Laura’s Indiscretion


She drove through the rainy night with a sense of trepidation. The night had gotten out of control and she knew it.”Damn, I need new wiper blades,” she muttered to herself as she downshifted. The panties she had been holding in her hand dropped to the floor and she picked them back up. She had gone over to a guy’s house that she worked out with for a drink after the gym and things had gone from flirty to almost having her clothes torn off. She had to service him with her mouth to keep it reasonable. She had dressed hurriedly and used her panties to wipe his cum off of her face and tits and high-tailed it out of there holding them in her hand.She thought to herself, “I’m glad Frank is out of town or I would be in trouble.”She punched the code into the box at the gate of her apartment complex and sped through. The trip up to the third floor seemed especially long tonight and she wanted a shower and then bed. She unlocked the door and stepped into her dark apartment expecting to hear the alarm sound urging her to put the code in but it wasn’t there. She moved toward it and the lights suddenly came on and she screamed in surprise.”Where have you been, sweetheart, it’s late?” She was mortified to see Frank standing up from the couch and casually walking toward her. She was frozen like a statue as he walked up to her and deftly pulled the panties from her clutched fist. He held them up admiringly and then put them to his nose and took a breath.He turned to her and kissed her neck and Ankara bayan escort breathed deeply and said, “Hmmm, coming home late and smelling guilty.” He turned and walked to the patio door and looked out at the thunderstorm for a moment. She slowly walked down closer to him and stood and waited. He abruptly turned and inquired in a no-nonsense tone, “Where have you been?”She was wringing her hands and on the verge of tears when she responded, ” I went to a guy’s house that works out at the gym.”The cold stare was unnerving to her and she gulped audibly and fidgeted nervously and he said, “I see.”He then turned abruptly and opened the patio door and walked out. The thunderstorm was in full swing and the rain blowing across his face was refreshing. He loved thunderstorms, with their righteous fury, and thought it reflected the spirit of the moment. The lightning was high and illuminated the dark clouds like nature’s fireworks and the wind chimes from a dozen balconies provided a musical crescendo as he watched a chair from the poolside table being picked up and thrown in the pool by the gusty wind.He turned to look at her through the glass and thought how beautiful she was. He thought to himself that he was partially responsible for this. He loved to hear the explicit details about her previous sexual experiences and they fantasized so much in the bedroom about having her service another man while he watched and even briefly touched on Escort bayan Ankara sharing her completely with another man but the rules were clear that I was to be there if and when it happened. This was a violation; if she remained with him, there would be consequences.He walked in with long strides and her eyes widened in surprise and apprehension. He stopped directly in front of her and asked, “Do you love him?””NO!!” she said loudly and forcefully. “It was just a big mistake and never should have happened!”He turned around and walked to the open patio door and looked out. The storm had passed and only a gentle rain remained with the wind chimes now reduced to a pleasant jingle.He turned to face her again and said, “Do you want to see him again?””No,” was the immediate and definitive response.He closed the patio door and locked it and went to the front door and locked it and activated the alarm and then walked back to where she was standing.”I know our bedroom fantasy conversations may have partially led to this…””And Kim!” she interrupted with a pout. “I saw her flirting with you after the step class and you seemed like you were enjoying it.”He ignored that and said, “Do you belong to me?”She immediately answered, “Yes.””Good, we have some business to take care of and we can put this behind us, and in response to your comment about Kim, I did enjoy it.”She was pouting about the ‘take care of business part of his comment and then she Bayan escort Ankara stomped her foot and crossed her arms across her chest. She very quietly uttered the word: “Bastard.”He laughed at this and pulled her to him and kissed her deeply and said, “Go to the bedroom and sit on the side of the bed and I’ll be in shortly.”She pulled away with a pout and walked toward the bedroom and just before she entered, she was puzzled when he said, “Confession is good for the soul.”He turned off the lights in the living room and sat on the couch with his feet up on a heavy footstool. He craved a Scotch from his bottle of eighteen-year-old Macallan but promised himself he would never spank her if he had been drinking. He was hurt by this and felt that she had been intimate with this guy but grudgingly admitted that the thought of her naked and on her knees in front of another man pleasuring him with her mouth excited him greatly and he could feel his cock twitch as he pondered this. Well, there was a story to be told and the time to tell it is now.He walked into the bedroom and she was sitting on the side of the bed as directed and went to the free-standing coat rack and hung his sports coat on it and removed his tie and rolled up his sleeves and said to her as she watched intently, “Go get the paddle out of the closet.”She jumped up from the bed and stopped herself from responding and stomped into the closet and said, “The wooden one or the Plexiglas one?””The wooden one,” was his reply and her displeasure came out in the form of a low whine as she came out and shoved it at him with a pout. This was a custom-made oak paddle about one inch thick and about eight inches wide with the edges rounded off and heavily sanded and varnished with special tape on the handle that facilitated a good grip.

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