Lexi’s Quest Ch. 04


I pull up in front of Marie’s building a few minutes before one o’clock on Sunday. By the time I reach the entryway, Marie is holding the door open for me and butterflies are flapping around in the pit of my stomach. I notice that she is wearing a short-sleeved blouse, sandals, and a miniskirt that showcases a pair of splendid legs. We exchange pleasantries for a moment or two and then she gets right down to business.

“I suspect that you’re amped up and ready to begin,” she says with a smile.

“I haven’t been able to think of much else all week,” I tell her, “but I have to confess that I’m a little nervous.”

“Would a Bloody Mary calm you down a little?”

“That would be wonderful!” I exclaim.

Marie leads me back to her office and pulls ice, a bottle of Mrs. T’s mix, lime slices, and celery stalks out of a dormitory-style refrigerator. Within seconds, she has set out two glasses, poured generous portions of Ketel One vodka over the ice, adds the other ingredients, and hands me a tall glass with leafy celery sticking out of the top. Sitting across from me with her drink, she takes a sip and smiles in appreciation of her bartending skills. A taste of mine brings the same smile to my lips.

“Ah…,” I breathe. “That’s good.”

“Why are you nervous?” she asks, crossing her legs to reveal a lot of silky thigh. I try not to stare.

“This is going to be my first true bondage experience. It will be the first time I have absolutely no control once I’m constrained. Everything I’ve done before has just been playacting where escape was always possible.”

“You don’t have to use the constraints,” she informs me. “The machine will work its magic regardless of whether or not you are immobilized.”

“No. I want to try this. I’ve been fantasizing about it all week and I’ll be disappointed in myself if I chicken out.”

“Well, take your time, enjoy your drink, and we’ll get started when you’re ready. We have all day.”

“Thank you for being patient with me.”

“Not a problem. You can’t imagine how nervous I was when I tested those machines for the first time; and my husband was right by my side. But I’ll predict that your nervousness will vanish quickly and you’ll find that being properly restrained will add a new dimension to your sexual response.”

“I hope so,” I declare, taking a big slug of my drink.

“We’ve had a lot of clients over the years and I can remember only one or two where the bondage was more than they could handle.”

I can feel the vodka beginning to calm my nerves so I take a deep breath and smile at Marie.

“Changing the subject,” she announces, “I liked your friend Tina. She reminds me of you.”

“We have a lot in common. We’re both uninhibited, have filthy minds, and love sex,” I answer with a grin. “We’ve grown pretty close in a short time.”

“She called about a tour yesterday and I offered her one for next Saturday morning. She accepted immediately. Did you tell her about your tour?”

“No, I didn’t. I decided to mind my own business and let the two of you make whatever arrangements you wanted. Are you going to offer her a ride on the battering ram?”

“Most likely. If she accepts, that will probably be the last test ride before we make the machine available to our other clients.”

“She’ll be thrilled, just as I was, and I think you’ll be pleased with her response. Based on what I’ve seen, she cums easily.”

“Is Tina a likely candidate for your partner on the dual machine?” she asks with little smile.

“I don’t know. We’ll almost certainly compare notes after her tour. Depending on what she has to say, I might suggest that we give it a try.” I do not tell Marie that I have fantasized more than a little about using the machine with her.

“Well, if the two of you decide to do it, I can promise you an experience like no other. I have used it a few times with a close friend and it truly blew my mind. And hers.”

The rattle of ice in my glass signals the end of my drink and I take a bite out of the celery.

“Would you like another?” Marie asks as she gestures with her own empty glass.

“No thank you. This was just the ticket to calm my nerves a little. Now I think I’m ready to do what I came here to do,” I answer with a lazy smile.

“Then let’s go,” she says as she sets her glass aside and rises to her feet.

Marie had demonstrated the smaller version of the large ‘Z’ machine the previous weekend by having me strap her into place. Although the memory of what I had seen was burned into my cranial matter, I am still a taken aback when we enter the room and I am confronted with the device that will soon fuck me while I’m tightly constrained. Everything I have done in the past, with either a boyfriend or my own machine, was just child’s play as far as bondage is concerned. This is for real.

The machine is just as I remember. The long padded board about two feet wide rests on the floor with the machine and its rails attached to one end and the shaft Escort Sefaköy pointing toward the opposite end. The padded cylinder is mounted crosswise on a short column a couple of feet in front of the end of the shaft, forming a T-shaped rest for my abdomen. All the straps are where they need to be to hold me in position while the machine does its work. There is no dildo this time because, as Marie had explained to me before, clients are required to supply their own.

“I have laid out a selection of dildos for you,” Marie says as she points to a small table in the corner of the room. Next to the table is a stool, presumably for an attendant if one is requested by the client. A leather case is sitting against the wall on the opposite side of the table from the stool. I note its presence but have no idea what’s inside.

Last weekend I was fascinated by the dildo she had attached to the two Z-type machines. I want one with heavy testicles. The balls on the battering ram got my attention in a big way when they were slapping me in the ass.

“This one,” I tell her as I grasp a large one about seven inches in length. The one I have chosen has a prominent clitoral bump on the underside, just in front of the testicles. It is nearly as large as my monster cock at home. I can feel myself starting to lubricate as I imagine this thing fucking me.

“Good choice,” she says. “This one has the same tungsten testicular inserts that you experienced last week on the battering ram, and the large clitoral stimulator is perfect for rear-entry fucking.”

I watch as she shows me how to fasten the dildo in place, applies power to the machine, and runs the speed control up and down. When she’s finished, she removes the dildo and hands it to me.

“Our dildos are attached with a vacuum lock. Go ahead and reattach it.”

I fumble around a bit and then get it in place. Two more repetitions and I’m satisfied that I can deal with the locking system in the future without help if necessary.

“One more thing,” says Marie as she opens the leather case that is standing against the wall and removes something from inside. When she turns to face me, I can see that it is a sophisticated video camera. My mouth falls open in surprise.

“I’ve been thinking about offering a new service to our clients, and I thought perhaps you might like to participate in an experiment,” she continues as she removes a tripod from the case.

“I…I…I would never have thought of such a thing,” I stammer.

“It’s entirely up to you. I thought this machine would be a good candidate for video since you can’t see what’s happening to you. Later on, watching the machine fuck you might be a huge turn-on.”

“Maybe you’re right,” I offer after a moment or two of silence. “It’s certainly a novel idea. Let’s try it,” I add with a broad grin.

“Good!” she exclaims as she quickly sets up the tripod, mounts the camera, and positions everything near the rear of the machine. “Before you leave today, I’ll give you the data card from the camera. You can watch the video at your leisure and then let me know what you think. If you like what you see, I’ll probably offer video service to the rest of my clients.”

When Marie has the camera exactly where she wants it, she turns to me with a smile.

“Ready?” she asks.

“Oh God, yes!” I reply with a smile.

Marie takes a minute or two to make sure I am comfortable with the controls, moving the machine back and forth and adjusting the penetration angle.

“Any questions?” she asks.

“Not that I can think of,” I respond with a wide grin. “I’m ready.”

I have dressed for the occasion. Like the previous weekend, I am wearing a sundress, pale green this time with matching sandals. When I was getting dressed, I decided that panties were superfluous so I’m not wearing any. As usual, I am braless.

Marie takes a tube of lubricant from the table with the dildos and removes the cap while I take off my sundress and kick free of my sandals. When I am naked I hold out my hand and she squirts a generous amount into my palm. I coat the dildo with a thick layer and then reach down to apply the remainder to my pussy.

Marie gestures to the machine and I drop to my knees with my calves and ankles on either side of the rails near the straps.

“Go ahead and lie across the cylinder with your forearms flat on the padding just like I did last week,” she tells me. “Make sure your right hand is positioned over the control panel.”

I do as she instructs and then wiggle around a bit to get comfortable. When I’m finished, my abdomen is resting on the padded cylinder and the rest of my weight is supported by forearms and knees. My arms and legs are properly positioned for the straps that will constrain me while I’m being fucked.

“All set?” Marie asks.

“Oh, yeah.”

Marie quickly fastens the straps around my wrists, forearms, calves and ankles. When she is done I test the restraints. They are remarkably Yenibosna escort bayan effective. I have some freedom of motion, enough to move my head and wiggle my ass a little, but absolutely no possibility of escape without assistance.

“Ready?” she asks.

“Y…yes,” I stammer, suddenly nervous again. “P…please.”

“I have duplicate controls back here on the machine, so just remain still while I get everything in place.”

I can’t see what’s going on, but I can hear the drive mechanism as Marie moves the device forward until I can feel the tip of the dildo part my labia.

“I have selected a penetration angle that I think you’ll find pleasurable, but final positioning is up to you. The piston is fully extended and I have set the stroke length at six inches.

“Oh, God,” I moan, not yet from pleasure but from anticipation.

“Would you like me to remain in the room, or leave you alone? Pressing the call button will have me at your side within seconds if you need help.”

“Stay with me, please.”

“I’ll be right here,” she says and I watch her take a seat on the stool. “Relax and enjoy what is about to happen to you. When you’re ready, practice using the controls. And remember that this machine is capable of five strokes per second.”

“Oh God,” I moan again. I’ve ever experienced more than three. I suspect that five will blow my mind.

I cautiously move the machine closer to my body and feel the dildo enter me all the way. The penetration angle seems to be about right so I advance the speed control a little. Based on experience with my own machine, I sense that I am now being fucked at about one stroke per second. After making a slight adjustment to the penetration angle, everything seems to be perfect so I turn the speed control up a little more and let out a low moan. But not from pleasure.

Suddenly I feel a flash of panic and start to hyperventilate. Marie notices when I begin to fight my constraints. Jumping to her feet, she takes control of the machine and stops its thrusting.

“Are you okay?” she asks.

“I don’t know,” I gasp.

“What do you want me to do? Shall I release the straps?”

I consider her questions for a moment and then realize I’m starting to calm down.

“No, don’t do anything yet. I think I’ll be okay in a few seconds,” I tell her. “I think I’ve just had too much time to think about what is about to happen.”

“I’m right here if you need me,” she reiterates.

I take few deep breaths and then advance to speed control once more. The dildo feels good so I turn the speed up a notch. This time the feeling is pleasurable and I vocalize my approval.

“Oh God!” I exclaim and turn the speed control up once more. I am now being fucked at about two strokes per second. My panic has completely dissipated and I’m fully relaxed.

I am in no hurry. This is all about the bondage experience and I intend to enjoy every second. I have little doubt that I can have a crushing orgasm whenever I wish. Perhaps more than one. With a little smile of self-satisfaction, I advance the speed control about half way and immediately let out a cry of pleasure as the clitoral hump starts striking my body precisely where it will do the most good.

Once again I start to pull against my restraints, but this time I’m experimenting. Apparently, Marie understands what I’m doing and remains seated. Within seconds, I am no longer aware of her presence as my arousal ramps up quickly.

Advancing the speed control once again, I am now being fucked at something close to the three strokes per second I am accustomed to.

I am going to cum soon, so I fight harder against the straps, now enjoying the powerless feeling of true bondage. My cries fill the small room as I approach the crest of my arousal. Then, with a high-pitched wail, I am launched over the top.

Lost in a fog of pure sensation, I retain just enough awareness to increase the speed once again. I am now being fucked faster than ever before and my body responds instantly to the stimulus. Within seconds I am on my way to a second sensational orgasm as the clitoral hump does its job perfectly.

I don’t know how it could be possible, but my second orgasm is more intense than the first. I am emitting a constant stream of moans, yelps, and wails as I go over the edge for the second time.

I am vaguely aware that my encounter with the machine and its bondage straps is not over but I seem to lack the coordination necessary to easily manipulate the controls. With great effort, I position my hand over the panel, grasp the speed knob, and turn it up all the way. No longer having the strength to fight my bonds, I remain still as the machine fucks me at its highest speed.

My third orgasm is nearly instantaneous. After that I lose count as I scream with unbelievable pleasure through a series of orgasms that are mind-blowing in their intensity. I have never felt anything like this before. The speed and power Halkalı escort of the machine completely overwhelm me for what seems like an eternity.

Finally, I can’t take any more. Dragging my index finger over the control panel, I press the button that stops the machine and then lie there, draped over the abdominal support while I try to remember how to breathe. I lower my forehead to the padded surface and let out a ragged sob.

A soft sound gets my attention. With some difficulty, I turn my head in Marie’s direction. Her legs are widely splayed and her miniskirt has been hiked up. One hand is holding the crotch of her panties to one side while the other rapidly fingers her clit. Seconds later, her legs start to shake uncontrollably as she cums with a shriek and then slumps back against the wall.

“Oh God,” she moans. “I couldn’t help myself. Watching you cum so many times was more than I could deal with.”

“I understand,” I whisper. “I had to do the same thing when I was watching Tina on my machine.”

“That wasn’t very professional of me,” she continues when her breathing evens out, “I do this for a living. I thought I was immune to arousal when watching other women cum.”

“Was my experience unique?”

“I have experienced what just happened to you, but I have never witnessed anyone else respond like that,” she murmurs. “I have assisted other clients in this room many times, but none of them had more than two orgasms. Most only have one. You are a very fortunate woman.”

“I certainly feel that way,” I respond.

Marie pulls the hem of her miniskirt down and struggles to her feet. Within seconds, all of my restraints have been released but I am unable to move. I lower my forehead to the padded board once again and wait to gather my strength.

“Need some help?” asks Marie as she extends a hand in my direction. With her assistance I am finally able to stand.

“When we can get you dressed,” she says, “I’ll be happy to make you that second Bloody Mary.”

“That sounds good,” I reply as I fumble around with my sundress and sandals. With Marie’s help, I finally get everything in place and we leave the room. I have to hold onto her arm as I shuffle unsteadily down the hallway to her office.

A half hour later I finish my Bloody Mary, pay Marie for the dildo and machine time, store the silicone instrument in my locker, and depart for home with the data card from the camera. When I arrive at my apartment, I collapse on the sofa for a long afternoon nap. I’ll watch the video this evening after dinner.

When I awake, I put on shorts and a tank top, and scrounge around for leftovers rather than go out for something to eat. The lasagna looks appealing so I uncork a bottle of Chianti and wait for the oven timer to chime. While I sip the wine, I replay my time with the rear-entry machine in my mind. I still can’t wrap my head around the way it made me feel. Until today, I have rarely had more than two orgasms during a single sexual encounter. I don’t know how many I had today, but it was a lot.

As I eat, I am surprised to feel myself lubricating at the thought of watching the video. One would think that multiple orgasms just a few hours ago would have me sated for the remainder of the day, but the more I think about it the more amped up I become. By the time I finish eating, I am in a fever pitch so I toss the plastic container into the sink, pour myself another glass of wine, and fire up my laptop.

I’m not sure I can describe what I see, but I’ll try. I have never watched myself being fucked before; either by man or machine. I am stunned.

Marie’s camera placement was perfect. With the camera slightly off to one side, I can clearly see my naked body draped over the midriff support as the dildo enters my pussy. I watch, completely enthralled, as I begin to fight my constraints when panic sets in. I clearly hear Marie ask me if I’m okay and then my reply. As I watch the televised Lexi settle down and begin to enjoy the thrusting cock, I set my wine aside and unzip my shorts. Another orgasm is in my immediate future.

My panties are soaking wet and I realize I am already moaning softly as I watch the first orgasm. I know there will be many more on the video so I’m careful not to lose control and cum too soon.

What I witness next is mind blowing. My doppelganger on the screen is soon being fucked so fast that the dildo is merely a blur as she screams in response to the overwhelming orgasmic pleasure and enjoys her restraints.

Finally, I watch myself go limp as I surrender to the wildly thrusting dildo that will soon fling me over the top for the final orgasm of my encounter. Lexi in the video and I scream in harmony as my flying fingers work their magic and my legs begin to quiver violently in response. I fall over the edge with a high-pitched wail just as the screen on my laptop goes dark.


It is Monday morning and I am waiting for Tina in our lunchroom. I haven’t seen or talked to her since lunchtime on Friday. Her boyfriend was due back in town from a business trip on Friday and Tina was going to introduce him to her fucking machine sometime over the weekend. I’m hoping all went well.

From the smile on her face when she arrives, I know she’s had a good weekend and has lots to tell me.

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