lap them up and then began a serious assault on her clit. In moments she was squirming and screaming. She came. Hard. But I didn’t quit, I was on a mission, pushing her boundaries. I find nothing sexier than a woman that can cum multiple times.

She pulled me up, begging me to fuck her. I entered her and grabbed a nipple between my teeth at the same time. Her cunt sucked me in and while I had planned to go slow and enjoy the glow, that quickly went out the window. I was balls deep and pounding away as I could tell another orgasm was hitting her. Her cunt clamped down on me and it took self discipline to not blow my load. She began to recover and I returned to pumping away with no Escort Esat intention of stopping this time. Just as she climaxed again, I joined her and filled her with my cream.

We snuggled some more and she allowed me some more nipple play. At some point, it was too much, too late, whatever. She rolled away from me, which is my favorite female position, as it exposes their ass to me and allows me easy access to the breasts. I reached under with my left hand to grab a handful of boob and slipped my now semi-hard cock between her ass cheeks. We fell asleep.

I awoke the next morning to a warm, moist sensation that involved my cock. I hoped that I hadn’t just wet myself before making the bathroom. As I reached consciousness, I realized she had her lips wrapped around me and was doing her best to give me her version of a wake up call. Since she now had me aroused and I was coming out of the sleep fog, I rolled her onto all fours and started to pump her doggy style. She drove back to meet my thrusts and we climaxed together. Apparently we were finding our rhythm.

Check out time came and she agreed to come to my house. When we got home, we had a quick margarita, poured another one and headed to the pool. She commented that she wished she had brought a suit, which seemed particularly silly after the night before. We ultimately stripped off our clothes and waded in. Those are the rules at my pool.

We swam and floated for a short time, but I couldn’t take it anymore. I lifted her onto the pool deck, spread her legs and attacked her pussy with my mouth. I sucked her clit, flicked her clit, buried my tongue in her pussy until she came several times. She laid back on the pool deck as I climbed out of the pool to suck her nipples. I poured a little of the cold margarita between her breasts and watched as it pooled in her navel. I then began cleaning up the sticky liquid with my tongue, enjoying every second.

She moved up to a chaise lounge and wagged a finger at me to follow. She was extremely wet, so it took no effort Esat Escort Bayan to enter her. I pounded away because I was a man possessed with filling her up. I tried to find the angle that worked best for her, but her screams and moans suggested they all worked. She wrapped her legs around me, I felt her pussy muscles clench and that was all for me, I unloaded as she climaxed around my cock.

It was getting too hot to be outside anymore, so I suggested we head in to refresh our beverages. We gathered our clothes and retreated to the air conditioning. The blast of cold air immediately made her nipples stand out and my already shrinking cock try its best to hide. As her goosebumps rose, I did my best to hug her and keep her warm. I guess I got the extra benefit of feeling those hard nipples against my chest. We managed to refill our drinks before I led her to the bedroom.

We had come too far to be done now, but I was reaching my erection limit. While she had sucked on me previously, she never finished. She took a swig of the cold fluid in her glass and then took my shaft into her mouth. She was able to wake the dead and I swelled because of her suction. I felt her swallow her drink, then she began to swirl her tongue around the head of my cock. Heaven. I decided to switch things up and rotated into a 69 position to fully enjoy the situation. I worked my tongue hard on her clit and in moments she was coming again. You have to love younger women when they don’t have much experience with all the ways you can make love.

I turned again and slid my cock between her tits. She was still coming down from her latest orgasm and this was giving her the break she needed. I was hard. I was leaking precum. It lubricated the space between her breasts, providing a very nice place to slide. I asked her to hold her boobs together to provide me the tunnel I was looking for. She reached and not only pushed them together, but played with her nipples and my balls. It didn’t take long. I moved farther up and fed her my cock again. About the time it passed her lips, I started to spurt. She was less than thrilled, but sucked and swallowed until I was empty.

It had been a wonderful couple of days. I knew she would tell her mother about it. I wonder how my sister-in-law will take the news…

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