Lavish Legs


A short while back something odd happened. The day started coming together when a clerk at a gas station asked me how my day was going once I paid for my gas.

Telling him fine even though I felt like I just jumped out of bed and felt like I hadn’t had my coffee or shower yet, he said it should be a wild day. He got my attention. I asked why. He said it was a full moon that day. I walked out and blew off his comments.

The thought of a full moon didn’t cross my mind again until later on. Heading to work a second time was when I realized it was a full moon like that clerk mentioned.

The first time I arrived at the parking garage I became ill. I stepped out of the car. I knew I wasn’t right, right away. In fact, I felt horrible. I turned around and quickly headed back to my car. As I got in I hurled all over the concrete floor, my pants, and somehow sustained my body sustained plenty of the disaster too.

Once the fiasco was done, I felt okay, but I had to drive back home, shower, and change. I was perfectly fine the rest of the day. I don’t know why that happened, but it did.

The clerk’s words came to settle in my thoughts after what happened. I saw it as fate. It is almost three blocks walking to work from the parking garage. I had a settled stomach. I felt great! I felt refreshed!

Out of nowhere as I headed in to the office there she was walking ahead of me. They humped out at me and took hold of my thoughts and me for good. I was mugged so to speak. The vision I had during the so-called mugging was awe some.

Walking ahead of me in a lightweight shorter slinky skirt was a tall, slightly big boned woman. With one heckuva solid figure she had thicker, longer, and shapely legs to die for I thought!

Adding to an incredible looking lower body which seized me, she even had a curvaceous spiraling upper body too. Not realizing it at the moment, she was tall too. Following her in, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Not really but she started my day off right!

What started off as a horrendous morning turned out to be an incredible day. What she wore from the waist down not only grabbed my attention, it seized me, abused my focus, and disrupted my day only because I wanted something I knew was impossible to have.

As mentioned earlier, she is big boned. She is a tall woman. She is shapely. She is fuller figured. She is not a huge woman though. The woman however was sexy. Fortunately I had one chance to see her again. I saw her at lunch. Wearing a pair of pumps, they gave incredible definition to a set of calves which led to my mugging and seducing me too.

It wasn’t only her calves that seduced me. Her thighs seemed perfect in every way. They were impeccable! They weren’t bulky. The display she put on when she wore those pumps was the perfect decoy! What closed the deal for me was her flimsy lightweight skirt. It blew every which way in the wind. The length of it was perfect too. It hung down high enough that the back of it permitted me to see her fleshy beautiful thighs! Heading just north towards her derriere, I began fantasizing. The make of her skirt along with the other superb traits I mentioned showered my fantasy for weeks on end.

Once I discovered her walking ahead of me into work, I said to “Helloooo there,” but now aloud. Then I said to myself “Thank you yes thank you” as I looked up at the sky. I smiled, my heart smiled, and as I looked around everyone else was smiling too. Were they smiling at what I was smiling at I wondered.

As I came closer to my building, compliments flew recklessly in my mind. “She’ perfect. Her calves, look at them, and how they jettison upwards.” The compliments went on. Once I saw her thighs and after throwing out compliments I accidentally said “Oh shit!” Loud enough to be heard and forgetting myself I added “Man oh man!”

Everything about her came together for me once I looked at her legs for the third or fourth time. Something I saw on her was extremely special. Something about her came to me. The unique trait mesmerized me and that is when I felt my libido was mugged so to speak!

Slightly above to the inside of the woman’s knees were subtle but exposed tufts of flesh. They were waiting to be grabbed carefully, by me of course, and asking me to make love to them. These slight knolls of extra flesh which the woman possessed grabbed my attention firmly.

Yes, it was subtle how they rose up. It was amazing how they began an ascent towards welcoming one to her pleasant looking thighs. The small knolls of extra flesh brought me to my knees. Those tufts of flesh blended almost flawlessly with her thighs. I wanted to catch up, reach out, and not only caress them, but I wanted to whisper to her how perfect they are. I wanted her to stop. I wanted time to stop. I wanted time to stop except for her and I so I could kiss them, tell her how beautiful they were, and pleasure them by running my hands, my face, any other way she felt she could be pleased by Etimesgut Escort me.

I heard myself screaming I thought! I heard myself asking and begging to let me body surf her luscious legs. They were lavish in my opinion. I wanted to tell her that. I wanted to show her how perfect her legs were on that fine day.

Yes it was a full moon that day. I didn’t get that chance of course. Life goes on!

But before the fantasy ended, I did the lamest thing. I coughed loud to see if she’d turn around. She didn’t and I laughed at myself. It was lame in its thinking. I was lame.

I turned and went into work but never forget about her. I couldn’t forget that skirt. How could I let the vision of her flimsy lightweight skirt and those tufts of flesh slip my mind? Enhanced by the skirt, highlighting every ounce, and inch of her legs made my day.

Getting on the elevator, I had a perpetual smile on my face. I said to myself “Thank you full moon. Yes ohhh yes thank you. Thank you for walking me to work today.”

At break time I headed outdoors. It was a nice day of course. She happened to walk down the path behind our office building. I didn’t realize she did until it was too late. My back was turned to her but I happened to turn around once she walked by. When I saw the skirt and those legs, kaboom I realized who it was right away!

I couldn’t get the woman out of my mind. The vision of her even a day later was embedded on my brain. I didn’t see her the next day. I went to work as usual but she was nowhere to be seen. Happiness came and went just like a snap of the fingers.

It finally dawned on me several days later. Thinking about her legs, the sexy clumping cellulite, and how those slight knolls rose subtly above her knees, I recalled what time I saw it all.

The clumping flesh I saw didn’t appear until an hour later in the morning. I was fooling myself I thought as I told myself I desired sucking them as though they were a lollipop.

That’s how perfect they were to me. I changed my schedule slightly. A few days went by but nothing. I stayed on that schedule. Another week went by but still no mystery woman.

2 weeks went by and no legs. No thighs to be found. Another week went by but she was nowhere to be found. Often I’d look behind me to make sure. Finally I gave up and was going back to my old schedule the next week.

That Monday I got up and went in at the normal hour. I finally put her out of my mind. It was busy at that time of the morning and usually I’d walk in with coworkers. I started out late and didn’t get to work until 45 minutes later.

Waiting at the corner for traffic to pass I looked both ways. Looking left, then right I heard and then saw a squabbling of sorts up a ways. It distracted me. Noise filled the area. Looking in the direction of the noise, I watched the commotion as two people squabbled over a fender bender. I regained my focus, or so I thought, and began stepping off the curb to cross. I wasn’t paying attention; the light changed again. As I began to cross, a hand firmly grabbed hold of my arm, pulling me backwards.

A woman’s voice said “Careful that’s gonna get you run over.” Turned around to say thank you, I saw a woman’s chest. I looked up quickly. I said thank you. She said “You’re welcome.” Wearing a radiant smile I wished I could put up in my office to stare at all day, her teeth gleamed. Her cheery eyes made my day as she looked down at me. I smiled back at her thanking her again and joking which was my nature. She laughed at my remark.

She isn’t beautiful but she is pretty enough. Even though she has pretty eyes and a great smile, she made my day! She was attractive in other ways. I didn’t look at much else as far as features were concerned at that time. I didn’t look at her chest again or her lower body either. I didn’t know it was her. I only noticed she was taller then me. She was a few inches taller then me.

As she walked away I realized it was her and said aloud “Damn it’s her! It’s her and she’s wearing one of those skirts too!” I cursed myself. I went back to the later schedule. I didn’t see her every day, but I saw her a few times a week. I rarely walked to work where she and I didn’t walk together.

“Good morning” I heard from behind. “Walk into any traffic lately” the cheery voice asked. I turned around and she was wearing a silky tight off white blouse. Her blouse accentuated her tall and fuller figure perfectly.

I asked myself how a man can not look at something precious and pretty like her in a top like that. How could a man be the perfect gentleman and be polite and not look at what she was displaying? She had to want someone, anyone to take notice, and appreciate her appearance. I did. I gave her the satisfaction of knowing it too.

“That’s a nice top if I may say so.”

She responded with a perfect reply. “Thank you very much. That’s a nice thing to say.” We crossed the street but walked in silence Etimesgut Escort Bayan the remainder of the way until she said “Have a nice day okay?” I began to turn in at the doorway. She was looking at me as I was turning in and I looked back. She was smiling at me. I smiled and waved.

That day I thought was going to be awesome. I worked as I ate lunch and set out to find her. I walked and walked and walked but no sightings of her anywhere.

I did the same exact thing the next day and the day after that and continued on the next several days. I’d eat early and set out to find her during lunch. I circled block after block but didn’t see her. As well I didn’t always see her in the mornings and oddly we didn’t come in contact with the other for a few days at a time.

It was hot as expected. Summer came in on a full time basis. Skimpier clothing filled the downtown streets. Shorter hair styles filled the one way avenues. Skirts dotted the sidewalks. Sleeveless blouses dressed up the landscaping men cared to see. Other adorable outfits decorated sidewalks as women filled men’s heads with fantasy after fantasy that life was still great! “Good morning sir” I heard from behind me. “How are you today” she asked as I quickly turned around smiling.

“Oh yes, yes” I thought feeling like a younger man that day. My whole body burned excitedly as I faced the infatuation of my life. I felt like a young man in my 20’s.

Yes I was truly infatuated. I was completely head over heals for the tall fuller figure. There was a reckless abandon within me. The woman along with her smile looked down upon me and she saw my heart and how it desired her somehow.

“Hi I’m good and how about you” replying to her in a mature manner somehow. “It’s nice to see you again” I added. Being bold and the outgoing person I am I introduced myself.

“I’m Mrs. Crosby. Mrs. Greg Crosby” as if her name was supposed to mean something. “It’s nice to meet you Dan.” Her smile I liked surfaced. Heaven’s gates opened up and sunshine surrounded the area around us.

I was unusually warm. It was too early to be that warm. It became excruciatingly warm I thought. We talked briefly but we both had to leave.

“No don’t go” I said to myself but had to get back to work also.

I asked who Greg Crosby was. He’s a judge I was told. A few discovered my infatuation for her. Truth is Mrs. Crosby does not work. She get’s bored so instead of walking at a park, she drives downtown daily, walks around the city, and goes home. She loves the hustle and bustle of downtown. It keeps her feeling alive, healthy, and full of spirit.

“Good Morning Daniel. How are you on this fine morning” as rain came down. Both of us, with our umbrellas up met at the same corner at the same time and walked down the sidewalk towards my office. That day I didn’t turn in. I continued walking with her.

She stopped and turned. She said “I’d love to walk with you too. But I can’t do that. I never talk to anyone once I get to this point. After I go to Greg’s office then I’ll talk to others. I go in and say good morning to him because he always leaves early. We talk briefly. I won’t see him until 7 or 8 at night.”

“Tell you what Daniel” and she paused. “If you’d really care to play hooky then in say 35 to 45 minutes would you like to meet me?”

“Are you kidding” I asked myself. Standing at the corner before she crossed the street I looked at her. I looked at the top she was wearing. I looked down at the skirt she had on. I looked back at her face and told her something I never thought I would ever say.

“Mrs. Crosby, I’ve admired you for some time now.” She asked me to call her Darlene at that point. “I will go as far as saying I have adored you in many ways. I don’t know if this is going over the line but, I’ve adored you in every possible way a man adores a woman. I could expound on that but it would be impolite and crude to say anything else. Seeing as you are a judge’s wife I’ll leave it at that.”

She laughed. “Daniel you can feel free to express yourself and your feelings with me. Go ahead and express yourself as much as you care to. Go ahead and feed my imagination like you’ve fed your own. I’d like that. I need that now and again.”

She said I could tell her my thoughts at the café.

I was burning up inside! I was lovesick. I did not care about anyone else but her and I. Work was calling but so was she.

“I’m sure I will what you have to say. I am absolutely positively sure I’m going to love having lunch with you. See you in an hour? It’s a date right? Daniel it is a date right?”

I was infatuated. The feeling rushed through me. My newfound feelings, the infatuation, and the lovesick emotions I developed took me by surprise like a freight train gone wild. I couldn’t believe how crazy I had become for her.

That’s when I called work even though I was right outside the building. I arrived early at the café. I got a nice cozy Escort Etimesgut booth. I ordered coffee. I waited. I waited longer. I waited a bit longer and decided she wasn’t showing up. Was I duped I wonder.

“Excuse me sir” said the waitress. “Are you waiting for a Mrs. Crosby?” I said yes asking why.

“She asked me to give you this note.” Smiling as if she knew I was up to no good she added “Sounds like you are one lucky man today.” Smiling at me, she winked and said to have a great day.

Reading her note it said “Dear Daniel I wanted to come today but I got scared. I felt as if I was cheating him. Then I felt like it wouldn’t hurt. I arrived at the café but didn’t get out of the car. I wrote this note. I saw the waitress and gave it to her. I stopped at the corner once I left and almost turned around. But I felt bad again. Daniel I do want to meet and talk. I really do. I want to know you much better then sidewalk chats. I want to listen to you and what you have to say. I want you to listen to me too. Who knows for sure what we want. I do know this for sure. We will have breakfast or lunch and soon.”

That was it except for it ended with “hugs and kisses Darlene.”

The waitress came up and handed me another note. She winked at me again. “Love, you’re one hot and spicy property today aren’t you” and laughed quietly.

Reading the note it said “Let’s have lunch at 1:00 this afternoon.” It apologized to me again and told me to call her on her cell phone.

Putting the letter down the waitress came up and told me there was a call for me. It was Darlene. She called me and told me to meet her now at Junipers. It was 20 minutes outside the city. I told her that was okay.

Once there, I got out of my car, we looked at each other, and she walked towards me. Seeing her walk my way gave me feel a strange feeling of euphoria. A feeling like I was back in high school.

Whatever those feelings were they trembled wildly throughout me.

“Stop right there okay” she told me. “Let’s not go inside.”

“Okay” I thought and added “Wow she looks awesome!” Even though she isn’t the prettiest woman she still looked incredible! Her top, the skirt, and how she wore it swallowed me up completely.

I thought to myself again “Wow you look incredible; just perfect Darlene. What isn’t there to love?”

“Let’s sit inside your car. Is that okay” she asked. “Let’s sit inside it and if you don’t mind I’ve already had breakfast and lunch too. I’m not really hungry. Umm the only thing I’m hungry for is except for well you know” and I thought she was going to say kissing, hugging, or maybe even sex. I was of course wrong about that. “I’m only hungry about getting to know you” she said quietly and humbly.

As we sat inside my car, I instantly began craving her. I wanted to touch her somewhere or anywhere. My body was starving for her. I was craving to show her what I loved about her. I wasn’t infatuated anymore. I lusted for her. I was completely crazed for her. I began desiring her in ways I hadn’t thought of before! I hoped she desired me too.

Maybe she desired the company of another man and not me. Maybe she desired attention and nothing else. All of a sudden her hand touched my arm and “Whoooaa man” I thought as my heart rate soared. My blood pressure catapulted to new heights. I went bezerk as it was undiscovered territory for me.

There was an implosion figuratively speaking and I surged with a great desire not only to touch her arm, but her body. A raging excitement ran rampant while whatever it was headed in every direction possible within me. Those hormonal changes did an about face! Every ounce of exciting essential fluid collected within me. An emotional rush gathered and exclaimed “We’re here! We’re ready and waiting! We’re her for her too! We’re all ready to assist her! We want her as much as you think we do! We’re ready when you’re ready.” I stopped thinking clearly while feeling her soft hand on my arm.

Quietly she said “Daniel calm down. I’m not here for that. I’m not here for sex. Sure I want the intimacy too, but no sex dear. I’d love it too but not now; I’m not looking for that kind of romance. I just want someone to talk to me about life and things. Yes, I want intimacy too but a sexual relationship like that. I hope you aren’t…” She stopped talking and stared into my eyes. She wasn’t smiling but she wasn’t sad either. “I guess what I am trying to say Daniel” while holding onto my arm “is that while sex is one of the most wonderful things in the world it is not what I want. It wasn’t what I was looking for right now.”

“I do know I want you to have that tight knit and intimate friendship with me. I do know that for sure. I want someone like you Daniel who’s willing to appreciate me for me. Does that make sense? Not the sex dear; just the close knit but intimate friendship.”

I settled down once I heard her say it that way. I looked past her and thought about her words. I heard “Daniel” and something else. Her hand touched my face. All of a sudden all of what I felt a minute ago began bubbling over everywhere again. Every ounce of emotion coursed through me again like another freight train! Her hand came away from my face and there was silence in my car momentarily.

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